OS 5.0 Update: Official Statement from Research in Motion

OS 5.0 Update
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2009 11:20 pm EDT

The three big questions in the CrackBerry world right now are When is the BlackBerry Storm 9550/9520 getting released?, When can I buy a BlackBerry Bold 9700? and last but not least, When is OS 5.0 going to get rolled out?

While I kind of enjoy that anxious excitement of waiting to get my hands on a new BlackBerry, waiting on OS 5.0 has been a bit more frustrating of an experience. Back in May, RIM officially unveiled its BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 offering at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium event. Throughout the week at various sessions (including a press session) and in speaking to different individuals, I was informed on more than one occasion that the corresponding 5.0 device software should be available in the early fall (ie. late August/early September as it was told to me). With August gone and September flying by, I turned to RIM this week to get an official update, and was provided with the following statement:

The roll out process has begun for BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 with the recent beta release of BlackBerry JDE 5.0 (BlackBerry Java Development Environment 5.0) to BlackBerry Developer Zone at www.blackberry.com/developers to prepare the BlackBerry developer community for pending device software releases. As can be expected, BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 will follow before the end of the year, as referenced in the "RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0" press release that was issued at WES 2009 (http://press.rim.com/release.jsp?id=2309). 

I know it's not the kind of reply many of us would have liked to hear, but at least it's an official update and shows where things are at (sort of). I guess the good thing is that 5.0 will have to be here before midnight on New Year's eve, which is actually comforting given some of the recent rumors I have heard stating it may even be February 2010 before 5.0 is live on all devices (that are getting the update). It's clear that since word first popped up of 5.0 that RIM has been going back and adding even more features than were originally slated for the update, which is likely slowing down the process. Likewise, we know that the Storm 9550/9520 and Bold 9700 when launched will be released running 5.0, so we can expect at least a partial rollout with these devices and hopefully other existing on the market devices will get the update at/around the same time (or hopefully even sooner). Of course there have been some 5.0 leaks to date, but with lots of apps not co-operating yet it has been more of a tease than a fix. 

Here's to hoping we see 5.0 sooner than later. All in favor, feel free to Say Aye! in the comments.

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OS 5.0 Update: Official Statement from Research in Motion


well lets see ive been using the and JDE 5.0 also BBM 5.0 for about 4 months now on my Bold, and yes facebook, myspace, and bb app world do not work, but in a nutshell the 5.0 is sick, its by far the best os ive seen yet, i also used the and that was a look at whats to come from Blackberry...Facebook, and Myspace all can be a shortcut on your Browser, like Opera, or media net, and it keeps u logged in, and its viewed as the web version, not mobile version, and personally i think its easier to use, and looks better.... but lets see how it all comes together....and i like the new ver of Desktop Manager...easier to use....

Does anyone still know if if 5.0 is still planned for the older devices, like my old 83xx?

Haven't heard "officially", but did hear from one trusted source that RIM was going to make the cut-off 128 megs of flash memory.  If the device has less internal memory than that, then it's not getting 5.0. So that would exclude the Curve 8300/8310/8320/8330 though maybe the 8350i would get it as it does have 128 (same as Bold and Storm).

Kind of a shame as the Curve 83xx series is such a popular device still, especially considering that statistic that it was the number one selling smartphone earlier this year.  For people who just picked one up in the last two quarters, it really, really sux if you're going to have it for the next couple of years but can't get 5.0.  If this is the case I at least hope that RIM makes threaded SMS and new BBM available to the 83xx's (which i think they would).

At the same time, it's kind of smart of RIM to not make the update available to these <128megs of internal memory devices... lots of 83xx are in use in enterprise, and this would help speed up the upgrade cycle, as some of the new BES 5.0 features will only work with 5.0 device software.  Guess we'll know with time!

with the latest OS release for the 8350i on Telus/MiKE ( it has threaded sms included so I would expect it very soon for other devices.

I hope beyond hope that this is incorrect. They should include 5.0 for every bb that their retailers are still selling. Way to screw over people who just bought a 8330.

or maybe they will make smaller verson of the os to run for use s1 users or maybe somehow they will use the on board devices memory

I can understand that on a few levels. As is, space is really tight on my 8310.
Also, even OS4.5 tends to feel fairly slugish, so assuming that 5.0 is going to use more space and more CPU juice, not supporting older models make sense.
Plus of course, the economics of a forced upgrade, as you mentioned Kevin.

I guess that cinches it then. A new device is in the agenda for me. Check out my thread in the forum.

Its gonna be out by the end of the year cuz its gonna be on the storm 2 when released.... however soon that is. duh

I'd love to see it released but still yet... I'd be happy with a leak that allowed the camera to work...

hopefully sooner than later. my 8900 would love this! I tried the early release version but without facebook or BBM 5.0 it wasn't worth it to me.

