Pageonce Now Offers Up Reduced Pricing!

Pageonce Announces Reduced Pricing!
By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2009 07:25 am EST

I love Pageonce, I really do. I gave you all the heads up on this great application before and thought we should take another look at it because their latest announcement is about the cost of Pageonce, which some of you out there felt was a little on the high side for what they were offering.

Set aside any of your previous thoughts on Pageonce due to its pricing because Pageonce is now cheaper then it was before. Previously the application cost $29.99 for their perpetual services or you had the option of paying $4.99/month. This has all changed now and it has changed for the better! It's now cheaper than before and we like that considering the economy is in the can at the moment!!

Customers can now sign up for only $9.99/year. If you have an existing account you will be automatically switched over and if you have the $29.99 package there is no charge at all. 

Finally, as an added bonus, anyone who had download the 14 day free trial and declined to continue due to the pricing can download it again for another 14 days and give it another go. Plenty of time to see if it's worth your hard earned cash now that it's cheaper. Also, be on the look out for version 3.0 which is well underway and should be seeing a release real soon. Thanks Pageonce for saving me some coin and keeping my life organized. My bill collectors thank you as well lol!!!!

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Pageonce Now Offers Up Reduced Pricing!


Well worth the $9.99/yr. I had this little app with my iphone before converting to bb, and really missed knowing my balances and airline/hotel points. I know have it on my Storm and it works great.

Does this work on anybody else's Storm? Doesn't pick up when I try to select login, always goes into enroll. I've already enrolled but tried to do stuff in there as well and the location of the clicks don't seem to pick up there either. Looks amazing, though, would be well worth $9.99 a year.

There's not a lot of apps out there that I consider keepers, I try to keep the amount of installed apps relatively low so I don't run in to memory issues down the road. Pageonce scores as number one on that keeper list, having this information at my fingertips is invaluable. I would like to see an optional security login to access the app however, for lost or stolen phone reasons.


I installed page once, logged in and went through the accounts I could use and there was not many and none that I use.Maybe its just because it was the demo. But, for me to but I would like to know all the accounts that they support so that I know it is worth using. Also using this on the storm was difficult.

Great to see. I posted in the last Pageonce story that 4.99/month was too expensive for most to justify using it. $10/year is MUCH more reasonable. Will likely use this now

What I don't like about pageonce is that its not real time. This wouldn't be a problem if refreshing would update banking info to current but it doesn't. No point if its delayed. Might as well go to the actual website.

Pageonce allow you to refresh your account information in real-time. Use the refresh item from the application menu to update your account data.

Well, if we could all get to a computer all the time we wouldn't need apps. This application works GREAT. Not exactly real time but does refresh itself often enough to show where you stand on bills and credit balances. All i need. They support tons of accounts and if they dont support what your looking for just request it and DONE!!! I live in TX and have a classic car loan through a small bank in Penn. and they supported it!!! Best app i have, works amazing on my Storm....just wish i waited a little longer for the new price. Still well worth $30.

No luck right now getting it to work with TD Canada Trust. If it fixes itself, definitely worth the money, but so far this has been a disappointing trial.

Is the perpetual license still available? And is it truly perpetual, as in forever?

P.S. new pricing = good.

I love PageOnce. Convenient app to keep all the important data in one place. I stopped using it once the trial was up. $9.99/yr for this app is a steal! However, you guys can get it for even cheaper with the Handango discount code I got in an email from them recently.

Discount code = SAVE20NOW (Valid till the end of this month)

With the discount, it comes to about $7.99!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe I have not been using this before. What an amazing application. I was blown away ny the functionality on my blackberry - then I used it on my PC and fell even deeper in love -- this is an amazing tool. You need this if you're like me, obsessive about monitoring your finances.

If im not mistaken when I signed up back when kevin posted it I believe this was free and always has been for me no 14day trial. Or am I missing something....