OS tutorial videos for the BlackBerry Style (9670) appear online [video]

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2010 08:50 pm EDT

As we saw with the BlackBerry Torch release (and leaked videos before that) Research In Motion has been putting together some rather detailed OS tutorial videos on devices when shipping them to retailers. The following videos are from the upcoming BlackBerry Style (9670) and show off some of the core functionality of the device. You'll find more after the break folks. Big shout out to Lucky45 for sending them in!

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OS tutorial videos for the BlackBerry Style (9670) appear online [video]


The ability to check and read messages from the outside of the phone seems like a nice touch. May save someone from opening up the phone for a "useless txt". I just don't think that it's for me. I don't use my BB for music really and don't think either of those features would benefit me. Always interested in the latest and greatest features and updates tho...

these demos actually make the phone....look....decent?

still think is not the greatest idea...flip phones?

but..again...not bad looking...the stills dont do it justice.

Oh, please. Be happy that was the only error and that my hooked on phonics is actually starting to work. :P

I wonder if they deleted the most important convenience key on this ugly bastage just like the did with the Torch?

And out of touch.

Literally. How could they make that outer screen a non touch screen? Look at all that button pressing just to switch screens. So cumbersome and confusing when a touch screen would at least have been something of a redeeming quality to this miscarriage of a device.

RIM. What are you doing?!?!?! What are you smoking?! Do you need a consultant to come in and explain to you how you'll be going to hell in a handbasket if you keep churning out these horrendous devices/small updates/quality-riddled devices?

Because I can sit you fellas down and tell it like it is (as I type on my creaky 9650....)

Sorry to tell you this dickhead, but with the Torch, I use the buttons to change screen as often as the swipe, basically you haven't got a clue what you are talking about.

If it comes to T-mobile I guarantee that my old lady will snap it up. She had the pearl flip and loved it except for the keyboard this looks like it fixed all of the major gripes that she had. (I hate flip phones)

I personally know three people who are flip CRAZY, and will absolutely love this phone... for me, not so much, but hey thats probably why RIM made it, to fill in a gap and give people who dislike the Bolds, Storms, and Pearls something to purchase. I have a feeling this ugly phone is going to sell like hotcakes...

My wife and daughter both love flip phones. My daughter loves her Pearl Flip (because it doesn't look like a BlackBerry), and although my wife likes her Curve, she doesn't like it purse-dialing. I can easily see both of them jumping on this when it gets released.

Do you naysayers ever get out of your closed offices or your parent's basement? There's a world outside your IT department. Really, there is.

Have a look around. Flip phones are.....everywhere.

People that even know about Crackberry.com come are not representative of the general population. Smartphone penetration is only 10%.....there are tens of millions in North America alone that use 'dumb phones', and a large percentage of those are flip phones.

Many women, specifically, use and love flip phones.

I, for one, think this phone will go over quite well with an entire segment of the population that currently don't use Blackeberries.

Your elitism is showing.....

I don't understand why this phone gets all the hate & negative comments. I don't see anything wrong with the phone. You don't like it doesn't mean it's ugly, it just means you don't like it. No one is forcing you to buy it. Why would you waste you're time commenting on a blog post on a phone that you're not intersted in? Must be mad you're stuck on os 5.0 or lower!

I thought there was going to be huge problems with this phone and it would just not go well at all.

But i like the steps they took, even if they are a bit short of what they should have been at.

And as far as the whole flip phone thing, i agree with kcdist in the fact that i know many people family members included that enjoy flip phones and want a phone they can flip open and closed to answer and end calls as well as to protect the phone a bit more.

The video showing the front screen is a huge disappointment. I can't believe they made the actual 'screen' so small, and left it with that much wasted realestate.

And the supposed large internal screen doesn't really seem all that large either.

And in this market of smart phones, it appears to have no touch screen? Not on either one of them? Sad-sad-sad...

It's to keep the phone cheap. The posts here make clear that no one who is willing to pay $199 for Torch or more for iPhone etc. are going to buy this phone. This phone is for people that would normally go for cheaper phones so they have to keep the cost down.

Having said that, it won't be good if RIM tries to pass this off as a $199 phone!! :-)

WOW, and you don't have anymore to showcase, I mean come on who starts a whole new OS with 1 and a 1/2 phones in the pipeline....


