BlackBerry OS 5.0 - Some More Screencaps of New Features and Round Up of Related Links

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jul 2009 10:19 am EDT
OS 5.0

OS 5.0. It's the next incremental evolution in BlackBerry device software and it's "officially" coming to a BlackBerry smartphone near you hopefully soon. We were told at WES we should see it hit late summer / early fall (the rollout is expected to be for all devices that are getting it at once, which means it'll likely take a bit longer to get here as they need the green light across the board before they release it).

While rumors of 5.0 have floated around for a while now, the excitement really began back on April 6th when we posted a video of it running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900 and we saw it leak for the 8900 and Bold a few days later. But even after making a post sourced from an internal doc in late April that was a "full walkthrough" of OS 5.0's incremental feature upgrades, we have seen more 5.0 improvements pop-up over the past few weeks above and beyond what was originally stated, including a new BlackBerry Messenger. I meant to get this posted a couple weeks back, but newer versions of 5.0 (.110 and more recent) show even further tweaks to the feature offering, like the ability to submit feedback on applications, choose your default mapping application, choose to enable/disable data while on a call (3G devices), the addition of Sounds and Ringtones to Options as well as a dedicated homescreen icon and more options when doing a handheld wipe. You can check out the screencaps below for a first and hand look and follow the links for more OS 5.0 related content.

Some Further incremental OS Improvements from OS 5.0

OS 5.0
OS for the BlackBerry Bold - still in development


OS 5.0

OS 5.0

OS 5.0
Submitting feedback to RIM


OS 5.0
Select Default Mapping Service


OS 5.0
Ring Tones Icon

OS 5.0

OS 5.0

OS 5.0
Media Memory utility gets updated further


OS 5.0
Control data usage during calls


OS 5.0

OS 5.0
Sounds and Ring Tones (I prefer to spell it Ringtones!)


OS 5.0

OS 5.0

OS 5.0
a more refined handheld wipe


Now we just need OS 5.0 to get official!


OS 5.0 Related Links


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BlackBerry OS 5.0 - Some More Screencaps of New Features and Round Up of Related Links


I totally agree. Looking through the new features didn't really impress me at all. But really, there's no point in fixing something that isn't broken. I'm running a super stable official OS from Rogers on my 8900 ( that I'm very happy with.

Storm owners, on the other hand, will probably welcome anything right now.

well storm owners wont be happy with just anything if 5.0 doesnt bring something new to the table like the ability to store apps on SD cards its pretty much a waste. .148 fixed alot of issues and my storm runs pretty fast just apps suck and the phone cant hold alot of it due to only being able to store it on 128mb of flash memory. plus rim has finally learned how to use the qualcomm cpu is this baby sorda well enough to make it as fast as the next BB

Will this release for the 8330, or other Curves? It probably doesn't matter as most of the Blackberry users will be migrating to the Tour, or other updated devices. But just interesting to know. There are propbably still some people out there that will be sticking to the older phones.


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For those of you thinking that 5.0 is going to be a total re-vamp, sorry to burst your bubble. It will be a nice refresh, but from what I read, some are wanting a totally new OS and this is not it. Wait for 6.0 lol

I just hope that they make better use of the Storm Hardware in this OS, and with API's and what not, allow for better Apps/Themes.

Question: Will 5.0 rollout to BES devices first, then BIS devices or will RIM attempt to deliver 5.0 to BIS and BES devices at the same time?

I'm so best this should be called v4.8 (RIM is at v4.6 on the Bold and v4.7 on the Storm). Nothing earth-shattering here.

The problem I have with the "if it's not broke, don't fix" attitude is that the competition (Apple, Palm, Samsung, etc.) are coming out with more innovative and feature-rich devices with a lot of eye-candy that people want. We are still stuck with an OS interface from the 20th century.

Reminds me of the comparisons between Wordperfect 5.1 (DOS) vs. MS Word. While WP 5.1 was a very capable word processor, we know who eventually won here.

