Owning the Downturn and Reshaping It

BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 2 Jun 2012 07:12 pm EDT
If there's one thing that most people agree on, it's that Research In Motion needs a new marketing plan for BlackBerry 10. While the #BeBold campaign isn't the worst we've ever seen, it's obviously geared more towards the Bold 9900 line and won't be relevant for the upcoming devices. Forums member Playbookjoe came up with a new campaign that is not only great for marketing the new devices, but possibly helping RIM save some face in light of recent circumstances. His idea centers around the lack of marketing from RIM over the last couple of years. Why not turn that around and "reshape the quietness that has happened into being something that was done on purpose"?

For example, a commercial:
"Remember when a small company created the smartphone and changed the way people communicate forever?"
[News clips (real or fake) about explosion of BlackBerry]
"They made billions of dollars and then disappeared - what were they doing?"
[Quick Multiple News clips of BlackBerry spending more money on R&D than anyone]
[News clip (probably fake) about how BB10 is a quantum leap or something]
[Quick flashes of bb10 hardware]
"Something is coming that will change everything."
As forum member pythons stated: "This is great idea and would certainly catch the attention of anyone watching it. It's also what RIM needs - a reminder that it WAS the first, was the top… and after its R&D is again on the top." It's certainly not a bad idea, and one that could help lay some excitement for the upcoming release of BlackBerry 10 devices for people that don't follow tech blogs. Let's face it, average users (meaning those who don't read CrackBerry or any of the other smartphone centered blogs out there) probably don't even know what BlackBerry 10 is or what to expect. It's time for Research In Motion to take control of their media image and instead of just reacting to what's said (or ignoring it completely) put forth the message they need to convey. Be proactive instead of reactive.

What do you think of Playbookjoe's marketing idea? Have any awesome ideas of your own to share? Leave them below or hop on over to the forums and join the conversation!

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Owning the Downturn and Reshaping It


It's like I've always said :
BlackBerry : We Invented The Smartphone Business...
We're Takin ' It Back!


Research In Motion is going through a massive transformation stage. With the purchase of QNX Systems two years ago, RIM is focusing on software. They are developing a software platform that is going to compete with mobile platforms like iOS and Android, but RIM’s new software platform will actually take it a step further!

I agree, RIM is going to re-shape the industry once again!

Living in Waterloo for over 15 years, attending University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and working in the city; I have watched RIM from pretty much it's infancy! These are my views...


Planes, trains, and automobiles. Your mobile device is your personal tool, a tool that will be able to interface with your car, the plane that you are about to board, the cab that you took to get to the airport. Imagine being able to ‘pair’ your BlackBerry with wherever you are. And you have access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar, documents and MORE while you are sitting in a seat on a plane, train, etc.

Accessing an ABM, paying at the store, going to the movies, taking a cab, going to the amusement park, driving your own car, attending a meeting, watching TV in your living room, attending class, playing a video game..... Imagine knowing your preferences, what you did last time, or simply recording the experience, or writing a note about it.. You will be able to access all your information, everywhere you go. The ride you likes the most last time at the amusement park, your recently purchased movies, etc. I think you get my point now!



Recently I read a transcript of an interview with Alec Saunders where he said

"I think iOS is designed for five years ago. … It was designed with the idea that Steve Jobs had, that it would be a media consumption device. And that’s not what a BlackBerry is."

RIM is going back to it's roots, and creating the ultimate communication platform for the most productive and relevant experience to date. A platform that is going to be ubiquitous through-out.

A platform that will effectively communicate with what you do on a daily basis and who you interact with while keeping your personal data secure!

Thanks reading my comment!

If you want to hear more of my analysis and my thoughts on nRIM, follow me on Twitter @SurrealCivic

Yes, we know QNX is powering everything from planes trains automobiles, amusement park rides and ABMs etc.... and it would be FANTASTIC if RIM could leverage that to make what you envision come to fruition.

But that's an awful long way down the road it would appear and I don't think RIM can hang on that long unless BB 10 is a hit right out of the gate for its other strengths.

I hope that it evolves to that point but RIM needs to sell a few hundred million BB 10 devices before automakers would even think of making cars play nice with it etc... The platform needs to catch on before that can happen.

RIM is NOT going to sell a few hundred million BB 10 devices.

RIM is going to cut a significant portion of their staff, sell off their buildings, equipment, and be a leaner company that focuses on software and services. This is going to allow RIM to license their software to many other companies, and they need to start with a big handset manufacturer (like Samsung).

I agree they will not sell a few hundred million generation 1 BB 10 devices, that includes the all touch launch device and whatever traditional BB Bold Style and Traditional BB torch slider style phones launch early next year. BUT, if they are able to move 20+ million first gen phones and the platform is a hit then RIM should easily be able to grow the new BlackBerry Platform to 150 million devices by generation 3.

