Pageonce for BlackBerry 10 makes managing your money simple!

Pageonce for BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 22 Mar 2013 12:07 am EDT

Pageonce is the only app you need on your BlackBerry 10 device to handle all of your money related tasks, including managing your cash and credit cards, budgeting, paying bills, banking, and more! You can receive real-time alerts and reminders about upcoming bills, overage charges, and suspicious transactions to provide you with peace of mind for all your accounts.

Banks and credit unions supported by Pageonce include Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank, Navy Federal Credit Union, America First Credit Union, Schools First Federal Credit Union, Digital Federal Credit Union, Golden1 Credit Union, Patelco Credit Union and many more! All of the most popular credit cards and billers are included as well, so you will never again forget to pay your debts.

Budgeting and managing your money can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Pageonce aims to make everything easy to track all in one digital wallet, with push notifications, email reminders, and transaction history at your fingertips. Best of all, the app is free to use. It can't get better than that. So it doesn't really matter if your financial institution doesn't have a BlackBerry 10 app, Pageonce can handle it and more.

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Pageonce for BlackBerry 10 makes managing your money simple!


It's a port, and useless to anyone outside of the US. But it's still good.

Posted via CB10 from my Zed

Wasn't it the idea to get as many as the top "regional" apps as possible. So if it is only for the US why be subtly rude?

I think it works in Canada. I downloaded and was able to add bank accounts and utilities bills

Posted via CB10

Give "Money Plus" a look. Great UI and the developer is always looking to make it better. Great support from this dev.

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I never found this app that helpful on BlackBerry 7. Mint has my loyalty. Perhaps ill try it out

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One of my must haves. This works in Canada just fine, so not just for 'America.' I used the weaker version of this on my pre BB10 BlackBerries then the sideload on my Z10 until this just appeared. Mint is great too, I have it sideloaded. They are slightly different apps, Mint allows you to input cash transactions as well. Great day in Z10 land.

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Wow another port app. So the Android phones have all these great apps, Mmmmmm. Maybe I should not wait for the Q10 on Sprint.

Until BB gains significant marketshare to provide developers with worthwhile ROI, I think we will see more and more cross-platform apps come to BB. For me, BB is about THE experience which is not currently available on any other platform. Other than that, yes, any phone would do.

I've got a Z10 but when I click the link to download Pageonce it says not available for this device... what's going on? I loved this app on my 9900

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@ artie you're missing the point. The Android ports are about closing the app gap on a very quick basis. It allows devs to get their apps in app world very quickly with minimal effort. I wish people would stop complaining about ported apps! They are potentially saving this platform! (at least from whiners complaining there is not enough apps). Are they as good as native apps? Not generally, but there are a lot of really good ported apps that definitely do the trick and are much better than the alternative, which is no app at all!

What I don't understand is why ppl don't complain when its an android app on an Android device but when it's on a blackberry (via BlackBerry world not sideloaded) its a bad app. The android ports work just as good on the Z10 as it does on an Android but I guess people rather switch to an android device where every app is an android app ... smh

posted via the CB app on my Z10

@ BA Baracus thank you for explaining this to me. I just didn't understand why it was being done instead of just native. Between you and @ KemKev clarifying this for me I will stop (complaining and whinnying)
Just kidding.
Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

Is there a way for the app to display in £ rather than $ for the UK?

I'm impressed the app actually works for UK banks. I'm with RBS and it works great! ...other than the dollar issue. :)

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It is a port, but that doesn't mean it's a bad app. Works great in Canada too and UI is not bad

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Anybody having problems with the pay bills feature the pay your bills options are not showing up. I am in Canada but have not had any problems adding bank account or credit cards. On my old torch I was not able to use the pay bills feature but it looks I can on my new z10. So my question is can you pay bills with the pageonce app on the blackberry z10 app.

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Do I need to allow access to my shared files, internet, contacts and my DNA to get some of these apps to work? Sorry but too many apps seem to want the world from me. I'll try it later today. Free app or not, no one needs all of my personal data.

Developers don't have much choices on what to disable or enable.. Android has the same permissions too.

The data on the android runtime is blank so it's asking to STORE data in whatever the databases are for the android subsystem. No need to worry about anything getting stolen outside of the runtime.

How can you say that? Developers determine what the app needs access to to function. If they need access to local files or the camera or microphone for their app to work, they need the app to request those permissions. The trouble is, some apps are requesting access to much more than they do need to operate. Also, some apps are insisting access to more services than it needs (you cannot disable permissions) or they don't run. If we purchase apps and then find out that you need to give blood to use it, then it is money out of our pocket. How is this fair for the consumer?

Not fair, yeah, that's true. But what about on windows phone, iOS and Android? It's the same, but most don't ever pay attention to it. Only seems that way on blackberry. Maybe it's waking those who never thought about it, up to realise.

Yes, but that's what makes BlackBerry special :) These apps are trojans. Yes, they're offering one thing but the door is wide open for abuse. Because it's okay on other platforms, we should not just lie down and take it either. BlackBerry gave us this sort of control for a reason, other smartphones have followed suit. Consumers must fight back.

I'm picking on Pageonce here, but they're not that bad compared to many other apps. WhatsApp and Waze are terrible! Go to your App Permissions under Settings, Privacy & Security click on an app and see all the things you are giving access to. Some apps allow us to turn off certain permissions, others insist on accessing everything.

To bad it's for American only businesses listed, I deleted the app even though u can manually add bills and such for whatever u like, I just pissy about it not even considering Canadians.

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