Outlook users - Still having email issues or have they been resolved?

By Bla1ze on 14 Aug 2013 11:15 pm EDT

If you have an Outlook email account attached to your device, there's a pretty good chance you may have noticed a ton of authorization warnings happening, especially if you're on BlackBerry 10 and not a BlackBerry OS device. Microsoft took the services offline earlier and have since restored them however, mobile users still seem to be affected according to the Outlook status page

Have you been having issues still or has it all sorted itself out? If so, feel free to sound off in the comments or in the forums. We'll adjust this post accordingly when we see mobile users reporting all is well again in the world. Also, stating the obvious here but in case you're not aware, this is not a BlackBerry only issue. It's Microsoft and could affect more than just your email as well such as contacts and calendar.



Nope not here, still waiting.

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Still waiting...not first

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Also still waiting... not even close to tenth


Everything seems to be fine with mine...

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I never had any issues. Hopefully they are fixed and I won't have any problems at all...

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Working again-finally!


Still not working for me. Can log-in on the computer but still very buggy (can't delete emails). Can't get it working on my Z10 either. :(

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still not working for me


still not working on both my z10 and ip5...


Working again

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Seems to be running perfectly now

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Pete The Penguin

No email on my Q10... MS need to fix this. NOW!!


Not working in the morning. Fixed on my end by 1pm PST.

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Aniket Patwardhan

There is Protocol Layer issue with lotus notes as well!! Really frustrated as we cant use BB10 to reply to any of the mails..which is in fact primary objective for BlackBerry phone..hope this is resolved asap as for Outlook.

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Everything seem to be working fine on my end.

Funny how there is not an uproar when Microsoft is having a major email issue

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+1 Exactly what I was thinking!

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Still with the yellow sign over my hotmail accounts... :/

gold rush

I am able to sign into my account on my Z10 browser, but no sync, and not able to sign in using Safari on my Macbook.

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Mine was down most of the day but then worked for a few hours and was gone again. Now I'm able to sign in but nothing is syncing

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Can open my email after refreshing the page a few times.. but I wouldn't say it's working.
Been like that for me since 9am mountain time.

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My Hotmail back working again! So happy :D


Haven't had an issue, and it still working fine
Possible regional issue

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I had three sync notifications this morning, but seems to be fine now.

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Mine still isn't working. Hotmail is down.


Seems to be working again.

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Kinda working then pops offline hasn't populated my old emails either, good thing this isn't my main account I would be pissed if it was.

Wonder if this will have the same affect on MS as the bbm outage did to BlackBerry

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Did this affect their hotmail side of the site? I would imagine it would just wondering. Has it effected the calendar? My wife lost a ton of calendar entries. I believe by default that her calendar on her Q10 was hotmail. The site and phone do not have calendar entries at this time. Her phone did have the sync calendar option on at the time however.

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Yes, it affects anything and everything that is connected to MS.


Must be due to that crappy BB10 app they released yesterday.

Anyway working on my desktop but not on my Z10.

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As stated a million times already, this has nothing to do with BlackBerry, it's a Microsoft issue affecting ALL platforms.


The message on the real website makes your thoughts wrong.

Kris Simundson

Still no email, and it breaks my contacts as well

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I lost my contacts as well :( I sync with outlook

Michael Neubauer

Still down and out with my Z10 and all desktop browsers.

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Gotten several notifications on my Z10 throughout the day...each time I've reentered the password in email settings and it's worked each time. Currently working.
Glad to know it wasn't just my Z10, I thought I was having issues.

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Bacon Munchers

Same with me. I have to re-enter the password.

PS, I like bacon too. ;)


Yes I noticed that as well contacts all buggered on my working outlook account.

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Not working here either since this morning. Added and readded each account but they always fail after a couple minutes.

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Still waiting for mine.

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Not working here. My Gmail calendar is also down.

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I had to delete my accounts and add them again to get them working.

