Over 60% of CrackBerry readers want the ability to theme BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 9 Apr 2014 02:25 pm EDT

One of the things I miss about BlackBerry 7 devices is the ability to change up the theme. With BlackBerry 10, I sometimes get bored with the look and wish I could change things up like on old devices. I have a bit of "wallpaper OCD" so instead of changing themes, I find myself constantly changing my wallpaper to keep things fresh — and it seems that I'm not alone.

When asked in our poll, over 60% of CrackBerry readers also miss having the option to theme on BlackBerry 10. There's also a small set (18%) that like things stock the way they are, and the other 18% that don't really care either way.

Sadly themes are one thing we'll most likely never see on BlackBerry 10. For a while it was believed that the option would be there at some point, but it looks like it's off the list for the time being. There are some options for pseudo-themes on BlackBerry 10 — making your device looked themed with just a wallpaper — but it's not quite the same.

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Over 60% of CrackBerry readers want the ability to theme BlackBerry 10


The only problem I have with themes is that they can sometimes ruin "word of mouth" for a phone.

There are going to be people with yellow text on white backgrounds, and 24 pt bolded Comic Sans (ughhhhhh) as their primary font.

Anyone who sees this person's phone will conclude that BB10 has the most disgusting UI ever made, even though it's just "Comic Sans" guy's horrific customizations.

Beyond that concern, a little more customization would be nice. (Perhaps BlackBerry could simply not offer Comic Sans as a font choice)

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I love BB but this is one of the reasons I left my Q10. Personalization is nothing and it gets boring starting at the same screens over and over again, why I left apple as well

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At the very least, BB10 should allow you to select your accent color as well as a dark or light theme. Start there, and then build on it.

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Yes. At least we'll be given the color of our choice while keeping that decent look offered by BlackBerry itself.

And maybe some more font styles? Would be nice.

BlackBerry by choice. Powered by BlackBerry 10. I choose BlackBerry. Keep moving.

Themes would attract Iphone, windows and android users back to BlackBerry! Bring bback the customizations!!! Why if i upgrade do i have to give up features?? BB10 shouldd have all the amazing things of BBOS and the new features we all have come to love!

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Amen. I also wish they'd allow devs to make a call blocker app that allows you to block specific numbers.

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Thing is, BB10 isn’t an upgrade, it's a whole new world. I'd like to see it too, and a rotating home screen ;)

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There are more than just customisation to attract iPhone, Android and Windows phone users. For instance, each one of them has something called ecosystem. What does BlackBerry have in this regard? AFAIK, only BlackBerry phones, PlayBook (EOL already), and BBM. Heck even my old Android phone can at least tap into Apples ecosystem by utilising Airplay .

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Any data to back up that assessment?

I'm familiar with the app, partnership, media content gaps however the lack of themes is a new metric to me.

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I'd love to be in Control of my desired display and I don't just mean a random image of the Web - they should release a tool for computers that allow you to create your own theme and possible pay a little extra for new features withing the app. < dreaming a little

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I was about to ask this question. Hopefully in near future. Btw, blackberry makes their own facebook app, right? Just wondering if the next update would have dark theme enable.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Forget dark theme on FB app how about we just get the one we have now to work or come close to AAPL or GOOG. Its 1 Star at best especially with the latest "upgrade"

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Yeah, I think there would be a lot of iPhone users who might want to have a familiar look, what might be a good alternative is an app launcher that could take control of the swipe up.

Although I do agree with BlackBerry for not supporting these features. So many people used to complain about how complicated BlackBerry's are, but I think all these advanced features should be sitting behind some hidden tab in the setting, just somewhere that the average consumer won't get lost in.

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100% agree. There are better things we could be focusing on improving with our valuable time.

And I want to suggest that adding themes creates another variable to consider when debugging and testing.

Keep it simple...

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Exactly. Themes can wait for now. Would set back the OS dev theme let's work on polishing out the kinks for now and we can talk about themes being involved when we are at like OS 10.8.1

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I hate to be 'one of THOSE people,' but it's "I couldn't care less." Don't mind me though, this is a pet peeve of mine :p

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....and ability to change fonts too, please. Atleast in mails.

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Was there a technical reason why it wasn't a part of OS10, or was it just not on their "list of priorities"?

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Not a priority. The idea was to get bb10 out the door as a functioning os and then progressively add features with each update. Don't know if we will ever see a theme-able os. I do however hope they roll it out at some point. There are more pressing matters that need attention. A better contacts app would be one of them. At least BlackBerry is making an effort to listen to user input and implement what they can more so now than before. Making everyone happy is impossible though. I am sure a lot features will be left out that some of us want.

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+1000 Better contacts app better sms app better call app and finally a smoother and more functioning HuB

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Yup... it's one of the draw backs is the lack of customization actually as young users (which is a great base of smartphone users generally) like to have a different look for their phones often. Hope BlackBerry would address that matter in the next releases and keep it beautiful and simple that it would blow minds!!