But that's the earliest I could see the kinds of synergies emerging that the above post is talking about.

So BlackBerry 10 HAS to be a hit.

But the thing that people don't get is that no other mobile company is going to license BlackBerry 10. The companies that WILL license it are the companies that the post above is talking about. BB 10 needs to be in the hands of ABM manufacturers, car makers, plane and train manufacturers - hell RIM should already have been on the phone with Bombardier to license BB 10. leveraging the QNX RTOS and the new UI built on top of it called BB 10 to companies that already use QNX but could really benefit from a per-fabricated mobile computing platform that has ready made dev tools and a pretty slick UI. I want my future heart monitor to be running the BlackBerry Platform and the app that tells the doctors if I'm alive or dead to be created using BlackBerry's NDK. That's RIMs trump card to compete in the mobile computing space against giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft. QNX is already places none of those companies are either not competing in or competing head to head with QNX like Windows Embedded. But if RIM can hold on, then there is a definite upside and potential new revenue streams that have nothing to do with hardware.

Where we agree is that over time RIM will depend less and less on profit from hardware sales as being the main source of revenue for the company. Where we disagree is how RIM can get to that point. RIM needs to leverage its assets not sell them off. But in the mean time they need to stay afloat so that Mike L.'s house isn't the only one powered by BB 10.

Well I'll do my part and probably purchase 3 or 4 for my family. Let's just hope many others realize the possibilities of BB10.

I don't.

This website is getting dumber by the second. There is all this anti-capitalistic rhetoric out there with Obama, occupy protesters, and Romney haters. By reminding others that Rim made billions will only incite hatred, envy, and class warfare unless you are Apple.

Seriously, you need to stop, think about it, and use common sense.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
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Great idea but no.

1) Rim doesn't want to overhype bb10 yet - its still a 'distant time' away tech time wise
2) This will kill any hope of reminidng Bb os 7 device selling. Would be terrible more write offs...

Probably 1 mnth or so to go then maybe ;)

C.A.C. they need to write off all of the past and look to launching A.S.A.F.P. cause they are gonna be bought by freakin facebook and im gonna bail to the i phone...which is eventually gonna look like this fiasco......

and yet I love my Storm....(which is shit for a BB but far superior to any other "smart" phone out there)

And love my PB

but not to far in advance or they risk the hype fizzling down before BB 10 even launches. This is a campaign that would only be able to be run no more then a month prior to launch.

Try, we just want RIM to market their products with some gusto.

All adds have to be about BB10, what it offers and don't mock the competition.

Like who can type 1000 emails on a touchscreen, people love their touchscreen, don't alienate them. Especially when you're about to launch a touchscreen device that you hope will turn around your fortunes. Who's the idiot that approved that commercial?


You're being such a negative nancy lately.... 

A) This is a "From the forums" post. We're highiighting what our members are talking about in the forums, so those who don't follow the forums closely but do follow the blogs can see some of the thoughts going on within the community. Calling it a desperate blog post is just incorrect.

B) When it comes to CrackBerry's editorial, we really take the view that we are are writing for BlackBerry owners and people who want to see RIM succeed. I'm a champion for the BlackBerry platform. Lots of our readers are. That doesn't mean we hide from bad news, and often we are the ones to hlighlight RIM's negatives in more detail than anybody else. But in general we're always going to take a cup half full approach.Being a platform champion means being optimistic. That's not being desperate.

As i said in a post earlier this week... it's definitely a weird spot for us to be in right now. When it comes to the product, BlackBerry 10 genuinely has me excited. When it comes to the state of RIM's business, it's a bit scary at the moment obviously. I think our mix of posts lately pretty accurately reflect both those general attitudes. Again, not desperation.

I'll shut up now. I think I've made my case. 

Yes you've made your point. I think one major problem RIM has is lack of publicity. For instance, I knew nothing of blackberry until my friend introduced storm 1to me. And I felt blackberry is definitely the phone I will need for daily activities ever since. Sometimes behaves badly but can't give it up. RIM will need to make more noice of its products.and rapidly too.

I believe the excitement extends to many of the BlackBerry owners who are following BB10. It is unfortunate that we feel as if we need to defend the brand. I too believe RIM will pull off the new OS and it is going to be a game changer. Lets hope that the marketing is aggressive, exciting and shows off the features that consumers are looking for. Otherwise, any hope of gaining market share is out the window. In today's market advertising is essential.

We should expect to see many folks here and in the forums with negative attitudes, they may have gone to other platforms but they can't stay away. When BB10 drops and they are blown away by Cascades, they will be back in herds. The CrackBerry Nation is strong! It's fun, informative and has helped me out on more than a few occasions. I don't really understand why people feel the need to troll, but it is what it is.

I think he's confusing desperation with enthusiasm.