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My wife's iPhone was having issues, so i don't think it is just blackberry

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Not working here

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One account has come back, the other still down



Had no issues at all

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I can't send mail.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.


Still out... can't even log in to outlook on a PC...

What's sucks is I told off GMAIL support cuz they couldn't solve my problem. I told them I was peace-ing and heading to outlook...at literally 12:30am last night... (went all sorts of Half Baked quitting scene on em) and then this morning completely bollocks-ed by the outage!

Should be fine in the AM I imagine.


Still not working 12 hours and counting...

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No dice here

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I've been having issues all day, I kept getting a "your outlook is not responding" notifications.

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Worked for a bit then no go

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Mines working now! I also just did a reset so maybe try that now and see what happens.

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Hate how the title says Outlook. It's not Outlook as that is a program, it's Outlook.com the web service.

I've had no issues with 3 of my Outlook.com account.

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Absolutely nothing. I have never had any issues at all.

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Working for me. Rogers in Toronto, using a custom domain with outlook.com. If there was an outage in didn't notice.


Still having problems. Still waiting.

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Still having issues in Canada on Fido

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Shadberry Bold

No issues. Didn't even know a problem existed.

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Still waiting !!!!

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Mine has been down all day but everything has been good since about an hour ago.

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It comes and goes for me. It sucks cause my contacts aren't showing up either.

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Comes and goes. You can actually watch the hub bouncing around as the accounts sync and then lose the sync.

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Only one email of my affected. I have three. Weird!

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Amy wineBerry

So has Microsoft been taking the servers offline over the last couple weeks? I've been having issues with authentication and the email account staying connect.

Really thought it was a problem on my end smh.

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Its working fine for me.

BB Z10 Rocks!


Mine never had any problem but my mother's did in her Q10, I reset her password and started working again this afternoon, about 8 hours ago, try re entering the password in the account configuration maybe that helps the ones that have the issue yet

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Did not even noticed it was down. All has been synced throughout the day. It is working fine right now too.

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Totally lost my contacts and calendars on the Z10. Funny thing was, I used BlackBerry Link to sync through USB cable and that calendar disappeared too. No email problems but I don't have my email account turned on for Outlook.com. I'm in the US.

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Nothing stopped for me....

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Still having issues here


I'm on Rogers...Calendar & Contacts works, but my email isn't syncing properly yet...hopefully it will be by the morning...BlackBerry needs their own Calendar & Contacts cloud, so we don't have to rely on our email accounts.

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Yeah BlackBerry needs own servers so customers don't have to rely on MS Junk anymore.

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Didi besh

Oh. It's a nation wide issue? I'm glad to hear that, I thought it was my phone, anyways I lost all my emails, and haven't got them back, so my problem still exist. Help?

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Not working for me

My gf thinks I love my Z10 more than her... she's on to me.

Aatir Barlas

Still showing "outlook isn't responding "
Still waiting....

Using BlackBerry Z-10, Don't be jealous be envy.


Not working for me but working fine for my wife

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Still have no access on Z10 and PC. Glad it's not just on my end.

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Still not working for me!!!

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Was off then on now off again



Still not working for my main account on my z10.

I have a few Hotmail accounts and on my playbook all work except my main account.

Thing is two out of the three that are working are on the same blu-m.hotmail.com server. The other is on the dub-m.hotmail.com

My main account is on the blu-m.hotmail.com server, BUT It's not working.

Same port number 143

Werid eh?

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My port is 443 for blu-m.hotmail.com not 143. I don't think you can really edit it though... I switched over my server to s.outlook.com this morning and I just noticed it reverted back to blu-m.hotmail.com.


Still down. I need my dang calendar back! I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow now!

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Hotmail down for sync. I noticed when i turned off the sync, and then back on my

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Oops. ...Back on contacts and emails come back but then disappear 2 minutes later.

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Finally up and running.


I'm glad is not just me.. been going crazy all day, as I sync contacts and calender thru hotmail.