I love my berry, but at this rate, I should start planning my next real upgrade.

If you want eye candy, go get an iPhone. If you want dependable and powerful, stick with your blackberry.

dude everyone whats eyecandy and if u say u dont then youre lying to yourself not only does other phones have more "eyecandy" their oses are more refined than blackberries. and btw now the iphone can pretty much do what blackberry can and to me the iphone does run alot faster than the bold so if i was ever on at&t i would get the iphone hands down bold is just lame to me at least they tried to be innovative with the storm and thats why it sold well dispite being bug ridden but when i get here theres nothign but hate for the storm and its pretty much the second most popular blackberry out besides the 8300 curve.

Yeah, I want eye candy...and I want dependable and powerful as well. I already have dependable and powerful...just asking for a little cherry on top.

You know, the Blackberry is basically this really awesome girlfriend/boyfriend that you adore because they are always there when you need them(OS 4.X), but just *WISH* that he/she would get dressed/dolled up every once in awhile(eye candy!). You buy him/her nice suits/dresses and tell him/her that they look great in them(Themes), but really, they are just kinda frumpy at heart.

You certainly are not embarrased to be seen with them in public, but sometimes you just want to show them off at their best. If only they would believe in themselves!

Has anyone here seen the newer version of "Shaft" with Samuel L Jackson? I think it's at the end of the movie when he is talking to a woman, and he asks her if she wants the "LD" or just wants to "be held". She responds... "I want the LD...and THEN I want to be held."

I want powerful and dependable, and THEN I want eye candy!

someone please conform or deny it,
this will be the selling point for me for the blackberry tour.
but i would love to know if this is really comming to ALL DEVICES

Yes it's going to all devices back to the old 8703.

Seeing how this isn't official how is anyone to know what devices it's going on?

Lets all just hope that they've seriously recoded the radio files, which actually make up the heart of the OS. I recall seeing reports that 5 seems to run much faster than the existing 4.2/4.5/4.6 & 4.7....lets hope that's true and they haven't taken notes from Mickeysoft. (Each Windows version became more bloated and slower than the previous for years).

I'd love to see new life given to the Bold and Storm, or maybe even my Curve 8310 in the way of speed.

You're telling me that even after I get my 9630, I'll still be checking Crackberry every five minutes for signs of a release date? Not cool.

Okay, fine, it's cool.

All curves, bold, tours, storm, even the old 8703, will my old pearl 8130 receive this upgrade? I'm using it as i just sold my bold and waiting upon my Tour to come in.

Will this ugrade be released to carriers at the same time I will us Sprint users be the last (once again) to get an official carrier OS?

"(the rollout is expected to be for all devices that are getting it at once, which means it'll likely take a bit longer to get here as they need the green light across the board before they release it)"

Does this mean that they'll have to get complete carrier approval? as in all carriers before release???

Exactly. It's the same OS with a new theme and some cracker jack functionality added in. Not a smart move with WebOS taking the world by ...ahem... storm.

not really a comment just a question, will v5.0 be available for the 8330 curve also, just curious it looks awesome, and i just got my curve back in dec, not ready for upgrade to new phone, i love this one.

Like OMG a Sounds and Ring tones option!!!!!!!!
A graphical way to see that the limited amount of app memory is full too!!!!

Wow what an update!
I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this.
And will this be available for all 4 versions on the Bold that will be out by then, The Bold, the tour, the onyx, whatever name they give the copy of the same tired old crap after that.

OMG do you think they might change the chrome bezel to gold on a "5.0 Special Edition" Bold?? That would be sooooooooo innovative and exciting.

I love Blackberry's, but this is lame. Rim is dying, the only question is do I try to jump free now or do I continue to hang on for the long torturous road ahead. Sadly the answer is I will probably be here to the end.

Didn't rim hire the theme guru dev from Apple ?

Come on RIM if we're going to update to 5.0 give us something that is worthy of being updated.

