OS Based Premium Themes From Elecite Are Hot!

Give Your BlackBerry The Look Of A New OS!
By Bla1ze on 15 Mar 2009 09:30 am EDT

Some sexy new themes have been released through Elecite lately. In addition to their continuation of updating all of their backlog of themes with the release of Scion for the BlackBerry Storm, they have also let loose some sexy new OS-inspired themes that look really, really sharp on their supported devices. I've broke down all of the themes in the article after the break, so click on for a better look at all of them, videos included.

First up, Windows Inspirat. Based on Windows 7 of course! This theme looks really at home on my Bold and although I have never been a person who actually enjoys seeing the Windows logo on my BlackBerry this theme makes me not worry about it so much anymore as the overall look is great. That and well..I actually like Windows 7 lol!

Still sticking with computer-based themes, Elecite has released Leopard for a lot of devices as well, but most recently the BlackBerry Storm and 8900. Icons are sharp and transitions on the Storm with this theme are very nice. Be sure to check out the video on this one to get the full effect.

Then we move into mobile device operating systems, starting off with an Android-based theme. Droid, which sticks to the Android based G1 quite nicely, with all of the icons from the OS being used and presented in the highest quality. This theme also looks great on my Bold and while this falls into the category of just a theme to "show off" for me, I'm sure plenty of you out there would rock this one on a daily basis cause it just looks that damn good!

And finally, no OS based theme set could be complete unless some variation of the iPhone look was involved now could it? For every person who loves an iBerry theme there's a person who hates the concept, so try and keep the debate civil in the comments! This iBerry theme is nice and clean and very, very smooth on all the devices I tested it on, even my Storm functioned awesomely with this one where the lag was minimal in the transitions and movements across screen.

Let's face it - not a lot of themes work that well with the Storm as of yet and some are really "Heavy" on the device, especially ones that use custom icons. iBerry however, does not have this issue as it all works very fluidly, no complaints from me on it. Well, other then it makes some of the people I meet in the run of a day ask silly questions like "Is that an iPhone?" to which I reply, "Hell, naww it's my BlackBurry. iPhone trippin" lol.

>All in all. A very nice round up of themes based on OS version available from Elecite, be sure to check out all the versions available for each theme to ensure compatability and of course each theme will set ya back $6.99, which based on the quality of these themes is right on par with what I'd expect to be paying. And for those with Storms and 8900s, don't worry, if/when a new Plazmic update comes out and any updates to previously purchased themes are done, you'll be able to grab those updated themes for free.

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OS Based Premium Themes From Elecite Are Hot!


how about another 48hr free theme sale lol

i want that inspirat windows 7 - looks frakin haawwwtt

These companies need to stay in business somehow. Spend the couple dollars on the theme to show your support so they can continue to make these great themes. :)

Still waiting for them to release Distict for the Storm. I haven't been able to find any green theme's I like so far.

I find that on the iberry theme for the bold, that if u have any unread messages, on the front page... the text displaying number of unread messages will over lap with "messages". anyone else have this problem?

elecite themes are a complete rip-off and slows down my storm. I will never purchase from them again. I bought the vista theme, and has never seen anything so plain in my life. Its like they rush their wallpapers for the storm and unfortunately they do not have pleasing results. So I would rather donate to the people who take their time in making these themes for my storm. Crackberry rocks and so does their forums. Elecite is soooooo on a lower level right now!!!!

Umm, what are you talking about? This is by far THE best Windows Seven theme I have ever seen! Yes it's simple, which is what makes it look so nice, just like the original.

Rush wallpapers? What does that mean? Everything about this theme is beautiful, been using it ever since I bought it and never used anything else ever since. Haven't ever seen anything free even close to this good, props to the elecite guys!

im loving the leopard theme. the hiding menu bar on the bottom makes the homescreen image like a screensaver almost. its great!

I bought the grunge theme for my storm shortly after the first review of the company. I really like the look of it. My only complaint would be that you can't click on the screen to take you to the home screen, you can only get there by tilting it sideways or pressing the blackberry button. It's not really that big of a deal, just takes some getting used to after so long at clicking on the screen to get 'home.' secondly you're stuck with the background, you can set your own picture as the wallpaper, but the black and yellow caution line and the designs at the bottom stay put. I tried to set my favorite band picture as the wall paper only to have the caution strip right over half of their faces. I do really like the theme, so I guess you really have to take some bad with the good.

I understand the need to charge a few $$ for the work being put in on these themes, however, some of the icons being used are clearly those of trademarked properties.

By meters I'm assuming you mean battery and signal meters. They are in fact on there. At the bottom there is a skull in a circle the top part is the battery life and the bottom is your signal. At least it is on my storm. Not sure exactly whict version you looked at.

Awesome theme downloades leopard theme..Love IT!!!
But I changed my background pic and bottom row of icons that look like the dock on a mac, went back to the reugular layout and i cant get them or that original picture back...so just an FYI dont changet he background image...

I have to agree with Dedrick below.. though not to the extent where I'd slam them - they are quite pretty and professional looking themes, however I too have experienced horrid performance and lockups/lagging with the Inspirat and now iBerry themes I purchased. Really quit bad.. though, again, very well done and attractive looking.. which lends to my dilema.. of leaving it on or removing it :)


Don't bother with iBerry on the Bold - the 'Messages' bit on the Today Screen gets all jumbled together and unreadable as soon as a message comes in.
Waste of $6.99 on that theme IMO.

I purchased the Leopard theme yesterday for my Storm and it's alright. If some of the great things about this theme could be combined with hasting's AppleBerry it would be the perfect combination. Elecite has elected to not skin the boot-up scrubbing icon, and I rather liked seeing the rainbow-colored Mac icon after a soft reset with AppleBerry. Elecite's theme is completely updated for the look of Leopard otherwise, which is nice. I like the cosmos background on my application screen, and Appleberry lacks there. My only true complaints are 1) Memory leaks... which I antipated completely, and 2) When you return to the home screen from the Application screen it leaves you with ghost images of all you app icons which take fooorreeevvveerrr to go away. I keep a very clean Berry... but I am running a beta OS (.109) so it's hard to say if it's a limitation of the Plazmic beta or .109 that causes this and I'm not willing to reload .75 just to find out :-p

Oh yeah, one more thing. The home screen icons don't bounce when pressed, and I would like to see that added in future additions. Hastings was able to accomplish this with AppleBerry. Elicite has also elected to get rid of quick access to Profiles from the home screen, and this is one of the very reasons I like the Storm. We'll see if it drives me crazy.

Bottom line: If you really need your Berry to look like your new MacBook this is the theme for you. If you just like the general idea of having a Mac OS theme, try AppleBerry by hastings first because it is free and he has put a ton of work into the thing... just remember to donate if decide to keep it :-)

I would like the fonts to be bigger..The white fonts on the light blue background make it difficult to read.. My Storm responds really well to this theme.. I would like to see darker coloring and bigger fonts.. Other then what I mentioned I like the theme..

I bought the Leopard theme yesterday. Although, I think the theme nice, I have noticed some not so nice things (that should be addressed):

- When on the home screen and the Messages income is clicked, the positioning of the items where the bar with the time is changes.

- When a call is placed, the bar with the time stays visible for awhile. At some point the bar goes away and and a section of the background appears at the bottom of the call screen.

- When the "Set Up Bluetooth" icon is rolled over, the icon changes and becomes longer (distorted).

- When on the clock, there's a small square to the top, left of the screen.