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OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

OtterBox Commuter Case BlackBerry Torch 9800
By Adam Zeis on 10 Nov 2010 09:33 am EST

* ShopCrackBerry Update: These OtterBox Commuter cases for the BlackBerry Torch have been tough to keep in stock! We just received a new shipment of the black/pink cases which are now available for purchase. The black/black is scheduled to arrive next week (you can pre-order now and we'll run an update post when they arrive!).*

When you think maximum protection for your BlackBerry, you think OtterBox -- it's as simple as that. With the Commuter Series Case for the BlackBerry Torch, you get just that. This unique design covers both the main device as well as the sliding screen. It fully surrounds the sides and edges of your device, keeping it safe from the harsh landings it may endure that would otherwise scratch it up. It does add a bit of bulk, but if you want to keep your BlackBerry Torch safe this case really can't be beat. Check out the video above for a hand-on look and we have more photos below. For more info and to purchase, click on over to ShopCrackBerry at the link below.

OtterBox Commuter
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OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

OtterBox Commuter Case BlackBerry Torch 9800
OtterBox Commuter Case BlackBerry Torch 9800
OtterBox Commuter Case BlackBerry Torch 9800
OtterBox Commuter Case BlackBerry Torch 9800

Reader comments

OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


ABSOLUTLY hated it!!! I dropped my torch once and the top flimsy cover popped off. Otter def disapointed me on this one.

Yea otterbox dissapointed me this time around, I also dropped it once and the clip snapped so I'm out $25 now I'm just gonna buy a seidio they look good.

I also had a problem with the front cover (on the sliding part) breaking with a small drop. Otterbox is sending me a new one immediately. If we all contact them whenever that front part breaks, maybe we can get them to start making that part out of a better material.

I am happy that they stood behind their product and were willing to replace it. The people at the AT&T store were giving me no love.

More often than not, users of the OB Commuter Torch case are having issues with the faceplate. After a few drops, it will start popping off on impact because the snaps that hold it on start to weaken, chip, and even break off completely. OB has done nothing but a horrible job with the faceplate to this case. I'm very disappointing and have lost faith in this case manufacturer.

Though these are great against damage, they almost cause it by how slippery they make the cases.
My mother in law bought one, and because the the case she has dropped it many times slipping out of her hand, or when she went to hand it to someone she ending up throwing at them on accident.

To me this case would cause more harm then good. I would try the Incipio or casemate for an alternative.

The back cover was awesome and well-built. That front cover however, was cheap and constantly popped off. I returned it the second did teh same and eventually snapped when the att rep put it on when i took it back again. very cheap and not secure.

Owners really seem to have strong feelings about the OB. Some absolutely hate it, while I really like it. It's not perfect, but I haven't seen any other product able to come close to offering the protection the OB does. I've broken two front covers, and my ATT store replaces them no questions asked.

Count yourself lucky. Mine broke in the first week and the AT&T store people wouldn't let me exchange or return it. Luckily I contacted Otterbox and they are sending me a replacement.

Because if it were an honest review instead of just a "hands-on look," it certainly would have addressed the propensity of the top piece to pop off with the least little shock to the device.

It's not exactly a secret. The threads in the Torch forum are filled with reports of this happening.

The top part that attaches to the slider is poorly made and the little clips on the top and bottom break easily. Im on my third one in 3 months.

I had heard that they either slightly changed the design or went with a different manufacturer on this one after the problems. May or may not be true. I live in the community where Otterbox is located which is how I heard it. They may have addressed an issue.

What is interesting about this case is that early reviews were split, some hated it and some loved it. Some had real issues with the top and others didn't. A guy in my office has one and he has never had the top come off. I haven't bought one yet because the quality sounds inconsistent, which is unlike Otterbox products.

I had heard that they either slightly changed the design or went with a different manufacturer on this one after the problems. May or may not be true. I live in the community where Otterbox is located which is how I heard it. They may have addressed an issue.

What is interesting about this case is that early reviews were split, some hated it and some loved it. Some had real issues with the top and others didn't. A guy in my office has one and he has never had the top come off. I haven't bought one yet because the quality sounds inconsistent, which is unlike Otterbox products.

do a search... otterbox is usually great but with the torch they have failed horribly.

they need to recall these pathetic cases off of the shelves.

do yourself a favour and do a simple search and read on people whom have had this case for more then 5minutes so they can tell you how crappy it actually is.

Well I'm happy with this case, in fact when there was no case except for the major crappy "Case-Mate" case, which was so bad that it also had an affect on my singnal strength. The case mate top piece always popped off with ease and was odd and bulky. No BS for me here, as soon as I picked up the communter case from otterbox, I was in love with it! No top popping off and its already saved me after a drop. Think about it guys, the Torch needs to slide and its pretty damn hard to design a case that has not much bulk and allows the unit to slide, not too mention navigate as if there was no case! I love it. My only little gripe, is that otterbox should have had better rubber grip on the flat bottom so its not as slipperry. That's it!


I feel let down by the design of the Otterbox Commuter for the 9800. The top piece only secures on the top and bottom, compared to other cases like the Seidio Innocase that secures top bottom and both sides. Plus the top lock/mute buttons on the Torch are covered by the silocone that stick way out and make the buttons activate any time you bump it or put it in your pocket. The only re-design that I have seen is the packaging. I have used Otterbox on other devices and just feel this one is not up to Otterbox standards!

I bought this case over the weekend to go with my new Torch and it sucks! It's too slippery and it was causing my phone to lag - I think it had something to do with the gel skin putting too much pressure on the back of the phone. I also had a hard time locking my phone by pushing the button at the top. I returned it and decided to wait on the Incipio Feather light that is coming out soon.