Thanks Kevin, I know that's why one of the reasons I visit this site on a daily basis. Not just to find out what's new but because I want to see RIM and the BlackBerry brand succeed. Keep it up, I don't find the posts desperate.

This is a great idea, the problem that ignites pointed out is partially correct i think. I don't think having a hype is a bad idea. Even if a product is amazing, without some hype, it will take a long time to get big. I am writing an algorithm for this right now, the problem is that in today's tech society people are getting very attached to brands and not products. The only way to detach a person from a brand a.k.a (get an iPhone junkie to jump to BB) is to give them a bandwagon to jump on.

Building a hype for blackberry is a very smart idea, and august is the best time. This gives two months and 10 days (10/10/12 :P) to get the wagon rolling. I worked at TD as a fund analyst and I have preaching this to investors:


People want drama, theatrics, they don't want a smartphone, they want the show with the bells and whistles.

I agree, hype now until release. Show it off and make them want it. Make them hold out on their upgrades for BB10 because it looks new and amazing. Ios didn't gain their momentum without tons of hype, and in my eyes hype was all it was. Lets be honest, Siri...what a joke, just the sound of her monotone robotic voice makes me want to rip my ears off. I have never seen anyone in public use Siri. Probably too embarrassing. I expected the technology to be much more advanced. Yet I see the commercial over and over and over. Do you really believe that John Malkovich has an iphone let alone have meaningful conversation with it? It's somewhat like brainwashing.

RIM needs to be aggressive with this campaign. It's all about the hype now. Let's hope RIM is listening.

The campaign needs to start softly in August and grow louder, stronger and more frequently; until the launch of BB10 in October / November.

As I'm sure you know all of the next gen phones from:
RIM Blackberry 10
other fruit company 4,5 or 6 (I don't care)
doors and windows company 6.5 7.5 8.0 12 1/4 again don't care)
are coming out at the same time (this Fall) because they are all waiting for the next gen LTE chip that they are all building into their hardware. All are hard at work on their next gen OS's as we speak. I am only interested in one of these for my phone upgrade this fall! Hint: it doesn't bruise and it doesn't shatter

You won't get anything if you rush it. I have seen rushed movies and they... Look like shit. Animations shouldn't be seen, they shuld be real life-like. Special effects shouldn't be horribly done, or contain any animations. I don't want to see BB10 be the same way, in terms of features, speed, battery life or stability. have patience, or don't bother.

They need to change the name of Blackberry 10 it doesn't sound appealing enough for all people to be like vow. I think the name of the software should be what another forum member said: BBNX pronounced BBNeX.
And the hardware should be called Blackberry Spark as in "the Spark that ignites the comeback of the pioneers". They could introduce it on 10,10, 12 like this: Each Blackberry Spark's phone's lock screen has a candle thread or torch. Then they stack the Blackberry Spark phones on the wall behind the projector screen so that they are touching each other. Then after Thorston's intro they roll up the projector, then Thorston (or they can bring back Mike Lazaridis) pulls out a Bold 9900, pulls out a lighter app (dims the light of the room) lights the flame on the Bold app. Then touches the lowest blackberry spark on the wall and using NFC the flame spreads and lights all the Blackberry Spark's on the wall. The blackberry sparks all together spell blackberry in fire.
CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT A STATEMENT THAT MAKES!! The torch is passed from the old generation to the NEW!!!

BlackBerry Neutrino 1.0
It is the Neutrino version of QNX that was modified to become BB 10
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook

Boldly sent from my 9930

I have to say that I love this idea. An advertising campaign like what is in this blog and the idea you have, put them together and wow. The passing the torch idea launching the "flame app" through NFC is brilliant. You know this would get them in the news and be all over the internet if for nothing else it's an angle that is completely foreign to RIM.

Kevin, are you seeing this? Put this in someone's ear @ RIM, please. It's a win!

Ya? So what you're saying is.... BB10 might not be called BB10 (I sure hope its called something different)... Like try plain and simple QNX... I recently spoke with a manager at a major software firm, they have so written off blackberry its not even funny - he didn't even know the playbook had a completely different OS and just assumed it was "the same ole". When I explained to him that I have sideloaded one of their android apps and it works 100% he was shocked... Just sayin.... They need to (software side) TOTALLY let people know that its DIFFERENT than bbOS, and naming it BB10 does NOT do this. Please RIM - WAKE UP!!!!

Awe it just gives me tingly feelings of excitement for a relaunch of RIM. So cool even as a consumer to follow it and be a small part.
As has been said everyone loves a comeback story. :)

Pure genious ideas, I am in Waterloo right beside RIM's headoffice on Philip st. Next week I'm going to walk up to RIM with a poster that says Blackberry Spark: its time to pass the torch. Great idea, let's start a Blackberry Spark campaign on CB.