Unfortunately I deleted my hotmail account and added but no email, calendar or contacts yet...

Please fix this MS.

I probably need to switch to another email...

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Having issue on my Z10 saying I need to verify my account and is no longer in sync.

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No issues in my end. Z10 or iPhone 5

Glad it was resolved by the way.

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One Account is working on my Z10 the other one doesn't. Hub is refreshing and refreshing and refreshing........

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Not fixed

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Nope it's still broken

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Outlook.com it says it's no long sync with my BlackBerry

Ker Sumawang1

Not mine, still works normally

I simple love BlackBerry Q10 :-)


Still having issues now. I even deleted the account and re-added it.


My Hotmail and school emails are working fine so far.

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Not fixed bell.net still not working....

From my Z10


Was never affected by this.

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!!


Mine was down earlier but everything has been working fine for the last couple hours.

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Still a problem so I signed on to Gmail

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Ha! Didn't experience any service outage at all... Hope I haven't just jinxed myself...

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Not working :/

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everything seemed to come back online about 1:30pm pdt. went back down for a few minutes an hour or so ago.


Was fine for a couple of hours and just decided sh!t the bed again.

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Still waiting here. It has been over 12 hours now.

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Yup, waiting

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Not working still

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rizztazz torch

Thank goodness it wasn't just me, I don't have much in the way of hair left to pull out. Phone was going CRAY CRAY on the email and contacts front, I guess it's just coincidence my desktop broke down at the same time.

I'd appreciate any links /suggestions on how to back up my contacts to some sort of cloud, if possible and the one you'd most recommend folks :)

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Last time I checked, I had issues
Let me try again

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i can receive email but contacts isn't showing up.

Protocol 2001

No dice, been down for well over 12 hours for me. I have 3 accounts (all Outlook.com) that come into my BlackBerry. One of then has worked all day, one has been down all day (that's my main one so no calendar, contacts, or emails) and the third went down this evening. Kind of annoying how status.live.com says only outlook may be having mobile issues when it's the whole ActiveSync system. I hope they realize the problem isn't just isolated to Outlook.com on mobile devices...

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Outlook keeps losing my password. Glad to hear that it's not BlackBerry..

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I use @hotmail with my Z10, had no problems at all.

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No sync on Z/Q10, Trinidad and Tobago. I stopped getting the Auth notification though. Browser is fine.

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Still having issues...

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Still having issues. Hope the fix it soon


I have been having issues all day and about to try and re-add my account shortly. I was wondering if it was just me but glad to see its not.

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My live account is working now but outlook.com isn't. Calendar entries have appeared in a different colour but they are there.

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Louis Belshaw1

My work email sometimes works other times stays pending for years.. so annoying but my Gmail works.

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Still messed up guys

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Working like a charm! No issue at all :-) lucky

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Microsoft is obviously going to go out of business because of this service outage. That's what happened to RIM, right?


It was resolved for awhile and then it's having problem again.

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No email, calendar or contacts. Kinda makes my Q10 useless! C'mon Microsoft. If this was BB, it would all over the news.

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Up and down multiple times over the last few hours, last outage about 20 min ago.

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Yep.. Still down.. oh well..

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Both my live.com and outlook.com have been disconnected from my Z10 all day. I was able to use my outlook.com from the desktop though. I thought it was some 10.2 leak bug. Glad to hear it wasn't. Just tried to connect again after reading this but no luck.

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Still not working for me either. :(


My web access was restored about an hour ago, but mobile access is not working :(


Web works and mobile down.

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Same here!

I keep on checking for updates on


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Judging by the number of emails waiting for me this morning it's working fine for me, web access was back last night (7:15am here now)

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Had problems last night. This morning all seems to be ok (Switzerland).

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rizztazz torch

Emails.. check
Calendar... check
Contacts... WTF C'mon already!

