OS becomes official for BlackBerry Torch 9860 the courtesy of Bell Mobility

By Jared DiPane on 19 Mar 2012 01:08 pm EDT
BlackBerry 7.1

If you're on Bell and own either a BlackBerry Torch 9860, you'll want to go ahead and grab your USB cables if you've been waiting for BlackBerry 7.1 to drop. Bell has now posted OS to their BlackBerry download page, though previously leaked and not as far ahead as T-Mobile's version -- it's still nice to see they got around to releasing it.

Download from the Bell BlackBerry page

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OS becomes official for BlackBerry Torch 9860 the courtesy of Bell Mobility


Lucky Bell and Telus customers are treated with respect and are getting official .267 updates.

Not Rogers.

Rogers discontinued the 9860 from their offer page, therefore you can bet - no update coming.

Other Rogers BB7 users, Bold, Curve, Torch Slider - I wouldn't get my hopes up for an update to 7.1
Seems Rogers rather force you to upgrade the entire phone than grant a software device update.

It's absolute BULL$H!T!!

You'd think that Rogers being Canadian and all, would try to help out their fellow Canadian RIM...

But no.

The 9860 is a really nice device. It is my favourite BB7 device! I don't know why carriers don't like the 9860. They support the 9810 but some discontinued the 9860 because some folks think BBs are only cool if they have keyboards! So stupid!

Call and ask - I'm sure they have a few still available.

I think the whole discontinuation is due to 50% of the 1st batch would freeze and Brick up. Also, that same batch had Faulty Batteries.
(check forums)


The Scorch 9860 is a Awesome device! (the working ones) :S

I gave up waiting for Rogers, after repeated fights with customer service I decided I would install the first official release from Bell or Telus. Last Thursday I installed the official Telus version (less Vendor file) and it was easy and works perfectly.

Here is how Rogers feels they should be able to treat their customers:


They believe that not being able to lie to their customers is a violation of their charter rights.

I plugged my 9860 into my BB desktop software trying to update but it says there is no new update. Why is this? Does it matter that my 9860 is an unlocked device from at&t and not from bell, I got it from ebay and put it on bell.

Hey, read the upgrade 101 on Crackberry.com

You have to delete the vendor.xml file, before desktop manager will recognize it...


RIM does not often times missed the boat but they did so with the 9860 as it rivals any Android or iPhone out there. I use both a Bold 9900 and a 9860 and the 9860 is simply a great device to the point that it is my daily driver.

They seem to be reluctant to push this device as it does not incorporate a keyboard and that is simply silly. The device's virtual keyboard is to die for and I know as I also toy around with a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, a Samsung Focus S and an iPhone 4.

Let me close by saying, that RIM should in fact cut back it's number of devices to maybe 1 or 2 and roll with it. Last I checked Apple does quite well with their iPhone. Android is a mess because of the never ending device options with OS's all over the place.

RIM can no doubt come out with a single or a few devices from which they can launch an all out attack on the market. Better to do a few things very well rather than a whole lot of things not so well.

So frustrated! I'm on bell but using an unlocked 9860 from AT&T. I can't get the update on BB desktop so I downloaded it from the link given here. And I can't get it to update on my phone either. What is going on?!

even after a complete re-install of the desktop software and fresh download of the device software I'm still being told there are no updates.

Prior to this I dug up and deleted the vendor file with no change in the scenario.

A friend was kind enough to try the install on her computer and the results are the same (no prior bb software of any kind on it).

What the heck is going on? Can anyone please tell me what I am supposed to do?

I read an above comment there is an 'upgrade 101' section ... where is this please so I can re-check my work?

Just got off the phone with Bell Tech support agent 'Barb'.

She talked to RIM and the officially released software for my phone model is not available for my phone model.

... ya, seriously...

Will update if there is any progress in this debacle. At least she didn't tell me to do what I had already done to narrow down the problem - bonus it was an English speaking Canadian on the line ;)

I'm on the bell network and could not update my Blackberry to this new OS for some unknown reason. I was very upset about this but then I tried the new Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 on Crackberry and it worked perfectly.