Pacemaker Shows Off Upcoming App for BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 07:46 pm EDT
Jonas Norberg, CEO and Pacemaker, gave a sneak peak of at their upcoming app for the BlackBerry PlayBook during the keynote general session at BlackBerry World this morning. The app will allow you to mix, sync, and scratch digital music on your BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as apply effects, loop, and much more to provide a rich DJ experience. Jonas stated that they were looking for a mobile platform to create an app for, and after much investigation they chose the PlayBook for its QNX OS, as it's the only "true, real-time operating system" on a mobile device. Can't wait for Pacemaker to launch; it looks amazing!
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Pacemaker Shows Off Upcoming App for BlackBerry PlayBook


As a Dj I am very happy with this news cause i wanted to buy a pacemaker a few month ago just for fun but the price was over $400 US dollars and now I will be able to have it on my AWESOME Playbook :)

Amazing. @Deadmau5 is releasing some new tracks. Put this in his hands and see what he can do with it.

WOW WOW WOW! No offense to Pioneer, but i would MUCH rather rock this when I travel!

When it comes out, sign me up!

i cant wait. ive been checking about it since it was published RIM and them teamed up for this project. looks amazing.

You show up to a gig with just a playbook and the club owner would be pissed yelling wtf where is your gear!

I've used the Pacemaker and the Pacemaker software on my computer (you can download it free from their website!) and this user interface looks even easier to use. Awesomesauce.

I'm totally dumbfu@!ed.
Quality. I've never been a BB guy. Had an erricson for as long as i can remember, until i moved to iPhone. Been with that since day one. Once I picked the Playbook up and figured out how bezels worked, I bought shares. My timing was all wrong but my choice now is starting to show its fruit.
This came out of left field. Love the pacemaker device, but this is awesome. So unexpected and I hope this is an indication of what's to come. Now, I hope they fix the ereader, cause other than it's ability to open multiple formats, it needs a lot of work.
Nice one RIM. Thank you for making this happen

with all these teasers im thinking im going to buy some rim stock. i actually love the position rim is in. do or die. they will have to come out with something amazing, and they are showing it now.

It's nice to fool around, but with only one "audio out" on the PlayBook, it's impossible to preview a track while playing another. They have a feature where you can split channel, but that means playing your tracks in mono... it's not 1978 anymore ;)

There are actually three audio out's on the Playbook, one is the head phone jack, one is the HDMI, the third is Bluetooth. It is not the Playbooks fault if only one is being used.

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I don"t think an exact date has been announced... I read somewhere it would be in June sometime.

Pacemaker App in private beta right now... According to a post on PaceMaker's FB Page mid-June is the release date...

The app world world really needs more applications like Skype and there are hardly any free decent games like temple run, ninja jump, call of mini games like common blackberry please put those games on the appworld.

BlackBerry appworld is nothing compare to apple app store not saying that I hate blackberry but I want them to focus on games and applications because that's why I got the playbook.

With respect

Just announced that Pacemaker for BlackBerry PlayBook will be in the app store on June 14th 2012... Start saving your pennies!