Club P'9981

Since posting our Porsche Design BlackBerry Review I've received more than a few emails from other owners out there asking if there is an official P'9981 owners club to join. The request makes sense. Considering the phone costs $2,000 and is still badly in need of an OS update to 7.1, you'd think there should be a forum where owners can privately count down the days until its released (of course you can do this publicly in our P'9981 forum, but your posts will likely be answered by 9900 owners saying you should have bought a Bold instead... lol).

Answering to the demand, today I setup Club P'9981 - CrackBerry's Official Porsche Design BlackBerry Owners Club. Taking advantage of the social groups functionality in our CrackBerry forums, this is an invite only club for owners of the P'9981 and proof of P'9981 ownership will be required:

To join Club P'9981, you must be a member of CrackBerry and provide proof of P'9981 ownership.

To do this, please take a photo of the P'9981 ownership card that came in the box with your P'9981 (this card contains your device pin beginning with 2AA) and email it to Please make the subject of the email "P'9981 Owners Club" and in the email be sure to let us know your CrackBerry username.

From there, you will receive your private invite to this group via the CrackBerry forums.

It's as simple as that. And if you get lost, just remember the domain and you'll end up back here and find your way in. As for what happens in Club P'9981... well, you'll just have to buy a P'9981, become a member and find out. But it's a little like Vegas. What happens in Club P'9981, stays in Club P'9981. :)

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