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Need to bring the holster ring vibe features back instead of relying on a unreliable app that only works when it wants instead of stupid visual things that have no useful reason

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I prefer stock, but the reasons my daughter didn't upgrade to a Z10 when her mom an I got them was #1 chat apps,games #2 customization. She went with a HTC one, currently has a pink KB and weird options. All of her friends are the same can't be stock.

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Being old school BlackBerry, I have to say this was at the top of my list for the PlayBook, so definitely a renewed hope for it to make its way to BlackBerry 10. I had my Torch and Curve themed at all times and changed up at least once a month.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Themes wouldn't bring back former BlackBerry Users because back then there was no iPhone or Android. Limited choices, now there is much more choice.

Customise themes are a bonus, BlackBerry still needs to get the phones in people's hands.

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I would certainly enjoy the option, but I love it the way it is ready so doesn't matter too much to me

Straight Talk Z10, .2234

The ONLY thing I miss really. At this point I would take any form of customization. Widgets, change up icons etc. Please BlackBerry listen!

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I hate themes on BBOS, I never used one that didn't slow my device or create stability issues where there weren't before. I love the clean and ordered layout of BB10!

That's just me.

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You win the "Prize" for being correct about themes....they slowed BBOS down and, generally, wrecked the experience...what will people come up with to cry about next?

I watched the finale of "True Detective" on my Z30, yesterday, after being able "for the first time on any of my BlackBerry devices - load HBO Go on my phone".....via Snap...

That was the "Cat's Ass"... we have Android apps!!!.. quit crying about nonsense

We have Android apps that (don't need Google play Services) love SNAP but we're not quite there yet.

 Z10 Channel C003BD1AF

I like os10 the way it is. I guess cus its still very fresh os. Would be nice to have some form of dynamic or 3d theme instead of static. It would further differinate bb10 from the others, although not sure how that would effect battery life. A good example of a cool dynamic theme; if anyone here who owns a ps3 running a wipeout(game) theme. For now im quite content with how 10 is running. Imo, is the BEST OS to date.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

I'd be happy with just subtle changes in colour scheme, give us 6 colours to choose from for the accents instead of just blue

themes can make the phone look better..is this a million dollar project...why can't they do this for the users n fans... we did not ask them to get a villa in moon... just themes.. it will be nice if they bring it soon n satisfy the users..this is also one reason why people jump to other devices... i know it's silly but silly things are what most of us like

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I miss the slide up menu from the Bold 9930. It would interfere with gestures on BB10 but I do miss that menu type. Plus the big clock on the homescreen!!! I want a actual homescreen...

I seem to be one of those who totally opposes to the idea of themes..

[URL="bbmc:C0001BBF0"]BlackBerry 101 - Help Channel[/URL]

There were only very few themes I liked and even fewer I would download. Usually just went back to stock rather quickly. I am a huge fan of the way BB10 looks already though, which is why I got the phone. A little choice never hurt anyone though.


Yep, Blackberry literally shot itself in the face with that decision. Seriously want to theme my z10, miss the freedom to personalize my phone.

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No desire for themes. I like the clean stock look. Hated themes on 7 too, as they always seemed to slow down the device.

Slow down the phone, no duh classic BlackBerry's were based on the ancient OS. Couldn't even multi task without freezing the phone.

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Wallpaper works for me...just get rid of the dark boarder around the icons

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I would totally buy a bb10 device, especially the white z30, if I could theme. Themes were what made me love blackberry!! Right now, Android is the only platform that allows me to theme and customize, all without rooting the device. Blackberry had me spoiled with this ability. So when I tried the z10 when it came out last year, and learned that it didn't theme...I returned it before the 14 days were up. I don't like for my phone to look like everyone else's. There's only so much you can do with slab phones, but being able to customize the screen and icons the way I want is just awesome!!!

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Assuming icons are part of themes maybe they are waiting for 10.3. If they plan on going to a more flat look it may not make sense to have inconsistent themes.

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It would be a dream come true if I was able to make themes for BlackBerry 10. Themes are easily the top 3 reasons why I came to love BlackBerry.

I believe that the vast majority of BlackBerry users have no interest in themes. 60% of the crackberry users that took the time to respond to this survey are interested.

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Personally I would rather see a lot of TAT magic.
BB10 is IMHO very conservative and could use a fresh breath of air.

I thought that with TAT, our themes were going to get taken to the next level. I was sooo exited! When I found out that themes were not going to be a part of BB10, I was disappointed and sad. I'm still loving my phone, but having the option to use a theme we like would be awesome. I really hope they change their mind about this in the future.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I think if everything dark like hub and ability to make any app dark that's will be good 

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I miss my Cleveland Browns theme I had on my curve. I even miss angry farm the game

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When it comes to appearance I think BlackBerry needs to give us more options: themes, font, flat design vs non-fat, no icons in page 1 of the home screen for a clean looking phone, and other generic things.

