OS 5.0 Update: Official Statement from Research in Motion Regarding Availability of OS 5.0

OS 5.0 Update
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2010 03:52 pm EST

With 2009 a memory and 2010 now upon us, I have been seeing a ton of forum posts, tweets and emails from BlackBerry owners wondering when handheld device software version 5.0 will become officially available for their device. While the newest BlackBerry Smartphones to hit the market are shipping with 5.0 (think Storm2, Bold 9700, Curve 8530) and a couple already-on-the-market devices have received the update (VZW Storm 9530), there are still literally millions of devices in the hands of users waiiting to receive some five point oh love. With holidays over, I reached out to RIM for an update on the situation, since our previous 5.0 update pegged it to be out before the end of 2009.  Here's the statement:

RIM began rolling out BlackBerry OS 5.0 late last year through our carrier partners for supported devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm2. We continue to work with our carrier partners to make BlackBerry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supportable in-market BlackBerry smartphones. 

So what's this mean? It comes down to this... RIM held up their end of the bargain per their word. They made OS 5.0 available through their partner portal to their carrier partners prior to the end of 2009. After that, it's really up to the carriers to sign-off (pass technical acceptance) on the updated firmware and push it out their subscribers. The 5.0 software is there.

Going forward, the forum threads and tweets and emails shouldn't say When is RIM going to make OS 5.0 officially available for my device? but rather When is insert carrier name going to make 5.0 available for insert device name? I know. It's not the update you were maybe hoping to hear, but that's where it's at.

Feel free to leave a comment to this post begging your carrier to push out 5.0 for your BlackBerry. It might not help, but certainly won't hurt! And you'll feel better. :)

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OS 5.0 Update: Official Statement from Research in Motion Regarding Availability of OS 5.0



If you read the forums and follow the great instructions from Crackberry it only takes a few minutes of your day to get up and running on a leaked OS. The last two leaks that worked well (.230 & .419) have plenty of user chatter verifying there is nothing to worry about.

...leaks aren't enough - I should know, I tried EVERY leak ever released for the 8900 - We want official, that way we don't have to worry about it not working for us.

Sorry to hijack the first post, but I wanted this to make the first page.

Boohoo RIM! Whatever... We're to believe that they have a perfectly stable build of OS5 for EVERY supported BB in the hands of the carriers and the carriers are just not pushing it out. Yeah, ok.

WE ARE ON RELEASE BUILD 674 WITH OS5.0.0.419 FOR THE STORM AND IT'S STILL BUGGY AS HECK! Give us a break RIM, we're not buying your warm coolaid anymore. lol

how about 5.0 for like... ANY OF the tmobile Berries. honestly. how does boost put 83xx berries on 5.0 and tmo can manage 5.0 for 8520 and up?

An article has already been posted about updating to 5.0. Just follow the instructions and you'll be loving your 8900 again in no time... til T-Mo shows you again that its data services suck lol.

I feel like I bought the bastard step-child when I bought my 8220 Flip...I love it, but am getting anxious as there has been no 5.0 activity to speak of, and T-Mobile isn't known to be so swift to move things out the door.

YES!! I upgraded to a Flip last year. Now I've bought an 8900. I'm waiting for two! Which is like eating for two, only I'm not stuck w/ a baby at the end of it. LOL

So basically...Rogers can suck it. Hate them with a passion. Bought my Bold 9000 a long time ago and never saw or got an email from them about OS updates. The damn wireless update in the options section is worthless.

It was thanks to CB that I was able to see an OS update. Rogers can take a flying leap.

kinda wierd how a smaller carrier such as MTS can get the update for the storm before the bigger carriers such as Telus or Bell... just sayin

MTS a small carrier!! It is one of the biggest cell providers in the world. It is bigger than Verizon Wireless with over 91 Million subscribers. Almost 15 times the subscriber base of Telus so dont "just say," you look ignorant.

MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services) is larger than Verizon??? You are talking about MTC (Mobile TeleSystems). Telus dwarfs MTS in subscriber base.

I think you owe him an apology you ignorant @#$%!

Ya that was a really dumb comment, with anything to back it up, I live in Manitoba, and MTS is a joke compard to Telus and Verizon, time to go back to sleep.

This both is, and isn't a fault of RIM.

When apple negotiated the iPhone with carriers, they wrote that they have specific control over the firmware, and it's updates. This was a very smart move, and RIM needs to be in control of their firmware the way apple is. The release cycle is just plain too long, and this isn't working.

I really like my Tour, but have wondered about Verizon's commitment to their customers after postponing OS 5 for so long. Other phones which were released after the initial Tour date got their OS 5 within a short time. Why the delay? RIM has kept their end of the bargain, now it's time for Verizon to step up and provide the update to 5 for all the Tour owners.

