Over 40 Million iOS and Android users now on BBM!

BBM 4 All
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2013 07:36 am

One of the informational tidbits to drop in this morning's BlackBerry Earnings Report was in regard to BBM. Specifically, the company stated how many non-BlackBerry users are now using messaging service:

Messaging: Over 40 million newly registered iOS/Android users in the last 60 days; more than a dozen Android OEMs to preload BBM, including most recently LG; over 250,000 BBM Channels created by global user base since launch of BBM Channels on BlackBerry, including large brands such as Coke Indonesia and USA Today; BBM is the most secure mobile messaging service for use in regulated enterprises

40 Million is big number and a solid base from BBM to continue to build on. Hopefully we'll see new features in 2014, along with a continued push to market and grow the base. I'd sure love to live in a world where everybody was rocking BBM on their phones. The strategy to include BBM devices out of the box on Android handsets should go a long way to that goal too. 

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Now BlackBerry's gotta keep it fresh.

Less stickers on vans, more features in BBM.


But the question is: can they monetize BBM?

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Keep it free and add features like voice and video for cross platform then introduce some rewards for frequent use achievements for sending so many messages or having a lot of contacts, etc.

Introduce extras like paid user created emoticons and gifts or just something extra you can send people for the people willing to do it and potentially ads to generate revenue once there is a big base of users. Just my thoughts..


Wow. Impressive !

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jojo beaconsfield

Good news,get BBM video going for those folks


Good base, now BlackBerry needs to continue to improve BBM.

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Isn't that 100 million in total?

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Assuming there hasn't been significant loss in the 60 million using it on BlackBerry as of the last report. That's probably a safe assumption but if they don't explicitly say the 100 million milestone throughout the call I would be worried that it isn't quite there yet.


That would be a total of 100k now, I'm assuming.

Tariq Nasir

Million.. 100 million

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How many of that 40M are actually using BBM in a meaningful way????

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This is the question that needs to be answered.


Good question. A Lot of iOS and Android users I know downloaded it, but are not active on a daily basis.



Yup, I've had users drop off likely because of the lack of updates.


And did you ask how many are using WhatsApp in a meaningful way? SMH.


Whatsapp has 400 million ACTIVE users. Not registered -- Active. This is what Kevin fails to mention in in his write-up and assumes that the 40 million users on iOS and Android are actually using BBM. Many aren't.




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Like most things BlackBerry, they don't tell you the whole truth. While they may have "shipped" 4.3 million phones this quarter how many did you sell. While you may have 40 million iOS and Android users how many are actually using the service... Tell us the whole truth... After all 40 million iOS and Android users on BBM aren't making BlackBerry any money, and clearly are not giving up their devices for BlackBerry devices...


Ugh, read before you comment.
1.9 million shipped
4.3 sold to end customers, including those shipped in previous quarters


What annoys me is that they still won't say how many of the 30,000 live and test BES10 installs are actually LIVE and have had CALs purchased for devices.

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Good to hear this. But practically how many iOS and adroid users are using it in their daily life is still a big question. I had two different group chats on whatsapp, one with office colleagues and the other one with a group of friends. When BBM went crossplatform, I convinced members of both the what's app groups to switch the group to BBM groups. I converted nearly a total of 20 users from whatsapp to BBM, they were initially excited about the great features BBM group has like the capability to have mutiple discussion threads in one group, share event amongs group members and post calendar reminder, maintain lists and share pics etc..( where whatsapp groups only have plain chat option). But the excitement was short lived when we realised that the most important feature of a group - the instant messages - were not being delivered consistently. Most of the members who were on other platforms were not consistently receiving the chat messages though they were being notified there's a message. I tried helping them with basic trouble shooting but it remained in consistent throughout. Finally all got fedup with it and finally though sadly for me, we are all back to our old whatsapp group.

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Chad Saunders1

I convinced some I-phone users to convert; out of 18 only 2 went back one to Regular texting and the other to the Whatsapp..not too bad. The reason for the switching back was one said it was acting up severely on her Android the other was just data issues??? Lol

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The iPhone people on my list are using it to chat with each other instead of imessage. All former BlackBerry users though. Apparently they missed it.

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Biggest problem non BlackBerry users seem to be that: they can't share pictures as easily.

People aren't sure the difference between groups and multi-chat.

IPHONE users complain that the screen is too small.

Some says they don't receive push notifications.

People are used to whatsapp.

