OtterBox Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hands-On Video

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2011 01:04 pm EDT

Contest: Win a Free OtterBox Defender Case for your BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900. Leave a single comment to this post for your chance to win! Ends this Sunday @ Midnight.

When you think protection for your BlackBerry, you instantly think of OtterBox. Their cases are available for nearly all BlackBerry smartphones, and with plenty to choose from in their line of Impact, Commuter and Defender cases, there is something for everyone. The OtterBox Defender Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900 is the latest for the new BlackBerry 7 device. The defender combines three layers of protection to keep your device save and sound from everything from daily bumps to drops on the pavement. 

There are plenty of case options available for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900, but if you want to get the most protection for your device, the OtterBox defender is really a no brainer. It fully surrounds your device leaving access to all ports, and the included clip-on holster makes carrying a breeze. 

I have to say I'm a big fan of this case as I know my Bold 9900 won't get a scratch on it while I'm using it. The keyboard is left exposed, but the rest of the device is secured by multiple layers to give you peace of mind. If you work (or play) in a tough industry where you need to be sure your BlackBerry is protected, there is no better way to go than with the OtterBox Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / Bold 9900.

You can purchase the OtterBox Defender Series Case for just $47.95 at Be sure to watch the video above for a more in-depth look at this case.

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Reader comments

OtterBox Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hands-On Video


ohww myyy!! I really want this case!! Saw the video about a week ago; it will just be perfect for my bold 9900. I really want one, please.

Total Protection, totally need this! Looking to get my 9900 Bold in a few weeks! Help me on the pricing of the phone and hook me up with an Otterbox Defender for it so I dont feel soo bad about spending $350 on the phone Crackberry!!

Otterbox is a must have for any device...My Playbook has been saved already a couple times...Thx Crackberry for another awesome chance!!!

I already have one, I'm just missing the full face coverage that the Defender series used to have. Still gets the job done.

I have one for my current 9650 and i love it. I'm gonna be upgrading to the 9930 in a couple weeks and if i don't win this ill buy one from Shop CrackBerry eventually
I do wish there was a skin for the keyboard though. Maybe OtterBox will end up making one if they get enough requests for one.

Just ordered the Blackberry 9930 with Verizon after another horrible experience with an android phone. Ridiculously happy to be back in the Blackberry family! Would love an otterbox defender to keep my phone safe when I'm in the field!

Hi @soldier_medic23,

Alex from RIM here. Couldn’t be happier to welcome you back to the BlackBerry family, and nice call on picking up the Bold 9930! I’ve been a Bold user for years, and the 9930 takes it up a notch with its QWERTY/touch combination and faster browsing thanks to the new BlackBerry 7 OS. Without a doubt, it’s my favorite BlackBerry yet. I hope you love it as much as I do.

To make sure you hit the ground running with your new phone, check out this “5 Things You Should Know” post about the 9930 we recently posted on our Inside BlackBerry Blog:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

While the case definately gives good protection and feels nice in the hand. I would warn people about the rubber surround. If you don't mind the edges coming loose and continually pushing them back the fine, but it irritates me already, Also the I don't think the cover for the charging cable will last more than a few weeks.
I don't know if spare rubber covers can be purchased, but I can see me this standing up for a long period. Love the 9900 by the way

best thing ever for when you go out or have a nasty job. sturdy and protective. so i would enjoy one :).

I definitely need one of these cases - too many times i leave my phone in my lap, then it hits the ground when i get out of the car.

Love Love Love!! I particularly like that the keys are NOT covered with a plastic shield that some other OtterBoxes have for the BB's.

My experience with the Defender cases for the 97XX series (where it clips from the side onto the belt clip) is that the friction clips tend to break over time.

The design of the Defender for the Curve 8500 series was much better (with a "scoop" at the bottom of the clip and a friction fit to hold the phone in place).

Does anyone know if the 9900 series Defender has the same problem?

I have exactly the same question. I went through three of the holsters in short order with my 9780 and reverted to a commuter case with BB holster setup. The case is truly outstanding but the holster is pretty much useless.

Maybe not needed for everyday protection, but for the sports weekends, when moutain biking kayacking, or other active sports, it is a must have. Hope I win.