Stop holding us Bold 9000 owners hostage and release the 5.0 already!!! OF course i would rather have a bug free OS but step on it!

Thanks for the update. I keep asking Verizon but get the same noncommittal answer. In November a tech rep I talked to on the phone hinted at possibly December or January.it obviously wasn't December.

Seconded! Oh, and let us install App World without a Data plan. And Google, if you are listening, let us also use google sync via Wi-Fi.

Over Wi-Fi, as I always access the internet on my BB. I am almost always in range of a wireless network, so for me a data plan is really not very useful.
Also, Blackberry plans for my carrier are fraking expensive.

Please release the official 5.0 OS for us loyal BlackBerry Tour 9630 users! We would really appreciate it!!!

It is posts like this that make Crackberry my go to Blackberry website. I recommend it to everyone after I recommend a Blackberry to them.... Keep up the good work Kevin!

Why is everyone complaining about OS releases... Is it has not passed the test then it shouldnt be released... To be hones all the 5.0 OSs are buggy.... So would you all like buggy OSs NO... So wait

How long do you honestly think RIM takes to release a non-buggy OS when they already released it for 3 other devices...you sir sound stupid[no offense to your intelligence but c'mon now] If the 9700 has OS 5.0 functioning well, why can't the 8900 or 8520 have it too...

There haven't been any non-buggy OS's released for the other devices though. That's why I wouldn't rush it... I mean look what Verizon pushed out for the Storm before it was ready...

I disagree with the original article. Unless Kevin has other evidence not presented here, he interpreted the statement from RIM poorly. Note what they say:

"RIM began rolling out BlackBerry OS 5.0 late last year through our carrier partners for supported devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm2."

Ok, got it. RIM rolled out 5.0 FOR THESE 3 DEVICES. If they had provided a version of 5.0 for say, the Tour, to wirless providers they did not mention it in this sentence.
They continue:
" We continue to work with our carrier partners to make BlackBerry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supportable in-market BlackBerry smartphones."
And here they simply say "we're working on it, and we also work with carriers on these issues." They do NOT say "we have provided versions of 5.0 that carriers are refusing to release."

They're just avoiding answering the question. In the first statement they point to how they met goals and in the 2nd try to minimize their failures.

There is nothing here we didn't already know.

dude, you know what...your totally right. kevin needs to clarify or provide more info on this from blackberry.

further evidence of what i'm saying in the post is already out there in the form of leaks. where do you think a lot of the 5.0 leaks originate from? via the partner portal.  RIM internal 5.0 builds (the ones NOT given to partners) are bundled with quincy and return data to beta @ rim. this is stripped away from the partner builds, which get evaluated and given the thumbs up or down.  so no, RIM has not only just made it available for only those 3 devices as we've seen leaks for other device models that are not rim internal builds but are partner evaluation builds. 

That's seems like a good point at first glance. I totally agree that RIM is giving a version of 5.0 to the carriers.

Consider the Tour's 5.0.419 leak, which Crackberry informed us of yesterday (thanks, btw!). This is by far the best OS my Tour has ever seen. However, it's still got all kinds of weird little things. Today my mail and Facebook icons were on both the left AND right side of my screen for about 3 minutes. If I reboot it resends the "registered on this network" email. I'm pretty sure the browser isn't using cookies very well. And we could go on.

How many companies are carriers for the Tour in the world? Somewhere around 10 I'd guess, maybe far more. Heck, there's probably 10 in the English speaking world. Once RIM sends these companies a RC, they each decide INDEPENDENTLY whether or not to release it to their customers. To date, exactly NONE of them have.

Now, you could argue that a company is too picky about little bugs. Sure, I could see that. One company, maybe even a couple. But at least one of them out of the 10 or more will approve something that works fairly well. But to date, every single carrier has refused to release a 5.0 OS for multiple RIM phones. Every. Single. One.

Why? Because they can't release a build like .419. It mostly works great, sure. But if the average person took home a blackberry and it did the crazy stuff this build does, even though its just cosmetic, they'd take the phone back. Tons of people would. Carriers know that and NONE have released 5.0 for these phones. The 5.0 releases RIM is providing to the carriers are still so buggy that not one carrier has chosen to release it.

The real problem is still RIM. They need to get a decent 5.0 build together to release to carriers.

If I'm missing something now, I respect your knowledge significantly, but I don't think I am. We're back to my original point: RIM sent you a letter trying to simple deflect attention from their thus-far inability to provide a working 5.0.

