OS4.7.0.83 Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2008 12:12 am EST

w00t! Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus or anything and everything else this Holiday Season, for you BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners the sweetest gift just arrived... a new update to the 9530 Storm's OS!

This isn't an official release, nor are we even certain at this point that this will be a version that gets released by Verizon (likely a stepping stone on the way to their next release), but if you feel the need to upgrade then is now available online! It started floating around earlier today and thankfully it didn't take long for it to leak. I've had it on my Storm for a few hours now and have noticed a bit more snappiness all around. Install at your own risk, and be sure to check our Storm forums for every itty bitty detail that's sure to emerge regarding this release

Update: OS now leaked and available for the Storm 9500 - click here to get it.

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OS4.7.0.83 Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


but the Storm still sucks. It's still slow as hell and still has more glitches than iPhone has fanboys !! My favorite is how the camera just pops up at random though. That's just the greatest. Oh, and how sometimes, no matter how many times you press the send key when it's ringing, it won't answer the phone. I came ever so close to whipping mine against the wall the other night. I think the Storm should be voted BIGGEST FAILURE GADGET OF THE DECADE !!! Stop trying to convince yourselves that it was a good investment.

Go ahead and slam me now Crucial. You know you want to !!

did your mommy teach you that naughty language ? I have quite a busy life actually. I think I just hit a sore spot and it made you angry. It'll be ok. You sound like you just need a hug :)

if you're going to talk smack, learn how to spell !! JELIOUS !?!?!? J-E-A-L-O-U-S is the correct way to spell it. I know, you were probably abused as a child. It's ok. Hugs for you too !!!

Awww... I'm sure you'd like to give everyone here a hug. That's so tender.

No phone is perfect. every phone has its pitfalls. just because the iPhone was followed, and lead by a crap-load of media hype and "industry changing" hype doesn't mean squat when it has so many issues itself.

Truth be told it's a basic phone with an excellent touch screen and a surprisingly good browser. Oh, and it has games. That's good for the kids. :) No video. No pix messaging. Blah. but it does do what its designed to do... uh, fairly well? Yeah.

It certainly impacted the industry and is an excellent phone... yes, phone. But my storm has been nothing but excellent. Yeah, there have been issues, DUH!

You can bash on Blackberry all you'd like, but the numbers don't lie. Blackberry is still a hot contender (which is obviously why you get so fired-up...otherwise you just wouldn't care! hahahah) http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20081201/WIRELESS/811269984/1094/MOBI...

Anyway, good luck in your debate, you're gonna need all the help you can get.

Oh, and lastly... if Mr Jobs can't even show up to the CTIA convention--which, if it weren't FOR cell phone and their utter success, the iPhone wouldn't exist--then I have no support for him. Nor his slander-advertising. How about we just promote our product and what it DOES instead of trying to boo-hoo-I'm-still-in-3rd-grade-I'm-gonna-tear-you-down-to-make-me-feel-better approach.

that you honestly think that I even remotely respect Apple. I just returned my Storm and picked up a Curve instead. The Storm is a piece of junk. You can't deny it. I LOVE my Curve however. So go hug yourself and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

calm down,
nobody cares about what you think about the storm, its cool and we all like it, so enjoy your next 4 minutes trying to come up with a reply to this, save it and go somewhere else to provoke people, maybe you should buy a punching dummy and take out your anger on it.

PS who gives a shit about spelling?

I just received my Storm tonight. It is a bit of a learning curve from using the Palm 755p from Sprint. I have been with Sprint PCS for 10 yrs this week and I just switched to Verizon..........Now I'm part of the network!! I am confused though, I can't seem to find those guys around my house like you see in the commercials. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My Storm is slick, slow and confusing but hopefully in the next couple of days I'll either learn it or just learn to live with it.


hukd on fonix wreely wurkd 4 mee

I had same experience. when i get an incoming call, i keep on pressing SEND button or the touch "Answer" option but it takes a hell of time to accept the call and sometimes the caller fades up and hangs up.. Storm is too slow device..

Funny my first post on this website is in a bashing thread. No prob. I've had lot's of experience on boards since 1990.

All I got to say about the abusers and bashers on this site is, God only protects babies and fools and I ain't seen no babies post on here yet.

