OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2011 12:19 pm EDT

Keep reading for details on how to win an OtterBox Commuter Case for your BlackBerry Bold 9930 or Bold 9900!

If you know OtterBox at all then you already know what to expect from the OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900. This case is just what you'd want from OtterBox and it doesn't disappoint. The OtterBox Commuter offers full coverage all around your device, leaving easy access to your charging and headphone ports. I really do like this case for my Bold 9900 as it gives you that extra sense of security that if you happen to drop the device or toss it down it will still stay safe. All in all if you're an OtterBox fan and using a Bold 9930 or Bold 9900 then this case is for you. Hit the store to pre-order yours and check out the video above for more.

Contest: To enter to win an OtterBox Commuter case for your Bold 9930 or Bold 9900, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900



Please let me win this . I have dropped my 9900 4 times already.

At least let me WIN one good contest on Crackberry...

Please please please

That would be the perfect accessory for my 9900 that I just ordered from Tmo. I'll be watching the mail for mine :D

#Otterbox for life...I have had one for every BB, to include my #Playbook. Really, the only true protection, it's better than insurance...

I'm with you on that. I even bought this case before the phone came out on verizon. I knew it would sell out and I was right. I was the second person to write a review on the otter box website. To put it lightly, I really like this case. No better way to protect my 9930, in my opinion. Short of leaving it in a fire proof safe. I'm not entering in the contest but good luck on who wins. It's a great case.

NEW Blackberry user here! Just got the new 9930 from Verizon and love it. This is coming from a iPhone fanatic. However, just sold my iPhone 4 after using this badboy! Would love some protection for my new purchase! :)

That's right!!! Cuz BlackBerry is better than Apple!!! I'm glad to see people are finaly starting to see that.

Oh Emm Gee! I love this!
I so desperately need some protection for my Bold 9900 and this looks great as well.
Not too bulky but retaining the OtterBox ruggedness
I've been using Otterbox Commuter for my Bold 9700 and OtterBox Defender for my PlayBook and would love it if I could own this for my Bold 9900!
CrackBerry, please grant my wish and give this to me!

This looks ghastly ! RIM spend lots of money getting all the lines to match up, get the scales in proportion making the 9900 the slimest BB yet and someone wants to put a case on it ???

Unless your prone to scratching / breaking phones this is just absurd.

Mine gets delivered today, it is out for delivery, so I guess I don't need to try to win one, but my wife's upgrade is coming up so I will probably need one for her.

This looks like a good protector of my 9900. I haven't had an Otterbox before so it would be nice to try one.

just had to buy my 9900 off contract, so I need something to protect my investment! what better way to compliment it by winning this great contest! PLEASE pick me CB team!

Its a shame to cover up such a beautiful device, but considering I have almost dropped it twice it would be great to win.

ive been a crackberry member for about 4 years. huge supporter and daily visitor. Please let me win this otterbox for my new 9900!!!!!

I have an OtterBox for 8900 and I can vouch for the quality of these. Hopefully will be sporting a 9900 soon. As Adam said in the review once or twice or five times, these guys are Rock Solid!

I'd love to get her one before I take a trip to see her for her 9930 would b awesome protection for the phone

I've never been a fan of the Otterbox cases...until now.

This is the first one that actually looks rugged, and not just...thick.

Its an amazing case. I bought one for mine and love it. A little tough to install but great. I would definitely like one for the wifey.

The only thing that stinks about buying the 9930 the second it came out is that there are no good cases for it. I've spent now almost 100 dallors trying to find a case, becouse the otter box has been sold out everywhere,to keep my baby clean and unharmed but have yet to find one to satisfy me. I work construction full time and dust get everywhere. Half the time I don't even want to touch my phone cuz my hands are dirty. Worring if that email, text, phone call is imortont. But to touch it I have to quit what ever I'm doing and go clean my hands. Which if you have ever worked constrution time is money. I have yet to find one that covers the front so I have to clean it 3 or 4 times at work. I have like 6 cleaning cloths and one is with me always. This is getting kind of aggravating. Is there any case that covers the front? Is that even possible? I'm starting to think I should of got the 9850 but what's a blackberry without there amazing qwerty keyboard? The 9810 one would think wouldn't have a case completly covering it cuz it slides up and the curve is half of a OS7. Iphones have it so I know they can do it, BUT I am a BlackBerry loyalist!!! Sugestions anyone?!?!

I have a new 9930, and would love to have the Otterbox Commuter Case to go with it. More importantly though, Thank You to all of the staff at for all you do for us Blackberry maniacs! I have been a long time Blackberry user, the 9930 being my 4th. This is my absolute favorite BB site of all!!

Thank you!!