In a perfect BlackBerry world, RIM would pull the trigger on the OS updates and not have to wait for the carrier. I'm sure RIM would LOVE for this to be the case. Afterall, it would make things way easier for RIM.  Instead of every device carrying little differences in version numbers ... vs., etc... they could just pull the trigger across the board. Do one mass update to bring the platform for all devices up to speed, and then push out from there. This would make it easier for developers, easier for consumers to grasp that they have the latest, and be easier for everyone. Maybe one day this WILL happen, but it's probably tough for RIM to change things after doing it the same way for so long.

I don't disagree that there's still little bugs around that need to be addressed and that does come back to RIM to make sure the software is top-notch and should be easy for carriers to approve. For the most part, little glitches aside, things are pretty good these days. And even the Bold 9700 with 5.0 went to market with some OS glitches (two view attachment buttons??) but few people complained as on the whole the device is awesome. 

Push come to shove, it's still carriers who could roll out what they already have in their hands, whether perfect or not. I'd argue it's more than good enough, though do get your point where it comes back to RIM if it's "not good enough".

Though maybe it's in the carrier's best interest for them to not rollout the update... why make the BlackBerry you bought already better when they can just sell you that Tour2 in a couple months that'll ship with 5.0? Or if you can't wait that long, grab the Storm2 or Droid if you're not happy with your Tour? Really, as long as the carrier doesn't lose you to another carrier, there's no real incentive for them to push out an update. The EXCEPTION here is a device like the Storm 9530, where I'm sure Verizon's call center complaints decreased after the update went out. You could argue RIM benefits too by not pushing out updates as fast as they could be (in the case where it prompts a quicker upgrade), but I think RIM's point of view is that they need the device in a consumer's hands, be it old or new, to be the best BlackBerry it can be, as that's what builds loyalty, keeps current with the competition, etc.

Well, those are some things for me to think about. It sounds as if the people around here with more experience than myself think carriers don't think of OS releases as big issues or ways to keep customers content. That's disappointing, nut confirms your original post. I was wrong!

I do remember last sept. RIM says it is really up to wireless carrier to release their 5.0 on some devices and some will not get it. best thing is wait and see which devices will get it and some don't but they do plan 5.0 OS release for curve 8330, pearl flip, storm , bold 9000 and tour that's it.

C'mon US Cellular...You have sold thousands of Curve 8330s...heck it was your only BB for quite a while. (in fact...you are still selling it) Please get the 5.0 upgrade soon. Thank you.

When will I have more than 5.0.230 for my Curve 8330 USCC? I know its not the version you want me to run, but give me something I can. You guys provide great service hands down compared to anyone else. Lets see some 5.0 action.

Most Carriers have treated Smartphones just like any other phone. Providing an update only if there is a problem that affect a large number of users, or if it allows for some new application (that they can make money from). Doing an update just becuase there is one, or becuase it may look better or run a little quicker isn't necessarly in their best interest.

RIM needs to realize that the phones have their name on them, if there is a problem with how the phone operates, customers don't think about changing Carriers, they think about changing the Manufacture of their phone.

Why is Verizon ALWAYS behind the power curve? It's not like they scrutinize every little detail. If the did no WinMo phone would ever make the grade. I mean come on, it's Windoze.
I think Rim lets these 5.0 releases "leak" because they need beta testers, and because they know carriers like Verizon drag their feel

When i went to the verizon store last week with a problem on my curve. The tech said they are putting out an update by mid Jan. Maybe its OS 5.0 :)

I'll have moved on to a new phone with 6.0 before I'll ever see an official release of 5.0 for my Verizon 8330.

I just got off the phone with Verizon and the woman said that they try and release an update every 3 or 4 months. There was no release date for the 5.0 yet she said. I can't believe they have released OS 5.0 for other phones that are way older than the Tour. I thought the newest phones might get the update first...i guess i was mistaken.

I would love to see a 5.0 update for the old original Curve. But, really how realistic is this? Can the 8330 processor and ram support 5.0? Does anyone know? I really don't think VZW has much incentive to support it. I think they would rather you upgrade to 8530 or Tour and renew your contract for another 2 years. :(

In addition to pleading here, It would be more productive to bombard your carriers forums and CSRs.

Whether we like it or not, CrackBerry is a NA centric site. The NA carriers may frequent the forums, but its highly unlikely for the rest of the worlds carriers to do so. Just look at the forums for carriers. All the non NA carriers are all lumped together.

they'd rather push you into getting a new phone and extending your contract. Why would they do something that has no financial benefit for them? Not saying this is how it should be, but the carriers are notoriously motivated by only doing things that will make them more $$.

