Get Pageonce - Money & Bills Pro free for a limited time

By Kerri Neill on 30 Mar 2011 03:37 pm EDT

Back in November we saw the Pageonce - Personal Assistant "Super App" featured in a BlackBerry commercial for App World. The commercial showed the app in such a light that I was intrigued enough to install the free version ($6.99 for the Pro version seemed a bit much when the only difference looked to be the free came with ads). I thought I was getting an app that would keep track of tasks, map locations of places and assist me in keeping my daily schedule in check. That's what a personal assistant would do right? I was a bit confused when I saw that the app was in reality only for managing my bills & bank accounts but liked the app enough to keep it on my BlackBerry. Now Pageonce has renamed their app to Pageonce - Money and Bills (much more appropriate title for what the app actually does).

The app allows you to keep track of the following:

  • Monitor your credit card transactions
  • Check your bank account status
  • View your detailed bill statements
  • Review your investment portfolio
  • Track your frequent flyer miles and travel itineraries Advanced alerts and push notification system
  • All upcoming bills due dates and itineraries will automatically be added your calendar

For a limited time, you can grab the Pageonce - Money and Bills Pro version for FREE (only available in the US) in BlackBerry App World! I don't know how long this offer will last (seems to have started in the last day or so) but if you were looking for an app to help managed your financial accounts, I'd head on over and pick up this deal quick!!

This promotional offer is only available to BlackBerry users on the following US Networks: AT&T, Verizon, Metro PCS and Sprint

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Get Pageonce - Money & Bills Pro free for a limited time


Keep in mind this deal is also only available for select carriers; these are listed at the bottom of the description in app world.

It is free and working for Telus Canada as well. I want to know how safe this app is???

EDIT: I was WRONG... this app is not available for Telus at all. I can't wait to end my contract so I can throw the BlackBerry in to recycle bin.

iPhone with a physcial keyboard seems to be the best option for my next phone upgrade.

Since when is the fruit phone suppose to get a physical keyboard? You'd be better off holding out for the Bold Touch rumored to be coming soon.

Ohp! I can read, I promise. >.> oh well. Having the information in the comments can't hurt. <.< I helped. Really.

Lol that information is always helpful. I'm sure someone else will miss it in the article & see your comment for clarification before getting all giddy & jumping on over to App World. Keep the comments coming ;)

For some reason when I click the above link to get the Pro version App World says it is not available on my phone or my carrier. But I have the free version installed and I have for a while. Also the Pinball Deluxe that was said to be free is still showing $4.99.

Are you on one of the few carriers listed that gets the deal? For instance, I'm T-Mobile, and I don't get to take part in it. However, I can still use the free version just fine. My guess is, just as app world says, you're on an unsupported carrier for this deal. Sucks for people like us, but as Kerri said in the blog, free and pro are not all that different.

*This promotional offer is only available to BlackBerry users on the following US Networks: AT&T, Verizon, Metro PCS and Sprint

No Tmobile?

Mine used to work fine but has stopped alerting me to changes in account, I've done wipes, reinstalls, contacted customer support, everything & I have pay version, also don't be fooled by the push alerts, it does push but only every 24 hours. What's the use in push if its only every 24 hours?

If you don't have this app. I would bust it over to App World and pick it up. I've been using the standard version for a year or so now, and have finally been rewarded for my allegiance.

Pageonce you rock YO!


Yet again, its F**k the world nowhere exists outside USA.

When will Blackberry become a serious big player in the worldwide phone market.

Come on RIM and other App writers, 95% of the worlds population DON'T live in America

I do feel for the non U.S. users. I travel quite a bit, and tend to tell people I'm Mexican just to avoid the "Ugly American" reputation :) We are a little arrogant as a whole...
no such thing as free money...