When oh when can we start speculating about what will surely be the next major revision to the BB lineup, the BlackBerry (Bold?) 10000. Just release the Style already, get the 9780 out there and bring on the 10k rumours.

It would be great to see it, although the 9900 has been rumoured for so long (and in so may forms - 9000 form factor, 9700 form factor, curve with no trackpad) I'm becoming a bit pessimistic about whether we'll ever see it or whether they're saving the good stuff for the 10k.

Like i said... this phone is for kids and anyone who likes flip phones. I see business men in NYC everyday with flip phones. But i bet its not their only phone. By the way... these images makes the phone look okay and not horrible.

I for one am excited for this phone. I use my BB constantly throughout the day. I get very confidential (HIPPA) emails throughout the day. I am constantly locking my phone and then locking the key board to put my phone in my pocket. And don't tell me not to keep my phone in my pocket, keep it on my hip in a holster. Well that doesn't work for me. The unlocking my keyboard to unlock my phone. It's a pain. To be able to just flip open and closed my phone instead of locking and unlocking the keyboard all the time will be huge for me. Huge!!

My wife wants this phone too.

It will sell. Locking and unlocking is a big issue no matter how good is he BB. I have latest bold but I will switch to style even if it is not as powerful as bold. FLIP is the key!

1.-Why all the advertising of clothes and stuff?
2.-When I click on the video I only get pexelated images?

Can't wait for it to come out. I've always wanted the pearl flip but sprint never got it. This one seems like an interesting phone. A flip with a full keyboard is just what I need. It almost reminds me of the LG Lotus Elite. It has an external touch screen and a full keyboard and it's a flip!

o wow they managed to hide the cancerous growth on the bottom of the keyboard. so they could have room for a big usless non-touch crap screen... im sry i just cant care how can RIM be this behind... i mean they only have an amazing new OS idea and we dont even have a powerhouse phone to show it off on i mean RIM needs to relies apple droped in so they are going to have to depend on ALOT of sales with small profit to get ahead... but this is not this is poopy...

Why, oh why do people want this phone to have a touch screen, especially the outer one. That's supposed to be for a quick look. Candybar phones and flip phones are and should be the alternative to a touch screen phone. You got the Torch now, keep the rest touch screen free please.

For me it's still a ugly phone - but...

I'm sure it will find it's costumers!
Look, so many people where complaining, that RIM
is doing "only the same thing"...

Yes, it isn't a typicall blackberry - I'm also
sure, that there are some people out there, who are
saying: "I would love to buy a blackberry, but I
don't like the bar-design with all the keys...
I would rather have a calmshell!"

So, there is a clamshell - how should it look like?
There are not that many ways.

a qwertykeyboard looks always the same...

Do you remember the first reactions to the slider?
Now, there are a lot of lovers...

I'm sure, I will never buy it, but I give it a chance...
I thinks, thats it's a "ladies phone", no keys on the outside.
A big display, when it's closed, that shows you all
informations - when you open it, you have the comfort of
a "real blackberry" with a full keyboard!
Why not?!

If you don't like it - like me, I just wait for a another
Typicall blackberry.

For all the others, give it a try...

I'd like to play with it in my hand. Just see how it fits and how the keyboard is and stuff like that. I'm worried that if I get the Torch I won't have a case to adequately protect it. I'm somewhat hard on cell phones so a flip phone is a great form of protection in that the keyboard and main screen are protected from a lot of stuff when folded. The hardware specs look nice and OS 6 will be a good improvement, but it will all depend on how it feels in the hand.

Oh, and I know 4 people who in the last week have upgraded to a flip phone. They're still a very popular device style and just because smartphone users don't typically think they can get one in a smartphone, there is no reason to believe there isn't a market there.

And if you (anyone, really) want a touch screen so bad, why are you even considering a flip phone? Seems like a contradictory idea. Just because you could make every single screen on every single phone a touchscreen doesn't mean you should or that even the majority want that.

I agree with you 110% I don't give a shit if it has external touch screen or not. It's a flip phone and i have been looking for a flip blackberry ever since the pearl flip came out but never showed up for sprint. If this one is going to sprint when i get my upgrade next year this will be the one i go after. It will also be my second blackberry device. I'm sort of new to the whole bb scene and I'm loving every minute of it. As of now i have a Blackberry Curve 8530 running on Sprint's network and I've had absolutely no issues with it at all.