I would expect this to be true for phones that are older than a year but for phones released within the the last year, it would be bad PR to not support them with software upgrades. PR is important for future revenue also.

Verizon is notoriously slower at rolling out OS upgrades until it gets through their own internal certification process. Believe me, not being the first carrier on the block to release an OS update is not a bad thing. If there is a glitch or a problem, all the people here whining for Verizon to hurry up and release the OS will be the first to complain about Verizon being irresponsible and not testing it thoroughly. A glitchy OS would cost a carrier more money in returns, exchanges and customer support hours than taking a little while longer to put the OS through their own stress tests.

True too...but honestly, how many bugs do you think these things have? A few at most - noticed some bugs with my 8900 OS 5.0 but it comes back, that RIM won't release this extremely bugged out OS - it's bull crap - I plan to get a 9700 whether they put OS 5.0 on my 8900 or not, but I'd be more satisfied with it than without it.

Sure they have financial benefits!!! I'm currently with a Sprint 9630 on OS, why shouldn't I change over to AT&T and get the 9700 with 5.0???

Was in a Telus store today. I asked about the 5.0 and was told that there will be a release for the 8330 and they have it, thats all he would say.

Wonder when that's going to happen. I'm running a leaked version and quite happy with it so far. But the longer I wait for the real thing and the more I'm leaning towards getting an iPhone.

Im with all the other T-Mobile 8900 users, give us some 5.0 love! We have all been patiently waiting, so lets see the goods!

You are no longer the GSM/3G monopoly - let's start showing some love to your install base or you may not have it for much longer!

Release the 8330m OS 5.0 already!!! Hope all carriers release 5.0 for all devices by the end of this week!!!


im sick n tired of them releasing only stuff for the newer phones. I want the official 5.0 for my blackberry bold 9000 on rogers. IVE HAD THE THING FOR OVER A YEAR ITS ABOUT TIME FOR A 5.0 PEOPLE. sick n tired of this OS BS.


Since it's now definite that Verizon will be getting the Google Phone in a couple a months, I need my 8330 to both work and be reasonably entertaining for just a little while longer. C'MON Verizon, give us 5.0 for the Curve 8330!!!

I thought Sprint was the "NOW" Network? its more like the "NO" Network.


"We continue to work with our carrier partners to make BlackBerry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supportable in-market BlackBerry smartphones."

I for one have ATT which is not known to get off their duffs and do anything fast. I have complained to ATT for other services they have failed to deliver or screwed orders up. I have to deal with ATT in my job and I can tell you my complaints falls on deaf ears. I have threatened to take all of the contacts at ATT that I have and do a flame letter one of these days. Would that get me anywhere? Nope they change people and positions constantly making it very difficult to submit a complaint. Their web site is a prime example of how they can really keep people from contacting them. Even if you get on the phone and contact someone you will pushed to every freakin department imaginable spending hours doing it.

So blame or complain to ATT all you want. It will only come out when they get good and ready for it.

RIM should at least be leaning on the carriers to get the updates out. They have more pull than we do.

Now to my RIM question. Why didn't RIM list the other supported devices?


Never seen so many people cryin about gittin somethin for nuttin in my life. You bought the phone with the OS it came with. You're lucky they don't charge you if you get an upgrade OS. Sick to death of hearin about it. My phone is fine just like it is.

...are half correct. These are smartphones and the very fact they can do so much gives the developers a requirement to update them. Did you get Vista when it first came out? Pretty rough right? well, these hand-held computers need software updates just like everything else. And, while you're rolling over and curling in the fetal position with your simplistic ideals and needs, we'll be towering towards a new OS 5.0 for our devices...We Need New Updates'.'

Any upgrades out there for the 9700 from T-Mobile??? I have seen others and it sure would be nice if we get one too! Just asking.

...the 9700 came with OS 5.0 and you're complaining - cut, someone get this guy a towel - please leave us 4.5/4.6/4.7 users to grieve, while trying to preserve our pride...

C'mon T-Mobile! Get the OS 5.0 out to us. I have an 8900, and I was actually told by a T-Mobile manager lately that this model was being discontinued. Any truth to that? The Bold 9700 (already with OS 5.0) is the same phone (for all intensive purposes) except for the touch pad. Bring on the 5.0 already....and thanks for the effort.

VZW strikes again.. They kill us on cost, fees and those funny $1.99 fees. I say they invest more of that pot of gold on tech services (testing new OS software) so by the time our current phone is up to speed the new replacement isn't a month away from release. They always have us BB users chasing the BB carrot. I FEEL RIPPED OFF! BTW I wish they would get the stones and spend some of that hard earned money of mine and put ATT in their place with those stupid commercials about ATT being so much better.

