Owned a BlackBerry Z10 since the beginning? I want to know how it's holding up!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jan 2014 02:21 pm EST

At this time last year, I was packing up my bags and getting ready to move CrackBerry HQ to Toronto for a month so we could tackle the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 with gusto. And that we did. It was a crazy month and literally one of the most memorable of my life. The trip culminated with CrackBerry's over-the-top BlackBerry Z10 Review.

When BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 goes official -- which will hopefully be sooner rather than later -- we're going to take some time to do a re-review of BlackBerry 10 and all of the BlackBerry 10 phones. A lot has changed in the OS since those earlier builds that the Z10 went to market with.

In the meantime, what I'm curious about, is the experience long time Z10 owners have had with their device. I'm not talking about the cracky ones who load up the latest leaked OS they can find, but rather the Z10 owners who just bought the device and have been doing their OS updates as they have become available from their carrier.

Here's the context. On Tuesday evening I went to a family dinner where I saw one of my relatives that I don't see too often (my fiancee's godmother's son's wife if you really want to know... her name is Dana). Dana picked up a Z10 back in May. So of course, I asked her the same question... how's your Z10 holding up?

She unloaded on me. "I don't want this phone anymore". "If I could switch I would." "My husband sends me texts, when they come in and click them it just loads a white blank page." "It slows down on me all the time." 

You get the picture.


When I asked her the question, I was more so expecting her to mention all the apps she wanted but couldn't yet get through BlackBerry World. But apps weren't her concern. It was simply that her Z10 wasn't working well for the basics, which definitely surprised me. The way she described its progressive deterioration, it felt more like she was talking about an older BlackBerry running BBOS 5.0 or something - which did have a habit of getting glitchy with use as the memory ran out. In this case she was on the latest update available from her carrier, and she still had plenty of memory. I eased her pain a little bit by telling her about 10.2.1, which I indicated should **hopefully** take care of all her frustrations and make her love her Z10 again (and also allow her to easily get more apps onto her phone).

The experience did make me realize where I've fallen short lately though on the review front. I switch phones too often. I went from the Z10 to Q10 to Z30 to P'9982, so in 2013 I never really followed through with a simple long term use test on a single BB10 phone (out of all of them I've probably logged the most miles on my Q10). 

Which is why I want all you long-time Z10 owners to unload on this single post. How's your Z10 still holding up after months of use? Is it still as snappy as when you bought it? Have you noticed any slow downs with time? Thanks for sharing! 

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Owned a BlackBerry Z10 since the beginning? I want to know how it's holding up!



yeah, I had the z10 until last night.. I gave up.. I went for the z30!!!! and passed mine to my mom.... The z10 costed me $800 USD... the z30 costed me $400 USD... This is the best smartphone I have bought.

We all now get bored at technology so quickly... i was about to switch my Z10 for a Q or Z30 but fell back in love after installing .1055 leak and got all the missing apps i so much wanted. Phone is great so far.

I ve had my z10 since February 5th when it was available on Rogers. I even paid my remaining balance to get upgraded to the z10.

Anyways, the phone has greatly improved since then with the improvement to the OS, features and new features. Definitely keeps the phone appealing with new things added, changed and etc. But I ll admit I ve been wanting to upgrade to the new z30 bec of the bigger screen and battery life.

One thing I noticed there is a lag with text msgs especially the ones you have a lot of msgs and pics.

Yup, That's one of my problems with my Z10. That lag during texting is driving me nuts. Also, I tried to download two movies during Black Friday sales, and they're still trying to download. Dissatisfied about that. Other than that, and the lack of ATT not giving us 10.2, I like the phone very much. It's holding up very well...

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Z10 should stay on the market like a iP 'C' series. This unit opened a new stage in BlackBerry history, which still may be bright. Some upgrade of Z10 is needed. Much better battery, a bit bigger screen and BB10.3 should make some restart of BB10 idea for consumer market. Z10 as a 'nexus' from BlackBerry can be a hot deal!

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10: www.blackassistant.com

What do you guys consider to be a long texting history? I have one "thread" that goes back to Aug 5, 2013 and it's several hundred messages long (took me about a minute to scroll back to the beginning, but doesn't have pictures or videos - all text) and it loads up instantly. My Z10 is one of the first ones available from Rogers back in Feb '13 and I'm running 1925 leak.

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From what I know, the 1925 doesn't have the issue. It really doesn't matter that much how long the thread is. I've had it happen on new texts.

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Has this happen as well. Not sure what version of os it was on.

It general I've got little to complain about
My Z10 was a pre-order from Rogers and I picked up the very first day it was available. It even survived a 4ft drop to a concrete floor. The incipio was cracked in 3 places but not a scratch on the phone.

Would go to Z30 if I could for screen size battery and speakers.

Biggest complaint is with keyboard and some of the suggestions it makes and insists on. And it interchanges i o u incorrectly

In summary, the only way you can get this Z10 away from me is to give me a Z30

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Downloaded Iron Man 3 during the sale. Wouldn't work at home, wifi preference is my guess. Downloaded it while on the road, weird huh. Still took 20 minutes.

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If you have tons of old texts you will see the lag. Try and delete most of the old ones to see if that fixes the lag. I know it shouldn't be a problem but having to much history is an issue for now.

I added a brand new contact, and tried to compose a text … took the phone almost 2 min to accept I wouldn't add another recipient, and let me start typing the message. So then I tried using only a phone number (not entered in contact menu) and still a long delay. Neither had history to upload, but took just as long as composing txt to long history contacts.

Sometimes it accepts I'm only sending msg to one contact, but it hides the msg box under the keyboard … so I have to type blindly. Hide the keyboard to review msg, then recall keyboard to hit send.

I love the phone, but the texting glitch is making me crazy!

I get that too on text messages. The text string from my mom just won't show up. I ended up deleted the whole conversation and it seems to be working on now. I'm wondering if it some sort of memory problem with too much data to load. Would make sense since Kevin's relative would probably be texting her husband a lot and probably has a long conversation.

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Same here. Over time as the text history size increases it will slow down. Every so often one of my contact's text history reaches the point where it is taking 5 seconds to load and I go and clear it. I'd say it happens after about 3 months for the contacts that I text the most. Currently on Z10STL100-2/

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Amen, texting with an existing history has become a huge pain in the butt, especially when you're in a hurry. As soon as you've txt'd a few pictures or videos, it takes upto a minute to load up the history. Only way to clear it up is to delete the history.

