OS gets official for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 through Mobilicity

By Jared DiPane on 19 Mar 2012 01:08 pm EDT

BlackBerry 7

If you are a fan of official OS's, and are looking for something new to load on your BlackBerry Curve 9360, you will be happy to know that OS has gained the official stamp. Mobilicity has signed off on this OS and it is now available for your downloading pleasure. If you have a device on Mobilicity all you have to do is hook your device up to Desktop Manager and update. Remember if you are not using a Mobilicity device you will have to delete the vendor.xml file, and there may be a second one. As always, be sure to back up your device before loading this, and proceed with caution.

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OS gets official for the BlackBerry Curve 9360 through Mobilicity


So this is good news finally! Better late to the party than not showing up at all Mobi! BUT, I don't have a Curve! I have a Torch 9810 and just last night I took T-Mobile's OS release and stuck in on my Torch because I just couldn't wait any longer! With no feedback from you guys as to your intentions on release, I had to go rogue...

It works just fine after deleting the two vendor.xml files (Win 7 64-bit, there are two). Install went smoothly and fast. Did a backup anyhow though. Anyhow, perhaps I should have waited a few more days since if Mobi's releasing the Curve 7.1 update today, chances are in a few days, they will release the other updates too? What do you wager?

When an official release happens, can/should I wipe the device and re-install with the official release or just leave things alone? I'd like the group's feedback on that. Thanks!

Good point, you're right - don't mess with something "just because". T-Mobile's version is a later build anyhow so I think I will just chill and enjoy it a bit. Monitor the threads for feedback on potential bugs.

Thanks for the reply.

It's great to see Mobi releasing OS 7.1, with one of the better features being wifi hotspot. Unfortunately, Mobi's data service is throttled so severely it gives real world speeds in line with 2G.

No wonder RIM is in a world of hurt.

I used the 'Check for Software Updates' feature on the device - it did not find any updates to 7.1.

I used the 'Update Device' in Desktop Manager. It did not find any updates to 7.1.

I went to RIM's website, found the update, downloaded it, installed it, rebooted... Nowhere can I find the 7.1 update. Did it install? If so, where is it?

I bet it's not this hard to update an iPhone.

Their install process isn't great that's for sure. BUT, there is hope for you, now connect your BB to the desktop manager and now check for updates again from the first dropdown menu. You will get a notification that you have a 7.1 update and you can then devote 30 minutes (or less, mine only took 15mins) and be happy. See the install you downloaded and ran, just unpacked and installed things to your local computer and NOT to the BB phone - yet! It just lets your Desktop Manager have access to the update.

I warn you, you will most likely lose your email accounts and have to re-register them. The phone must be re-registered through BBIS too. Don't know if that means you lose old emails or not. My phone is pretty new so I didn't pay attention to this. Your blackberry will have to re-connect to some features too and download service books over time and may ask you to reinitialize things. For example, the splashscreen to Maps came up once more asking me if I agree and all that jazz...Annoying, but nothing mission critical.

Upgrading isn't that hard. I did it with 100% success. As mentioned, some things need tweaking. I hope they smooth out the wrinkles over time. Do as I mention and come back and follow-up so I know it worked for you.


I've had the 7.1 build on my mobilicity 9360 for a couple days now. Battery life is good, actually an improvement from 7.0.

Overall device performance / speed seems same as 7.0

Desktop Manager still not finding the 7.1 update after installing the download, re-booting both device, and PC. My device is on Mobilicity network, and a 9360.

I have successfully updated before easily, but this one is not working for me...

Will keep trying....

I have come to conclusion - that there is not a working mobilicity upgrade to 7.1 for the 9360. The file from RIM download site is not recognized by Desktop Manager as being new. Destkop Manager keeps telling me that there are no new updates. I've tried through RIM website Update, I've tried downloading and installing myself.

I've spent a few hours on this, and am restoring to a back-up. Am going to wait until someone from Mobilicity with a 9360 can duplicate this I think RIM has made a mistake with this update.

@International-deluxe. I have to ask the dumb question here, but what computer OS are you running? I assume Windows right? 32-bit or 64-bit? You know about deleting the vendor.xml files right? On 64-bit there will be two of them. On 32-bit there will be one. If you have done both of these things after running the EXE file to install locally on your computer, and THEN connecting to desktop manager, and then checking for updates...and still nothing...well then I think you might be correct that there is a problem with the release in general. I haven't heard any feedback from others on Mobi running into this problem. If I come across someone who has, I will come back and report my findings.

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try to delete the vendor.xml files. I was under the impression I wouldn't need to since I'm a mobilicity client, using a phone bought from mobilicity using a mobilicity SIM card. I am running 32bit Windows 7. Stay tuned...

Success!! I have completed the update to 7.1 from 7.0. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I eventually tracked the error to the fact that installing the upgrade didn't actually wipe out the old version files, so Desktop Manager never knew there was a new version.

I deleted all files in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader'. Re-ran the 7.1 install, and the new files were saved, then the install went smoothly.

How odd, and thanks again.

@International-deluxe, Congratulations! I'm happy for your success! Also, you were correct with regards to my earlier message to you. You were using an authorized Mobilicity install and really shouldn't have had to delete the vendor.xml file on 32-bit. I don't know why I didn't catch that and it went completely over my head...duh! Anyhow, I am glad you got it to install...

@ryanchrs, sorry, I can't report to you about the speed of the update on the Curve 9360 since my phone is different (Torch 9810 running I think you should post your question in the Curve 9360 forum: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-curve-9370-9360-9350-f237/offici...

Maybe you can help some others with your install method since I notice there are a couple others suffering a similar fate you did...

do i need to put my real infor when filing out the form required to download the update?
im new to this update BB thing. ty

Hi Guys, stupid question. I run the 9360jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel889_PL9.6.0.39_A7.1.0.258_Mobilicity and installed it via double clicking the program (loader.exe shows me an error). It says installation was successful, however when I do an Alt+shift+H, it says my version is still 7.0. Am I missing a step here or something?

I tried this also - I deleted all files in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader'. Re-ran the 7.1 install...but still got the same results.

Thanks for the help!

I need help on step by step installation of os7.1 using 9360jAllLang_PBr7.1.0_rel889_PL9.6.0.39_A7.1.0.258_Mobilicity downloaded from crackberry.com. I live in india and using aircel on my BB curve 9360. Installation on my win 7 os was finished successfully but after the installation when i am trying updating my device software thru BB desktop software it says "No update available".

I have deleted the vendor.xml file as well but still when i checking BB OS version using alt+shift+h, its still os

Please suggest me a solution, I want to upgrade to OS 7.1 in order to access its unique features.

Thanks for help!

Dear sir,

i have blackberry curve 9360 and i have installed new OS 7.1 version but i don't like this new updated software so i want to go back 7.0 version old one, is there any option to delete this new one and install old one and i did not make any backup in my computer i mean i lost backup also so kindly tell me any suggestion about my BB.i am waiting for your reply this is my email id: itzmamjad@gmail.com

thanks & regards