How convenient of RISM (Research In Slow Motion) to actually make an official statement on what many of us already knew. That the carrier is responsible for approving the OS.

They know that many here aren't aware of that so now in the forums you won't be so much b*tching and moaning towards RIM but now on to the carriers....

Come on Sprint...where is the love for the 8330m? I mean Sprint is still selling the 8330m probably more than any other phone. We need that 5.0 OS lol.....

If the 5.0 software is there at the wireless carriers I think that they should release it because some phones on the same network have already gotten the update. Also because the leaks are not supported by RIM or the carrier and they have bugs that have to use a hybrid to correct. Just my 2 cents.

Although I want the new Tour with the track pad, I still, like so many others, purchased my Tour on the 12th with the delivery on the 14th of July and have not done the leaked OS's yet. I want the official one. Don't release the 5.0 the week before the new Tour! Come on Sprint!!!

think about it y would rim release the same os for every phone all @ once. if that was the case most of us would be happy with our current devices and just keep upgrading our os. if u look @ history a new os comes out roughly every 2 yrs we all upgrade our phones roughly every 2 yrs its either a cycle or or some rhyme to the reason or we r all just robots

I'd really like to see the 5.0 OS for Alltel 8330. There are a small handful of us left who are in a limbo called Divested Markets. No new blackberries in sight, so at least let us have the newest OS. :-)

AT&T - you can eat a d!ck.

As soon as Nexus One hits Verizon, I am leaving your shitty company for VZ. My AT&T experience on service has pushed me to a level of annoyance that I was willing to live with for my love of Blackberry. But this 5.0 debacle has made me never wanting to touch AT&T because they do not care about the consumer.

That said, VZ's blackberry lineup leaves a lot to be desired and so I am moving to the Nexus. I held one today and its AMAZING. Fast, snappy, great email client and messaging, and great browser. I will consider revisiting blackberry if and when the 9000 form factor is updated and the browsing experience improves from the 1995 version currently available on blackberries.


That's good! So now I have to wait until TMO gets off their butts and send it to my 8520. I've recently downloaded and installed the latest 5.0 beta and everything is great except I can't send SMS! MMS and everything else works beautifully, but SMS is my only problem. I can receive them, but not make them. Weird huh?

com'n sprint we need 5.0 os for 8350i were always left in the dark and the 8350i was the best selling blackberry last year and we still get no love!

Sprint, listen: I can appreciate it if you're concerned about some sort of technical agreement between 5.0 the Tour. But I recall you kept dragging your feet on an update before, on my 8830, and RIM finally bypassed you & directed us to their webpage. It wouldn't hurt your reputation at all if you got on the ball with things.

I don't mind if Vodafone release an official OS as long someone leak them :P

I don't catch why Vodafone Australia had made official the but Vodafone UK (or Italy) didn't!

... all evening, they clain to know nothing about when an official OS 5.0 for my dear 8900 will be available. All they can say is that they are "sorry my device doesn't support this feature". However I thought it was funny when the tech guy actually suggested I try downloading a beta version. I asked him if he would personally stand behind that if I had any problems with my phone due to the beta version, he replied "NO" ha ha. Dumb! Well keep blowing them up BB users, if enough of us let them know we want it, they may just push a little harder to get it to us, it definetly won't slow the process down anymore!

Yep, Nextel (and similar iDen networks) have always been the black sheep of the family -- one can hope, but I'm not counting on 5.0 being available for my 8350i anytime soon... sad, huh?

I'm very disappointed that RIM and Verizon do not have the OS 5.0 for the Blackberry Tour yet. Why do they already have it for the Storm 2, that just came out, but not for the Tour that has been out months before the Storm 2???

This is why RIM needs to put out GLOBAL UPDATES. This keeps the platform consistent. This is where Apple has a tremendous leg up over every smartphone company except Palm (the Pre forces you to update as well).

They cant even push their OS out on time, i wonder how late they'll be when summer time rolls around for Webkit?

Id rather wait a year for a greatly improved OS (or give me small patches idc) than 8 months for some shit that is still riddled with glitches because the carrier has a bunch of fucking idiot testers.