What I don't like:
Yeah this is one of the most annoying things about my Z10.
I use an app to archive my texts about once every couple weeks to a month and then clear the texts. This seems to keep the lag to a minimum.
Sometimes I don't realize the wi-fi is on and its hunting for wi-fi and then I check my phone and the battery is dead. I have a 2gb data plan though so these days I just leave it off unless I have a specific reason to put it on.

I find the blackberry world music prices higher than most stores including the apple store and that's annoying. I want to support blackberry/ Canadian companies but when they aren't competitive its hard to justify.

What I like:
I like the unified messaging, the keyboard, and the file manager. The battery life is pretty good too, I get 48 hrs to a charge. These are the only things keeping me from getting an iphone 5s (I hate that you can't browse files on the iPhone) . I find many other basic apps such as maps (including 3rd party google maps), notes, and news apps inferior and disappointing.

However for me the merits outweigh the flaws. Even though it is more buggy and can't claim to "just work" it is more powerful than an iphone with the file browser attachment and zip capabilities, email, etc keep me a happy user.

I'm thinking of getting a Q10 since I they're going for $250 CAN on craiglist for unused still in box. I had a 9900 and I like typing on a keyboard. I would miss the screen size for web browsing and viewing pictures/videos though.

On another note I think emailing for personal use is a dying tech. All my older friends and friends my own age email each other, but my younger friends use facebook for EVERYTHING, even when email would sometimes be better. I think if I cared for facebook as much as the younger generation I would have given up on the Z10 and moved on to the iPhone 5s long ago.

I compared music prices to my girlfriend's iPhone and the prices for individual songs were identical throughout and the price of albums fluctuated where sometimes BlackBerry had the better price and sometime Apple did. It's almost the same, but I can understand since, depending on what you listen to, you may spend more than a person on iTunes or you may spend less. It all depends. To say it is more expensive is not true for everything. I also found renting movies on BlackBerry is a dollar cheaper.

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Hey, how does your battery manage to last that long? I mean mine I have to recharge like 3 times a day. Really frustrating! It's not like I am watching videos or listening to music or using the wifi or playing games, just Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook and Twitter. Simply doing the basic things and the battery is still that lousy. Any help with this issue?

Otherwise I am in love with my Z10. Had the HTC before I came back to BlackBerry, and this bb10 is an appeal, nothing like what is on that android stuff, albeit the app world. I am comfortable with the size, just perfect for me. Only if BlackBerry could do something about the battery..!

~Mich~ ST 100-3,

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Whatsapp eats at the battery a lot. I always make sure it's closed if I'm not texting in whatsapp

Same here. Form factor of the Z10 works perfectly for me, so I'm staying home. Lol. Once I installed the 10.2.1 leak and could access all of my old purchased apps from my old android, I was good.

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I don't know man... that is the normal price down there in Mexico, 1 dollar = $13.5 Mexican pesos... it costs 5400 Mexican pesos without any plan, just like that... that is $400... if you live in San Diego or Texas, is a really good deal... You don't even need to unlock it...

Bought the lower class  z10 (stl-1) about $700 on March last year, few months later bought another  10 (q5) for $400, now with $500 you will have both phones. No probs with its performance even happier with every new leaks, I think the biggest mistake was wrong prices and two models of z10 with different processor.

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I have the "lower class " Z10. No issues so far. Bought it in July for like 400$ and change. How do you determine that Z10STL100-1 it's the "lower class "? :)

What's lower class about the the "Z-10 ST-1" and also what's wrong with having different processors for different markets? I've used and compared different model Z10's and haven't found in the least that the Z-10 STL100-1 is lower class than the other SKUs. Doesn't one of the top selling smartphone brands/models use different processors for different markets (Samsung Galaxy S3/S4)?

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Absolutely it is not....now after more than 6-7 months of use I facing some slow down in performance and some lags......... I don't know why...the Facebook is the most lagy thing in the world...I don't know how to describe it for you...but it is like that....and the gallery are lagy too...the app manager is the same...Crackberry app...blackberry app world has/have some lags.....in os 10.1 the phone was super smooth even smoother then ios but after updating to 10.2 I noticed a huge difference in performance...I mean 10.2 is not that smooth like 10.1.....but i noticed that gaming performance on 10.2 is miles better than 10.1....i hope 10.2.1 will be silky smooth like 10.1...I hate 10.2..when it lags...it remind me of the lagy android....and I have another complain on bb10 generally..wich is the gallery and video player in app design...the design of the two is over dated...we want new design for gallery and video player something modern to use and look at.

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@zeon probably you are having a buggy 10.2 from OTA update? My 10.2 experience with the Z10 was very much snappier and better than when it was on 10.1.

Zwiped up from AndroBerry30

Was thinking I was the only one, Idk but my STL100-4 is slower on vs. 10.1 that I was running. But I don't want to give up the new features and go back... Being a leaked build I expect some issues, so no biggy. Hope the newer builds get better. Haven't had the chance to download the latest leak.

Anyways my Z10 is the first phone I have had in years that I haven't had some issue with that required a replacement within a few months. I've had my Z10 since day 1 on Verizon. Love it! Really want the Z30 but I have no good reason to give up my Z10...

Posted via CB10 Z10STL100-4/

I install all leaks (typicall). was great for added functionality, but I also found it frustrating at times (especially the Bluetooth connection issue). is awesome & fixed most of my problems. It's snappy, responsive, and great! You should upgrade.

Mine was really slow when I had
.1055. I upgraded to .1925 and it's much quicker. Best upgrade so far in my opinion. I'm going to upgrade my wife's Z to this one soon.

Posted via my super-duper Z10

Zeon, you got to learn to write or write short posts. All these ... don't look good, get rid of them.

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Did sorta the same thing was using my z10 for almost 10 months than got myself a z30 and gave my z10 to my dad. Only issues I had on z10 was performance right after a leak install, once that was out of the system i was back to normal.

No lag have loved my device but z30 won me over for a sweet 350cad price tag and a full year warranty.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30

Bought my z10 on the day of release here in toronto, if I didn't have my iPhone I would have thrown this phone out a long time ago... its gotten so buggy and slow and sometimes I experience the same texting issue that kevins relative does. it's really really annoying. Battery life is horrible. I have to have a charger everywhere I go or it will not last. I'm a power user on both my devices and the iPhone destroys z10 in battery life even though the iPhone battery isn't that great either.

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What?? You must have gotten a lemon!

Battery life has been pretty decent for me. Now with 10 months of use, I run out of juice around 7 pm.