The combo of the comeback and the NFC Spark app could be awesome. They shud make it the wallpaper for the default lock screen and everytime you and friend touch bb's the spark shud light. I don't know cud be a cool gimmick.

Sweet please do. I really think it's a great idea. Actually having Mike L hand a Torch 9860 over to Thorston then him lighting it might be a cool way to go. (If it only had NFC) It really would be a passing the torch moment, (even if that already happened in reality) I can just see it now in my mind...

A big thumbs up to mrmartis for the idea. Keeping BB10 or leaving it as is the idea behind this I love.

Thanks for showing the love. We are here all excited about BB10, I had a dream last night actually about it. It was pretty funny actually, ill tell you sometime if you want to know.

One advantage I got to point out that RIM has over it's competition is that majority of RIM owners encompass the richest and most successful people on the planet. From CEO's to mogul's to celebrities and even Presidents(Obama).

I want to see a commercial where the show all the most successful people in the world who use blackberry and are pretty well known, with some hype music that rises in beat and volume. Then at the end the music stops and a little girl whispers: "There is only key that opens the world". Then a huge bass drum hits with the Blackberry logo.

I have a couple of other ideas, email me at martis180@gmail.com if you want to know them.

P.S. "Blackberryisbackberry" great idea with the lock screen spark.

One of my best budds bud is interning at Waterloo as a software dev. I'm moving into their house next week in Waterloo, I'm gonna build the NFC lighter app and ask him to present it to his boss at RIM. *cross your fingers lets see how it goes*

Why not Blackberry Neutrino? Start at 1 and start working up. I don't think they should call it QNX, because that is known for so much more than what BB10 will be. I personally think BB10 is a mistake if they stick with it. They need a clean break in name from the old BBOS, and unfortunately people will think that 10 is an iteration. I mean look at all the misinformation out now, the Jakarta paper article posted about Alec Saunders in the forums says "The biggest difference between BlackBerry 10 and its predecessors is that the new phone runs Google’s open platform operating system, Android. We chatted with Saunders after his presentation on Monday to find out more about what RIM is doing differently with BlackBerry 10." I mean the press is stupid and lazy so get rid of any chance that they connect the new OS with the old.

Agreed totally! I should have read further before posting the same thing in a reply to another post further up the board. So there you have it.....

BlackBerry Neutrino 1.0

The flame passing from Berry to Berry through NFC tag would be an awesome commercial to support the current lineup of BB7's since that is a major differentiating feature that they currently have vs.the competition even a year after they were launched. People can go get one if they want to explore this feature for file exchange and mobile payments being highlighted. This commercial would be awesome running through the Olympics especially if tied in with examples of actual use in mobile payments using NFC which I think are being put in place for the event at many vendors and venues in London.

Showing my age here ,but it could be iconic! I'm imagining it set to music like the old Coke commercials.....I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.....

I really like, make it as a kind of intro and somehow combine it with the wake up motto and I think we got a killer intro for BB10. I also agree that Rim should change the BB10 name and incorporate it wit qnx. And make it more more mysterious as oppose to explosion style to keep the consumer interested.

In the real world, the only thing that matters is that RIM stock value rises.

RIM's competition is old RIM.

RIM cannot beat Apple, the best the can hope for is to tie with Android based phone or slightly better.

RIM's worst enemy has been RIM.

Selling a phone is not profitable.

Getting a cut off of every penny of every thing sold while using a phone is what makes a fortune.

Sexy sells, always has and always will. Commercial have to make the buyer want to be seen with your product.

The BB10 based BlackBerry phone must work flawlessly and have every feature that is considered most desirable by iPhone and Android users.

Don't lie. If you say Playbook will run Android Apps, then make sure that anyone, anyone, can simply go to App World find, click on, and actually download Android apps. Not some lame sideload, maybe you can figure it out or maybe you can't.

And lstly, if I have to change providers to get a BB10, I'm gone.

Apple is gonna crash on its own.....without Jobs.....they may have a few more months to carry out his vision....but they will eventually be inline with the commoners......


I'm tired of you mental midgets discounting RIM. Give your previous stance on Apple when it was in the dumps THEN come here and bash RIM.

I like the concept but I would like to see a comical approach. For instance in the second scene answer the question.."What were they doing" by showing clips of two playboys (Jim and mike) partying in Vegas or becoming stuffy aristocrats who lost themselves in the great success they had..but comically. Portraying that rim got out of hand The message being (final scene) since then rim has got its shit together and developed Bb10.

Remember when a small company created the smartphone and changed the way people communicate forever?"

[News clips (real or fake) about explosion of BlackBerry]
"They made billions of dollars and then disappeared - what were they doing?". " EXCUSE ME SIR, DO YOU HAVE ANY GREY POUPON"

The only coming soon campaign that really worked was for Jack in the Box. To warp that into a modern day campaign for BlackBerry, they would need a mascot or figure head. Better yet, how about warping the idea of the Burger King "King", except use a giant papier-mache head of Lazaridis.