READ: RIM is at fault just as much as the Carriers are. Grow a pair and take control of your platform.

just upgraded my tour to .419!

this was my first time ever upgrading to a leaked version, so far im diggin the threaded sms, but not feelin the interlace beteween bbm and sms, i liked bbm being separate, and here it seems to be sms within the bbm app..kinda killing the entire point of bbm if u ask me..is this normal or is this a bug?

at&t is the kind of manipulative company that wont release the OS 5.0.0... for the Bold 9000 hoping that more consumers will purchase the Bold 9700 to get the upgraded OS. it's absolutely ridiculous.

recently, they pushed to get consumers with defective devices, Bold 9000's as replacement handsets. this way, new BB user's get addicted to the phone and want more. then they offer the 9700 for purchase with the new OS and wont release it for the 9000. this way, impatient ppl dying to get the new OS rush out to buy the new and improved Bold 9700. it's a conspiracy...if i do say so myself LOL!

but seriously at&t...where's the damn upgrade?

i literally just got my 9700 a couple days ago... and being my first BB (i have been an iphone user for the last 2.5+ years)... 5.0 is literally all i know... so it's odd to read and find out that very few BB owners are actually *on* 5.0 ;) lol

hopefully more users get to upgrade... but more importantly... can't wait for RIM to move beyond java limiting OS and develop a modern OS (w/ open GL, easily developed for, available SDK, etc.) to compete... come on RIM - you can do it!! :)

While Verizon has issued 5.0 for the Storm 9530, the latest version, .328 has issues. Charger not accept many times, dimming while typing, not waking up. Is this a 9530 early model issue or strictly OS? Will and when will this be corrected?

come on rogers, we subscribers have to put up with enough already. now we have to be held hostage while you sign off on what RIM themselves are confident in. complete stupidness

Whats up with us seams like were really getting it. For the longest time all there was was US cell no one else. that was 16 years ago and I been with them since good pricing but my best friend has a Iphone for his work and Im really starting to think about one now.

If RIM would ever want to catch up to Apple all they would need to do is make one phone instead of multiple phones and concentrate on making it the best. But since they want to flood the market with multiple junk they will never have the best phone just multiple so so phones (or junk).

Verizon now needs to get up off their dead a** and make something official for the Tour. There is no reason for this to take as long as it has. I'm sure this is going to elicite the old "when it's ready" response but honestly, how long does it take to install it on ten phones and test it out to see if it's reliable. Problems would show up quickly the more they did this and they could figure out a solution instead of the crap they keep giving us about "Customer Service levels". Gimme a break already...

Hey, AT&T I know your a little pre-occupied with the Apple iPhone 3G over load and those pesky, but truthful Verizon commericals.
But, when are you going to make 5.0 OS available for the Bold 9000?
You missed the last decade, maybe this one

If you don't want to wait for the official release, has been officially for the 9000 and the same version was leaked about a month ago. I assume the same leaked version for the 8900 will be Official release version since in my opinion is the most stable of the leaked versions.

Why leave it to the carrier to test and verify their OS release? Is RIM not capable to confirm their release is GOOD to go??? Or they are fending off their support to the carriers instead of facing the mass customer base!! Come on...face us directly would you RIM??!


I guess I don't read the response the same as you. While I would agree that it seems like RIM did in fact release OS 5.0 to the carrier for "supported devices", it also appears to me that they indicate that there's a different set of devices, i.e., "in-market" devices, where they have not yet delivered an OS 5.0 release to the carrier. I would put the Tour in the "in-market" device category since they clearly identify Storm2, 9700, and 8530 devices as the "supported devices" (and coincidentally the devices that launched with OS 5.0). So, if the statement was that they'd deliver an OS 5.0 for all new and in-market devices (i.e., those launched before the end of the year, which would include the Tour, Storm, Storm2, 9700, 8530), I don't find that to be a true statement using their response that you present.

Kevin, I also interpreted the RIM response differently than you.

"We continue to work with our carrier partners to make BlackBerry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supportable in-market BlackBerry smartphones."

To me, that doesn't say that RIM has OS 5.0 done and ready to go, and the carriers are holding up the release (for the BB's without OS 5.0). I read it to mean that RIM is still working on OS 5.0---maybe working on it with the carriers---but it's still at least partially in RIM's court.

I think the proper question is, "When is RIM and [insert carrier name] going to make 5.0 available for [insert device name]?"

The answer, "When it's ready."

And despite the comments about wanting it now or wanting it bug-free, when OS 5.0 is released it will have bugs just like every other OS upgrade and it will be followed by patches. That's reality, there's no such thing as a bug-free OS. JMO.

Actually I read it even worse, look at the very first sentence "RIM began rolling out" if they had rolled out all the 5.0 OS's I am very sure he would have stated "RIM completed rolling out".

Looks like they got 3 or 4 out the door and are trying to make it sound like they made the deadline and its all the carrier's fault.

Also remember RIM could have pushed complete garbage OS's to the carriers knowing they would be rejected just to meet the deadline... I mean it's not RIM's fault the carriers rejected the OSs they released because they are picky and want WORKING OSs right?