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Do you have a 64GB sd card? I had massive drains with my Kingston 64GB, getting 5 hours at best. Cpu was burning 50 to 100 even on an empty card. Switched to a 32GB sandisk, and the battery life is excellent.

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I didn't realize there was that much of a difference between memory cards. Good to know. Thanks!

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What about you, Kevin? what do you think? I remember back when the Z10 came out, you said that you didnt want to carry around 2 phones anymore (BB + IPhone). Correct me if Im wrong, you still use an IPhone...

Mine is holding up great. Dropped it a number of times with just cosmetic damage. Running latest leak. Battery life is the only disappointment.


This was my main gripe with the phone. However I switched over to a Q5 and gave my wife the Z. We are both happy now.

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I totally agree! Love the phone and its potential, but the battery is horrible and 16 GB is not enough. Not enough for this phone or any other smartphone out there!

BB10 is awesome, but from beginning I wish the hardware was better.

And the Q10 would have sold better if they made a larger screen!

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Have had my Z10 since March. I loved it at first and was willing to wait for the bugs to be worked out, but 1 year in it is unacceptable for this device to have bugs. From the screen that locks up to pictures that dont' show up in the Pictures app. The battery life is also pathetic.

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Beautifully. Not a scratch, no signs of wear & tear. OS is as zippy & smooth as the day I got it.

Pretty much what I was going to type. Fantastic phone that I am still proud to show off to other people. Very durable, and the OS is still rocking. A++ all around.

Same here... no leaks installed (regular updates). Telus is my carrier.
My wife has the white Z10 on Bell... Only problem we have had with that is calls sometimes not making it to device (however, I think that is a carrier issue).

I have the same problem on AT&T. So not so sure it's a carrier problem. I think it's an issue with the device antenna. There's quite a few people who have noticed this on a range of carriers.

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Agreed. After very close to a year it's running better than ever. No signs of wear and it's almost never in a case.

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It is working like a Charm. No glitches and it just cannot leave my hands. I love my Z10, now wishing for a Z30.

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Not sure if it's the leaked os but my phone sometimes doesn't show things on the hub, also the phonebook doesn't work right. Apart from that the z10 has has been a good friend

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The phone book has issues when is not in sync. I suppose that your address book it's from some email account. Am I right?!

I'm having the same problem with texts and actually have asked people who I text a lot to download BBM. Other than the annoying text loading issue, works great!

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I had it too until i realized that I had a few hundred messages in one particular conversation. Deleted the conversation, stared a new one, and it worked just fine again.

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I have the same text message issue!! But even when the conversation is not that long (less than 50 messages) it still takes forever to load text messages or it jams for a minute... everything else works great...hope there's a fix for this coming... I used to have longer conversations on my legacy bb device with no issues

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I don't think there is a single user on a leaked 10.2.1 build that has this problem. It has been fixed. Although, if you only use official updates, prepare to wait a while for that to be sent out to you.

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Love it. All perfect, I agree with you guys battery holding it's the worst thing about my z10

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Try 1925 with 1926 Radio. I get 12 hours easy now after it settled in after a few days. Can not believe how better it is than the stock 10.2 os

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

I had it from the beginning and honestly it's still as good ad when I got it. I almost never had any problem with it. That phone's great. I switched to the Q10 because I missed the keyboard

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Initially I was poised to wait for Q, but after getting the Z10, I'll never wanted to go back to physical keyboard. And I just loved the 8310, 8520, 8900 and the 9360 from my past!!

Holding up great.. I just moved to Z30 though and gave my Z10 to my girlfriend but Z10 is truly a wonderful phone

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I absolutely am not happy with how my Z10 has started to break down. I have the latest updates and lots of memory but i am having serious problems with text lag. In addition, my alarms have stopped making sound, they only vibrate. I have every intention of getting the new keyboard device when it comes out because this phone is starting to drive me nuts.

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Sounds like my co-workers I phone lol was just complaining how he no longer has sound for anything. Just vibrates

I used to see some weird things like the both of you are describing back when I was running the OS delivered by my carrier (I got impatient months back and started running the 10.2.1 leaks, which BTW, I highly recommend). When I was running the factory (carrier) OS and it started acting strange or sluggish, I was usually able to resolve the issue by simply rebooting the phone. Usually I wouldn't have to do this more than once or twice a month, but there was a couple of times I found myself rebooting the phone a few days in a row.

Hopefully BlackBerry can get 10.2.1 to the masses... soon.

Try clearing the chat when you have the text message open. It seems that chats which have a lot of messages in them have been causing the text lag for me.

As for the alarm thing, is your phone set to vibrate? If not, try your normal sound profile.

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Had it from day one in the UK, on T mobile. Still a good phone, does everything I want it, lack of apps has been apparent. I have kept with carrier updates albeit slow.
Was thinking of going to Z30 in the next few weeks but not sure if I could get on my network at present.

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I see what you mean. I could not read the text on your bakini with my Z10 either and I am runninng .1925. Had to use my desktop. TRAGIK isn't it. Holy Targiks!

Got mine on the first day it was released. Running better than the first day. Great OS and each release makes it better. My wife got one the same day and her's appears to be a litty buggy. However, she's not very technical. Not sure if that's the device or the user.

Usually the weakest link is the user, but BlackBerry is bound to explain how to use this wonderful devices to ALL those who want to use one. At this point I have to say that @blackberryhelp is not helping.

For being a mechanic and handling my phone daily in the workshop, taking photos and sending emails all day.. it's like the day I took it out of the box! I rarely even use a case, so excellent!

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Mine's holding up wonderfully. Looks exactly like when I first got it. Love this phone!

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dropped it in the morning i picked up my z30. everything still works though.. and will be my leak tester.

No problems with mine. It is safely in an other box defender. Up to date with the latest software available from Telus. Thinking if upgrading to the Z30 and giving this phone to my bride to be.

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Those defenders work well. My dad ran his over with a tractor (accidentally) and the phone was perfectly fine.

"I accidentally ran over my phone w/the tractor..." Seriously?! :) /jk That said, my Z10 (running latest 10.2 + .1926 radio) has been pretty smooth up to now, and the best iteration I've used since a bit of hiccup w/early 10.1 leaks. Build-wise, nothing to write home about. Mine goes bare nekked, btw.

Haha well it was hot so he had the windows open and driving through a field he hit a bump and his phone hopped out of the cup holder and down in front of the tires.

I happily cede the point (not that I doubted you), as I have NO idea of the technicalities and realities of tractor driving (thought I hope to some day!).

