Over 40 Precision Zen Themes For The BlackBerry Storm

By Bla1ze on 2 Aug 2009 07:33 pm EDT
Over 40 Precision Zen Themes For The BlackBerry Storm

Let's face it! Sometimes finding the perfect theme is a hard task. Even now a days with all the great theme makers out there making some seriously creative, innovative and just outstanding themes I still find myself going back to the original RIM supplied Precision themes on most of my devices. One device that stands out more then others where this is common practice is my BlackBerry Storm, seems no matter how many themes I try--I return to Precision based theme.

Feeling the same way about themes, CrackBerry forums member Rockee has put together a list of over 40 themes for the BlackBerry Storm. All styled with Precision icons but utilizing Plazmic to create an awesome array of variations. 8 icons, 12 icons, with or without quick launch, with or without weather eye slots, if a Precision theme is what you seek--Rockee has a variation that will fit your needs.

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Over 40 Precision Zen Themes For The BlackBerry Storm


I clicked on a few of these themes and downloaded to my desktop. Tried to use DM to install and get error messages.

That's awesome, I too have this problem of buying the latest premium themes, but I always find myself going back to precision zen. I wish someone would do these kinds of variations for the Bold, then it would be perfect!

Does anyone know where to download the wallpaper on the background of the storm featured above?

The Precision has the best look and icons of all the themes I've tried. Remember to donate if you use one or two!

Let me tell you, I feel exactly the same way, going back and forth between themes just to come back to that good ol' Zen. Not to mention the fact I've always believed, and am now convinced, that Zen had much modding potential... Sir, thank you for this, I can safely state you made my day ;)


I have the Storm by verizon. How can I get the ligtning backgound to show up? All I have is the verizon logo, When I go into themes I see teh zen them listed and occacionally when I select an icon I can see the zen background under the verizon logo. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I love the theme but its missing the SMS icon. Can't find it anywhere... Anybody else having this same problem?