OSBBx unveils App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

OSBBx unveils App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook!
By Bla1ze on 27 Aug 2012 01:53 pm EDT

If you look around you will find plenty of Open Source apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook. One recognized problem with that though is ensuring you have the latest update available. To help ease some of that trouble, OSBBx has now taken the covers off of their App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook. With it, you'll be able to find, download and install many of the Open Source apps out there while ensuring you have the latest, up-to-date version available:

  • PB Version:  Localbar 2 support built in for on-device installation
  • Win Version:  BAR installation tools built in allowing for download and immediate installation
  • Browse the latest emulators and open source applications right from your PlayBook

There is a version for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Windows as well as a web version. Each version comes packed with additional tools and features to help you install apps through the sideloading process as well as using LocalBar 2 for installation of non-app world apps directly on your PlayBook. Whether you're just looking for some new apps to try out or maybe even have your app included in the OSBBX app centre, you'll find more information via the link below.

Learn more about OSBBx App Centre

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OSBBx unveils App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Well would you look at that! I'll be curious to see what type of conversation this app stirs. :)

Ideas and constructive criticism welcomed...

Wow, this is really amazing. I remember reading quite a while ago (back when rooting was really possible) about this maybe being created. I love the localbar2 incorporation! Great work guys! This will be a huge addition to the Playbook community!

Great app! Can't wait to see it expand.

Just a note, I'm running and it did "pop" once during an install. I reloaded it and it re-installed fine after that!

Got the application on my playbook, can't still use it to install on my playbook. Any tutorials?

Got the application on my playbook, can't still use it to install on my playbook. Any tutorials?

will this make its way to appworld? Just curious, and if not why not? Can the devs not work with Rim to figure out something?

But this requires having a BlackBerry phone right? I don't have one, and I get errors when attempting to install the applications on AppCenter..

I could use some help.

I downloaded the .bar file and then sideloaded using DDPB but I don't see an app icon.

I am currently on beta and I have reset the device twice since sideloading to see if that would work.

Did I miss a step?

Installed using DDPB and no icon. I tried installing this and another app together and the other app icon showed up.

I'm on

Multiple DDPB installs made it work for me. Installed maybe three times for the icon to pop up. But it works now. Good Luck!!

You will need some kind of proxy to use it for installing unfortunately (RIM patched that on us bacm in OS1).

But, we are changing where the downloads go so you can repush via DDPB. Just a headsup for folks, DDPB in its current state is quite unstable on OS2. You may need to push apps a few times.

In regards to apps there are about 40. Really its up to you. The list will keep growing and will cater to developers (i.e. Webworks samples etc).

And last we didnt make it to aooworld, we were sadly rejected. We had an option to release it if we stripped out all EMUs and Download / LocalBar capabilities (RIM has told me NO emus other than dosbox). But we felt this would have too negative of an impact for the audience. We spent many sleepless days getting these out hope you guys like em :).

Every time I open the App Centre now, it says there's a new version (1-0-0-35) but when I try to install the latest version, it fails every time. I emailed their support many months ago (some time last year) and never got a response. Did they just give up on this or what?