After hundreds of drops onto concrete, a large coffee spilt onto it (in which it died for 3 hours, then resurrected itself!) and general abuse, my Z10 is in PERFECT working order, besides some small denting.

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My z-10 is doing great. Only think I have noticed is the web browser doesn't seem to work as well as it did in the beginning. A lot of times pages won't fully open and I have to open it with another browser like evolution browser.

Had mime since day 1, wife got one soon there after, then our eldest just got hers and loves it!

Happy BlackBerry family :)!

Posted via Z10/ CB10

Sorry but if not for the leaks I probably would of left BlackBerry.

The Z10 from Verizon was unstable (reboots) and missing tons of basic options, functions and apps on launch day.

On my third one.

CB10 via Verizon Z10.

Verizon really likes giving users old and buggy OS versions, for some strange reason. Even with the Z30, which launched with 10.2 on Verizon, got an older build of 10.2 than the rest of the world. (and don't get me started on the Z10 / 10.0.09 debacle)

I'm thankfully not actually a Verizon customer myself, but there are enough of them out there that I know.

It's amazing the number of people like the one mentioned in the piece who don't take their device in for a warranty repair when they malfunction. They just start hating on the device because it's the easier thing to do.

Exactly - I would never put up with some of the glitches people complain about - it would go straight in for repair or I would demand a replacement! Fortunately I have never had any problems (apart from user error) and I've had it since launch in UK. If anything it keeps getting better with each new upgrade.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I guess taking it in for repairs is so much more complicated than just put up with the glitches and being annoyed every single day.

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I've got my Z10 since they shipped out the LEs. And I've encountered the Text message issue but it was during one of my switches of Leaks so I didn't think much of it. Sadly I forgot what I did to fix it... I think it was a full reboot (volume + lock). Having the headphones issue, but found a workaround. Otherwise it's all good. Better with the Android installer in 10.2.1.

Better with Snap, but just being able to go around and download APKs and install directly.

Though I got screwed, bought a game during the holidays and only checked after that Snap didn't support paid apps. My bad though for not checking before.

Ich live in Germany and i bought a Z10 when it was available. It works till now perfect! And I also bought a Z30, that's an awesome device! :-)

Alles klar, hört sich gut an!

Angie's got one, too. The black Bundes-Z10!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I've grown to love the z10 more and more. The software updates have improved BB10 sooo much (I'm a Rogers customer on 10.2). That said, I have experienced the 'Texting' issue before but it occurs very infrequently and usually with very long chats open for months. Most frustrating 'basic function fail' -> the native 'Contacts' app. So brutal. Continuously dealing with multiple instances of the same contact being created.

Posted via CB10

Same issue! I've been waiting for someone to make that comment! I have duplicate contacts. I delete them or merge them and they come back the next day or a few days later. I gave up on trying to resolve it. I just use the Contacts App the way it is. Not a huge issue but I like to have my contacts very organised so it's a little annoying

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Z10 since day 1. Ran great but Battery is terrible and text lag was still there when I switched to Z30

From my new z30

Both working great. But had to replace the ear piece speakers on them. That apart they have worked with out problems. One is being retired next month and is being passed on to my daughter. It will be replaced with a Z30.

I got my Z10 the first weekend it was available in Canada. Still going great, no real issues, and I use it a lot. Great phone! My wife got hers a month later, and she's had some glitches throughout the year, although nothing deal breaking.

Posted via CB10

I completely understand the comment about the texts - I have the same problem, I LOVE my Z10 and have done since getting it practically as soon as it came out. For some reason when receiving a text I get that blank screen and it takes a minute or two to load. Also when composing a text I find it is very slow to respond to me tapping the contact I wish to send the message to and equally to then switch from the 'to' bar to the actual message bar.

As I say, other than texting I love this device as I have with my previous BlackBerrys although this is by far the best. If BlackBerry could just sort out the texting issue it would be perfect!

Posted via CB10

Handling just perfectly. Just installed my first leak last week and I'm very happy. My day 1 Z10 is just fantastic.

Posted via my ZED10

My Z10 is a tank, no matter what I do to it, dropping it, getting it wet, hours of heavy use, etc... it is still working perfectly and not a scratch on it. Definitely built to last, but getting frustrated with lack of apps and looking forward to 10.2.1!

Posted via CB10

I got it at launch and it's still humming, but with my wife now. I've moved on to a Z30, not because of any problems with the Z10 but because I like larger screens (and owning the latest and greatest gadgets).

Cheers. :)

Very similar to my experience. Got a white Z10 since the launch date in Jakarta, Indonesia (almost a year ago). Holding up great and it's passed on to my wife simply because I'm on a Z30 now. The Z10 replaced her 9790 and she's loving it.

If anything, it's the battery life and the different hardware specs that BBRY put in the STL1. Kinda feel 'cheated' regarding the 'lower' specs as compared to the other STLs.

Zwiped up from AndroBerry30

Well, love my z10... being a longtime BlackBerry user, I noticed after about 2 weeks after the last update, Internet and texting started to slow down. So once a week I do a soft boot, just to clear it's head. Once a month I swap to the battery from the portable charger... once you get close to the 100 text message point, nothing you do seems to work, but it was the same on a SS Galaxy. So end the chat and start anew... may be the software/hardware from the provider.

Posted via CB10

I'm having mine replaced today because the mic no longer works for phone calls, video, and voice notes. I can only talk to people via speaker phone. Pretty lame. I do have 10.2 though through a leak because att still hasn't pushed it.

Posted via CB10

I've had same problem since last summer. But because they would not provide a BB replacement, I held off taking it in for repair. Got the Z30 on Jan 3rd and a week later took my Z10 in to get phone speaker and headphone jack fixed. Love my Z30!!

Never loaded a leaked version. Hard to wait for the 10.2.1 update!

Phone is holding up great, no slowdown or any major issues. Camera is still crap compared to other phones. Only complaint is that since 10.1 phone dies when battery indicator shows 30%.
Major issue for me is the extremely slow browser.

Posted via CB10

Love it! Bought it day 1 in Canada.
HOWEVER: reloaded os a couple times (once to try a leak of 10.2, which was great for the month I had it before official upgrade) to speed things up (debating 10.2.1 leak...), sms text messages hardly work after more than a few messages back and forth with a contact, and Contacts have erroneous errors frequently. I can't really add or change contacts with any reliability. Still the best phone I've ever used!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I don't use mine anymore. Had it for 5 months and I woke up to it blinking an error code that meant it had wiped the OS clean. Luckily I had a fairly recent backup on my computer for when I got my replacement device. Now days I'm a happy user of a nexus 5. My dad still uses his Z10 though. He he says it doesn't hold calls like it used to and the battery life has decreased drastically. It's really too bad. I was die hard BlackBerry for 3 and a half years and now I can't see myself going back without drastic improvements.

