OtterBox Contest Winners!

OtterBOX Contest Winners!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Oct 2008 12:24 pm EDT

Here it is CrackBerry Nation... the winners announcement to our impromptu OtterBox Giveaway. We were originally going to give away three cases, but the good folks at OtterBox stepped in and had this to say:

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted to the contest, we are overwhelmed with the tremendous response!!! So...instead of just three, we're picking five lucky OtterBox BlackBerry case winners! Special thanks to the awesome CrackBerry team and of course Kevin for helping us pick the winners and for hosting this incredible contest. Winners and OtterBox enthusiasts be sure to share pics, videos and testimonials of your adventures at Planet OtterBox (! Happy OtterBoxing! 

Thanks OtterBox! Let's get onto it. Drum roll please... and the winners of a new BlackBerry OtterBox are..... 

ezyproductions, CalHiker, newkirk02, darknight_dk, and my3prez

Congrats to the winners! Picking them wasn't an easy task. There were hundreds of awesome entries (which took literally a couple hours to read)! As I read through I tried to select what I thought were the most deserving posts. Unfortunately, that didn't narrow it down by much as everybody had such good stories and reasoning as to why they deserved an OtterBox... so in the end it came down to lady luck. For those who didn't win, I have two things to say: 1. BUY AN OTTERBOX (some of you REALLY, REALLLY need them) and 2. VISIT CRACKBERRY.COM TOMORROW (trust me on this one). 

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OtterBox Contest Winners!


If we are supposed to visit daily, and are reading this now, and come back tommorow, aint that daily?


Firstly congratulations to all those worthy people who won an Otterbox for their phones. As I didn't win one, I now have to go out and buy one.

However I was wondering what is going to be released tomorrow on Crackberry?

Is ATT finally releasing the Bold?
Is there going to be a new Pink Storm?

The suspense is killing me. Please tel us now??

Thanks for the contest. This site rocks! Whether i ever win anything from here during a contest doesnt matter. Its great just to be a part of this site. Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work~

thats fvcked up, I really wanted one for free. Just goes to show groveling isn"t whats cracked (get it) up to be. My faith in this Berry Nation is down the tubes. Along with ATT or should I say Another Tall Tail. I'm tired of waiting for the Bold and sick and tired, tired and sick and fed up waiting for att to approve an OS4.5, and low and behold another iPhone 3G commercial. By the end of the week I hope to be an iPhone user. Because RIM vs ATT just isnt makin it happen. If I would have won a free case I'm sure it would have kept my patience in tact. Well since I couldn't crack the berry code to become a F.O.C. (friend of crackberry) I guess I'll be moving on. I will have a curve to sell shortly, check craigslist

Damn...I shoulda entered for an otterbox for my 8350i...if it ever gets released I'm gonna need something strong to put it into. I do a really hands on job and would be wearing that BB on a gunbelt...don't wanna lose it working the border or drop it on some rocks and break it...
I hope the news today is BIG BIG BIG

Again congratulations ot the worthy contest winners.

So we were informed to come back tomorrow for something really big. Well I'm here and waiting?????????????????

So I've been checking since about 8 CST for this big announcement - to no avail!! When will you stop teasing already, and post it!!! I'm going bananas with the waiting!!