Yeah, I have a hard time convincing people to stay active on BBM esp when they tell me they are keeping it only to msg me (since I'm kinda more or less in contactable other wise :p) but the market is now tougher!

And despite all its short comings, the Whatsapp team does a good job in updating across all platforms and putting in the effort with frequent updates and new features.

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Good list. Hope someone at Blackberry is listening -- I run into a lot of the same problems with people that I have convinced to install BBM on their Android/iPhone. Also needs much better calendar integration for Groups on Android/iPhone -- this has been a frustration for some of my family members who were starting to push for us to set up our family group on Whatsapp instead. Until I reminded that Whatsapp has no calendar function at all. ;-)


If this wasn't BlackBerry but snapchat, the company would potentially have added a billion or so dollars to its worth with news like this within such a short amount of time.


Imagine if they charged 99 cents for BBM?????

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I that happened, I don't think it will reach even the half of it today.


They would have made $40 million IF that many people actually paid for it. The losses were $4.4 billion over basically the same period.

Keep it free and adding features like voice and video for cross platform then introduce some rewards for frequent use achievements for sending so many messages or having a lot of contacts, etc. Introduce extras like paid user created emoticons or gifts or something you can send people for the people willing to do it and potentially ads to generate revenue once there is a big base of users. Just my thoughts..


Wow, Channels has really taken off. Woot woot. Channels are cool

Team BlackBerry


This number actually concerns me a little.. Since channels are not yet available on iOS or Android yet .. who exactly is making all of these channels? How many are of decent quality? I hope this doesn't turn into a map channel scenario where the cool stuff gets drowned out. Things need to be well indexed to make them easy to find. On the bright side a quick search for "Football" turned up 626 results and 98% of them "new" so now that channels has hit the masses, it's exploding.


Are those 40 million active users??


Are you asking same questions about WhatsApp and other messengers?


USA Today channel. So absolutely not up to date, that I had to uninstall. What's the point of a big name if there is no content?

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So it's more like USA Yesterday? Lol

...we are all connected...


40 Million »A C T I V E« Users?

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80 million active daily users.

Poetry in Motion


I have several iphone users, and android users in the office. When it was released cross platform I had them get bbm, and we setup a work group on it to help streamline communication, tasks and calendars.

I am now leaving the office to go elsewhere shortly, but yesterday those same iphone and android users got the new guy (iphone) setup on bbm. They are going to continue to use it.

It definitely is a great service, and has a good chance to succeed with the other platforms.

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This isn't exactly overwhelmingly-good news, the 40m new BBM users. This is basically everyone that's downloaded and created a BBID on a non-BB device since BBM went cross-platform. It isn't an indication of how many people actively use BBM daily. That's probably a shrinking number.

Bocking & Co. need to get video out cross platform, now. Otherwise no one outside of those tied to the BB ecosystem will think much of BBM.


80 million active daily users.

Poetry in Motion


It would be interesting to see what that number is today, as 80m is a nearly two-month old figure bandied about a week after BBM went cross-platform. As bad as BB's marketing has been, I'm sure even they could see the positive message an INCREASING number of active BBM users would have on the marketplace, and yet no such figure was reported.


I guess Chen doesn't know what he's talking about it. Listen to the webcast. Today, there are 80 mill active daily users.

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Voice fast. Then video and screen share. Gotta offer something fresh/extra. Keyboard would be great on BBM. Dont know if tech possible though

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The more contacts I have the better, but now all my contacts are from my city of NY instead of UK, Africa, etc etc lol so keep up the good work BlackBerry lol



C0038297E Quote of the Day! Good news on the bbm stuff ;)

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80 million (all platforms) active daily bbm users is the only number that matters.

Poetry in Motion

Bikram Kochar

Its gud.. I had only 4 contacts earlier
.but now I have 200 contacts... n yes one thing more..the reason y most of the people dnt use bbm on 7 devices is tht their packs r costly..the vodafone pack starts from 500.. n bbm doesnt work on wifi..yes watsapp do work over wifi..so mostly people use watsapp on. BlackBerry 7... BlackBerry 10 is more convienient as it doesnt need ny special BlackBerry edge pack..n plus it works over wifi...