Blackberry needs to learn from Apple, it is their name on the device, they need to take more control over the user experience. I can buy a BB from any number of carriers, but if my phone doesn't work as it should I'm gonna blame BB because there name is on it, not the carrier, and next time I'll get a Palm or Droid.

I've been a BB user since '06, but with Nexus One coming out for Verizon in the spring, I will officially abandon BB. Too slow to produce competitive software, and too quick to forget a phone released 6 months ago.

5.0 for Verizon 8330!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for your time.

bell should have release 5.0 for curve 8330, tour, storm and pearl flip first then bold 9000 but bold 9000 got it first. I'm not too happy because I have been waiting for official release for my storm since july 10, 2009

Unless there is more to that statement than what you posted here I really don't know how you jumped to that conclusion.

It means that they will continue to work with their carrier partners to make blackberry OS 5.0 available to users on new and other supported in-market blackberries. It does not mean that OS 5.0 is ready for all devices but the evil carriers are holding us up. Really all they said was it's not available yet for all Blackberries with no real reason why.

I got excited when they stated that they would have 5.0 available for all devices soon. Still waiting for 5.0 to come out for the Tour on Verizon!

I don't understand why the carriers won't just release the freaking 5.0 updates to their customers? I've been thinking of switching over to the Android platform because it's becoming a lot more enticing than BlackBerry's.

Come on already Big Red and other carriers, release 5.0!

I mean, who has posted a comment saying "I don't want 5.0 even though it will make my phone much better"?


well, we have 5.0. for the 9000 from bell AND we have a 5.0. for the 8900 from vodafone germany released just before xmas.its available over dm.


Thank you for your time.

Why can't RIM make it compulsory that all carrier MUST make releases simultaneous amongst all their partner networks and standardise everything. It makes them look like kids running loose!
Other do what Nokia does... standardise the firmware on their own parent website and users are to download from one single website and upgrade on their own. Any network-specific items are to be pushed to users service books separately.

How many of you Blackberry users out there would hold off on your renewals and upgrades if your device got the 5.0 OS update? In this economy, I'm sure RIM and Verizon have asked that question as well. RIM wants to move units and Verizon wants to retain their customers through their upgrade contracts. Think about it. The 5.0 OS might get released once a certain quota is met, so patience would be the best virtue in this situation. Then again, I could be wrong and the 5.0 could drop tomorrow.

Except the carriers are always complaining about how they need 2 year contracts to recover the cost of the device, hence the recently raised termination fees.

If the above is true it means a user who holds onto their phone after the contract period is MORE profitable then one who switches at every opportunity. The small percentage of the bill that went to cost recovery is now pure profit for the carrier.

So which is it? You can't have both!

I has noticed that noone has mentioned vodafail UK. They haven't released the 9500 5.0 for Storm. It annoys me since I have bought a 5.0 theme but accident :( I'm very very annoyed about that.

Personally I think RIM owes its customers for all the Bull the Tour uses had to put up with. Heck some people had to replace their phone 10 times just to get a working phone. It is totally in RIM's hands to put out a not so buggy 5.0 release. They can bypass the carriers through their website and DM. To blame carriers is a load of it. If everyone complained to RIM instead we can get tens of thousands of complaints at ONE COMPANY instead of a few at company A, company b, etc.... I say everyone complain to RIM at once, one load yell they cannot ignore, a bunch of yelps here and there is pointless waste of energy and time..

being that the new devices are coming with 5.0 the carriers are in no rush to push the updates to 4.6+ BBs. carriers are not looking to give you something for free, so their hopes are that you will give up and just buy an new phone with new OS. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY for them and little customer sat!

my .02!

Hope this release will tied me over until you begin offering the 9650. I am getting antsy and have been considering the 9700 so what are you waiting for?

I flashed my Verizon Storm 9530 back to the firmware and now I have the following working
properly again.

1. Triple tapping the blackberry button brings up the
"Now Playing" window again.

2. Voice Command initiated calls over bluetooth,
while having a 3.5mm aux-in jack connected to my
car stereo aux-in port now work correctly again.

3. QuickPull, now works again without having to do any "kung-fu" to get it working correctly without having to acknowledge permission warnings again.

4. Pressing the lock button of course takes longer to work again but I can live with that.

5. the bug is back where after a call completes, or a ding sound from getting a new email occurs, whatever you were listening to resumes, but at a super low volume, and you have to know to hit the volume up button a few times, without accidently skipping to the next track.

Ohhh my blackberry storm 9530, your like a hot chick, with a patch on one eye, and a voice like fran drescher.