I remember Palm being the first PDA phone or "smartphone" per say. RIM pioneered push email and did that the best. I started on a palm powered phone and they were way more prevelent in the early 2000's. It is an interesting idea, I do think it is a bit appleish on how it is basicallly saying we "reinvented" but ina more PR tone.

Sent from my 9700

The idea is fine but a similar concept was taken by Dodge when they launched the Durango. Dodge made commercials that asked the question "so you were wondering what we have been doing the past few months/years ? ". I like the idea for a campaign to remind folks about what RIM provided customers in the past but they must keep a clear message on how they will continue to innovate and provide both value and the "wow" factor.

Remember we buy on emotion and then justify with reason -

totally need to MANAGE the Development of the future as opposed to what they have been doing which is MANAGING the results and have sucked at it.......SO GET WITH IT RIM

make me proud to have been so freakin loyal......


Whatever RIM does....I hope they don't use 'just sayin' in any of their commercials. Gives me douchy chills whenever someone uses this phrase.

Close. But I like "Back in Black" to the tune of ACDCs song. Strong slogan and rock 'n roll!

Or they could have a whole series of rock/metal related songs in their ads. Songs from Metallica's Black album. Blackwater Park. Pearl Jam's Black... you get the idea.

Oooh... Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones would be killer too.

I like the way you are thinking here. :)
I know after seeing the Avengers I couldn't stop listening to "Shoot to Thrill" in my Cruiser, (in the cassette player, tape adapter, BlackBerry Bold combo I have going in there lol)

I like the back in black message with acdc...you nailed it.

Conveys hard charging, strong and decisive...excellent idea.
It would say to me that rim is coming out swinging with no excuses...this is who we are...were here to stay....we're here to play ....so f off.

Cadillac had a successful campaign with their led zeppelin music ads when they relaunched the brand..

Also it's a single campaign that could be easily transferred to other markets like australia, england, North America exc. because of acdc's popularity. It says to people that like acdc things come and go but somethings live on.
Excellent..excellent..quick get Thor on the phone and let's rock and roll this.

Every now and then I like to think I come up with a good one :p

Also thought they would have been the perfect NZ All Blacks sponsor during the Rugby world cup.

Give them all free BlackBerrys (how do you pluralise a brand name?). Put the BlackBerry logo on the jersey and have BB ads with the slogan:

All Blacks. All BlackBerry.

I'm no marketing student but I reckon that would have gone down pretty well.

That is a great idea.........Someone should forward it to RIM. Personally I think it would go great with a suggestion that I sent them about the name of the new platform/OS. I think the name should be changed to BBNx (Blackberry Next - a mix between BB and QNX) and the slogan I sent them was to label it ".......the next evolution of the Smartphone".

BlackBerry Neutrino 1.0
Sorry we settled this already!
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook

You can spin/hype it any way you want, the bottom line is consumers will want to know what BB10 can do that their Android or IPhone can't, why should they switch?

The bottom line is consumers don't really care about features. They look at what everyone else is using. Peer pressure overshadows specs.

They have to build excitement, just rolling it at a BB jam or whatever just isn't going to cut it. Hype, hype, hype and deliver a damned great product.

"they made billions then disappeared...what were they doing"...doesn't make sense

RIM didn't disappear. They're coming back with their next generation product.

They need a stylish cool commercial build-up to launch...something Bladerunner-ish

I'd like to see a marketing campaign that focuses on the new phone being a perfect "10"... Maybe an Olympic tie in. The passing of the Torch... They could give them to Olympians who have scored 10s and do commercials around that concept... Just a Thought...


I love this idea!
I love it when this site turns on the brainstorming for relevant unique ideas.
I would love being a part of RIM success!!
BB10 all the way!

RIM should come up with a catchy BB10 ad not only for crackberry nation but also to new user and to those who have changed OS. still waiting and looking forward to RIMs success!

I like these marketing discussions and there are some good ideas here, but I am not crazy about some of the ideas.

1. Most people don't think of Blackberry as "gone". Instead they think of them as uncool and slow. This is what RIM needs to counteract.

2. As well, reminding consumers that you used to be the biggest company and you used to make billions in profit general does not help people to like you.

3. I think the BBNX idea is interesting, But the QNX name is simpler and therefore better. Although I'm sure that this isn't the last word on the name.

Their marketing needs to be really focussed to get out one key idea to all the people who think RIM is dead.

Just my $0.02. Blackberry has a lot of work to do here.

Point 1 hits it on the head !

My 17 year old daughter continuously complains her BB is slow. Part of the "slow" problem is that "close" does not CLOSE the app. Also the memory clean option should be set to ON by default.