Ive had previous cases for my 9800 (Mobi hard shell) for example, but all the cases Ive had the front shell pops off so no surprise here. Once the back is put on it holds down the lock button which freezes the phone and you have to hard pull the battery over and over. However once the case is broken in the back fits fine and it is not as slippery as most say. I use it and it works fine. I have broken the front shell but att replaced it with no questions at all

thing is if you dont get it on just right it screws up your buttons, always touching the lock button, the face buttons unusuable or the trackpad
and it makes getting to the battery a pain , i've embraced the alt,shift,del method of rebooting hence
but for 50$ its very strong, ive drop my torch without it and got dings and dents, i got a new torch and dropped with a the case and no damage, it makes your phone look huge, but it does the job

Hi all. I received an Otterbox pink commuter case for my torch for Christmas and every time I put it on my bb, within a minute or two the entire BB freezes up. I have to take the case off and do a battery pull to get it up and running again. I've taken off the part above the lock button (the white rubbery piece from the inner shell) but it is still freezing up. I've tried this alt, shift, delete thing and nothing happens, what am I doing wrong??? I am so frustrated with it. It is a great case and I received it as a gift so I can't just return it, any suggestions to try?? Thanks so much!!!


yess this case is a crap. when i got it, i install it and it feels too crappy. also the top button (lock) button gets mess-up when is in your pocket. i have to cut it off to make it work the right way. im using that one until it dies..

I gotta agree with most of the posts on this topic. I do not like this case. It definately does not have the signature otterbox quality that the rest of their products did. My 9700 commuter for example had a rubber case that had a plastic cover that went over it. I really liked that because the soft rubber would absorb some of the impact on a drop. With the 9800 its all plastic...tell me how can hard plastic absorb any shock? Yeah it'll keep it from getting scratched, but what good is a mint condition phone that doesent work.

An other issue I have is when the case is on and the slider is closed, it doesent sit flush, so when you go to type, use the trackball, or talk keys, the phone creaks.

I think otterbox rushed this case to market to be the first ones out of the gate, and they've really tarnished their reputation with this crappy case. I'd like my $50 back please!

Not quite sure what you're talking about here. My Otterbox Commuter series for my 9800 has a rubber-like sleeve that the back of the phone slips into that is covered by a hard outer shell, just like most other Otterbox cases. Are you just talking about the piece that covers the sliding screen when you say that this case is "all plastic"?

Overall, I'd say you are correct about this not being up to Otterbox standards, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say it doesn't include the inner rubber sleeve. Mine certainly did..

If you look on the 9700 commuter you will see that the corners of the device are rubber. The plastic shell that goes over the device does not completely cover the rubber.

Think of it like a bullet-proof vest. the core is protected but the limbs (corners) are not covered.

I just wish they had done this with the 9800 case.

I have had 3 of them. the first ones top piece broke, the second one made my phone malfunction, it would not let the back key work and now the third one is fine. i hope it stays that way.

I havent had any problems with mine. I dropped on purpose when i got home just to test it and it was fine. Top didnt pop off or anything.

Figure i can always return it as long as i got the reciept anyways.

I can't believe all the crying. I had the Case Mate and it was so flimsy, the otterbox has done a great job with the face plate. It fits on tight, the Case Mate felt loose. I know that you can't make the perfect case for the Torch but Otterbox has done a great job. Blame BB for the design of the torch.

We sell these, among mannny other cell accessories at my store, and I have a few comments to make regarding this case, especially if you are considering buying it...

The front piece on EVERY Torch case, I mean ones from Casemate, to ones sold through Bell Distribution all fall off. Everyone I know who used cases for it just didn't bother with the front piece. There are only 2 cases I've seen where it doesn't pop off every (I MEAN EVERY) time you slide the phone open, 1 being the Otter and the other being one sold through Hitfar.

The quality of the screen protectors from Otterbox beat out Casemate, not just in durability and clarity, but especially in how easy it is to put them on. It's beautiful.

Anyone with a qwerty and an Otter should know Alt+Shift+Delete... it's a must-know.

Your store should offer some sort of warranty on it. We have a 1-Year manufacturers on any defects, and on otters, really it's going to cover anything except the dog getting ahold of it. If an otterbox breaks, here's your new one... I just have to take the old. If a customer gets extended warranty on their device, then they're good on their case for two years if it was bought the same day.

Yes, Otter offers great customer service and will replace your accessories... but it sounds like better customer service is needed wherever they're refusing returns/exchanges.

There aren't a lot of "great" cases out for the Torch... I mean, get real - it's a slide! I just wish that Otter had put a holster in with it (and I know that the holsters only come with the Defender series, not the commuter, but it doesn't seem as though they're going to make a Defender for the Torch, so.... c'mon guys) but I've seen people buy holsters for the Storm or Palms or LG Voyagers and the Torch w/ Otter Commuter will fit in it as well most times.

The OtterBox Communter for Blackberry Torch was not of the standard that is normally otterbox. I replaced the case twice. The front cover, though it came with an OtterBox back, was NOT OtterBox quality. The front cover came off, with normal use, within the first 24 hours on each case I purchased. I returned both once the perforated edge-keeper popped off, rendering the front of my Torch, unprotected. The screen protector did not come with either OBC purchase.

To the defence of this case, the slide action is as smooth- if not smoother than- the actual device naked. The the pink and black color combo was appealing. The protection for my open ports (headset jack and usb) was stellar and both covers gave way for me to connect easily when needed.

Overall the quality of this case compared to what is expected of OtterBox was mediocre.

Might try again if the case has higher quality front.