I like how they skipped the answer of the Storm2 (Odin). Gotta love companies. Let's give them answer B, C, and D and make them wonder about A even though they asked.

8330 hasnt been getting any love, and yes its true that the 83XX is still the most popular blackberry phone out there. i wish they would just give us the 5.0. the 83XX has done alot for RIM

But its a dying breed.. as far as tech is concerned.. and trust me, you'd rather have a stable solid proven OS than something that its barely going to run, just for the sake of having the newest/latest..

Think Pentium 4s with Vista.. some work, but for the most part, you should just upgrade to new hardware.

The 83 series of phones is now almost 2 and a half years old. It is older technology.

RIM wouldn't want to purposely keep many users out but OS 5.0 is limited to 128 mb and up phones for a reason. It's so it can run smoothly and optimized.

There will come a time when the the Bold and Storm will be left out as well when the OS update would require 256 mb or more.

While I won't deny the 83XX hasn't done a lot for RIM, they also have to look to the future and make sure that the OS works for their 8900, Bold, Storm, Tour, Curve 8520, Storm 2, and Onyx users.

Besides, OS 5.0 doesn't add much and I'm sure they will attempt some way to give threaded sms to those users who can't get 5.0

I bought my Storm because of the image the RIM puts out as being a suburb product. The Storm has had two official releases via Verizon. To make my Storm work the way it should have when released, I have had to install beta after beta, and each one is better making the phone operate even more efficiently. But it isn't RIM that is putting the effort into making it better, and for sure it's not Verizon. It's the hard working OS developer/enhancers that spend their time to make the beta OS better than the prior one for Blackberry users, and they do it on their on time and simply ask for donations. Where are you RIM?..you pay developers to make OS's..were are you Verizon?...why no other upgrades to make customers happy. I never thought I would pay a premium price for a phone, and have to take my time to install betas to make my Blackberry better by developers that take their own time to make them. RIM, you have it knocked, let others make the phone better at no cost to you. Nice! As for 5.0, I will believe it when I see it, and at this point, I'm not much of a believer anymore. I thank all of the experts and developers/enhancers that have taken their time to make my phone better, and RIM, you should thank them too.

I get what you're saying, but it is RIM that is building everything you're using in terms of leaks. Nobody is building operating systems - the leaks are all built by RIM employees. Hybrids, which I've never personally used, are still RIM work, they're just pieced and parted together from multiple releases.

I dl'd it for my curve 8900 and what I saw was awesome. I had to go back because of Facebook and other compatibility issues but its gonna be good!

I don't mind waiting a few more months but the one thing that i really wish could happen is that someone out there in the interwebz found a way to port out the bbsms5.0(threaded text) by its self like bbm5.0 was done and download way of OTA.

So what happened to the August/September launch that was mentioned numerous times @ WES?

Guess that didn't pan out after all, here's to hoping they keep the end of the year deadline and aren't just blowing us the PR response. It feels more to me like a "Listen, we told you this stuff already" answer, when in fact they missed said time frame.

Ok not really, but when I came here to crackberry just now and saw OS 5.0 UPDATE I took that to mean it was here :( oh well, back to waiting I go.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

So, basically what your saying is, I guess my 8700g is not on the list to get 5.0? :) lol. That's alright, I still have Pearl Flip. I know that will be getting some 5.0 love. Thanks for the update on the 5.0 news. I am comforted to know that at least it will be here by the end of the year.

I say let RIM take the time to get it right. The number of devices times the new (and old) features times compatibility issues makes this a huge test grid. Nobody wants it out more than RIM so they're not going to delay it unnecessarily.

I think this is complete BS. They are pushing something back from early fall to end of the year?? Something is wrong in that corporation that they consistently can not get things rolled out on time. I am normally a patient man but something about this just rubs me the wrong way.

When I first say this, before scrolling down far enough to read "Update" I got all excited thinking that 5.0 offical had been released or perhaps a new beta was leaked. Though I suppose this is better than no news on the OS.

Ah, buddy, I think that you might be just a little confused about a few things. RIM does both hardware and software development in-house. They don't out-source any development. And no one outside of the company has the tools that they need to actually make device software for a BlackBerry - and yes, I have seen those hybrid OS builds, and that's not the same thing. They are just combining parts of different versions of the software that RIM has developed. So if you installed new device software on your Storm which made it work better, then you have only RIM to thank for it. They're working hard on making it better, but Verizon won't approve software updates as often as RIM makes them. If Verizon actually released an update every week or two, their support costs would go through the roof. So if you are giving a donation to someone because you downloaded a BlackBerry software update from their website and you think that they actually made it, you're being mislead.