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jose martinez12

No luck with my Z10, still cannot get Hotmail to work, please fix asap, I am trying not to lose my patience with blackberry :(


It's not blackberry tho, its Microsoft's fault

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It's not a BlackBerry issue, it's a problem with Microsoft/Outlook!

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Does outlook use an exchange server on BlackBerry or have they gone the way of Google and are only offering imap connections?

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Working again since 2 hours ago.

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Phew, I thought it was just me with the email problems... looks like just sit back and wait... nearly bought a lumia925 in retaliation, LOL!

*sent from an australian Z10


Working fine again

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Seems to be working fine for me

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After on night off line it's working again on my Z10 with 10.2

"Je croise les doigts" as we say in France.

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Ils disent "crossing fingers " aussi tkt.

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Hmm was this the reason my HUB crashed overnight( first ever)?

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I think so, had the same issue with mine. Restarted my phone and it was all back.

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I'm still having issues.

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still OUT OF ORDER HERE! 10.2


Why is it working on iPhone but not z10??

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Joseph K Muscat

Still not working!

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Ever since I made an update to 10.2 my contacts from my phone to Gmail doesn't work can anyway help please please

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No probs here so far.

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I just bought my z10 today and I couldn't get my account to sync at all, hopefully it'll be fixed bc my calendar is all on Hotmail / outlook account. Btw, any tips or tricks?


Wasn't working so I deleted and reinstalled my msn email account on the z10..now everything is fine

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Back to normal here (UK). Now the joy of linking contacts.

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No issues at all, working perfectly.

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I had deleted my Hotmail accounts and re-added them this morning and all seems fine now

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Not working for me. I even thought I was hacked till i saw these messages (indicating that i am not alone). Once again Microsoft has failed. God forbid BlackBerry joins venture with this ill-fated company. (insert roll eyes here)

Wandering Albatross

Still have issue, from BB10 user.

Poirots Progeny

08:34 UK gmt - still no calendar and no contacts!

Outlook has had issues from day one - not a particularly reliable service!

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Microsoft has fallen



One account is fine and running smoothly, the other won't let me connect and keeps disappearing and re-appearing randomly. I've deleted and re-added the account like 4 times now.

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Outlook (Eastern Time)
There's a problem with Outlook right now.
Problem You might have issues syncing email with your mobile device. August 15 12:44 AM
Updates We're working on the problem and will provide an update by August 15 6:45 AM. Thank you for your patience. August 15 2:41 AM

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It's so annoying.. Relieved it's not just me though, I was getting worried it was my lovely new Z10 having issues.
I have a live account and that went down last night. It started working again late this morning until maybe an hour ago (it's almost 4pm here in Western Australia), now it isn't telling me that it's not synced anymore but my when I try to look at my emails there are none there. No problem with anything else but since I use live as my primary email it's pretty inconvenient. I'm going to have to sign up with another one very soon.

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I'm in the UK and I've had no dramas at all. All my emails seem to be working fine and I've had no warnings.


Not working email and contacts lost


No issues with outlook and z10.

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If BlackBerry = doomsday, out of business, etc.
Everybody else = it's just an inconvenient.

Z10 STL100-3 AT&T OS w/.810 Android


Blackberry bases their business and brand on being secure and reliable above all else. Microsoft...clearly doesn't. But nobody was expecting them to. It probably is costing them some deals with schools right now...


Did face the issue while accessing my mails on my laptop.. though the mails were coming on my Z10.. didn't face any issue there..

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I have an email from each of the big players, just because if this kind of things happen to any them and it will still happen I just use the others that are working.

Z10 STL100-3 AT&T OS w/.810 Android


Woke me up early and i saw the warning. It asked to update my password twice after that it was fine

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Rolf Simons

Never had any issues with Outlook mail.

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Z10 user on O2 in the UK. I noticed my contacts had dissapeared, checked my calendar and that had gone too. Sent a test email to myself which rather than being received instantly took about 20 minutes to come. Tried adding accounts, deleting accounts and leaving it alone. Contacts and Calendar seem to be back now but do come and go leaving me with an empty address book. Seems to all be back to normal now. Fingers crossed.


