Official OS DM files now available for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 and Blackberry Bold 9650 from Verizon

By Bla1ze on 25 Jan 2011 05:19 pm EST

As expected, Verizon has now posted up the Desktop Manager install files for those of you with either a BlackBerry Bold 9650 or a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330. You can head on over to to the Verizon Wireless website and grab the downloads if you never got the OTA install. Of course, if you're running a previously leaked version then you can simply pass this one over.

Click here to visit the Verizon downloads page

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Official OS DM files now available for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330 and Blackberry Bold 9650 from Verizon


So I'm guessing this means that unofficially realeased semi-hybrid/official OS6 thing yesterday is safe to install??? I'm on Sprint but .415 is a tad annoying so I wouldnt mind moving up to .431.

The REAL install file was also released yesterday, the links have all been changed on that post to the official exe so if you downloaded that, then yes. That would be the suggested method. However, if you got the non-official exe then you might as well just grab the right one.

I have a Verizon 9650 with software version I did an over the air check for updates and was notified that I can upgrade to version I'm downloading the update right now.

You have to get the update through desktop manager. My phone only had update but when I hooked it up to the computer it gave me

The 9650 Update last evening if you went to the and downloaded from there is the exact same file thats been released today. (In fact it was the same file server link)

Since I've been using the Verizon Official OS6 since 3AM last night, I will say that it's very snappy and very fast. It makes Sprints .415 look like crap.

Also with the updated Radio file, I can go into the subway and come out and not have to yank the battery.

I need help from the more experienced users. Will my os 5 third party apps still function or should I wait until the apps are updated to os 6? I have everything backed up just in case.

What are the compelling reasons to move from OS5 to OS6, especially when a person has a lot of 3rd party apps and themes that work with OS5 and may not work at all with OS6?

i got a replacement bold at the beginning of January running os, i was looking everywhere to find info on the os but couldn't. Until the same thing was happening to people on this site. In order for the bold to get the OTA of verizon os 6 they need os and that is why it is telling you ti upgrade to that, once u upgrade to that u should get the OTA for os 6, if u want to bypass that, go to the verizon website and do it that way. i don't know why verizon is requiring bolds to have an os they only put on bolds at the beginning of January and didn't push out to everyone in order for OTA to work.

i had downloaded a leaked version a while ago for my 3g 9330 runnin platform id like to get the .431 version. can i just go to the website and download it?

Is there a way to get this update with a Mac computer? Or should I just wait until they offer the update through Blackberry Desktop Manager?

As soon as you plug the phone up and run desktop manager it will tell you about the update. I also have a mac and was unsure about it as well. I'm currently updating.

My text messages aren't working anymore after this upgrade... when i hit enter, the message that i typed just disappears?

anyone else having this or does anyone know a fix?

update: when i change the "Send Text-only Message As:" to Always MMS, it works fine, but Always SMS and Automatic don't work.

Can someone help me? I've got .975 active and I'm getting a notice that the App Loader is running when using my desktop. OTA Upgrade isn't showing up. Any suggestions?

I'm using a verizon with sprint os (delete vendor) is that mean I can't get the ota file from my device??

I just upgraded to this version and so far, only a couple minor issues:

>>When plugged in, it never dims out, even when I have 30 seconds selected.

>>It will not connect to Facebook, at all

>>UberTwitter keeps showing a and does not update

>>Most of the icons in the tray are just the BB Browser icon

I have battery pulled and restarted it twice since the update took place and it doesn't fix these issues.

It takes a while for all the icons to change. I'm guessing its Verizon pushing all their stuff but it changes

If the software update dosent show on my phone when I go to the software updates setting how else can I download from my computer right now to download it from please help!!! I have a bold 9650

The current consensus is this:

• View updates over phone. If your current OS is, then as soon as you run an OTA update, it'll say the latest version is Once updated to that OS, you'll get another OTA notification that you can upgrade to

• Desktop Manager users can jump straight to (and skip the moment they hook their Blackberry up to their computer. That's what mine did.

Currently waiting for the phone to reboot after the install. I'll post my findings in a bit.

I just hope Ubertwitter does work. Twitter for Blackberry lacks so many features that Ubertwitter has...

