OtterBox Impact Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2009 09:56 am EST

CrackBerry member JReel had another busy week on the community video review front, taking a look at both the OtterBox Impact Series case for the BlackBerry Bold as well as the Body Glove Silcon skins. I think JReel is going to have pick up another BlackBerry device or two so he can spread his video review love around a bit more beyond the Bold.

Overview: OtterBox Impact Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold

The Impact Series merges durability, impact absorbing features and style in a single, slim-fit Silicone layer. All buttons, ports and functions are accessible right through the case, and the inner corners have been engineered to dissipate impact AWAY from your device. Also, the OtterBox Impact Series has an ergonomic design that your hands will love to be wrapped around!

  • Durable Silicone with impact-absorbing features
  • Inner corners dissipate impact away from the device with added bump and shock protection
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable carrying

The OtterBox Impact Series case for the BlackBerry Bold sells for $12.95. 

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OtterBox Impact Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold


ehehe well in that case, i've had plenty of 15 minutes, might wanna check in the community reviews for my other vids, i dont think there's a time limit bud

Thanks planoman for the support, some people dont appreciate these type of things, glad that you do along with some others

Hey, I want REAL blog post. Not a link to some dude who keeps doing case reviews. And yes I believe 5 min is way too long for a case review. Most cell video reviews are less than 6 min. A case video review should be quick and easy.

Jreel--you are providing a service and its more than im doing right now, lol. But just tighten your game up if Im going to have see a new post from Kevin every 3 days with a new "jreel" case review

they should start making storm cases instead of bold after bold wth seriously us storm users need to see some of that no offense bold users..

Try using the clip feature on the video editing.. As well as dont compress the video so much as its extremely pixelated and grainy and hard to see.

Whats up, the version you see up top is the normal version, i rendered it in HD, so you can go to my Youtube channel to view it in HD

I appreciate the detailed reviews but I agree with those comments saying the vids are WAY too long.

To all of you bashing Jreel:

What the F@#% are you doing for to allow you to bash Jreel? I mean I never saw any of you doing any reviews.

Jreel, thanks for another great review. I always considered an Otterbox for my bold. However, after seeing this review, I was able to truly see the dimensions and decide to continue my quest for the perfect bold case!

Up until now, I am still leaning forward to the seidio black/gray hard case. This is due to the fact that my current OEM blackberry skin for the bold always gets stuck in my pocket whenever I want to use my phone and its kind of annoying (besides the dust that sticks to it).

thanks again for the great review,


Michael L,
Thanks man, yeah i know a lot of dudes here like to bash when i'm putting out a video to help out, eheheh and complain how long the vids are. There are case reviews out there that are TEN minutes long. Again thanks Michael. The Seidio case is a sweeet choice, i love it because the holster, check out the video i put out, Seidio Innocase Holster review, yeah i use the OEM silicone cases also, which are great but not too great for in/out of the pocket.

Sounds like a nice case, but I always think those "gel" cases look so ugly... certainly do not want to cover up the beauty of my device with cheap silicone