OTTER for BlackBerry - the only mobile texting management app you'll ever need!

By Kerri Neill on 7 Mar 2012 09:20 am EST

You frequently see stories just like this one on the news regarding teens texting while driving. I myself am guilty of it even with knowing the consequences.

I have an absolutely gorgeous 16 year old daughter and when you add that she is an avid BlackBerry user (thank you Sprint for truly unlimited data/SMS) and is about to get her Driver's License, as a parent, I am freaking out. While I can't control everything that she does when out of my sight, I am happy to have found an app that offers me a small peace of mind for those times when she is driving; OTTER for BlackBerry. This is so much more then a simple app that just auto replies to incoming messages. This is an all-in-one mobile texting management application. Keep reading after the jump to see just what this app can do, how it may help you increase your own productivity throughout the day as well as keep you and others safe from the temptation of texting while driving.


  • Manual mode with three One Touch Text Response buttons
  • Auto Reply with timer options
  • GPS Mode (Text alerts & phone ringer silenced / bluetooth friendly)
  • Parental Control Feature (password / GPS)
  • Five preloaded response groups (add, delete, or edit to customize)
  • $3.99 with no recurring fees

OTTER for BlackBerryBusiness:

OTTER will become an integral part of the texting culture by increasing productivity in the workplace. A timer auto-reply function manages incoming texts during specific times such as a daily commute, a doctor's rounds or an important weekly meeting. Even in manual mode users can respond to an incoming text in a fraction of a second, allowing them to focus on the task at hand while giving them the peace of mind that their incoming texts have been addressed.

For the city dweller who only wants to manage texts without the need for the GPS safety feature, we offer you OTTERurban for $1.99. OTTERurban offers the full functionality of One-Touch-Text-Response and Auto-reply, but does not include the GPS safety features that silence text and incoming ring tone alerts while driving.

OTTER Main ScreenParents:

OTTER enables parents to control the texting habits of their teenage drivers with the first of its kind GPS / Parental Control Feature. Parents can enter a password and know that while their teen's phone is in a moving vehicle, OTTER will silence all primary text notifications and auto-reply with an anti texting and driving message (ccustomize your own message or use the standard). All phone ring tones are also silenced while driving unless you have a bluetooth device enabled.


With OTTER, you can quickly let your friends know that you'll get back to them in those situations when you don't have the time or inclination to write a full text reply. Groups of fully editable text responses can be saved and quickly retrieved. Create a group of text responses for each friend, family or even co-workers.

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Reader comments

OTTER for BlackBerry - the only mobile texting management app you'll ever need!


The problem is that your teen has to enable otter for it to work. This is fine when you are with your teen and you can tell he/she to enable it. But what about those times when they are driving alone? Do you think they will enable this when they are by themselves? Highly unlikely.

Great review though.

I agree, it sounds like a cool app, but whats to stop your teen from disabling it or turning it off. Especially if they know the password. Now, if it had a feature where it would text you or notify you when it was enabled/disabled or uninstalled; that would be great.

I leave OTTER enabled on my daughter's phone. She's always within reach of a charger so I don't worry about any battery drain. She doesn't have the password so she can't disable it.

Agree with Diego..but it's just an app on the phone. What about your daughter eating while driving, messing with the radio or iPod, putting on make up? They are all just as bad as texting while driving. You might as well chain the phone down in the trunk. That way she can only use it when stopped? lol

One usefull thing with this app is for your own phone is that if it's used (as it should be) it could be proof that you were NOT TEXTING should an overzealous cop give you a ticket for ALLEGEDLY texting while driving. Some of the towns & cities who make a good bit of revenue from speed traps & DUI check points will no doubt look at the possibilities of more cash in the coffers.

I wonder if the app makes a permanent record of when it's active?

What about when your kid is a passenger in a moving car without the password to disable it? All notifications are disabled.