7 BlackBerry 10 games for the price of 1 with Ovogame's special offer

Jump Birdy Jump
By James Richardson on 15 Feb 2014 05:11 am EST

You may remember quite a while back that we took a look at Jump Birdy Jump for BlackBerry 10. The Built for BlackBerry game from Ovogame was a big success, as were a few more of his games in the following months. 

The developer has quite a unique promotion going on right now. There is a forum thread for all the details but to cut a long story short - if you purchase Jump Birdy Jump (full version at $2.99), leave a review in BlackBerry World and email the developer you will be entitled to download all his other games for free - that's seven games for the price of one! 

Sounds pretty good to me. The developer is the same chap who has released the games Smiley's Pop and Frenzy Lanes, which we have covered here at CrackBerry. They're all top quality titles and there's no catch. 

Head on over to the forum and get full instructions on the special offer.



Not a bad deal depending on price of course.

Gilang Gil

Low Cost




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jojo beaconsfield

I just woke up but wasn't that 3 for 1 a couple of minutes ago?


Ooooh! 3 for 1 special

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Awesome stuff! :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Why are people saying bb10 browser is the faster than android, I can say it's only fast in one respects just loading the Web page sometimes, but the main thing that's slow is initially it takes time to reach to the loading phase, then after it comes to the loading phase the Web page loads very fast. But overall it's really frustrating, my z10 browser is slow for this reason, every time I open the browser it pauses(gets stuck) then loads after 2 or 3 seconds, same for browsing to other pages.

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Because it is faster than android.


try clearing your cache, cookies, history etc.


The "people " that you are talking about are testers. The results are what they are. Like someone already said, keep your cache clean. Like any computer.


Are you sure you're not mistaking the BlackBerry browser for the one that's built into the Crackberry app? I find the BlackBerry browser is very fast but the built in CB App webpage browser slow or sometimes unresponsive. I hold on a link in the app and choose the open in browser option from right slider and this seems to open with CB Browser.
Check out http://html5test.com/results/mobile.html

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Thanks for reply everyone. My browser runs 491out of 555 points according to html5 test. Should it be more? What is yours?

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The few seconds before it loads the page is because your blackberry is trying to connect to the server to get the page.

Try connecting to wifi (or disconnecting).


So this is nothing to do with the phone browser but the connection of the wifi or mobile network?

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These few seconds before it loads don't happen with my brothers s4 mini or with a low end device such as sony xperia u. Hence, I thought it was the phone, maybe faulty z10 if it doesn't happen to anybody else's z10 or browsers not optimised enough.

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Ahmud Moosa

Qv bfRxgbgbxxf2soth,Gewy. Ccccftr

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Jump Birdy Jump is an awesome game, it justifies the $2.99 alone. Worked great on my Z10, the kids like it too, I had to get it on Android for them as well so they could play it without stealing the phone. Ovo should be commended for supporting BB.


Only 3 more days to go before the promotion is ending. Hurry up!!! :)


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