AYE. I guess your right RippleRix... so depressing lol w/e im not gonna whine about it... Rim is an "ass in motion"

what a dry-hump of a post! I totally thought RIM lived up to their word. Boy was I stupid for believing that they would roll OS 5.0 in time. Now they say end of the year...PSSH, whatever RIM. I bet it they won't roll it out until summer '10. Kevin, if my prediction is correct, I should get a 9700 :D

If you have the storm you may get an update, but the reality is only the new devices will work properly with 5.0 because they are being desinged around the software. Everything else is a patch...and with patches they cover up holes and never amount to anything. In october I will be getting a new storm and in March an iphone in the mean time I will deal with the bullshit posts, rumors and crap that only you and crackberry can provide

RIM should just release a OS 5 right now and release the updates with the new features in intervals. Heres to hoping for a leak. AYE!!!

If they released now with bugs in it, the vast majority would not get the subsequent updates. The majority can/ will only get update from carriers and we all know how laxidasical the carriers are about that. Its only the nuts on here that know how to upgrade correctly. Even with an official carrier release, the public wont know about it. The carriers rarely advertise a new os upgrade.

5.0 is just evolutionary. RIM needs a revolutionary makeover of the OS. Keep it bulletproof and functional as it is now, but make it sexy like the offerings from apple, palm, and google android.

I would love to be running OS 5.0 on my 9630! I could only imagine what it would be like to take a Tour with it.....

I'd love to have 5.0 but only if they release new versions of livemessenger, googletalk, googlemaps, google app that are compatible with the new os, they really need to put some effort into making sure the 3rd party apps are working 100%!

I more than willing to wait for 5.0 if it means it will have excellent battery life and be bug free.

"The three big questions in the CrackBerry world right now are When is the BlackBerry Storm 9550/9520 getting released?, When can I buy a BlackBerry Bold 9700? and last but not least, When is OS 5.0 going to get rolled out?"

So let me guess... the next biggest question after these is "Will RIM actually releasing Desktop Manager for Mac in September!!??????" LOL, Hurry up already. I guess because they took so long in actually making the program that they will release it on the last day of september?

I'm so tired of hearing "official" updates and just want it to be released.

We are blackberry owners and we are impatient.

Rollout 5.0 to storm 1 its awsome! i need the update..so much better than current version.. Less lockups, easier to type and easier on the eyes.

I got to use the 9700 today, it is flawless and the OS is oh so beautiful. Can't wait for November

Lets get 5.0 released sooner rather than later. I switched to 5.0 a few weeks back... but to keep everything playing nice, I switched back on my Bold.... and now I find myself missing some of those features.

*insert gnashing of teeth here*

It doesn't HAVE to be out by the end of the year, no matter what they say now. Add to that the time it takes for carriers to test and roll out their official versions, and I'll be happy to have 5.0 on my 8900 before Q2.

I have the on my 8900 and it is really cool. The SMS conversation style is quite enjoyable. And the Blackberry is much faster. There are quite a few changes from the 4.6, like the progress line at startup, the file browser, ... There are still some minor bug and I really hope we'll get the offical release soon !

While I will be installing 5.x.x.x on my Tour the day it is officially available by any carrier, I don't see what all the hoopla is really about. Sure, there are a handful of changes that the average user will welcome. The real benefactors of OS 5.0 will be BES users who are also on BES 5.x... BIS users aren't going to be getting nearly the changes/improvements that BES users are. Heck, there are numerous 5.x leaked OS's out there (and hybrids) and there really aren't any knock ya on the head, revolutionary changes to the OS.

i am a newbie but i am doing pretty good with my storm and have been keeping up with the different forums and new downloads. but i am tired of waiting on this 5.0 os. it looks pretty cool on the videos i've seen online of the leaked version. the only reason i haven't downloaded it is because i use my bb mssnger and camera to much to afford to lose it. thats the only problem i've heard as far as getting the leaked version. but i am "tired" of waiting on this "official" release. and yes, like someone said it wont be out until its on the storm 2.

Aye! Lets getting it going. Tried the but too many things did not play well with it including the camera.

well lets see ive been using the and JDE 5.0 also BBM 5.0 for about 4 months now on my Bold, and yes facebook, myspace, and bb app world do not work, but in a nutshell the 5.0 is sick, its by far the best os ive seen yet, i also used the and that was a look at whats to come from Blackberry...Facebook, and Myspace all can be a shortcut on your Browser, like Opera, or media net, and it keeps u logged in, and its viewed as the web version, not mobile version, and personally i think its easier to use, and looks better.... but lets see how it all comes together....and i like the new ver of Desktop Manager...easier to use....