OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve Review!!

By John Yester on 15 Dec 2008 06:16 am EST
OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve

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Hey all! Yester18 here. If you're looking for a case and holster that takes a beating in your job or active lifestyle, or you want to keep your device looking new, then the OtterBox is for you. In my line of work protection is a plus. I'm a fire fighter and take my BlackBerry to work all the time. Suffice to say when I'm out on calls it gets used and abused so to give it protection I rely on OtterBox for awesome protection.

Initial Impressions - When I first received the OtterBox for my BlackBerry Curve I was surprised by the build quality of the case and holster. You can tell that it's made to provide added protection even in extreme situations. The case comes with a clear protective membrane for the front and back of the phone, which provides additional protection from dirt and splashes of liquid. The main shell of the case is made of high quality plastic. It seems to be very durable for high impact situations. The rubber outer wrap for the case seems to be made for drop and shock protection.

OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve

Long Term Impressions – Now that I have been using the OtterBox case on my Verizon 8330 Curve for over 4-5 months, it does show some signs of wear when you look at it but it’s still all in one piece! This phone has been on multiple structure fires and other misc. calls and is still looking good. The phone has been tossed and drop from 5-6 feet of a fire engine and tossed into a compartments with other equipment.

Now this hasn’t happened to me yet, but other users I know have had the belt clip break on them. This may seem unfortunate but every device or accessory has its breaking point. Luckily that is why this company packs a lifetime warranty behind their products. To me that is +1 for a product of this type. As far as the people with problems, they just simply called or emailed OtterBox and had the product replaced without any questions asked.

OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve

OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve

Conclusion – If you want a case for overall protection for you $400-500 phone this is it. Now your job or profession may not be like mine, but if you do a lot of outdoor sports or just seem to always trash your phone no matter what you do, this is my recommendation to you.

OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve
Get an Otter box and get the best protection with out any question.


  • Best over all protection out there.
  • Does not add over all weight.
  • Sleeper mode enables in holster.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Rubber seems to stretch over time. (Call for lifetime replacement)
  • Clear membrane(optional) tough to type with keys covered sometimes.
  • If doing battery pulls( Process in removing the case to gain access to battery takes some time)
  • Size(Some users say that w/ the case on it makes the device look and feel bulk)

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Reader comments

OtterBox Defender For BlackBerry Curve Review!!


In my opinion, Otterbox for the BlackBerry Curve definitely prepares your device for battle.

Although the membrane may bother some when viewing the screen or even taking pictures but as yester18 mentioned, It's optional. If anything, it really helps especially me when I travel and have to use it in places where it rains more than average.

Hey yester, you also forgot one more pro to this case. It's highly effective as a "crime deterrent" LOL:

This is if you ever have the urge to use you BB in that fashion on some folks. Otterbox will protect your device very well. Can't say the same thing for whoever the person is on the receiving end.

I had this on my curve and it was amazing. Phone was thrown across large office on many occasions and the outer rubber never even budged. great product..I'd still be using it if i didn't sell my curve to buy the just need to make one for the storm..

There is currently one available... i just bought the otter box for my 8830 i love it... but when i was at the verizon store he was showing me the one for the storm

I have this case and I love it, my holster broke and i called them to see how much a new one would cost they told me its covered and sent me a new one free of charge no questions asked shipping was covered as well... i'm thinking i am going to call them about the stretched out rubber layer too.

y r there soooooo many air bubbles on those curves... otterbox went cheap and didnt get BSE or zaggs??

Great review John!
I have broken the clip on my holster three times, and OtterBox has sent me three new ones, no problem.
I don't use the membrane, but the case itself is great...the added "bulk" gives me a better grip. This case is "bomb-proof" and I highly recommend it:)

I think at least one of your cons doesn't count. The whole battery pull issue, is a non-issue with a Curve. You can always use a free app like QuickPull, or easier yet, do the Alt + Right Shift + Delete (Hold in that order) that is built into your phone. There is no point in removing the whole case to pull the battery with these available. Also, like many have mentioned, I don't use the membrane at all. It clouds the camera and makes all the pictures fuzzy, not to mention, I hate the way it makes the keys feel. I recommend you get a Zagg for the screen and be done with it. The InvisibleShield from Zagg, does a great job of protecting the screen along with the OtterBox shell, and rubber surround. Yes, it would be great if OtterBox could combine the two, but at least this is a great alternative.

I do home repair & it is just as valualble of a tool to me as my screwdrivers or electrical meter. It will take a beating but still looks good. Just take the cover off every once in a while & clean it. I would suggest cutting out the protective area for a cleaner sharper picture. This may cut down on the 3 foot water submersion but after my little boy dropped mine in the tub for a small amount of time & my blackberry is still working & so I dont think the camera cover is a major problem. When i take my cover & case off my blackberry looks brand new. The trackball & typing is impeccable.

I'm also a firefighter in Northern Virginia. I have the Blackberry 8830 World Edition. When I ordered my Otterbox case for this phone, I immediately began to appreciate Otterbox quality. First of all, the outside membrane is not rubber, it's silicone and it does not stretch. But does become slippery, but still maintains a good grip. The clear membrance for the screen and the keys truly protects the "open" area of the phone. A firefighter can appreciate this when going back to the station from a call and not contaminating the phone from an EMS call or putting out a car fire! And you do not have to take apart the case to remove the battery to reset the phone! All you need to do is hit Alt, Up arrow, and Delete to reset the phone! Without ever removing the battery! One thing that has occurred, well of couple of times is that the belt clip holder will crack. This is my 3rd belt clip holder but Otterbox replaced each one with no cost whatsoever! How many companies are willing to do that? I'm waiting to see if they make a phone holder case with the new Blackberry Storm.