PAC-MAN - Day 10 free gift during BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

PAC-MAN - Day 10 free gift during BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts
By DJ Reyes on 10 Dec 2013 05:44 am

We have reached day 10 of BlackBerry's festive BlackBerry World giveaway - 25 Days of Gifts. With another 15 days to go I may have to do a little cleaning up to make some space. There has been a pretty good collection of freebies offered so far and I am certainly looking forward to what will be coming. So, excited that it's the first thing I check when I wake up each morning. You can check back on our original post to see the whole list so far, which we will updating each day.

Today's offering is PAC-MAN, a great classic and if you didn't pick it up when it first became available, there's no excuse not to snap it up now. It is available for the Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5. You won't see the price change if you visit using the web, so use BlackBerry World on your device. If some of you are still seeing the previous day, you can do a search for PAC-MAN and it will be free. Or you can use the link below.

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Rushi Pandya

I tried to download, it's take me to payment option ones I click on download..why?

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DJ Reyes

Does it say free for you?


The last two days same thing happened to me. The choice was not free. I believe yesterday was Spiderman, dat before that was a movie. Pac-man didn't show free at first but now it does. Do you think I can still report the problem or how should I go about letting them know? Thank you.


Happened to me 2 days ago with Cut the Rope, but after a couple of hours they fixed the problem and I was able to download it for free. You can always report it on their BlackBerry channel Top Apps For BlackBerry 10.

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It will take you there (sign in to BlackBerry World) but it does not charge is indeed free. if you were charged you would get a email notification of your purchase which doesn't happen because it is free....did I mention it is

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Also, I don't think that BBM Channel: Top Apps For BlackBerry 10 is an official BlackBerry channel. Its verified, but I think it's just a fans channel (with lots of subscribers).

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When I downloaded this game I had to authentic against my BlackBerry ID account but not billed because the download began immediately. By the way, the FREE label was displayed in the BlackBerry World catalog page.

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I got it thanks!

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Got mine!!

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Great game! Thanks BlackBerry!

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!


It will ask to confirm payment and then shows up as free.. cool free download

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This is first app I've downloaded, only done it as can remember when it first come out in arcades Lol


The selections have been good so far, although I have only downloaded 2 of them - this being the 2nd one.

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jojo beaconsfield

Got it ,thks,played it and it's really good. I probably will never play it again because a long time ago I was pretty addicted to it and couldn't sleep, because all I would see, when I closed my eyes was pacman gobbling up the monsters.Beware!!


Christmas came early for me!! Love, Love, Love it!!! Thanks BlackBerry!

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Sweet! been waiting for this one!

Strange though, when i checked BB world last night (thinking to see asphalt 7 - this was around 10pm) i saw Pacman.... but it had did not say "free" at the time...


Great game, but I wish it was Ms Pac Man. I always preferred the company of women

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Not free for me. The green box says free, but then the payment information says the promotion has expired.

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DJ Reyes

What country are you in? Have you tried refreshing BlackBerry World?


Canada. Just tried refreshing bbworld, no change. Am I the only one having this problem?

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I had a problem with Cut the Rope, just the guy of the first post but BlackBerry fixed it by afternoon.

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Same here.

Rockin and Rollin with my BB Z10 - Posted via CB 10


For me the best free download so far, thanks BlackBerry

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Great game! I find if it crashes when eating the ghost start again and don't eat any ghosts the 1st level. After that you should be able to eat any and all ghosts even when starting over at the 1st level. It's highly addictive.

Keep The Faith


Wow. Almost bought this last week. Awesome!!

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Yes...this kind of giveaway may stop users from buying anything until it is over for exactly the same reason.

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The selections really sucks and not everyone have time to play games on BlackBerry. Some of us are busy making money, helping people to run their businesses, so come up with something great. Unless BlackBerry is targeting teens and a lot of teens don't think BlackBerry is cool.
So get your acts together BlackBerry,make it interesting for everybody. Thanks


Nice job complaining about free stuff. :)


suck my shaft. Can I have your girl for free?


LOL comment trolls, go get a life. Those are free too; apparently the selection sucked when you got your current one.


Apparently not too busy making money to complain about free stuff...

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Lol..... looks like we have the Christmas scrooge here! Baw umbug

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It is a Christmas promotion and Christmas is for the kids, but I get your point - Poppa could use a free utility/productivity app or two!


Thx BlackBerry. Nice little giveaway. Brings back memories.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

R Field

I don't understand how Pac Man takes up 30 mb of space. Should be like 1.

BlackBerry Z10 (Z30 inbound) | | C0006E212

omega supreme

Showed up as 16mb for me.

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Cool, almost purchase this one and now it's free. Thanks...lesson learned, don't purchase items before Christmas as you never know what is under the tree!

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Awesome! Been waiting for this one!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


I'm chomping! Thanks BlackBerry

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Grabbed it because it was free, but deleted it after it was looking for BBM permissions. Wouldn't load otherwise. Can't complain, though, since no money left my wallet.


I deny BBM permissions and tap on Not Now when that annoying Games splash screen opens. Pac Man minimizes to an active frame ( doesn't load) and I have to tap on that frame a couple of times and repeat the above process and then it starts up.

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Correct. BBM permissions are not required.