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You know why I like BlackBerry? I get what I want (They listen to user demands) .

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Man, themes are so 2007... BlackBerry needs to update the current OS UI, go with the 'flat, light design'

Forget about themes, having a beautiful UI with cool icons / graphics as standard is what we need, we don't need a million different themes at all.

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Forget customizations...bring back a full functional blackberry protect and i'll be happy.

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Wow 40% don't care or don't want it.

This means BlackBerry has more important issues to address.

Correction 60% of readers who responded to the poll want this. I doubt every reader responded and safe to assume that of those what didn't most don't care.

The problem with themes is, from my own experience, that I tended to buy a new theme every week lol,- it was getting out of hand.....
It would be nice to be able to customize BB10 somewhat but I definitely want to stay away from themes.

Their number one priority, design wise, should be to get rid of that ugly gray bar around the icons ! This should come in the next 10.2.1 MR, the more we wait the more potential sales we'll lose.

I do like the ability to change themes when I used to have my bold 9930. But BB10 is just the right one for me.

I agree.....i kinda miss creating my own theme when I had the 9700. bring back themes!!!!!

T-Mobile USA Z10

Technically and statistically, this is probably incorrect, as the sample is self identified, and volunteered to answer the poll. A more accurate title might have read that 60% of the crackberry readers that answered the poll said...

When reading the title, I actually wondered how they could possible know about all readers...

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88% of BB 10 users would prefer the company focus on FIXING BB Link! Some of us still prefer BB as a messaging device rather than a stupid game console or access to worthless apps. BB Link issues might force me to abandon the platform and revert back to OS 7. What a damn shame and no: Outlook Connector is not a viable option.
BTW: every time I think about abandoning T-MO USA, the "pull me back in." Newly announced "Simple Starter" for $40.00 beats AT&T's $45.00 plan. YIKES!!!

Remember the horrors of MySpace profiles? Huge big yellow letters only half visible over the image of a butterfly dressed as a ninja with the midi version of Sweet Child Of Mine in the background.

I thought the ability to utterly change the way your phone looks and behaves was a big deal prior to using Android (a reason not to use the iPhone). But I found that updating fonts and backgrounds and icons and widgets and colours can get a little old and I usually do it once and then only fiddle with it again when I'm bored.

Still, it's good to have the option there for those who do want to change it up, even if they never change it again. I'm not sure it'll attract people but it might help keep people who enjoy the customization. (although ninja butterflies should be banned)

Something like the Themer app that android has would be nice. Phoned are very personal, why not allow for personalization ?

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Smh I don't get it. You download themes, then go download apps and then you have an hybrid looking os which would look stupid.

Apart from changing fonts and maybe color idk what else people want. You all need to keep the nostalgia crap down and focus on what makes a modern os. Ios doesn't even have an ounce of bb10 choices..including no file manager proper, yet people buy it a lot. App and ecosystem will win users back not themes

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

Exactly. I used to hate the themes that were supposed mimic the look of the iPhone. If you want the look of an iPhone just get an iPhone. I also cannot believe that people would actually choose a completely different phone platform just because they can't change themes. That seems a bit dramatic.

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Do you ever get tired of looking at the same thing over and over, day after day, wondering if life would be more exciting if you could make it change.

If so you are probably looking in the mirror and not at your phone.

Or if you prefer,

Stop playing with it and use it for what it was made for.

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BlackBerry needs to focus. "Ideas" like this do NOT help. Themes are so low down on the totem pole it's not even funny. I love my Q10 and can't wait until the Q20, but they still have work to do. Themes are not part of that work, and just makes this site (and the users you claim to represent) look foolish.

Themes could also be an enterprise feature. I am sure many big companies would like the ability to theme their employee phones with their company theme logos and styles. This could be a killing feature for enterprise!

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BB to have LEDS is awesome and it would have been much much nicer if we could have themes back,the way we had with our BBOS7.

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Theme, just give us a base color, from #000000 to #FFFFFF for the menu, and all is fine. The phone can then create the shades and gradients from that.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The only customisation I'd like to see is the dock at the bottom of my Z10. You could easily fit 5 icons in there. I use powertools to change my wallpaper daily on a random selection, keeps it fresh and everyday is a surprise.

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Not really that concerned about themes, but if the white box of the CB10 app was black with white text instead, and the hub was black and docs to go was black themed, I would be happy.

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Ahhhhh.... those were the days when we could get a ton of free and or premium themes...at one point I had over 20 themes on my device and I would change them daily, just because I could.... the good old days.....

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Allowing customized themes or even fonts would set BlackBerry apart from everyone run of the mill phones!! No brainer, allow themes!!