As far as the Blackberry Storm goes, I got the 9530 and I'm currently downloading the .83 update using my Verizon Tethering Plan. I love the phone and wouldn't trade it for anything. It's also my first Blackberry as I'be a Motorola Fan since I have owned C.B.'s, HAM Radio's, Walky Talkies, and Portable T.V.'s from them when most of you were still shiting in your pants. Have fun bashing the Storm, all I can say is the phone has outlasted the Bartender from my favorite bar. Wish I had a picture of the goose-egg on his forehead from this phone. Best Damn Product I've owned since a Timex Watch.

You know I think the OS is getting better, my only 'issue' is the huge lag of the camera. Fix that and its winner winner chicken dinner.

Yeah, it's definitely getting smoother. Bit of lag every now and then, the OS is definitely getting speedier. Not sure if it's in my head, but the web browser seemed faster to me at re-rendering pages (as you scroll up/down quick and or zoom in/out). Gotta play with it more and see how it holds up.

I agree with the web browsing, mine is a lot better and I don't have high speed in my area(I'm still rocking 1X).

I downloaded the last update OTA and guess what my phone totally crashed and locked up and Verizon was unable to fix it then they messed my replacement up and ive been with out a phone for a week now but i finally get my new one tomrrow! I am glad im not the only one who is really annoyed with the camera lag! Does anyone know is there a quick fix to speed that up till they get that issue fixed as well?

hey i was woundering when i upgraded to .75 i had to send out requests for all of my buddies on bbm again. is there something im not doing right when saving my contacts pin numbers? and my real question is will this happen again when i upgrade to .83 thank you

Kevin, can you advise if this OS update helps with the camera lag at all? I'm loving everything about this phone, EXCEPT for the crappy camera.

What lag are you referring to, the lag when moving the camera, or the lag when taking a shot?

if it is lag when taking a shot you are concerned with, are you using the right side convenience key to take the picture, or are you clicking the screen. If you are just clicking the screen, try the right convenience key, it is a 2 stage button, pressing it lightly activates auto-focus, once it's focused, press the button the rest of the way to snap the shot.

Great video! I hope there is more to the .83 upgrade than that. I have the .75 and those issues were fixed with it. Is their anything else new?? Hope so! If not this is going to be a long ride.

Can someone check to see if it fixed bug with the video camera locking while recording a video. Or if it's actually saving the videos fine and playing back.

The browser is DEFINITELY faster...I do have EVDO, and before the browser sucked! Much improved!

Not that I'm bitching, but why is it okay for unofficial software to be posted on the forums for this device, but not for others?

Im having trouble. I click the download link from the blog and it goies to another site. What do I click at that point to start the download? THanks

Is, since this is an unofficial release, what will be the OS that Verizon will officially release?

And more importantly, when will this happen?

Oh, and thanks for video Kevin!


Can some one host that file onto another forum, or site?

I cant download, i guess you have to register to download, and i don't want to register.


I think it needs at least 5.0. Sorry but I hate the Storm. I am using my Curve instead and dropping this piece of junk back to Verizon.

FAST, Phone calling>speed dialing w/BT = 100% working correctly, browers speed, the camera now works right, tracking of keys, did I say speed...This is such an improvement that I can now say we are going to be keeping our 2 wonderful BB phones. GREAT job BB Dev/Test Team...THANK-YOU so much.

Does anyone know whether RIM is developing something that will "lock" the screen when on a call? Since the device lacks a proximity sensor, I was hoping they're developing a workaround to prevent accidentally launching speakerphone or muting the call. Lame.

Been using Blackberries for many years. I'm still getting familiar with the Storm. Not quite sure what you mean by "change your grid". Care to elaborate?

When I go to aplication loader, it show 3 OS from .65 to .83. But it does not want to update to .83???? I went into common files and deleted the vnedor file, however, the last modified date on that was the 12/4???? What am I doing wrong????

Is there still only one theme in the newest software
mine is unlocked and using on it the uk 02 network
Tia Foneman

Same as Leathernuts, when I try to do a software update in desktop manager it shows .65, .75 and .83 but when I try to select .83 to install it comes up with a message that says "no software update is required for your device". Anybody have any ideas? Would it make a difference if I had previously installed .76 from the Bell leak?

