Pacemaker for the BlackBerry PlayBook now on sale for 50% off!

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2012 07:02 pm EDT

With their latest update having addressed some bugs with the saving features and adding in optimizations to improve overall app performance, if you're looking to bust out and show off your music skills this weekend now is the time to pick Pacemaker up.

Right now, you can grab Pacemaker for only $10 which, is 50% off the original price of $20. Of course, if you're still not convinced and want to test things out first you can grab the free trial version with limited features or the lite version which is still available for $4.99 in BlackBerry App World. Thanks, digitalman101!

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Pacemaker for the BlackBerry PlayBook now on sale for 50% off!


Super irritated. In app world it says the app is 9.99 but every time I go to buy it, it trys to charge me 19.99. When's this sale end anyways?

I emailed a RIM contact. Reached out to pacemaker, but BB help for app world purchases is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

I have to disagree.
The only bad thing about this app is the lack of exporting mixes. Other than that the features are great.
Looking forward to more features being added with more updates.
I've used this on the train, plane, in bed, in a bar, in the club.
This app will never come close to replacing the club standard set up, but for a £20 app on the PlayBook, it certainly gives it a try!

I might have to disagree with your comment about it never coming close to a traditional set up. I almost prefer this as it can be totally dedicated to DJing. My macbook gets used for everything and I have to ready it for a serato set where the playbook is always on guard ready to serve. There are certainly things that need refining and some features that could come in and improve it, however, its perfectly suited for djing. I've done a number of sets with it and it gets the job done. Plain and simple without a ton of trinkets. I find I get pretty good sets because of the interface and the lack of distractions.

What a bargain! Bought at launch, worth every penny and more. I've brought my playbook out to many beach, house and impromptu street parties hammering out excellent sets for an adorning audience. This was a great move for RIM as this product really elevated the perception of what they can offer. Most people were asking what I was using, I told them a blackberry much to their amazement.

I'm going to put something out there that pacemaker and RIM should work on to put this device in the big leagues. Like really turn some heads. I'll even propose a way to do it. Here it goes.
If the Front of house output can be routed to a Bluetooth receiver or the HDMI out and the headphones could be utilized for the monitor, we have a professional device.

The difficulty involved with this is ensuring the two audio streams keeping time with each other without momentary latency resulting in audio phase problems. I get the huge task this is.
However, the playbook does have mic's and blackberry audio engineers know how to use those mic's to phase out background noise from phone calls for clearer voices. The same technology could be used to phase align the two programs from the pacemaker program.

B1aze, do you have any contacts at RIM or pacemaker to see if they've thought of this? I would really like to see this. I own a couple of playbooks mow running pacemaker as a tool for DJing and would kill for this. I know also that this would also give the bb brand more visibility to a wider audience because it would be used a lot more from the entertainers position. How many macbooks have we seen from the audience in every walk of entertainment? They're everywhere only further cementing the apple brand. Lets have the same for BB!

Oh, while we're at it, is there any way the pacemaker team could offer a 'peek' for some traditional pitch controllers? Really miss those:(

I must agree about everything you said. I would also like to see the pitch. Hopefully it'll come in an upcoming release.

I'd also agree ... well maybe not the adorning part haha. I picked up the pricey version of pacemaker as well as the caustic2 app - both are great for developing some fairly decent music as a diversion, knowing that the pros use as well is pretty cool.

I'm holding off on a pacemaker review until they can export mixes though ... c'mon pacemaker devs do it.

I bought it and played with it last night. It's going to take some practice and experimentation, but it looks like it may be fun. The only thing that came up for me is that the videos in the Crackberry article show a tutorial using the Pacemaker Editor....I can't get that to come up on the PB. Is that something done through the PC only??????

Is there any "practical" use for the app if you are not a DJ? Any impractical use? (g)