I am downloading now...have had the sprint .415 since it came out...liked it, didnt love it. missed the OS5....hopefully the verizon version will have some improvements. on my power manager tray, I couldn't scroll down to check the bluetooth box or the wifi box.... thoought it was a glitch with the build, we shall see....


Updated 2 Bolds to OS 6. Taken over 5 hours to get everything right and still working on it. iant pain in the a$$!!! OS 6 has a problem reading SD cards but everything else seems to be good so far. Can't believe Verizon released OS 6 and I'm still alive. Thought I'd never see it!!!

Anyone who is not getting the OTA to show up on their phone: Plug in to your computer and run DM, this will solve your problem, even if you are running a leaked version of OS6 (this just happened to me so I know)

Did my update - went flawlessly as far as I can tell. Also boot time on this OS is only running about four minutes - that's the fastest my BB has ever started up!

With your phone plugged into DM go to applications and scroll down the list to Social Feed. Click the plus sign then click apply.

Sure feels a lot better having an "official" OS in contrast to a leaked version. I don't know how to really distinguish the feeling. Official just feels right.

With your phone plugged into DM go to applications and scroll down the list to Social Feed. Click the plus sign then click apply.

Just installed it via Verizon's website for my 9650, and it seems to be working perfectly...the only thing I could find is that I can't change the facebook notification sound; there's simply no option for me to do so.... Little pissed about my themes not working either, but I'll take it just for the improved web browser! Other than those few minor things, its all good in da hood.

Go into facebook settings, uncheck notifications and message application... save, recheck them save. battery pull... facebook in profiles

it worked for me

i just tried to download the multi-language pack from the website and it says file not found? anyone else?

Has anyone noticed that the browser is generally faster on 3G, but slower on wifi than OS 5? On OS 5 I used to download large video files at 150+ kb/sec, but now I can't break 55 kb/sec. I noticed this on the leaked versions too. Not a huge problem, but I'd like to think my wifi is running AT LEAST as good as it was previously.

That's because over 3G, the data is going through RIM's servers where it is compressed for easier downloading.

With OS6, your Blackberry itself downloads data directly from the internet over Wi-Fi, bypassing RIM's servers altogether so the device itself has to process the data. It should theoretically be faster but I dunno

How long is the initial download of the software supposed to take? It has been 26 minutes but vz site says it should only take 20-30 min. It is only 55% complete with 38 mb left!

This is a good call for all the Verizon Users, wonder if Sprint officially released OS6 for their users yet? If not.. All I can say to Sprint is: LMAO. Laydown suckers! But I'm glad Verizon is releasing this version. If Verizon wants to regain its loyal fan base, they need to stay on up of the updates for all smartphone devices.

Okay, you got me there. LoL

But, I dropped Sprint cause in my job I travel 145,000 miles a year - coast to coast and kept getting dropped calls or no service in many areas. I have since been with Verizon for 10 years now and have to say that the coverage area is far better then Sprints network base.

When I go on facebook through the browser, at the bottom of the page it says 'Download Facebook for your Blackberry 9780' and I have a Bold 9650....? Anyone else see the same thing?

the only issue I am having is reading alerts on weatherbug. It wont allow me to scroll down on the alert, its fine in the forcast.

Connect to desktop manager, go to "applications" and then scroll down to "social feeds" and click on the "+" sign and hit "apply" on the bottom right corner.

Very Well done R.I.M just downloaded it last nite for my 9650 bold from verizon! I had do it twice cause it didn't go thru the first time.. But good job!

Ummmm.... Application Memory went down the hole, went from 315 MB Free to 197 MB free... Under Application Management then scroll to Application Storage; Can i delete Blackberry 6.0.0 System Software? isn't that just like the setup file for inital download? If it isn't then any idea why the App Memory dropped to over half of what it was?

battery pull and you'll get about 40mb back. that's what happens to me when upgrading to OS 6 OTA and sometimes on the computer. Also delete the demo video stored in your "videos" folder.

yeah i did that and it still said 197... that isnt bad but weird... not a memory junky just one thing i have noticed that doesnt make sense...

without changing anything for myself, (i'm in sprint), running .333, .415, and now .431, from any version of 5, im consistently down from 283 to about i don't know why you're drop is so big. i'd open DM and see if u can remove any extra language translations etc that may have been added as a result of OS 6. I also did not install social feeds and blackberry podcasts and wireless music sync (which is included in os6 but not os5. All of those items could contribute to extra memory loss.