Had mine since day 1. Working great. One issue, the microphone sometimes isn't working and had to tighten the little screws in the back

Other then that works great. I use leaked OS as well

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My Z10 has held up perfectly, I have had it since day 1 launch at Rogers. Never had a problem with any of the basics, text, BBM, email all perfect. Netflix is side loaded and my z10 is the device of choice to watch content. Great phone but I want the Z30!!!

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Holding up well. Bought the additional charger/battery pack for it.

Contacts not remaining linked is annoying.

If not for the 1925 leak and additional apps like banking still frustrated with ecosystem.

I want Strava but need google play services for it to run.

How I will be able to upgrade in the future with T mobile is a mystery.

Had my Bold 9700 for years so until something revolutionary comes out this is thee phone.

No need for a case.  for life

 BBZ10

Z10 owner since day 1. Just sent my z10 in last week, was back in 7 days. Camera would not auto focus, blurry pictures. Repaired under warranty, "camera was realigned". Works great now! Contacts are still a mess only complaint! #bb4life

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I think it really is a good phone I just have one problem in my BlackBerry Hub I have 2 whatsapp icons any advice!

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Delete WhatsApp, reboot your phone, reinstall WhatsApp - that should take care of it. Backup your conversations before deleting the app if you want to.

Zwiped up from AndroBerry30

I don't know if it's perception or reality, but battery life seems to have deteriorated, one of the main reasons I really want a Z30, I've had mine since about February, and apart from that it's been awesome, OS has just got better and better, I should mention I've loaded a leaked OS on it about twice, but no major issues have come out of it.. odd glitch here and there but otherwise much much better than my xp with legacy devices..

If there was no Z30, I wouldn't upgrade to anything else, although I have this urge to have a Q10 as a second phone :p

I've dropped it a couple of times, I have a case on it sometimes, less these days as I felt it get in the way,.. I was excited about HDMI port at first, (although disappointed they didn't include a cable in the box (yes carriers decision but still)) I only use it here and there but I'm grateful to have it, same with NFC mostly using it to show people that I can

The camera at first took some getting used to, but again after some os updates and xp it's great for me now,

There's the odd restart-by-itself here and there, but it hasn't been annoying yet.. keyboard is just amazing my phone actually knows what I'm going to say next most of the time (which is different from auto correction)

Battery life aside, it truly is a great device. And like I said if there wasn't a Z30, I wouldn't feel too bad about using it for another year

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

I use my Q10 as my primary device, mainly as a phone, pocket browser + for communication, and the Z10 as my fun phone, games, youtube and it also runs a hotspot in the house (unlimited data plan). Got the Z after the Q, so not an early Z adopter. Its battery door doesn't have a very close fit in some spots, after only a few removals.

Of course, the Q's battery life makes it more dependable, if a missed call means potentially losing hundreds of dollars in business.

Interesting. Just curious, what's the reason you want a Q10 as a *gasp* secondary device? For messaging / BBM?

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

It's been a good phone for most part. Aside from lack of apps, I noticed that it gets a bit slow occasionally when closing active frames but I can live with it. What I'm having a difficult time with is the absolutely brutal battery life.

So many people complaining about the battery but I don't find it a problem, I just charge it every night when I go to bed and it lasts all day! Went away for a week over Christmas with a friend who has a Samsung S4 and we both used our phones for a similar amount of time each day, she had to take a portable battery charger with her everywhere as S4 was dead every afternoon - mine lasted till the evening!

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I also charge mine every night when I go to bed and I'm not a heavy user, I would say moderate, but the only way my battery lasts all day is if I'm on WiFi all day. When I'm at work I usually have to recharge around lunch time.

Posted from Xperia Tablet Z via the Android CrackBerry App!

No it isn't! Every day S4 battery died before mine. Obviously a lot depends on how people use their phones; I have had apps on my phone that have drained the battery within hours so I've got rid of them, I never leave active frames open, I use outlook.com (I have read Gmail is a problem with battery). Who knows why but my battery lasts the whole day!

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Wow.... mighty presumptuous unless of course you are the clairvoyant they've been looking for from agents of SHIELD :-).

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Mine works great even with the different leaks I've installed. However, my parter wants to throw hers sometime. She has trouble with the swipping gestures and the accelerometer not working properly. I have wondered if it is having some sort of hardware issue, but I haven't followed up to see if that is the case.

Still on att 10.1.whatever and the only thing I have noticed is the clarity of my front facing camera is fading.

I spent my own money on a Z10

I've had mine since day 1. This is the longest I've kept a smartphone and it has honestly just gotten better with age. I don't use a case, and there aren't any scratches or damages to the screen or frame. I haven't dropped it yet, so that might help! Software-wise, it just keeps getting better. It still never lags, never freezes, and battery pulls are only needed when I want to swap out to a fresh one. It is bar-none the BEST phone I have ever owned. I really want a Z30 for the upgraded features, but I can't part ways with this Z10. Tough call!

I love my z10 but I have noticed some lag in the last month. But that may be because I am still on 10.1.4200 here in the US on t mobile. Maybe force loading the 10.2.1 update will change things. Overall tho happy with the phone, if there is one thing that could really catch people's attention is if it were more customizable without the need off apps. But I digress, Z10 is holding up well despite me being stuck on 10.1.

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I'm in the US, so I had to wait a little longer, but my Z10 is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better than it was the day I got it. I've dropped it a billion times, and only have one small dent in the corner. EVERYTHING about my phone is better now than it was (running leak 1925), everything.

I'm with Rogers in Ontario, and got my Z10 in the first batch shipped in February. Have only loaded carrier released OS updates and it is working as if new. I have all settings tweaked for battery life and am a heavy user of BBM, social media and phone. It goes until late afternoon before needing a recharge. So all in all, happy with the device.

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I've had my Z10 since about 2 weeks after launch and I still love it.

Since one of the last updates i have had some slow down issues and a video camera issue ....But when I get time I am going to reinstall to see if that fixes things.

Battery life has not been so great for me but that is why I always carry my extra battery pack.

I love the hub and the swipe gestures... to me that is what makes this phone experience the best... When ever I use some other device find myself trying to use BB10 swipe gestures.

On my second one as the first didn't survive me sitting on a concrete bench with it in my back pocket!!!

