Overly catchy BlackBerry Boys commercial launches in India

By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2010 10:30 am EDT
We see quite a few BlackBerry ads here in the US and try to post on as many as we can, but I have yet to see one quite as catchy as this. The latest commercial comes from Vodafone in India and features a great tune that is sure to be stuck in your head for hours. Overall I like the premise of the ad that BlackBerry isn't just for the working man but for everyone who wants to email, surf and chat. Check out the video above -- I'm sure you'll want to watch it more than once! Thanks Ravidhu!
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Overly catchy BlackBerry Boys commercial launches in India


one of the ugliest and most stupid commercial i have ever seen for a blackberry. Which idiot said it was ok to broadcast this. And i'm the First one to comment.

The Ad campaign is designed by one of the largest agencies in the world... http://www.ogilvy.com/ and like a user here pointed out, what works there may not work here.

I think the Ad is cheerful and is appealing to the non-business type versus the predictable.

It's hardly ugly or stupid as you point out.

You think its so easy to please everyone and get people to buy a product? Then i dare you to make your own commercial mr. know-it-all.

didnt think so.

edit: i think this commercial is pretty sweet.. +1!

This is the stupid Vodafone with its funky gays.

You didn't see egyptian vodafone. High prices and low quality service. They still think I will play their f...ing games and tariff plans...

@biohaz - from a marketing perspective you need to remember that there are big differences in what is catchy/effective...you can't place a North American centric template on the rest of the world. I actually think it's rather clever and catchy. :-)

You are right but i'm actually south asian and still it leaves a bad taste. They could have done better.

And I would prefer to see more of that in the USA than the usual "smart/clever/risqué" type of things advertising drones try to push on us. I am actually quite tired of the American style of ads, almost every ad assaults my brain and sensibilities. This ad is just simple, happy, and good.

it was pretty funny. lighten up people. make a better more sophisticated commercial for Rim and BB, reap the rewards, and then laugh/complain about this commercial.

Fantastic video! It really reflects very well how BB devices are now used by people that do other things than just work!!

Fantastic video! It really reflects very well how BB devices are now used by people that do other things than just work!!

This is a great commercial...you techno guys need to get your heads out of the sand and appreciate humor. This is better than the pyscho crap we get in North America (with the exception of BB ads of course!)

i can decide my own phone...humor me and I will remember your commercial.

This is GREAT STUFF!!! As so many others have pointed out we need more ads like this over here, cheerful, fun, lighthearted and gets the point accross. Well Done RIM.

I don't understand all the negativity. I was pretty negative about the Storm 2.5 post, but knocking this commercial is really ridiculous. It makes me think people just come here to vent.

If you want to see something that is truly vomit inducing look for Steve Jobs' introduction of the iPad or just about any other apple product. I'll admit I've owned just about every apple product (except the iPad, but including the iPhone {mistake!}) but these creepy cult-like product introductions and the equally creepy Mr. Jobs have turned me against the company. Going forward I refuse to buy any product made by that company.

I'm sure you'll want to watch it more than once! Thanks Ravidhu!

Thanks, but once is plenty. Good premise but hardly cutting edge and the song is annoying. Every smart phone out there is trying to let you know they're not just for business. As a loyal 5 year BB user, it's discouraging to see that even the adverts are legging behind.

Cool advert. its simple, a little bit catchy and shows us that isn't just for suits anymore. It's for everyone - prepaid. I like this more than the moby dick advert i saw not to long ago.