Contacts are ok, but no email and no calendar. My business email, which I have directed through outlook.com is fine now, but it was out most of the day. Grrr.

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Outlook is not working for my Q10. I am in Miami. Florida. Has not worked for me since yesterday. I deleted and re-installed the account again and still it does not connect.


Mines not working but thanks for the article, was unaware of the cause as I've not got any error messages etc but noticed I had a lot of emails in my inbox (outlook client) but non on my device.


Still issues with Hotmail. Microsoft are so inefficient... This firm is a joke...


Mine is not working
0116 pst, Aug 15

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Both. I have 3 Hotmail accounts. My main account was messed up this afternoon. Now, that one works but the other one is showing that it has trouble connecting. We'll just have to wait it out. At least, they're doing something about it.

Maybe it has to do with hackers. That'll make this story a little sexy, I suppose. Darn those hackers lol

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Mine keeps coming and going, so frustrating having to log in through the browser..... couldn't even do that earlier...not that I want to from my BlackBerry...it is horrible to view in the mobile browser

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Nope, one email only has emails from 7/23 and older and my other email has no entries. Microsoft rocks!

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In Ohio and never had an issue (that I know of) never received the error message and mail seemed to be coming in all day yesterday.

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Still down Canada Fido

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gaurav raj1

Got problem from yesterday onward. Account getting log out itself :( I'm from UAE

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Back to normal here, I'm in the UK


Wish they gave us a heads up first. May cal last night was moving appointments to different days and kept closing the app.
Spent too long trying to figure it out.
All seems ok this morning though.

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I,m in Holland and it is stil a mess. Parts are working and some not.

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Z10 Fido Canada, still out

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I'm in France, still no mean to check and receive mails.


Hi, I live in Lithuania, and my BB Q10 is still messed up. The outlook.com address book appears and disappears constantly. Can't even describe whats happening to my calendars. Noticed problems last night, and it's still a mess.


Stoll having major issues with mobile access on my Z10

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Yeah this was abit of a nasty one. You never know how much not having email will affect your life :D

But it seems to be back now.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963


Ok.. I'm in the UK. If that helps.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963


Forgot to say that I had to delete my Hotmail account from my z10 and re-add it before it could accept and process my password but even after that I'm getting very very spotty sync'ing of my email.

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Where are you?

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I am still down on my Q10 but the Web is up go figure!

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Yes I had to delete and re-add the outlook.com several times. To get the emails and Contacts syncing through correctly.

BB10 didn't seem to handle the error case too well. But this is understandable anyway since its quite an unusual outage and would have been difficult for BlackBerry to replicate in a test environment.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20352963


Not been on the PC to log in but it still works on my phone including all outlook reminders that are synced with my calender to email

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Is it just me or anyone else also having problem with yahoo mail also since yesterday?my hotmail started acting up just few hours ago,info please

Alistair Todd1

Still not working on my Z10, wish they would hurry up and fix it. I have now read a few posts on here saying they deleted and re-added their hotmail account, I have now done this and all my emails are coming through once again.


my email is still messed up on my phone and has caused some weirdness in my contact list

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Phil Schulte

Mine is finally working fine again!

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I had two prompts on devices (my Z10 and iPad) about a non-trusted certificate yesterday, which I clicked past. No other issues the whole time.

To be clear, my account is a corporate Office365 hosted email account, not normal outlook.com email.

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My outlook account has stopped working!


I'm not syncing on z10 and my friend on galaxy s2 is having problems as well

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Still having problems @ 4:00am mountain time.


I have 3 accounts and of those 1 x outlook.com and 1 x hotmail.com seem to be working now... however my other outlook.com is still down!