I bought this case last week and it is awful. The outer rubber doesn't fit well around the hard shell, so it's constantly coming apart. Also, the hard shell case feels more flimsy than other defenders I've owned in the past. Wasn't happy with this case at all. Went out and got the Commuter instead and it's SO much better than this case.

Those defender cases seem to make your phone bulky. I'd like to win one of these it would be a nice to bring my phone to a concert and not worry about it getting smashed

Just picked up my new Blackberry 9900....LOVE it! I've had OtterBox Cases for every BlackBerry I've owned (4) and I'd LOVE to win this one for my latest (and greatest) BlackBerry...

yeah cool but i want to know is when is there gona be a contest to win a blackberry because i dont have one and i really like the blackberrys im a big fan of al the blackberrys everyday i look for new info of blackberry

what i want to know is when is there gona be another contest of wining a blackberry because i really love blackberrys and i never had one so i would like to win one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review: The Defender case fits okay on my 9930, and I can type unhindered. It's actually easier to type with this case on than just the bare phone. One fairly serious problem I am having is that the silicone outer layer thins quite a bit on either side of the keyboard, and the bead on those side "flaps" doesn't seal very well into the groves in the hard interior case. The sides pull out all the time when handling or holstering.

I'd love an otterbox for my soon to be 9900. I use a commuter my 9780, and I've been resisting going to a 9900 just because I want to wait until I can get a new commuter first.

Wowie, this thing's like a tank shell for the 9900/9930!

Would love to win one of these especially for the more rough/tumble outdoor activities.

Noticed in the video that that clip portion has what looks like a magnet (effectively putting your BB to sleep) - can anyone confirm?

Thanks CB team!

my 9930 is on order and otterbox rocks!!! I've had an otterbox for everyone of my blackberries including my playbook. thanks for the awesome contest!

I'm currently using the Defender for my PlayBook and it's totally awesome...
I don't have to worry about any bumps and scratches 'cos I know my Playbook is totally safe.

I would love to have the same thing for my Bold 9900.
The only flaw is that it's a 'lil heavy with the case.
But hey, nothing's perfect right?!

Otterboxes... Winning!!!

I have and love the Defender for my Bold 9650! I work in live concert production where phone protection and security is a must. Even better is the customer service for otter box, called about a busted holster and had a new one for free in about a week. (warranty Repair)

Love my Otterbox for my 9780 - Running a 9900 nekkid right now - would love to put it in an Otterbox too! :)

Otterbox is the name in protecting mobile devices. Need one for the job site please!
Thanks to Crackberry & Otterbox for the contest. Good luck everyone

I use an Otterbox case and holster combination for each device that I use. I just got the Bold 9930 and this would be perfect for me.

Would love to win one of these...I hate having to compromise between case but no holster and hoslter but naked...that holster my 9930 came with is aweful! Otterbox to the rescue!

I know for the defender series case I bought for my 9700 it had a sorta plastic thing that went over the screen and the keyboard. Did they leave it out of the design or was it in the plastic bag or what? I don't know if I want the cover over the screen and keyboard or not. It's extra protection but I've had it where moisture built up in it and hurt my phone for a few days.

otterbox is the best quality, i would love one of these for my phone that is in the mail heading to me this week!

Spend a lot of time servicing ATM's, screw driver in one hand, Blackberry Bold 9900 in the other. Chances of dropping it are very high! dont wand to damage as fast as I did my Bold 9000!

Gonna be picking up a 9930 in the next week but the question is "Do you get the phone first or the Otterbox Defender Series case first?"

This case would be a great addition to my phone. I need a solid case since I am not a fan of the holster it came with! Pick me please!!

First was a charging dock, now a protective case will be next, this one is perfect, thanks for the chance to win. erndog

Hi Adam.

Thanks for the review. You mentioned a three layer protection but I can only count two.
Also, the rubberized outer shell easily peels off. This can actually be seen in your video too. Every time I take it out of the holster the lower part of the rubber goes off and requires me to put it back on.
The material attracts dust. Because of this the black rubber outer shell is always covered in dust.
In addition to this, unlike in your video where you try to softly shake off the handset from its holster it actually come off in real life you can actually loose the device.
If this is the best protective case on the market then there are no good ones out there.
I cannot recommend Otterbox Defender for Bold 9900 to anyone. Sorry.