BB10 has great potential. As such, it needs to be refined and user friendly. When someone closes an app it needs to actually close, not go to background. My GF had 9 extra apps open. I closed them all and poof the phone worked faster and smoother.

RIM needs to step up the game. Looking cool does nothing it it doesnt function well.

Marketing should focus on the new faster speed and ease of use .... for the business person.

RIM needs to ask itself: What can we deliver that both the Android or the Apple market hasn't already delivered? And, how can we deliver it, such that competition becomes nil (at least for a while)?

Let's face it: Blackberry pretty much is gone. They really have to re-think their target market if they want to make any sort of impact. It's not to say that what they've produced so far is crap, but why would anyone spend money on a phone where they can get the same features on another phone which looks and feels better?

Anyway, here's hoping that Blackberry at least makes some sort of a ripple effect with BB10!

Just give me/us a phone even a dev phone. I'll use it and promote it. And give away a BB10 t-shirt with every new phone and I/we will wear it.

Honestly, anything is better than the nothing that I've been seeing. I feel like I'm walking around with devices from some underground market. People freak out when I tell them I have a blackberry tablet because they didn't know it existed. Yeah the original post is a good idea, but anything looks like a good idea when the products are practically non-existent to the general public.

New member in this forum. love the enthusiasem I see for RIM success.

As are talking marketing here, I think re-branding the blackberry brand is the critical factor.

ocusing on R&D investment is a nice idea but most consumers will not be moved, care or bother with such boring/non sexy parameteres. nor will just focusing on features do the job.

for RIM to make it happen they need to answer a foundamental question first:
who is their target aidience and what are their needs for a "new" platform in the Apple/Adnroid/WP era?

New member in this forum. love the enthusiasm I see for RIM success.

As are talking marketing here, I think re-branding the blackberry brand is the critical factor.

focusing on R&D investment is a nice idea but most consumers will not be moved, care or bother with such boring/non sexy parameters. nor will just focusing on features do the job.

for RIM to make it happen they need to answer a fundamental question first:
who is their target audience and what are their needs for a "new" platform in the Apple/Android/WP era?

each answer will guide the marketing campaign in a very focused way:

consumer market - Make Blackberry cool again. the "coolness factor" with a great UI and apps ecosystem will be the target --> Imagine a commercial with LMFO breaking into a boring RIM borad meeting, making all the board "shuffle" to Rock anthem party music...yeah Thorsten, you too.. Now that's cool!

Corporate market - 60% business oriented campaign with 40% to address its allowed to have fun as well..

Slogans, catchy names will need to follow the strategic marketing focus... not precede it.

I think this would work because it is aimed at the the average person who has no idea what bb10 is about. And ther who we need to take note

I quite like it, but it will raise expectations for something WAY ahead of the competition. Just being in the same area code (eg the PlayBook) with a beta like experience will cause this to backfire spectacularly. The next ads will have to show off in dramatic fashion why this new thing is a generation ahead. And it will have to be OBVIOUS in 10 seconds or less... Not an easy task.

If RIM is sure of the outstanding quality of BB10 they should start teaser-commercials for BB10!!!! They should be mystic with low information... It should install the term "Blackberry10" into the brains of the crowd as something oustanding, something revolutinary, something which will turn the world upside down... The should underline the way like RIM works- silent, in tbe background, inviolable, but as the REAL do-gooder!!!! BB10 should become a synonym for a cure of a boring und unsafe smartphone-world... The teaser will provoke curiousness and an expectations which cant be satisfied by other smartphones except by Blackberry!!! BUT RIM should beware of teaser for BB10 if BB10 becomes only average stuff!!!! Otherwise RIM will die together with Thorsten....

All this ideas are fine & dandy. But is anyone convoying these great ideas to RIM itself? Especially RIM Marketing Team. It sad to have all these excellent ideas whilr the person who needs to know about it don't who is RIM btw I mean just saying

I´m sure, that Thorsten H. reads (beside Financial Times) every day in CB... RIM has overslept so many decisions and market tendencies that only CB with its outstanding knowledge about BlackBerry could rescue RIM... He´s a german- always involved everywhere in a opportunistic way.... ;-)

QNX is crucial to the lives of many people, being in cars, medical devices, nuclear plants etc. RIM should exploit this and brand their QNX phone as something that sustains one's livelihood in the mobile tech age.

No matter what hype runs around, if RIM''s new BB devices are not up to expectations then no matter how this is spun, marketed, or hyped, it will get ugly..and fast.

I don't know what tricks RIM have up their sleeves, but I pray (almost daily) that what was shown at BB Jam is not their "best." They're going to need a lot more than that (IMO) to get them back in the game...

