OtterBox Impact Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2010 01:20 pm EDT

One of the best-selling cases in the OtterBox line is the Impact case. This skin gives you good protection on your device without adding too much bulk. Essentially a silicone skin, the design has a bit more texture and a better feel than other skins. It provides coverage around the back and sides of the device, leaving open the ports and camera/flash. It has a great feel overall and I really like the thought that went into the design. It fits on snug and feels almost like its part of the device, and it doesn't get in the way of typing or accessing the device. Check out the video above for a quick review.

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OtterBox Impact Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


I'm using this otterbox on my 9700 and is awesome it gives it extra does make it a bit bigger but is worth it. For just $10 on ebay...I give it a 9/10

I've had my Otterbox for about three months and I also give it a 9/10. It doesn't get the 10 because I had to remove the keyboard protector because it made it hard to type. Also, the arm on the belt clip (I have the 9700) broke. However, I called Otterbox, explained that the clip broke and they sent me a brand new one, no questions asked.

I'm not trying bring otterbox down in any way, but honestly what's so different from any other silicone case that you can find on the street for $5... I'm sorry but silicon and rubber cases all look the same and provided the same protection to me.

I suggest you slow down your movement - too fidgity! Also, how about reviewing the utility of the buttons. How well do they work with the silicon overlay? Not only the hard buttons on the sides, but the soft buttons on top.

I have the exact same OtterBox case for my 9700 Bold. Its really really awesome. Its not a regualar silicon $2 case which are pathetic! OtterBox is freaking awesome and they know their job well. But I am not using the Otterbox since last 2 weeks :( Because I have Seidio's Extended Battery! :) hence the Otterbox doesn't fit any more. No complains since OtterBox doesn't make cases for extended batteries. I wished they do....are the makers hearing this???


Have the Commuter also, like it better than this, the plastic seems to provide a bit more protection than just straight up silicon and also the silicon for the Commuter has the USB and earphone jack covered so it doesn't get all dusty

I love my Impact case. I also purchased mine from ebay for $10. They soft buttons up top are still easy to press. I hope they put out some new colors soon because I would love a blue one :)

Oh and to compinche, it's not just any other silicone case. Its thick and fits snugger than the cheap ones. Plus it has even more thickness at the corners for added protection against the occasion drop.

Compinche, it's not just the silicone. It also has a hard plastic shell between the phone and the silicone giving it more protection.

I bought the impact by mistake, hated it. Got the commuter and I love it, doesn't make it hard to retrieve my phone from my pocket :)

and love it, I bought it and it came with a screen protector and it was $20(might have been a lil high) but it slim and give my phone a better grip and looks pretty sexy for a case. The screen protector is the best I ever bought(unlike those cheep ones) and you can't even tell it's there)Yea the official BlackBerry case are nice, but this just feels better.

i guess you guys win, there is a difference... (next time won't voice my opinion) sorry.. :( yay go Otterbox!

Does anyone have any insight as to how this compares to the Case-Mate skin reviewed a page or two back? Obviously, the Case-mate has the keyboard cover whereas this one doesn't, but does anyone have hands on thoughts?

I got the Otterbox Impact Case a few months ago for my 9700 Bold. It works well and provides adequate protection. I've accidentally dropped it several times and my BlackBerry has remained unscathed because of it.

My only qualm with it is that after a while, it becomes a tad bit loose.