This baby has been great! I've had my Z10 since it launched on AT&T in the US.

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I'm having problems connecting with link, not sure which is to blame. Can't live without my Z10. Although I was looking at the Z30

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I had many issues connecting to link. I had to remove the PC recipe app. So try that if you have it k. Your phone. Works fine after I've installed the new leak. 1925

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It is great. Powerful, quick and very fluent like the first day I got it. I enjoy using BB10 on Z10. Tiny little improvements will make it the best!

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Day one from Bell. Working great still. Can't stand going to work and typing on my Torch. Ugh.....

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Had mine for 7 months with an Otterbox defender. Still runs like new. Running the release which Verizon has not pushed out. That's my biggest complaint no carrier support.

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Love a the phone. A few annoyances but they get less and less with every update. BlackBerry Link is awful though.

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Like the day I got it. The only time it takes a long time to load anything is when I haven't deleted a text conversation in a long time. I delete the chat and start new and the problem is solved. I use BBM far more anyway, so it's not something I run into a lot.

Love Z10STL100-1/ I'm having it from July 2013, but is as good as new! Just a Krusell case and a protective foil + a spare battery is all I invested in my beloved ZED. Highly recommended! I have to mention that my job is in sales so I'm always on the road.

Have Z20 since the beginning and it just works. Very reliable, mostly for business, some games and other apps.
Just installed the NFC app from Tim's and it is amazing.

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Wouldn't mind one, sweet spot in screen size between Z10 and Z30, just like my Nexus 4.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

The Mrs and I both got new Z10s March 27 when they hit Big Red in the states.. since then, my Z10 fell in the toilet and i'm rocking the Z30 now. My wife's white Z10 is still beautiful. running better than ever on the 10.2.1 leak. we both loving them, and hoping BlackBerry will keep moving forward! #ichooseblackberry10

Have mine since May 2013 and still love it. Use it quite heavily, but it holds up very well.
Went from 7000 to 9700 to 9780 to 9790 to Z10 and so far I think this is the best BlackBerry I've ever owned!
Currently running and haven't had any issues whatsoever.
In fact it's even the first time I haven't grown 'bored' with a device within a year :-D

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No problems here, hardware wise, w the Z10, which I've had since it first came out on AT&T in the beginning of April.

The main problem at the beginning was the rebooting, which stopped with 10.1 for me. On, once I did a clean install with no restore of the "Settings" data, it works beautifully.

I've played around with an S4 and an iPhone 5s, but with the superior email handling of the Z10, the Hub, and all the apps I need (including the Android apps that now work and install easily), I wouldn't switch even if it were for free. I am thinking about a Z30, though, if AT&T gets it, just for the larger screen.

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^^ What he said, only I got mine the first week in June. Runs great. I had the contact duplication issue, but for me it was a combination of settings from multiple accounts. I believe only keeping contacts from Linc with my computer will cure the problem. Other than that, very smooth sailing.

Rogers Z10 from day 1, it is holding up really good. I have tried a few apps buy have found that I really don't need them. I txt, email, facebook and call. No complaints what so ever. Also really like the size.

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I've had a Z10 on Telus right from the start and it is a great phone. However, it does seem a little slower than when I first got it.

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My Z10 has been physically fine, no wear or tear since I bought it in March. However, I find that the memory becomes full very quickly. In July my phone began to just lapse out for hours at a time when I couldn't send or receive text messages or use any flash enabled websites. This continued until I finally gave it a hard reset to clear everything and since then it has been fine. Still waiting for 10.2 in the US, hoping that will solve all of my problems until I can get the Q30 or next model QWERTY when my contract will allow. Disappointed with the first attempt, mainly because of the OS and the lack of good social apps that the other OS's have) iOS, Android). Still keeping the faith in BBRY through it all.

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I've had mine since March. I love it as much today as the day I picked it up, maybe more. Can't get the smile off my face. My family says I should be a spokesman for Blackberry, I talk about it so much.
I can honestly say it's gotten better and better as the year went on with updates and battery improvements.

Can't put it down! App gap is no where as bad as the general public is lead to believe. Can't believe how great a phone this is. I don't know what I'm going to do if Blackberry doesn't make a new model in this size format because I find the Z30 to be just a little too large for my personal tastes.

If the general public only knew what a gem this phone is. Amazing!

The first few months were brutal; auto-restarts, browser freezes, and apps shutting down. But I rode the wave and it's performing up to my expectations now. I'm rocking the 10.2.1 and the experience now is way better than the experience then. I really like my Z10.

My Z10 seems to lag when I'm watching a YouTube video and swipe back to the home screen. But other then that it's still a beast.

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It's nearly 9 months we're heavily using 3 Z10s. They're our workhorse. They all had the original flip cover. Once a Honda Civic accidentally drove over it. Minor scratches. Absolutely NO problem. Since then, we've added a Q10 and Z30 to our small league. I think they're absolutely stunning.

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That flip shell case is legit. I dropped mine down a flight of stairs and not a scratch on the phone. Just a few scars on the case

had the z10 from the first day Verizon launched it. very happy with the phone but ive had it replaced twice for the ear speaker blowing which is disappointing because I had the same problem with my older blackberrys. obviously they are using the same speaker.

Dropped over and over works like a charm. Wife iPhone gets dropped and we have to get the glass repaired. I do have two extra batteries

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Battery life is terrible; I see the warning LED blink everyday!
Also, I have a FB notification without content that I cannot remove from the hub. I always see a red star telling me I have a new message that I never received. Very annoying.
Thirdly, app support for WeiXin is terrible and even non-existent for LINE.

Other than that I really like my BlackBerry. Sometimes I miss my iPhone but the Z10 is definitely more to my liking than what Android has to offer.

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Had my Z10 since September and it is starting to slow down a bit, which I think is a bit soon. I can't get a read on the battery life. It improved tremendously with 10.2.0 but since 10.2.1 it's been off and on. Sometimes I easily get a day out of it and sometimes it dies on me before 4 pm. I take it of the charger at around 7 am.
Latest issue that started yesterday is a glitch in the password screen when I unlock. I can't fill in my password so I have to restart to make it work again. Only happened once though. Most issues seem to work themselves out with a couple of reboots over time so no big complaints.