Unless this campaign goes "brilliant-as-never-before", my fear is that this will result in bashing and "too late", "are you serious ?", "vaporware" instantly issued comments in blogs, press and forums (Typical example ? read this : http://forums.crackberry.com/news-rumors-f40/advert-dont-just-think-do-7... ).
I (IMveryHO) believe the risk is too high and RIM must wait until they have physical devices (being PB under BB10 - may be one of the possible solutions to precede the call - or BB10 phones - can't be half baked) to rely on and align words with facts.
The "we gonna rock this" statement can't be anymore conjugated to the future.
What consumers want is "now", not "soon".
This kind of campaign can't be real until at least some leaked prototypes hit the street.

BB10 is a "do or die" term. Do not ruin it with a 50% chance marketing fail campaign. Not just to gain what ? 3 months ? Hope M. Heins shares the suicidal risk it represents.

Copy Righted
I gave you a reality check in my first post, now my concept for a commercial for BB10.

Envision a battle field, a huge 'Transformer' is in an epic battle, thrashing and trashing evil Transformers amidst a debris field.

Our hero Transformer, tired but confident, slowly folds back into its earthly form which it camouflaged itself in, here on planet earth.

There, lying atop the rubble is the new BB10! (which was the mighty hero transformer)

A young and beautiful girl appears, spies the Hero Transformer disguised in the format of BB10, she bends over picks it up, holding it in both hands, turning it over, admiring its slick and gorgeous look, ... Close up on a black screen, then the screens lights up, we see the new BB10 logo on screen, then we see the beautiful young woman smile, walking off, holding bb10 over her heart.

Game on baby!


I have a x-rated version in my mind... with an accentuation for the new powerful vibrating alert... she smiles...but holding the new BB10 UNDER her heart... well below her heart... :-D

I think one of the main problems in RIM is, that before a device is arrive on the market is old . And the second big problem is that near the whole world knows allready hows the device looking. I think RIM needs to keep more secrets. But the bigest problem is , that there is 3 operating system that works in the moment ....iOS, Android and WM ... Is there realy space for OS 10?????
And one of the many other problem we know all the iOS to similar name with OS 10 maybe better change the operating system name ?
One is for shure , they will allways people around the world who love a needs keyboards on the phone and blackberry are the best.... And one more thing...the look is very important for sale devices...let do plastic stuff to samsung but not for RIM

For me RIM need to work together with WM Microsoft this is cool and fresh... Apple will be a standard around the world but there is many other user they will go away from apple and nokia, blackberry , motorola and more labels have a chance to slae more and more smartphones...

Sorry to all here for my english
My devices
Ipad 3 :use
Bold 9900 my main device
Toch 9810 second device
Playbook ..mmmm cant realy work with ...but great style was longe time my tablet
Ipone 4s allways buy and sale it back, cant write fast and to many children have this device too..
Ipod ..maybe gona sale it soon...my child playing with..:-)

People said the same with iOS and BlackBerry, but Android came and took over. Yes there is room for a better OS, and BB10 has all the ammo to change the mobile space again. No one can do what it can.

I think RIM has been avoiding such ads because they will hurt current bb7 sales, but at this point in the game, it is just what they need! People are avoiding commitments to BlackBerry because they wonder if the company will survive this year, so RIM has to demonstrate clearly that they have a plan for the future. It's coming, and it will write history again.

Playbookjoes idea reminds me of how Willy Wonka's factory went dark for years after being the biggest candy factory in the world. Watch the movie scene where the owner of the candy store shares the story with the local children. Its a great opening for the marketing campaign. That will grab the average person's attention.

I like it for the waiting time going up to BB10! RIM has to do something in this vacuum that they have created. RIM needs to be looking here for ideas more often.

When the BB10 phone drops or right when it drops my idea is to use some inspiration from the movie 2001. Show some groups of monkeys, one with iPhones, one with Androids and one with nothing. Show the Android and iPhone monkeys having to pound on back and home buttons and having a horrible typing experience and getting angry and frustrated (maybe even throwing the phones). Then have the a BB10 all touch "monolith" appear and give BB10 to the third group who type with ease and use gestures and instantly evolve to humans with the phone being held up like in the scene from 2001 with the bone and with the theme music. Then show "Blackbery 10, the evolution of the smartphone experience!"

Anyway just another idea.

As I'm reading through the comments of this post I see quiet a few great and a ton of solid marketing ideas. Why doesn't RIM create a contest to come up with 4-5 incredibly designed commercial ideas from it's consumers. This allows for all possible resources to be focused on delivering what has to be a perfect launch if they are to once again dominate the smartphone market. Now some of you will say that this will tie up many people viewing and judging these ideas/videos so maybe the guys here at Crackberry and the guys from N4BB could team up and do this. I bet both sides would jump at the chance to help RIM and the BB brand succeed. RIM already has to have a marketing budget and they can have final say about production. Think about it....who knows what the consumer needs or wants to see from a company better than those running site dedicated to the consumer. This same idea could be used for creating the hard media (banners/posters) as well. Just a thought......