I have a storm and I don't see any benefits to update to 5.0.

Am I missing something?

all you guys who say rim is dying, you are complete dumbasses, blackberries are not f-ing toys, do you guys think that real business men care about flashy UI'S, they need it to get their work done, BB's will never die, it is just 2 good with email, and thats what people want, so all you idiots shut up about rim dying, you are more likely to die before they go down.

Yeah, that's what WordPerfect Corporation, Lotus Corporation, and Novell thought too when they were leaders in their day. Good luck with that stagnant thinking. RIM will be a leader for the next 2 years (if that long) and they will start to sink if they don't step it up.

For those that say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"..the reality is if rim did come out with a new revolutionary OS, i'm sure you'd wet your pants just the same as everyone else.... I love Blackberries and i love how simple and stable they and that t definitely allows me to do everything i need on a day to day basis, but a part of me does wish for some creativity though...

Anyways, loving the new Messenger features..can't wait for this roll out!

You said it. "I love Blackberries and i love how simple and stable they[are]...but a part of me does wish for some creativity though..."

I couldn't possibly have said it better. Blackberries DO everything pretty well, they are just rather bland in the way that they do these things. Some creativity, and even more simplification would be welcome.

For instance, the media player could make better use of cover art and sorting on the fly. The search feature works great though. And of course, at least in the contacts list can we get an alphabetical index that we can choose from? On my Storm, that would mean a section of the screen devoted to scrolling through the first letter of names rather than typing out the first few letters to narrow the search down.

On a Trackball/pad device, that could mean press a button, then scroll for a vertical letter index, or press and hold a button (similar to pressing and holding Menu) and have a letter index pop-up(similar to the application switcher) so you can scroll from a..b..c..d horizontally.

It's just seems funny to me to have to go *swipe, swipe swipe swipe...* just to get to a certain song or contact(sometimes I don't know exactly what I want to listen to and I'd just like to run through the list to make a playlist).

Just make the interface a little more natural.

Forget all this other garbage. I'm sure if they simply made it possible to use the media card to store apps to, and run apps from, there would be blackberry users dancing in the streets. Why don't they get this? Keep all your other version updates. just make this one fix and I'll be an ecstatic Storm owner! I've even come to tolerate the whole "battery pull" thing. Just give me my app storage dammit!

I couldn't agree more. Flashy...stable...good with email...none of it matters more than having memory available to run applications. This would even help hide poor coding that causes applications to slowly gobble up the few precious kbytes of memory available to run all other apps. The memory seems to actually be on the phone Storm has 879.2MB (with 874.4MB AVAILABLE) but the OS only uses a small portion of that to run applications. Then, if I want flash on my Storm I can have it. If I want stability, I can have it and don't have to suffer flashy. I was really hoping that 5.0 would correct this flaw.

I mainly want to see the new Blackberry Messenger upgrade. I wish they would put that out now instead of making us wait for the 5.0.

people dont only use blackberries for buisness i know more kids that have blackberries than i know adults and yea...i would know. RIM has probably already heard it but idk what they're thinking they really need to whip out a cool new ui and maybe a shiny new phone. than the term iphone killer will become outdated and blackberries will take back their throne. :D

coming from a very limited LG phone this all looks have the ability to make your phone yours...and actually play with the options.

Im excited for my BB

FYI it was reported that for the first time there are more BIS users than BES on Blackberry (though some BIS users are infact using it for business). Either way, there's a big consumer base so RIM should definitely spend time on a fresher UI.

Does this 5.0 support like flick scrolling etc? Will the user interface be more acceptable on the storm? If not, i am gonna say goodbye to the storm. Storm is the worst phone i have ever had

Are they going to fix the calendar so you can have separate e-mail linked calendar items and they will show up in the Today theme? Or will we have to remove the capability again to use the today theme?

Badly need the option of receiving data while on a phone call - i dont even want to mention the annoyances created by this