Ok here we go again.... I would Love this case for the 9900 i won from the crackberry Blackberry 7 smartphone giveaway!! Wait... Scratch that... i would have loved this case for the smartphone i did not win from the crackberry Blackberry 7 smartphone giveaway! With that said... not winning the bold 9900 and still really really wanting it means i will have to buy it! No problem right? Nope... but now i would need a very nice case to protect it from my destructive tendencies! So crackberry... will this be my turn to finally win something? Let me win the Otterbox Commuter case for the Bold 9900 i will be purchasing in the coming days/weeks! Thank you :)

Don;t have a 9900, but will be getting one as soon it gets here! Since have not heard anything solid on the QNX and since it will be touch only, will probably wait out for a 9900 form factor with QNX, so bring on that OtterBox!!!

I prefer the Defender case. I think is an excellent and not too bulky case, but some peoples like me, feel more secure with the Defender case.

I love this case on my 9930!! I have a flimsy silicone skin for the first week and was terrified of the phone slipping right out. This case is the bees knees! My butter fingers have already managed to drop the phone twice not a single scratch. This case is great.

I love my 9930, but i don't like the holster that comes with it... would LOVE to have the otterbox!

This is a single comment I can verify it is NOT married!!!!!!!! Hopefully it wins the contest for me. :)

I would LOVE to get one of these!! Being a very accident prone person, with a very beautiful, albiet, naked 9930.

I have been looking at getting one of these for my 9900 as I have had one for years for my 9700 and it looks like new beneath the case.

Really would love to win this.. I have been waiting for these to come into stock and they have not been there.. I think it might even rival my other cases!!

Hopefully getting my 9930 from work in the next week or so....this would be perfect to keep it safe!

I would really really love to win the otterbox commuter case for my shiny brand new 9900!
Thanks crackberry. Your site is awesome!!!!

I followed your site for weeks. Laying awake at night. Waiting, desperately waiting for the release of the new Blackberry Bold 9930. And when it went on sale, I pounced. Immediately calling Verizon and ordering one. O have been using the device for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I would marry it, but the Republicans in Congress might frown upon that. It is easily the best smart phone I have ever owned. Unfortunately though I tend to be clumsy and have already dropped my baby, I mean my Blackberry several times. I would love to win the Otterbox Commuter case to keep us together, till death do us part.

Sooooooo, the way the port covers work on this, it appears quite different than the way they did it in the past, which to me is proof that they did NOT own up to the manufacturing defect that they had with the 9650 case, where the nobs/covers wouldn't stay pressed in very well at all.

Would be nice for the 9900 I will eventually get (if AT&T ever gets off its collective a-- and releases it), but I'm wondering if the edges make it harder to use the keys on either side of the device.

Yes, please! Agent 99 is currently naked. While that's hot and all, a little bit of protective coverage leaves more to the imagination, and that's so much hotter.

This would be soooooooooooo cool!
If I won you would be my friends forever!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry! you rock i don't care what iOS says about you :P

This is the best case for the 9900, hands down. no comparison. period. Nice try. Thanks for playing. See you next time.

I was looking at this couple of days ago and it said temporarily out of stock, guess I know why now! Dear "Otterbox" I love you! ♥ I had a defender for my 9650, would love one for my 9930!
Thanks CB

I almost ordered this yesterday but since it wasn't available, I settled on another but after seeing this, should've waited. At least my 9930 will have some protection until I win this! (Or buy one through the CrackBerry store...)

DEFINATELY gonna buy one of these, but i dont like the fact the beautiful silver trim is hidden :( hopefully i win! lol

Perfect!! Need to protext my 9930! Its like my little baby even though its so well built.. Would love to get this case for the nice price of free and protect my phone from all of the terrible thing in the world (cement) :)

Otterbox is the shit, I have had a Defender case on all my blackberries so far.

Don't have a 9900 (YET) but will soon. I'd love to win this case for it, the new phones deserve a sleeker case.

Beautiful case also I saw a little peek of the crackberry logo at the back of you device.....I have gotta get one of those. I check Crackberry ALL the time.....Fantastic!!!!!!!

I HAVE this case for my VZW 9930 and it is awesome... A bit difficult to get on at first, but a nice tight fit. Also, the included screen protector is perfect!

BTW, It covers the connectors for the docking station, and it is just a bit too bulky to use in a holster.

I love my new BlackBerry Bold 9930, and I want to keep it looking new with a new Otterbox. I've learned over the years that EMS work can be a little hard on phones so an Otterbox is a must have for me. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :-)

I'd love to win this! Do these cases make typing more difficult? Are the Q, P, A and Del keys more difficult to use?

Do you want to know something funny? I will win this commuter case weeks before I can even buy the damn 9900 from AT&T.

Man I would love to win one of these! I have been lookin but can't come up with the extra cash for it, make my day cb! Make my 9930 complete?!

I just love 2 piece case, they're great and this commuter series will be great for my upcoming Bold 9900.

This will be a great adition to my new waiting phone, once in my hand i have to protect that beatifull piece of engeneering

Just ordered a 9930 that should arrive Wed. and could really use this to go along with it :) finally gave up on HP/webos for blackberry. looking very forward to the transition.