Otterbox Defender Series Heavy Duty Belt Clip Now Available

By David Boyd on 27 Apr 2009 02:55 pm EDT
OtterBox Heavy Duty Belt Clip

One of the most frequently asked questions in the forums from public safety workers is what kind of holster can they use on their utility belts for their prized BlackBerry. OtterBox has always been what I have suggested, but the down side was that it did not fit on the utility belts securely.

When I went to CES in January, I stopped by the OtterBox booth and spoke with them about this and they told me they were working on a solution that would be available soon. I'm happy to say OtterBox Defender series heavy duty belt clip have finally arrived to! The heavy duty belt clip has been designed to work on utility belts up to 2.25" wide.

They are currently designed for the Bold, 8800, Pearl, 8350i, Curve and 8700 series. That pretty much covers any BlackBerry currently used today (no Storm version yet). As of right now, they are sold as a stand alone item for $14.95, so you must already own an OtterBox Defender Series case, or buy one in conjunction with the heavy duty holster. You can follow the links below for more information and to order. I'll have a full review coming soon.

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Otterbox Defender Series Heavy Duty Belt Clip Now Available


Why is everyone whining about this not being made for the Storm? I have my storm in an Otterbox Defender, WITH a heavy duty belt clip on my belt as I type this... right where it has been for the last 2 months.

I own the otterbox defender for the curve. By far the best case for anyone that is truly serious about protecting the BB. In addition, probably the finest Customer Service that i have dealt with in recent years. My BB looks like the day i bought it and I never have to worry if i drop it. a friend of mine with a BB curve came over that was using another case and the BB itself was beat up bad.

Sorry about that. The Defender Case is made for the Storm, but sadly as of right now, the heavy duty belt clip is not available for the Storm or Curve 8900.

**Correction - This HDBC is available for the Storm. Only on the OtterBox site right now. Should be coming to the CB store also**

Has anyone thought about building applications for police and fire departments? Patrol cars across the US as currently equipped with laptop computers that can communicate wirelessly with dispatchers, license and criminal databases. Wouldn't the next logical step be moving these functions to the Blackberry platform. As a former cop I can testify (no pun intended) to the fact that it would be so much easier to conduct a field interview and check NCIC if the officer on the streed didn't have to go back to the patrol car to run the suspicious person's information.

That'd be an awesome idea - a downside would be if the officer lost the handheld unit during a foot pursuit or just losing it in general. I would imagine it would be a target for theft, encrypted or not.

On numerous occasions, the officer's in Toronto just phone into their stations and have the dispatch team run the check. Not as fast as having the unit infront of you, but fast nonetheless. That, and I usually keep my head up and hands free as much as possible during an interview. I'd rather drop my memobook than my BlackBerry.

btw - STORM users - saw this on the OB site: