OS4.5 FINALLY Coming to AT&T in mid-September

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2008 10:06 am EDT

OS4.5 coming to AT&T in September

The Boy Genius got his hands on an internal AT&T doc which proclaims OS4.5 is targeted to launch/be available mid-September for existing customers and will begin shipping on new handhelds come mid-October. It looks like some handhelds are going to be left off this rollout though - this document shows support for only the BlackBerry 8820, Curve 8310/8300 and Pearl 8120. I can't help but think there must be a LOT of 8800 and Pearl 8100 users (8700 too!) who would like to see 4.5 for their devices asap.

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OS4.5 FINALLY Coming to AT&T in mid-September


they indicated that the RIM Rep (as well as T-Mobile Management) told them that both their 8800 and 8820 would be included in the OS 4.5 update. I was also told that it would be released sometime in September. Nice to hear if that is in fact the case. The big issue trying to use the various Beta and European versions of OS 4.5 is that they don't support T-Mobiles specific requirements for Wi-Fi Calling. As a result when you are on HotSpot@Home, like myself, your BB will simply cut the call off and turn the BB off at any given moment. I was told this will not be an issue with T-Mobiles version of OS 4.5, that is one reason it has taken some time in development and testing. Makes sense to me. Hope it comes out soon... would be nice to have the enhancements on my 8820!

What happens if I try to put the official release version on my original 8100? Any way around potential bugs? Thanks!

Hi, can anyone tell me where i can get the 4.5 OS for my BB Pearl 8100c? I know its not been officially released by ATT yet but I am willing to take the risk and install it!

Now all we have to do is get ALL carriers up and running with the new os. Alltel doesn't even have an idea of when 4.3 will be made available for them, let alone 4.5. Why so slow with everyone?????

Anyone know if there is any word on if/when Telus Mobility will upgrade the Pearl 8130 to OS 4.5?

What is this about improved web browsing with zoom and cursor. I haven't noticed this in any of the betas or other releases of OS v4.5. Is this something exclusive to AT&T or am I missing something?

I've been running betas for so long this news isn't all that exciting. I've been enjoying the benefits since the BIS 2.5 upgrade as well, so it'll be nice to see but the long wait has really killed the vibe especially since many of us already have been using 4.5 for some time.

Most of the betas do have improved web browsing.. starting back at least with the, maybe even further back. check the 4.5 beta forum...

I was talking to a RIM rep about the release date for 4.5 and he told me that at&t is gonna skip 4.5 and jump right onto 4.6

Looks like my hold out will payoff soon. I am empathetic with those device users not getting the upgrade though. I will never understand AT&T!

What happens to exisitng themes/programs that have been downloaded onto my phone when I upgrade to 4.5?? I'd hate to lose those.

Why post up speculations here!?! I don't get it!! The first "speculation" was it would be released as soon as 16 april (end quote) here it is september and there was speculation it would release last week of august or beginning of september...and now we are looking for mid september...

'Nough said...sometimes the best info, is unsaid...

You don't have to wait for your carrier to have the update. You can just download the firmware update here
And install it. It's a multilingual pack so it doesn't matter if you aren't from that country.

I'm from Canada and I installed 4.5 ages ago. It's really easy.

How To Install The Latest Operating System To Your BlackBerry
From BBB
This is a How-To guide on upgrading your Blackberry OS. This guide will also work for downgrading your OS, simply uninstall the previous OS from your PC, and install the lower version, then follow this guide, minus step 3.
First and foremost: You CAN load any carriers OS onto your Blackberry, regardless of what network you are on.

1. Make sure you have Desktop Manager installed on your computer. If you do not have this, you can download it here: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/services/desktop/

2. Open Desktop Manager and do a complete backup of your device, then close Desktop Manager.

3. Download and install the Blackberry OS from the carrier of your choice. Again, any carriers OS will work on your Blackberry. With that said, you CAN'T load an OS for another device/model to your Blackberry, so make sure you select the appropriate model. The following link is the official Blackberry list of carrier links for Blackberry software: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/downloads/download_sites.jsp

4. Delete the file called "Vendor.xml" located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader . This will not affect your device or the OS is any way, except to allow the OS from another carrier on your device.

5. Plug in your Blackberry and open Device Manager. If it does not automatically detect the upgrade and prompt you to install, run the Application Loader, and it will install the updated files.

It is not uncommon for this process to take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Your BlackBerry may restart 1 or 2 times durring this process. After the final restart you may see the spinning hourglass for 20 minutes, this is normal, do not unplug your BlackBerry.

ATT thinks its proactive with the release of 4.5 when it has been available internationally else where for quite some time and I am running 4.6 on my ATT Pearl 8100. US Carriers,especially ATT, are continually behind the curve (Blackberry or otherwise).

it's been fun chasing down the betas and trying them out. Gonna miss all that after "Official 4.5" is readily available...might need a stretch in ReHab to get over it.

Really hope they release a MAC version for the upgrade. All I've seen online *shhhhh* has been PC.

Can't flippin wait for this!

If we already have an "unofficial" or whatever you want to refer to it as, version of 4.5 on our phones (I have an 8310), would there be any added benefits to installing the official version from my carrier, AT&T, or would it really not matter?