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Can't hear it anymore...Release the official OS 10.2.1

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While I would love to see BBM take off on all platforms, I have the same question as others have posted. How many iOS and Android owners are utilizing BBM? Now, I don't exactly have a whole slew of friends but every Android friend I have has uninstalled BBM because it doesn't function well. Delivery is problematic, alerts cannot be set for repeating, app affects their device performance. I've heard the same complaint from several iOS owners, although they haven't yet uninstalled. It's disappointing for me. I really tried to be the BBM cross-platform advocate and pushed all my friends to download but, in the end, there's only two non-BlackBerry friends remaining in my BBM contact list. I'm hopeful that BBM channels, video and voice chat may renew interest but, so far, this cross-platform roll-out has been a disappointment for me.


I wouldn't call it a success until 400 million.


Release BBM voice and video and they will have even more subscribers.


They just download it but not active that..because they are more active on whassup

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Yeah I think it's great other phones can get BBM, but why not make blackberry phones better for the ones who have a blackberry instead of trying to impress other brands try working on your own brand!!

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60+20+20 ... is that 100 Million users ?
I wish I was that 1Millionest user ... They should make an event about that ;)


The way to get people to use bbm is to promote the security features. The most important is use of the pin rather than the mobile number or email address.

Also, promote bes10 as a lock down security option for bbm.

With everything that is going on with regards to privacy and security this should be the major driving force for using BlackBerry period.

Unfortunately, most people don't think that way. They think Google, Microsoft and others are safeguarding your personal data. But they aren't.

I love my BlackBerry Z10. I wish Verizon would update it as there are some glaring issues such as memory leak and active sync problems. But overall I think this is a great device. So much better than the iPhone and Android devices. Strip down the bloatware that most people don't use and those devices are just not that great. I didn't say bad or terrible as they both have a great deal to offer but they are just not that great. Imo.

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I've actually had a few people leave and come back to BlackBerry on my bbm
. Keep in mind, this is a way for many to realize there are BB10 phones...and that they're new.

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Jawuan Robertson

Sports channel

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BBM video on BB10 devices has the potential to challenge Apple's facetime! Push out improvements quickly and make BBM Open sourced!

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40 million users is not a bad figure to start with. Especially when competing with WhatsApp (and maybe other IM services), who had a few years presence in iOS/Android.
But something needs to be done fast. I've had the chance of seeing BBM working on three Android devices in my family. Firstly, it had issues working on various devices (draining the battery, blocking the phone). Some have been sorted out, others not. Secondly, no landscape typing is an issue - how hard can it be to solve this.
Thirdly, I know this is why BBM is different, but the manner to add contacts is a little bit more complicated than for WhatsApp (in fact, you don't even have to specifically add a contact for WhatsApp, it just appears when you memorize it in your phone). Ok, this won't change, but it appears complicated to many.
So, BBM need to come up quick with new (amazing) features, like voice and videocalls for free. Not sure about channels, I don't use them.
Otherwise, it will just remain one of the IM alternatives, but (way) behind WhatsApp. People will have no incentive of migrating to BBM


BBM for ios and Android when first launch asks you to send a message to all your contacts as a time time action, notifying then I'd your BlackBerry ID and PIN.

WhatsApp does the same action on other platforms just no PIN or BlackBerry ID of course lol.

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Yes, bbm on android is a bit problematic. A few weeks ago, It was quite stable on my S2 running 4.1 but the persistent icon disappears on my nexus on 4.4 and the service fails to restart. Lately it's been stable on both devices? Also it hogs so much ram on budget phones (100 to 200 mb on phones with 512 mb ram) the phones lag and freezes.


Good work BBM but you're behind in the matched features of BBM for all.

Keep on pushing keep on moving up.

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They just need to add more features to BBM for iOS & Android and then just watch as the numbers skyrocket some more!


Hahahah ways watch dem na. And all d time they coasing on bbm, now it's available to them and swear they love off! What's not to love

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Nothing new for android and iphone user, they need a different product that the competence, they don´t mind the privacity or security, they need calls and video calls, sharing documents easily. My friends deleted the app becouse it was nothing new to whatsapp, and they say whatsapp is more friendly in the daily use...


Preloading bbm on phones is half the battle. Bbm should partner with telcos around the world for roaming pass. No need for data roaming which is costly but only an inexpensive bbm roaming pass to use bbm texting. In some countries carriers are charging USD 30 cents daily for using bbm a few years ago on blackberry devices. If bbm can extend that for international roaming say a dollar daily then bbm adoption will shoot thru the roof.


...exactly what I was thinking "root56".