Love my z10, this is my 2nd as my 1st one got stolen. Mines holding up perfectly, battery life is kinda bad, but w/e. I don't have any text problems, I have heard my sister complain about texts a couple times. I'm really just waiting for 10.2.1

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I've had my z10 since launch day last year and still love it (by the way for those of you who seem to have the problem with the text and blank white or black screen delete your text message and reopen a new one as it seems to stop happening, and it happens most of the time when your messages become long) the only issue I have is that I wish I had more memory like the iPhone but other than that can't fuss about anything

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I've had mine since the first day it was released in the UK and it's holding up just fine, no problems at all... the OS just keeps getting better and better :)

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Had a Z10 from day one but only issue I got is the proximity sensor won't work Other then that good phone

Have you tried BBVE (BlackBerry Virtual Expert)? Lets you run all sorts of tests on your phone, sensors included.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Hello yes I have and it says it's not available and asks to continue it was one of the first things I tried I got my phone from car phone warehouse and they want to send it away for up to two months but I refused

When I send a long text it's start to lag, and sometimes when I open my text messages the text bar doesn't show up so I have to restart my phone.

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Love it! No problems here. Even battery life has leveled out and I get most of a full day if not the entire day with moderate data usage.

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just a follow up. I have kept this phone updated with all the latest os leaks so have been very happy with the way it operates. did notice some lose in battery life with latest .1925

Using my Z10 since April.. It was fast in the beginning... Now it flies...
Had issues with the battery at start... now it takes me all working day long beautifully...
After all these months... I'm still in love with my Z10...

Holding up just fine, had it since August 2013 added a 32 Gig Ultra SD Card to it, great phone,
still fast , still rocking

I live my z10. The only gripe I have is battery life. I bought a z30 as a replacement. It has a defect or bad designand have only used it for 2 days. Z30 is a monster Size. I much prefer the z10 still. Maybe I'm not used to the z30 cause of 2 days. Also. My first impressions of the z30 build quality / design is very poor. Quite upset actually

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I am on my second replacement Z10 device since May 2013. I have had caller ID and reloading issues with my device. I cannot wait to get my hands on a different BB10 device. Software updates and more apps wouldn't hurt either. I'm currently eyeing the Q10 (:

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Has since March 13. Working great for the last 6 months. Had issues before 10.1 update in that it kept disconnecting me from my email account. Ever since that update things have been great. I like it a lot. Can't wait for 10.2. Would like to go to z30 but can't for another year. I wish carriers in US were as up to date on updates as they are in Canada. I think that is hurting BlackBerry in the US where it is almost nonexistent.

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Have had my phone since it became available on AT&T. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but i am on the BBM beta and lately have been getting a white screen on the BlackBerry browser and trying to use youtube and various other interactive websites like AT&T, grocery store, etc. It doesn't happen with all. But when i visit those same websites through the Websplitter app, they work fine. I have tried restarting and removing the battery. Everything except wiping the device, which is what BlackBerry said to do if all else fails. Couldn't find any other help. Other than that, i love my device. Was also hoping the software upgrade would help.

I've had my Z10 since the first day it was available in the U.S. Software-wise, each OS update has made the device more feature-rich and a joy to use. No lags, slowdowns, etc. I love BlackBerry 10 having moved from BlackBerry 7 (and BlackBerry 4.6 before that). On the hardware front, I initially kept it in a case but it hasn't been in one for a few months now and there's not a single scratch on the device. I could sell my Z10 in "like-new" condition after 10 months of heavy use (not that I'd ever want to sell it).

All in all, when I purchased my Z10 outright, I thought it wasn't worth it. Turns out buying it was the best decision I made in 2013! I'm more than happy with my Z10 and after almost a year, I have no reason to look elsewhere.

I picked up my Z10 on day one here in Canada. I am on the official Rogers I like to stick to officials so I keep my game progress. :) It is holding up very well. Each software update has come with great improvements and I'm REALLY looking forward to 10.2.1 for some serious app action. Physically, the phone looks awesome. I like the plastic construction on the top and bottom and that it's a solid color throughout. Masks dings and scratches very well. I am very impressed with how well the screen has held up. I have tried a few different types of screen protectors but have found that I love having direct contact with the screen glass. I use a Snugg case with a pull up tab which protects it very well when not in use.

I would really like to have more device memory so I can keep more sweet games installed. Battery life has never been amazing but I know it is as good or better than most alternatives, except of course the beastly Z30. I have had some issues with the Contacts app which pretty much sucks all around. Contacts are randomly deleted and duplicated and it's annoying when you want to search and you have to tap the search box to place the cursor. Hopefully 10.2.1 fixes these annoyances.

I am a hardcore BB user and fan. 8100 Pearl > 8900 Curve > 9700 Bold > 9900 Bold > White Z10. Hoping to find a pristine Z30 on the sidewalk at some point soon. :)

Had mine since launch in Canada... Still like new! works great. Compliments my Q! Couldn't be happier with the build...

I bought my Z10 on the first Saturday it was available in the UK and load OS updates as they're available.

I can honestly say it's one of the best and worst phones I've ever owned.
Notifications often don't work, the LED blinks randomly, the hub is often blank. My email accounts have to be deleted and re-added on a regular basis as the OS seems to forget the login details.

Then there's the "other data" issue, my Z10 shows that I've used 10Gb which is wrong as I don't have any media on it or many apps.

The best thing about the Z10 is the on-screen keyboard; worst things are the battery life and the the issue where contacts don't stay linked.

My Z10 has got progressively worse - I'm glad I got a Q10 in May, now that's how a BlackBerry should work.

I love my Z10 got from AT&T in San Jose, CA when it first came out. I love it especially the typing, BBM, HUB, Peek, Flow and Screen Video Sharing. My Z10 is running 10.1 and waiting for 10.2. Don't want to load leaked version!

Not a scratch on my Z10, but as of Christmas I've been rocking the greatest Z30!

Posted via swift BlackBerry Z30!

Me and my wife both have had z10's since launch date in Canada. We both love bb10 and gets even better with each OS update.

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I've had my Z10 STL-3 from Bell Mobility since early March. My first unit failed in late April but was replaced very quickly. Other than that, I'm extremely happy with it. Early OS battery life was poor, but it has gotten steadily better with each OS update (currently running Have some side loaded apps, but for the most part I'm very happy with the official apps in BlackBerry World.

All in all, I'm very happy and am not interested in Android or Ios devices.

just like new, works perfect. only thing I can complain about is how hot it gets playing a game or videos, have to take a break when the screen and back cover start burning my fingers. but I don't really use it for that anyway.

Had my Z10 since February 6, 2013.

No problem with texting, or loading long chats. Did have to reboot once when the camera froze.

Very happy with phone. OS much more stable than old BB phone.

