OS 5.0 And BES 5.0 In Action

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2009 10:36 am EDT
OS 5.0 On BES!

We have seen the BlackBerry 5.0 OS in action, many of you all probably still have 5.0 loaded onto either your Bold or 8900 at this point as well, but what we have not really seen is some of new features OS 5.0 brings with it to those of you all who are attached to a BES. Fortunately, Greg over at Berry Review and the good folks at BlackBerry Forums Australia have put together a nice collection of screen shots highlighting some of the new options which will soon be available, BBF Australia have also posted some of the BES 5.0 details as well. More screens after the break.

[ BerryReview via BBFAU ]

  • 1. Select the “Files” application:
OS 5.0 On BES!
  • 2. Select a file path:
OS 5.0 On BES!
  • 3. View your folder and files (you will be prompted for your network credentials):
OS 5.0 On BES!
  • 4. Select to open, share, delete, rename or create a new folder
OS 5.0 On BES!
  • New features in ‘View Folders’
  • 1. Create new folders
OS 5.0 On BES!
  • 2. Move, rename, add and delete folders

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Reader comments

OS 5.0 And BES 5.0 In Action


Come on RIM where is a 5.0 for the storm!!!!!, this OS looks decent and impressive with that file cleaner icon. urghhhhh this is getting out of hand, i feel like crying...

I will sit back and wait patiently for the 5.0 Storm OS... Something tells me bugs will be present no matter what :) at least its inevitable that we will get 5.0 since DTM is 5.0 ... the ? is what will 5.0 bring to the storm...? NO FAN BOYS NOT FLICK SCROLL or WIFI CALM DOWN haha ;) I think RIM are smart people who have tricks up their sleeves, so if we wait patiently (no matter how hard it is... things will work out in the end for us Storm users)

There will be NO storm 5.0 Update, so quit crying. Go to your own forum and Cry there. hah, Yuppie for 8900 :)

lol that was kinda mean we are all BlackBerry users but i pretty sure there will be a 5.0 for the storm because it is new and hell if there os 5.0 for a device that doesnt even support 3g lol (8900) well im pretty sure there withh be one for the storm just takes a bitlonger to add the touch screen features vs trackball and qwerty

Well I'm sitting here getting a little bit edgy. But I'll wait in content cause I already know there's a lot of bugs in OS 5.0 for the storm if any. I have faith I won't go to the niagara. I just won't.

Installed 5.0 on my Bold last night. Is as beautiful and fast as advertised. However, none of the 3d party apps I depend on would load - they were all unrecognized. Google-sync, Google-search, Facebook, Blackberry App Store, Google-maps. Also, the browser was slow as Christmas. Everything else lightning fast, but without the 3d party software I need and the only place to find substitutes on the internet, the slow browser killed the deal.


I just upgrade my device from 4.6 to 5.0
i successful and complete upgrade the os and run well but the can not browse the web and show message " " unable to connect to the WAP Gateway at the following address : "
i have contacted the carrier but they also don't know why/

i also can not install MSN, yahoo messager and other app to this new OS
can any one advise??

I just moved my user over to a BES to 5.0.1 mr2. Running on 9700. I don't see any options for folders other than rename, view and file. I have resent service books. Any ideas?