OS 7.1 for the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 FINALLY here!

Bold 9900
By Michelle Haag on 20 Sep 2012 05:51 pm EDT

Well lookie here, AT&T has FINALLY officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900! While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion.

Download OS for the Bold 9900
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OS 7.1 for the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9900 FINALLY here!


Why don't people hold off commenting on OS downloads until they have something useful to offer AFTER installation & testing with known "leak" bugs ?! And- Crackberry- why do comments/forums not display LATEST first ?
over and out

I prefer scrolling down and reading everyone's discussion & Reply's... Displaying the latest first would drive me nuts!

Over and out is only said in the movies. You NEVER say that in the real world if you at all care about radio etiquette, since over and out both mean different things, you can't use them together unless you intend to confuse the heck out of the person on the other end. I hate hearing that in movies, especially when the movie is trying to seem realistic...

You eiter say "Over" which means "I'm done talking, your turn to talk." Or you say "Out" which can only be said by the person who initiated that radio conversation, and it roughly means "Conversation is done, stop talking." So "over and out" would be in essence saying "I'm done talking, your turn to talk, no wait, shut up, conversation is done."

Alright, sorry about that off-topic rant, lol. Consider it a free lesson in radio etiquette. :-P

I have 0.391 so I'm totally upgrading.

It's "interesting" that this should come out the same time as the iPhone 5.... NFC compatability anyone? WiFi Hotspot?

Wow. Feels so much faster. Snappier. Lots of memory. Did my taxes. Activated a dual core processor. So glad I upgraded.

Also, does anyone know if this will work on my 9700?

Does anyone know if Tmobile will be getting any kinds of update on 9900. What are other folks running on Tmobile. Please advice


I had OS 7.1 for 9810 from TMO, and as usual it ran like crap. Upgraded to Orange OS 7.1.xxx. Mic issue = FML when you needed to make/receive a phone call. I just upgraded to that yesterday. Glad to finally see it AT&T.

Wonderful - I pay for tethering, have the official OS, and still I get prompted to contact customer service when I try to turn on wifi hotspot.

The prompt is merely a default software- not carrier- warning that you "might" incur data charges: just check the "don't show me this again" box. I also have tethering plan: no worries

For those of us that are not familiar with the leaked versions of OS 7.1, can I use wifi hotspot and does the data apply to my regular data allowance or will AT&T hit me with a $60 dollar (or whatever it is) a month for tethering?

Thanks, but I think it's a different message. I don't have the exact text in front of me but it basically says the feature is unavailable for my account and I should contact customer service. the only option to click is "OK", at which point it turns off hotspot again.

Yes!! Now I can go to blackberry jam in San Jose and show off that I have the new version of 7.1 yes!

Don't mean to bust your At&t bubble...


.694 is nothing compared to .714...

Oh yea, and girls of the world ain't but trouble.. ;)

it's probs coming in the next month. i'm gonna wait for that one cause i'm suspecting that the closer the build numbers get to 1000, the more radical the OS will become to coincide with the release of BB10.

I don't think there's .714 for the 9900... yet.

It's there for ALL the other phones.

Mic problem fixed. Word sub problem fixed. Faster. Better battery and memory.

Check the .714 threads for the other models for more details.

Bout time they showed the at&t BB9900 users some love. Prayer does work lol. Can't wait to get home to download it I hope its a great OS. Thanks At&t!!

Delete the social feeds app and retry....you can download it again.
I had the same issue when i updated with verizon .
Hope it works.

cancel whatever is going on and restart the BB.Now delete the social feed app(you can re download once the OS is updated).Once the update is done.....download the social feed app again.
# BTW i love the social feed app...hope they dont do way with it in BB10.
Let me know if you face any problems and where exactly you are stuck(if at all that is)

ATT has no love for BB.....were the last ones to release the phones last year.....so much so that adam had to go and dance in front of the att store.They are iphone biased.


Actually, I think lately AT&T has been the last to release anything. They were the last to have the Galaxy SII back when that came out from what I remember and the last to release Android updates as well according to my friend who is an Android fanboy...

Better late then never...congratulations to all of the at&t people out there...only took them five months pre bb10 to get it out there

Is it on the PC only? Mine is not showing OTA. I plugged my phone in the the PC to do a backup and it froze. But I never got any thing for on update on there either.

It wouldn't let me download the os because of apploader. Anyone else have this issue? If so if you came up with a fix let me know cause I need help. Thanks in advance.

Any work around on the AT&T Mobile Hotspot? I talked to them, i'm grandfathered into the old plan and they want to switch me to the 5 gig data plan before I can use the service, any way around this?

Downloaded and updated the OS via DM since this time it's official from my carrier. Seamless update, the phone works like a charm. Everything is on par with .391 except the phone got somewhat snappier (didn't do wipe, just "updated" the OS as suggested by DM).

Worst update experience ever. It froze and messed up my phone. Couldn't get it OTA. A lot of people were complaning about social feed hang ups when trying to install. I had to wipr my device to connect it again to the PC and have it read my phone. Love I have hot spot. After using the phone now for for a day and a half usage. I can say it runs smoother then it did. Not way better. Just over all a cleaner feeling.

So far I'm happy with the release. My only gripe is that I don't see how to toggle which network connection I'm usuin like before(2G or 3G/4G). I use this when my battery level is really low.

So, I'm guessing this update is only for PCs. I haven't been able to backup or restore my BB 9900 since I bought it last November (But when I had the torch and curve, I had no issue at all with BB software). Does anyone have any ideas? I've called AT&T for assistance and sent a tweet to BBHelp but they kept referring to each other when I think the issue is that there isn't a BB software update for a mac.

I alreay dowload and install this version, this dosnt have the media server activated and another thing i have some delay with my email accounts, My previos version was this was better. i think i will going back to the previous version. :(