Our sibling site TiPb.com is now iMore - go there for everything iPhone, iPad and more!

iMore - More of Everything iOS
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2012 05:40 pm EST

There's a quote in the book The Alchemist that I like which says "What happens once will never happen again. But what happens twice will surely happen a third time." In the case of CrackBerry's iOS-related sister site, we're now onto round number 4. 

The site originally launched as PhoneDifferent.com in April 2007, just a few months after CrackBerry.com went live. That name was based on Apple's Think Different commercials. The connection proved too obscure for all but the Apple hardcore though, so PhoneDifferent merged with the TheiPhoneBlog.com in May 2008, keeping TheiPhoneBlog name. With the site being a lot more than just a blog and Apple releasing the iPad, another name was needed and in February 2010 TheiPhoneBlog got abbreviated down to TiPb.com. For those who knew the history behind the TiPb name it made sense, but beyond that it didn't and the name proved a little too difficult to intuitively pronounce (Tip-Bee... i think?!).  Suffice to say, we've been on the lookout for a better iOS domain for a long time now, which is no easy task - everything is it taken, not for sale or can be had for stupidly unreasonably-high (on crack) prices. 

But today our iOS frenemies have finally re-launched TiPb.com as iMore.com. Definitely a big improvement and it suits the site's mission... Delivering More of everything for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and everything iOS. More news, More reviews, More contests, More help, More everything for your I. Matching the new name is a newly updated site, so jump on over and check it out. I don't want anybody turning their back on BlackBerry, but I know a lot of us BlackBerry owners also own iPads and iPod touches, so if you do want to keep on touch with Apple stuff, do it over at CrackBerry's sister site, iMore!

Bye Bye TiPb, check out iMore.com

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Our sibling site TiPb.com is now iMore - go there for everything iPhone, iPad and more!


not a iFan but tip-bee sounds much cuter and much better. (and makes me less hateful towards it). iMore sounds just like those iSteves we've grown to hate here at Crackberry :P

iMore? Seriously? Couldn't think of a better name or what? Tbh iMore sounds bland and doesn't make sense (what does "more" mean or refer to since its an Apple site?). I thought it was April 1st for a sec after reading the title lol

imore sounds lame..tipb sounds better in comparison instead they could have called iPhoneCentral or ioscentral or something, anyways CB ftw..

tipb was a weak name but was somehow better than imore.
imore is really bland. My subject says it all. Now CrackBerry.com is an absolute home run. Sorry Kevin. How about MethamphetaPad.com or MethamphetaPhone.com? I do spend time on Androidcentral (for obvious reasons; come on RIM we need tablet OS2.0)

/ Now back to your regularly scheduled program

Mobile Nation is a profitable company and she is just an another employee like Keven. That's why...they are sooo lucky to work for a company like this!!!

hehehe thanks for noticing. :P

I do celeb roundups over there, as well as contests here and there. You can spot me on Android Central too, from time to time. But my heart will always be right here on CB.

 Mobile Nations FTW! 

I think we have come up with more inspiring i... names on the Crackberry site. None they would use, of course. imore is kind of bland. I like the way Georgia pronounced TiPb "tippy". Not letting the fact that they already selected the name stop me, how about: " iSite". Strong sound and has a homonym that is recognizable when you hear it. Maybe then Apple will patent and trademark "eyesight". :)

I'm not sure which is more fail, iMore or Qwikster.

Don't get me wrong, I love TiPB (which is what I'll continue calling it) but as someone who's' into branding and marketing, I simply can't believe anyone thought it was a good idea to stray from a name like TiPB which is fairly well known and has a great amount of "equity" behind it you could say to something like "iMore".

They really must have taken all the domain names. There must have been some pressure of from the guys that own Mobile Nations to rebrand. There wasn't anything wrong with tipb. Oh well, what's done is done. They are now stuck with a bland name that doesn't refrence anything to do with what's on the site. Hell, iStuff could have been better.

And yet crackberry.com has soldiered on with the same name in the same time iWhatever has gone through4...says something for the reliability and consistency of the BlackBerry name.

I wonder if when iphone5 is released, they'll change the website name for a 5th time.

You, as in MobileNations, need to come up with one uniform name. Hey, how about Mobile Nations? Then just have tabs to the appropriate blog you want to go to. Let's face it, most of us have or will swap between OS's. I do like how you have the nice Mobile Nations navigation bar at the top of the page, but consistency between the sites would be a much needed improvement.

iMore seriously?

what was with that fluff piece about steve jobs after the name announcement?

iMore sounds like some costco wholesale grocery store... weak name!

I noticed that change in my Flipboard tech section TiPb was better than iMore, wtf is iMore? Lol I like s'mores but iMore is lame. Sorry for hating.