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Same as always. Always ran official os and bought it last April. The girl u spoke too was right and that is that it always had glitches. Random reboots were fixed which made me happy but things like texts not loading properly, BBM staying light them sometimes even tho its set to dark, and contacts mysteriously creating 5 duplicates of themselves. BlackBerry can't get cocky and think that it's "os" is its best asset here because it's not. It's still glitchy as hell. Coming from a 22 yr old from Canada. Fix the os and make all apps available to us and blackberry will have a competitive product. If they can't do this by the time my contracts up I'm switching to apple plain and simple.

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Text disappearing issue, extremely slow multi contact text, double and triple contacts, extremely low auto on Android player apps, other then that loving the phone. Looking to upgrade to the Z30 tho

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I can't fully reply because Kevin asked for no leaks. But I've run both official and leaks. I've had my Z10 since February and have had some of the issues, like the random reboot issue. An official update fixed that. Wind has been decent with official updates and I also had the text issue. Going to leaks fixed that. I'd be more annoyed without the leaks, but I did side loading on official to avoid a lot of the app gap.

I've also dropped this po more than any other and no damage. Using an official BlackBerry case. Like new condition.

Battery it came with was really weak but one in an official BlackBerry charge kit is much better and it is what I mainly use in my BlackBerry unless I do a battery swap.

Generally the leaks have better battery life in my opinion. Especially the current. 1925


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Got mine 1st day that Vodafone released them in the UK. Love the phone, easy to use, but did have problems with not getting notifications and eventually the phone froze but Vodafone sorted it out quickly. Haven't upgraded to Z30 cos don't think I could better this. Long live BlackBerry!

Mine, hubby's and best friends All have issues with text. Any other issues are often minor annoyances that probably happen on other touch screen phones or smart phones in general. The texting "lock up" becomes a problem. Need to go into device setting, shut it down, then go back in to have it function. Not ideal when needing to fire off a text in a hurry.

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Z10 since the start in the UK. No leaks only carrier pushed updates. My phone is working the way it has since day one, flawlessly.

I was getting bored of it until I got 10.2 which reinvigorated my interest and I stuck with it. Love the phone and looking forward to 10.2.1

[URL="bbmc:C00219603"]BBM, Buy and Sell Channel![/URL]

I have owned my Z10 for about 2 months. Coming from a Nexus 4 and a iPhone 4 before that. I bought direct from BlackBerry. So far it's been okay. Pros; messaging, voice quality, ease of use
Cons; lack of amazon apps, especially mp3 and audible. Still on 10.1, Why?? If apple can update all Iphones on day one why can't BlackBerry? I'm used to timely updates.

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Man I feel your pain!!! I hate waiting for carriers to drop 10.2 why can BlackBerry do it themselves?

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It's wonderful!!!!!!! Love it picked it up when it dropped I'm Verizon love it to death! (: the only thing is the battery life besides that fantastic phone!(: oh and running.... (waiting for Verizon to push 10.2)

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I picked up two on opening day in Canada. I have since given mine to my niece so it's still on the family and I'm happy to report that both are doing just fine. Battery life is probably my only gripe. Z30 sure took care of that though.

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I've had mine since January last year and I just think alot of people (you included Kevin) never really gave the Z10 the proper respect it richly deserves.

Always treated like an afterthought next to the Q10 .

Sometimes it's good to leave your comfort zone. See what you can achieve when you do.

See the WIRED article regarding the smartphones used at CES 2014.
I hope Mr Chen read that article.

The Z30 trounced the opposition.

The Z10 has a higher dpi than the iPhone, the best touchscreen keyboard experience and BlackBerry's first proper touchscreen phone (without a home button , still a compromise if you have to have one and you can't include any BBOS7 or before devices )

The time shift camera experience is second to none.

I'm not saying it is not without faults and over time things will improve.

Who says BlackBerry has to have just keyboard phones?

I was under the impression that it is the user experience was the key thing.

People often forget the pioneers.

The Z10 is one such pioneer in terms of BlackBerry .

BlackBerry...Get it done

Ricky D (UK)


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Z10 still still kicking at almost 1 year...hasn't slowed down at all...my demand increases daily. Stuck in a contract for a while though, so no upgrading to Z30 for me.

I'm still lovin' it though!!!

I've owned mine since Feb 5th. Physically the phone has held up well but I bought a holster. The OS has been wiped many times with new leaks and release OS updates, and I always like to install clean without restoring from backup. The first time I was a little bummed about my game progress being lost, but everything else I need was stored either in Gmail, memory card or the cloud. My experience has been great overall. I love everything about the z10. Some app developers are stupid for not getting on board, but I seem to either find a way around it or if BB isn't worth their time, their app isn't worth mine.

Bought mine launch day here in Canada, mine works like a charm, had to replace the ear piece twice, but I tend to be working in dusty conditions.
Texting issue that your relative has ,is an issue on mine, but i delete the conversation and its good as knew, but my wife's Z10 does the same and she flips over it, wont delete her messages in the conversation saying she needs to keep them. Sometimes she clicks on someone to text and another name will come up or its blank for a bit before it loads conversation.
Other than the texting issue she loves her Z.

I have my Z10 since April and it's holding up absolutely great. No problems in the hardware side.
And the OS becomes better and better over time.
I hope that 10.2.1 will be released soon.

Regards Johnny

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Mine has been working great so far. The operating system has been super solid for me. Yes there have been little bugs here and there but in Canada we've gotten updates fairly quickly so things get patched up even if you aren't installing the latest leaks.

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I upgraded my Bold 9700 to a Z10 when they became available at Rogers last March I believe. Physically, it is holding up well. My big complaints are the text messaging problem and the battery. To be honest, the battery is terrible. I sell insurance and use my phone most of the day for email and other communication with my clients. I have to charge the phone several times per day to keep it going. When the Z10 and BB10 were launched, I was excited but 10 months later, the only word I can come up with for this phone is "adequate". Looking back, this was not the phone that BlackBerry should have launched BB10 with. The only other thing I will add is that if my Z10 dies before I can upgrade, I will not be paying $600 for a Z30. Although it has some features that I like such as the 5" screen size, it is not the premium "prosumer" phone that I am looking for. For that kind of money, I want a premium build handset with the latest specs, screen resolution, and most of all, a big assed battery that will last all day with heavy use. If BlackBerry would make that phone tomorrow, I would buy it right away.

Had mine 6 months, love it. Only problem is after the 10.1 OS update some apps refused to open. Sorted by flashing and reinstalling. Started happening again after another minor update.

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