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Seems its working for me

Kicked out by my beast running BlackBerry OS10.2.0.1047


Or ok... and here I am thinking it's the phone... i keep deleting and adding it back

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On a Z10 in Canada. Never received any authentication warnings but lost emails from Z10 yesterday morning. Reset phone and they eventually came back by noon. However, I haven't received any new emails to my Z10 since 12:45 EST yesterday! Checked online last night and there are some new ones there. My Calendar has been wiped clear on Z10 since at least last evening or sooner. Still clear this morning. Calendar appointments looked fine online last night. My Contacts appear to be fine. So it just seems to be a syncing issue with me!
Have tried refreshing several times on Z10 but nothing happens.

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Working flawless again on my q10 (Germany)

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Since I posted above 6 minutes ago, my email has synchronized the missing emails since noon yesterday and my calendar now appears to be syncing. Hallelujah!

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Not getting my emails yet.

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Thanks, Microsoft looks like all is back to normal.

Posted by Zmain

Randy Scanlan

Never noticed a problem on mine. Worked all night and emails came in regularly with no authorization notifications. I'm on Telus on a Z10.

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No email yet.

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Still the same issue Z10 in Canada


Still having problems

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I can't do a cogeco. Email

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When will BlackBerry fix the Gmail issues? They know these issues for months but apparently don't bother doing anything about it.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


This thread is about Microsoft post about Gmail in a Gmail thread learn to read

From the Zed of Rockivy


To be honest I have had more issues with Gmail than outlook.

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Had problems a few weeks ago. All better now though.

Posted via my two thumbs.

Jim Banks2

I know lots of people that couldn't access their hotmail accounts either from there computers or iphones.

This issue is NOT a blackberry issue but a microsoft one. It's kind of funny because I'm sure we all remember a few years back when BlackBerry did actually have an issue it was as if the sky had fallen but if it happens to someone else you never hear a peep

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rizztazz torch

+1 not a peep.

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Still can't access my emails through my phone. Err....


No email or calender here. Keeps saying invalid email account for me

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No problems here with either the Q10 or the iPhone. I guess I got lucky.

Loving my Q10


Nope no issue here

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Working for me right now. Fingers crossed will stay this way :)

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John Pawling

Still not working for me. Web Access is still down for me too :(

Posted via CB10 1.4.2 on Z10 on the Rogers Network

John Pawling

Just did a reboot of my Z10, and my Outlook email started working again. I'm so happy :)

Posted via CB10 1.4.2 on Z10 on the Rogers Network



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A funny thing is happening: My Outlook/Hotmail mailbox is working perfectly well with my Bold 9900, but not with my Q10. It's been this way since I opened it this early morning.


I was a few hours after this was posted but things seem stable now

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OHMYGOSH did I ever panic!! All my salon appointments are taken from BBZ10 linked with my hotmail/outlook and sync with my playbook. They ALL dissapeared. SO, I went into outlook ''Calendar'' via desktop... they we all still there. I did a image capture. Until the problem is resolved...soon I hope!


Hello Lan4Life. Do you currently sync your Z10 contacts and calendar with your desktop Outlook, and if so, have you had any problems with it? I've had my Q10 since July 1 and have never been able to successfully sync these, a problem I never had with my Bold 9700 and only occassionally had with the Bold 9900. I sync just as a backup so I can use Outlook desktop to view my calendar and contacts (more convenient). Thanks.


When outlook starting having the problem, ALL of my calendars (work, gmail, yahoo) synched to my Z10 actually disappeared from Calendar app and Remember app wasn't working either. So I deleted my outlook.com account and all others came back immediately. So while folks say this is a Microsoft/Outlook problem, it is also a Blackberry problem in that it impacted all of my other accounts/calendars also on my Z10 (all calendars "gone" and Remember app not working) - which I don't think should be the case and Blackberry 10 should better isolate accounts so a major problem with one doesn't impact the others....

Brett Giza

Are they ever going to fix the contacts sync? I have a ton of phone numbers in other field that never sync to z10 but worked fine on curve

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Working on computer but buggy. Not working on my cell.

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