This idea sort of reminds me of the Cadillac ads just after the bail out, which continue still. Caddy (and GM as a whole) had to do a lot to refocus consumer awareness off of the tax payer funded infusion of cash, and onto the leaner meaner product focused way of doing things.

I am a car geek and there was a time Cadillac was known as "the standard of the world" which is also where we get the phrase "the Cadillac of XYZ." as in the BB10 is the Cadillac of smartphones. I would have always liked to have seen the marketing catch phrase "The standard is back." but Caddy one up'ed by using "The new standard of the world."

This is a neat trick they used. It's an old (very old, like from 1909 old) phrase, but they completely skipped over that fact. Knowing that most people who don't live completely under a rock has heard "The standard..." used in conjunction with Cadillac at some point in their lives, the marketing company simply threw in the word "new" to express everything that's happened and is happening to make Cadillac products reverent again.

I believe that Playbookjoe is on the right track, and I hope that the marketing company that RIM has, or will hire, for the BB10 is just as smart as the (several) that handle the GM accounts. I would hope for a subdued ad campaign that targets core consumers, users of BB products who might defect to a different platform. Having sold cellphones just before the smartphone shift, I can say that for those who are unsure, the main tipping point is the "this is what I own" or "this is what I am going to buy when I can" from the guy in the store. Unless you know for sure when you walk in the store that you are going to walk out with phone XYZ, this will always win in the end.

The idea is that any ad campaign needs to be focused on the future, and not the past. This is the one flaw in all commercials that look back. It's the same flaw in the now famous Cadillac "roll" and "break through" ads. where we were shown pictures or clips of Cadillacs from as far back as when the company started in 1909. Those ads where about what the company did and not what they are doing. Big mistake. Although everyone liked watching the commercials, they didn't generate the sales.

Well this is my small view point and not to get off topic. The idea is to compare two companies who are struggling with past mistakes and how they are righting the ship. There is no real answer, but the marketing is a big slice of the pie. Way to go Playbookjoe with a good idea on how to change the minds of the nonbelievers, but we need to stop apologizing for the past, and tell everyone about how much BB10 rocks!

Ask yourself, would Apple do a campaign like this?

I don't think so.

RIM needs to show how BB10 devices will make a difference to our lives.

And if they can't do that they're doomed.

I'd suggest RIM rebrand around how BB devices make a positive difference for people.

Maybe a new social media site linked to BBM that is designed to connect people who are unconnected, and assist people who need help, launched at the same time as BB10.

Show EMS and police services using BB to protect and assist.

They have to differentiate.

You can't beat Apple at marketing. But you can be a force for good.

Just hire Samuel L. Jackson and do a series of "Once you go Black, you don't go back" commercials. That's Bold.

Deliver the full baked devices first, then deploy commercials. Interview the real ppl who really use bb phones and how it changes their lives. Devices that tell consumers how things get done fast and easy. Many comments above are very useful and make sense. RIM Marketing Dept. Take notes and listen. These advices, comments, suggestions, are coming from the ppl who really uses your product. We want more of our families, friends, relatives, and other to own bb devices too. So. We could have more contacts on our bbm, and facetime....

I didn't like the commercials for OS7 with the food buyer or the Martinez brothers that were people using the device like how you are describing. They need to show the device in action, show gestures, show the major apps people use, the typing experience. It won't be a single commercial, but multiples. They also need to make fun of themselves a little too, it will show they admit to falling asleep at the wheel but have finally woke up to respond.

Well isn't that cute... BUT ITS WRONG!!!!!! Hardware and software will not be the panacea to the problem Blackberry has no ecosystem! Get your app store in order and strive for at least 100k apps and you really need to get rid of the slow and very buggy(spinning clock heaven) OS 4, 5 and 6 devices trade up do something cause its horrible devices unless all you want your users to do is send emails use BBM and forget about browsing and apps.

If an advertisement takes more than 30 seconds to to convince present and future BB owners that they must have a RIM device, then it is a waste of time and money. The BeBold campaign was in fact the worst ever. Anybody who is not intimately familiar with BB devices saw the same old BB in the hands of people who are way more metro than the device in their hand. The numbers speak for themselves - nobody was convinced a BlackBerry Bold makes them cool or bold. People think iPhones or iAnything is cool. They once thought the same of BB. If RIM doesn't know this, and find a way to be cool again, the end is near.

Blackberry 10 needs to be a major improvement, no one would disagree with that. However, I am starting to worry that RIM is only focusing on bringing individuals back to Blackberry and not concerned about current blackberry loyalists. One major improvement I would like to see as a loyal blackberry user is the ability to send/recieve & facilitate meeting requests via blackberry messenger and not just e-mail.