Im wondering if the update was installed to another file path and were missing it to delete the vendor file?? Might not make sense??

All I did was I uninstalled .83 off the system and then re-installed it. When I it finished it prompted me to open desktop manager. When DM opened, it gave me the option to install updates. Its rolling out as I type. Oh, but I DID NOT delete the vender file this time around... how strange is that?

if you go into the same file as were you delete the vender.xml file, you will see a loader.exe file. that will launch the update.

worked for me. the crackberry way did not work.

Whats really interesting here is when you open up the launcher, under the device app screen, in the middle of the screen it says System Software for Blackberry Thunder Series..... interesting....

Ok, I mimiced what you did in the video kevin just to compare. when i do a sms text and rotate from landscape to portrait and vice verse it is about a 3 second lag!! what gives??

i wish i could update it but im away from home and
i forgot to take the usb cable with me..
is there anyway to update the OS without the USB?

I ran the update by going into the RIM folder and running the loader.exe instead of running the update through the desktop manager that seemed to work best for me. I still notice a little lag when typing in SureType mode the blue glows cant follow my thumbs quick enough and it lags or skips letters. the contacts are blue in the background now. and there is FINALLY a place to set the speed of the backspace. the keyboard is very quick now changing from landscape to portrait its almost instant now. MegaUpload sucks here is where I downloaded from:



this os is buggier than the last one.. by far.. its slower.. the response time sucks.. the screen won't fade all of the way out anymore.. you're better off with the .75 if you got it.. i'm pissed that after apparently 18 builds from the release software this thing is still crap!

I installed .83 and at first I loved it. After having a day I have noticed that my phone is freezing more than i was before. At times the buttons will stop working and when I go to restart it, it wont. I have to take the battery out of it. Any ideas how to fix this or should I go back to .75

I just took a pic and thought something was wrong, but it is better now!! Remember before, when you would snap a pic, the screen would disappear, not anymore. I snapped the pic, and the image on the screen just freezes and viola!! Someone confirm this as well.

I confirmed, the camera now doesn't go blank it instead freezes on what you were pointing at and snaps the camera
well done RIM!


It's s-o-o much faster and the overall functionl performance is finally what I had hoped we would see from Blackberry. The STORM is a WINNER and we are keeping both of ours.

when i get to the mega upload link I cant see nothing to download... And the torrent sites are too slow and its been downloading all day .. please help

In the box at the bottom, you see file size, name, etc. I think in the box, you see an animation. Well, in the top right corner of the box, you will see a download key. Click that. You will have to wait like 45 seconds before the download starts. It took me a while to find it too. I thought it was a download link for an advertisement.

I downloaded it, and it does seem snappier all around, the only issue i've found is that after it's been holstered for any amount of time, after i pull it out, when i press an icon about 50% of the time it won't do what i click, i must reclick. Otherwise it's a solid update. I wouldn't go back to .75, though i can. Doesn't freeze or anything.

I downloaded it, and it does seem snappier all around, the only issue i've found is that after it's been holstered for any amount of time, after i pull it out, when i press an icon about 50% of the time it won't do what i click, i must reclick. Otherwise it's a solid update. I wouldn't go back to .75, though i can. Doesn't freeze or anything.

Does anyone notice that the volume of the MP3 player is not really loud through headsets? I have looked everywhere to try to turn it up. I "might" have a defective unit though, because I KNOW it should play louder than this! Any ideas?

Hey Dudes, Blade Jones here. I'm just wiggin' out drinkin some Olde Chicken and patched my Storm with this OS. I'm not sure if this OS caused it but now my screen is less responsive. I mean when I click the screen my phone reboots... EVERYTIME. But right before I patched the OS I was puking and I think some got behind the screen cause it was in my hands while I was throwing up. Do you guys think that if I put my Storm on top of the heat radiator that the puke will dry up and the problem will be fixed? Ullllghhhhhh Happy Holidays Crackberry addicts...I'm a big addict myself ... I'll do a shot of Olde Chicken for every comment for this topic... Right now at 60...Ulllllghhh man...

