Package Tracking for BlackBerry updated to v6.0 - Adds a ton of carriers

By Michelle Haag on 17 Aug 2011 03:44 pm EDT
Package Tracking for BlackBerryPackage Tracking for BlackBerry
When I know I have a package coming, or if I've sent something important, I always have to stalk track it to see when it's arriving. Package Tracking for BlackBerry is a great app for staying on top of deliveries while on the go. Recently updated to v6.0, Package Tracking now can track packages shipped through 44 carriers (when it first launched only 5 carriers were available). The design has been upgraded and the app is now available on most BlackBerry smartphones. You can pick this handy app up on sale for $2.99 right now (reg. $3.99) for your BlackBerry or for $2.99 for your PlayBook.

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Package Tracking for BlackBerry updated to v6.0 - Adds a ton of carriers


I had the previous version of this app and deleted it. I deleted primarily because Berry's have limited memory for apps and I am very selective of what I put on my Tour. The solution I use for tracking packages is to use combined with my RSS reader (BerryReader) and I get up to the minute package statuses for an unlimited amount of packages from all the major carriers at no extra cost to me since I already had an RSS reader and one less app taking up limited and valuable space.

I believe $2.99 is a bit too much for a tracking app but if it was $0.99 then I'd buy it. Do remember they have to make money somehow.

You are asking why the price is to big. Remember that we need to get this tracking information from carriers. Sometimes they have API to give it simple, sometimes we need to do this another way. We also need to pay for server on which we are parsing all data. For me $2.99 for lifetime support with 44 carriers (and more coming, for example Russian and Czech post) is not a big price. If you think different fell free to write it here or contact me using Support button on App World or Crackberry shop.

I was just reading a review that you can only track 5 packages at a time? Is this a limitation that will be increased, or was the reviewer incorrect in that statement?