I bought Pac man when it came out. Just be prepared it will crash eventually when you eat the ghost. You just delete it and reinstall. The developer is aware and is working on a solution.  Z10. 10.1


It doesn't crash for me so far. Perhaps the the bug was already fixed as last release date is Nov 15? I am Z10STL100-2/

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Charles V

Holding thumbs for SayIt in the giveaway. Badly want the app but have no means to buy it atm unfortunately.

Posted via CB10/Z10


Yezziir!! Love this game!!

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!


Diwnloaded pacman waiting for day 11.

Feeling lucky :D

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Sameer Mirza 786

Doesn't work... typical lol

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I am waiting for "anMoney Budget and Finance PRO "


Sorry if this has already been asked but is there a way to get a free gift app that I missed from previous days?

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)


The only way is to pay.

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After Pac Man, I am now waiting for Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Made me long in but didn't pull the payment screen after, yes it is free! And this is actually a very good game. Very smooth, great graphics, controls are very good. Works just like the old school version of Ms. Packman. Would be worth about $1.99 in my mind, but for free don't pass this one up guys!

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Easy Memes is a great holiday season app.


Damn I paid the 4 dollars 2 weeks ago

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Any feedback folks?
if it only worked with the keyboard on the Q. Otherwise, it seems fast-paced navigation would be difficult.
What's your experience? I mean free is free, but I want to enjoy it too! :-)


Love this one!

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I being using, and really like, the Android version (I use an older one with the joystick, love the classic look) but this appears to be native, and is very smooth, no ads, so win win. Love Pacman!


All these great gifts but I keep running out of storage. I don't not have much apps/games but the Z10 shows I have 15GB in "other data". Any suggestions?


Same is happening to me! I don't know what is taking all the free space of the 16gb for apps and games :S

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Downloaded PacMan on my Z30.... works really well.

Thanks, BlackBerry - now let's get the Z30 to some other carriers in the USA - best BlackBerry ever and I have owned about 7 of them....

Can I put PacMan on my Playbook? That could be a good thing...


Yesss!!!!!!! Now we just need Ms. Pac-Man!!!!! :D thx Blackberry

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Bacon Munchers

My children thank you for the updates in advance DJ...

Merry CHRISTmas!


I'm getting a new Z10 soon to replace my Bold 9900. Just not soon enough to get PACMAN for free! :-(


This is great. I'm in Canada and downloaded it as free for no problem. Yes, I have to type in my BB password but after that free! BBRY should consider loading this game free on every device because it is the best app I've seen so far that allows you to "practice" swiping and this is a fantastic feature of BB10 but for new users it can take a little getting used to. This game will have them swiping in all directions in no time. Thanks! I can't wait to share with my family at Christmas hooked up to my big screen TV via HDMI cable. You don't need to look down at the phone to swipe :) All eyes on the TV..


I downloaded it this morning without any inconvenience... nice gift.. love to play it in my TV with the HDMI cable
BlackBerry10 rocks!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...


Of course its free I just downloaded it very nice classic game greetings from Dominican Republic pin:333C0A10 just for cool people love BlackBerry 10 Z10STL100-4/

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Great app

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded for free and can't wait to play. Good idea on connecting to TV too.

Posted with my Q10 via CB10


I love this game! I've read people complaining about the controls but works fine for me. Thanks BlackBerry!

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I almost bought this the other day, glad I waited! Thank you BlackBerry.

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Good gameplay but there's only one map! Better get it while it's free as its not worth the price in appworld

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Right after I bought it for $3.99 the other day.

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Almost missed this one and I wanted it bad! Thanks for the reminder! :D

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Glad I waited on buying it :) works great with a bluetooth gamepad.

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Worst game ever

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Hey guys... so my Z10 is under repairs or whatever... there's no chance that ANY of this will still be available after I get it back huh? I really want all this jazz... just don't have my phone for another week or something...


Ha ha ha, this game is so old. I was playing it on my Samsung feature phone 6 years ago. It looks exactly the same but more pixilated. They haven't updated it a bit. Honestly, it was better on my feature phone because the phone had hardware controls. I still have it just to play Pacman!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10


Why today's gift still have the payment option? 11th Dec. I am in China, the carrier is China mobile.

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Ahhhh just gave in to buy this last week. Way too expensive for a game of this type, but I figured what the hell, have some retro fun and support the devs.

It burns, it burns!!

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Today free app is beweather pro, but it is not free. What's going on?

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This rocks. I cant play on the Nexus 7 because touchscreen is so bad and it charges you .10 per play.


I just tried downloading it for free and was charged! Complete lie!

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You tried downloading what - Pac-Man? It was yesterday's freebie, December 10th. These are daily freebies. So that means...once the day is over, it's no longer a freebie.


Now that my account was wrongfully charged I am looking to find out how to get my account credited. Another reason I am beginning to regret betting a blackberry instead of Samsung.

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Your regret is improperly placed. It should be regret that you didn't pay attention and just clicked the price and bought the thing instead of questioning why it didn't show up as free. The reason as I mentioned earlier, you're a day late - it was yesterday's freebie.


Thanks Blackberry, great game PACMAN for free....


Hey, it tried to charge me! :(

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No Ooooo I missed this one

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