So far after following these instructions, and downloading this has some HIGH hopes now. It does run noticibly Faster (awesome) and I know there will more up dates soon, the camera still operates slower than other BB devices I have! Trust this Application......Good Job!!

viigo actualy works properly now instead of having to push back and then swipe or doubble clicking the back key.

I just ordered my Storm. I should have it in a few days. I think I will try it with whatever OS it comes with for a little bit and then try the update.

If this isn't working, ".83" is a FAILURE. They've broken one of the fundamental pieces. .75 works great with a stereo BT headset. .83 needs to also.

i need help with this. i have tried everything i cant get this to work. wiped with jl and now when i go to load new os i get a error from dm it says problems with email application

Hey... im actually in the process of upgrading at the moment! Im excited for the updates, and the overall experience upgrade.

Some of you may need a reminder though, that this upgrade has not been released by RIM nor by your carrier's, and, by installing the upgrade, you agree to accept the fact that there are bugs. .75 was a great upgrade because it was an official release. If you dont want to go through the headache of playing with bugs, or figuring out how to upgrade, then wait for the official release!

Quit complaining! Thanks. :)

This is the version that should have initially been released with the Storm. Everything I've tried so far is responsive. The browser speed is also vastly improved. There are still some accelerometer issues, but they are now fairly minor.

My concern is less with the Storm performance, but more with the fact that Blackberry only is allocating 128K for message storage and applications. The phone has 1 GB on board storage so this makes no sense to me and is a huge limitation of the OS.

If you cannot get the desktop manager to see the .83 OS update then you need to go into your RIM folder where you deleted the vendor.xml file and RUN the Loader.exe, this will launch and application that will backup and do a firmware install and restore all of your data back onto the device.

good luck!

It is definately the best OS so far. Everything is faster except for the camera which is still pitiful. I also noticed that the new app aeirze pop up for email and SMS doesn't work properly. Anyone else having this problem?

the sad part about this, is how we are looking at the speed of this phone changing from landscape to portrait(vice versa)... That shouldnt have even been as issue. Release phones that work please! theres a reason its back in verizon's hands.

I really love my Blackberry Storm, and here's why. I've never had a smart phone before, and I really love being able to surf the internet while traveling. My friend has an iPhone and I was impressed, but I don't want to switch from Verizon to AT&T. Now I'm just playing with a pretty awesome piece of technology. It's like having a super mini laptop.
Plus, I tried out the DARE for a couple of days, which looks a little like the Storm but is not a Blackberry, and the one-touch, always-hit-the-wrong-hot-link screen drove me nuts. So I took it back and switched to the Storm, even though the monthly fee was initially more than I wanted to pay. The two-touch screen of the Storm is very intuitive and completely comfortable. The size of the screen makes surfing the net very easy, and I like the way you can tap the keyboard to bring up the www and magnifier keys under the web images. The 3.5 megapixel camera is also very nice, and I love being able to easily label pictures after I take them for easy storage. Plus, when you flip the phone sideways, I love the large size of the one-character buttons on the QWERTY keyboard. So, my experience with the Storm has been 95% positive, and I'm pretty happy with it.
My biggest complaint so far has been the limit of 9 speed dials. I hope that is improved in later software versions. I also don't really know how people use the phone yet as a memo pad, or the best way to use the calendar. Will those functions be available on future application releases? Just upgraded to OS - hoping for the best!

I'm hoping some one can answer my questions. I just got a storm yesterday. It has quite a learning curve and things are not as intuitive as I would expect. I also am having the camera pop up at odd times and thought it was my mistake. Apparently it is not. It is pretty slow also. Do we think these will be addressed in the OS updates? (I currently have .75)

I was wondering about themes. Can I install any? Is there some way to organize the icons on the screen? Can I hide the icons on the top screen so that they only come up when I tap? I think I had set it to more than 2 rows at some point but set everything back to defaults and cant find how I did it.

At present I'm holding on to the unit to give me more time to learn it. However, I have noticed that it does not show as many bars in the same locations as my old LG VX8300. I'm not sure if this is true, or just a difference in how manufacturers measure signal.

I'm new to the blackberry and verizon. I've had my phone for two weeks now and I am running into problems. Recently my phone has been freezing (it think) I get no tactial response. I have to power down and back up and that sometimes doesn't work. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?