Dont know if when my upgrade date comes January 28th, if I will get an HTC Touch Pro 2, or a Storm 2.

Hmmmmm ponder this I must....

What's taking so long Verizon? If there are any Verizon employees responsible for releasing this OS on the forum, please help release this OS.

Knowing VZW they won't becuase they will try and push us towards the tour/storms/curve2 and then the new tour but this is their number one used device. they HAVE to give 5.0 to us, HAVE TO!!

Okay Verizon time to get off your lazy bum's and get the 5.0 out to us tour users we pay you alot of hard earned money for your services and deserve for at least some of it to be used for speedy software updates!

I loaded 348 then 411 on my Bold 9000 with Rogers and ran them for a while when these beta versions were first released. I noticed that the sound on the phone was often choppy with both and eventually I downgraded to the last official Rogers release I also noted that a number of others commented on this in the OS beta discussion. In my mind, poor phone quality is a real "show stopper". In Canada, Rogers sells more BB than all of the other carriers (likely put together). If an issue like this were to start affecting large numbers of BB clients, this could be disaster for Rogers (and for RIM)...remember the BB messenger update disaster that brought down the RIM server a few weeks ago! I am no fan of Rogers or any of the other carriers, but if phone sound quality is an issue...I will definitely wait.

If u guys in US can`t get 5.0 for da` 9000,what am I thinking then in Serbia with Telenor!!
he ha
So I definitely agree with other crackberry,above,Kepeli....PATIENCE!!!


Why am I paying top dollar (over $140 per month) to Bell Mobility when I can't get the latest release 5.0 release for my Storm ? I need a stable OS, since I do alot of mobile work but still get resets and slow downs on v4.7.0.148.
I think I'll harass Bell till they upgrade me to new device that runs 5.0...for free.

Come on already Verizon..I'm getting pretty tired of seeing all the other phones getting OS 5....WHERE'S THE TOUR'S??

They held up their end of the bargain for a few devices. I thought all were going to roll out before the end of 2009? It seems that they only sent a few out to carriers for approval.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give us the 5.0 update!!! I've seen quite a few official releases for different models in the past two days so I hope Verizon pushes it on through for the 8330 owners! Thanks!

verizon really needs to push this out for the tour asap. i refuse to run any unofficial os' on my phone. im bout ready to jump out of my skin!

When I downloaded OS 5.0 for my first generation BB Storm, it lost the ability to charge. With three different forms of chargers I could only get it to charge 20% of the time. VZW finally replaced my phone since they could not get it to work after a few weeks.

More doublespeak from Waterloo. Their arrogance is truly breathtaking. For RIM to state that they've released OS 5.0 is a faceslap to all existing Blackberry customers. I will accept that some of the delay can be attributed to carrier network interoperability/compliance testing, but...nearly every carrier in the world that sells a Blackberry product? Come on, RIM, that is an insult to your customers' intelligence.

There have been many new os updates for recently released phones,but then we have "the red-headed stepchild" (I read that line somewhere) the tour. Nothing. The phone isn't even a year old and then they bring up the Tour 2 (personally I don't think that's real fair either).

If we download a leak, we're the bad guys, for not waiting for official release - not one carrier will stand behind us if we brick the unit. I've thought of going to a leak, but scared to death of bricking it and not being able to fix it if i do.

I've done what some of the others here have done and looked at other carriers so see what they are offering as far as os5 is concerned. But why should we have to purchase new devices or switch to another carrier to get it? Not fair in my opinon. Esp. when tour isn't even a year old?! Crazy.

Just another way for us to purchase another new unit? For that, I blame the carriers.

my opinon

But... based on collective experience, do you think anyone at any carrier with the decision making power to get this done right cares enough to even communicate with us? On the off chance someone does - go ahead and prove me wrong!

Last week, I called Sprint BB tech dept for tech assistance. After the problem was fixed, I asked the rep when will OS 5.0 be availabe to BB 9630 (tour), he said 5.0 is avavilable but tech dept is still being trained on it. Rep does not know when they weill be done with tech classes.

Oh well not trippin, Im ruunning OS amd I love it!

I don't have issues with the 4.7 but it would be nice for Verizon to release this OS update since RIM has it...
I won't do a leaked though. I do prefer to wait because I do not want any issues with my BB It is my only phone and if anything were to happen to it I would not be in a very good mood. So, Verizon..........get with the program and give us the 5.0

All US carriers should push out this OS asap! We been asking so why not give it to us? There leaked verisons for a reason.... PLEASE GIVE US OS 5.0!!

im running the leaked version of os on the curve 8900 and it is fantastic! it is actually the exact same build as the official release so get it upgraged peeps you will love it