Social Feeds...where the hell is it?

Update...ah, found it. Simply connect to desktop manager, go to "applications" and then scroll down and click on the "+" sign and hit "apply" on the bottom right corner.

help how do i downgrade back to bb 5 i dont like 6 can someone please help me or send me a link

I did my update with ota not with dm I did back up my phone before I did it but I don't see any options on the dm to change os I tried restoring to the one with old os but didn't help

how long did it take for the update to install?
i'm debating whether or not i should wait for tonight to do it if it is going to take a long time.

if anyone that did the upgared ota and wants to downgrade u can do it on your phone in the same place wireless updae on the phone

Anyone having trouble with the integrated Wikipedia search in the browser? On my Bold 9650, when I try to enter a search term and click to search with Wikipedia, the link isn't correct and leads me to a dead page. Help!

Browser print on many web pages toooo small only shows full page), no option to select column v. page view. Does anyone know how to increase web page size on 6.0 (changing font does not work)..., similar to 5.0? Zoom not listed as an option on many pages. Help, Thanks!

It is running on my Curve 9330 3G now! I think I like it, but I lost my favorite notifier "chi_gong".

Awful, awful, awful. I upgraded yesterday evening on my 9650 and I'm so sorry I did. Everything is running slower, several apps and personal settings (AutoText files, for example) have lost important functionality, and some apps aren't working at all. Where are the advantages?

I want to downgrade back to Version 5 but even the old Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update > Previous Update Succeeded routine no longer offers you the "Downgrade" option. Am I stuck? I want my old Version 5 back...

I feel the same way! In addition to the problems you mentioned with OS 6, my Bold's Battery life is absolutely terrible now.

I just sent in an email complaint to Verizon about all this, I suggest everyone else who is having an issue do the same. Verizon normally listens to their customers (especially BlackBerry ones), so if enough people complain, I'm sure they'll push out another update that fixes all these problems.

I upgraded it the night before last and when I was done the internet would not work. Some of the files did not copy ((host routing table did not transfer at all) so I called customer service at Verizon and the tech suggested I do the whole thing over. I did and it worked perfect the next time.

LOL...i know i know!

My complaint is that I can't read webpages - the fonts are rididculously small. Help!!!!!

It was relatively simple to download from DM, although several of my old icons (CNN, my local news mobile) were no longer functional.

But the fonts - my eyes cannot read such small type. Help!!!!

Seems Telus is really falling behind as most of the other carriers have release OS6 [for those designated to get OS6 that is].

for what it's worth, i've seen a few people saying they have issues with the SD cards not being read. with me, it was reading certain files from my SD card(ringtones, music), but not pictures and videos. about an hour after the install, it all showed back up on my phone. i didn't even do a battery pull or restart. hopefully that will be the case for some.

I haveOS 5 and am fairly happy with it. Based on what I'm seeing here, some folks experiencing loss of some stuff with upgrade.

For those that have upgraded, what do you LIKE?

BIG difference from OS5?

Do I NEED to upgrade?

Do you have to reset all your customizations?

Thanks for the help. I hesitate to jump on the bandwagon...

I updated to OS 6 and now every time my bold is plugged in and charging I lose service and I get multiple messages saying my blackberry is now registered to the network. It also logs me off of facebook when this happens. Has this been happening to anyone else or does anyone know why this is happening??

I'm with verizon with a 9650 bold. Installed OS6 the end of Jan. I used the BB Desktop manerger to up date its faster than OTR. It seemed to work fine then found a problem in spell checker. I use memopad a lot. I type up large notes & email off to friends. I mean 4 & 5 hundred word notes. The last week or two spell checkers been freaking out a small black screen pops up error restarting & nothing really happens. I uninstalled 6.0 renstalled restored all my notes & spell checker works fine. Does this sound like a problem?