Best Yet: OS Leaked for the Storm 9530 & 9500!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2009 11:32 pm EST

So long .86! Another week, another leaked OS for the BlackBerry Storm. Can I hear a w00t?! A helpful friend put OS into the wild for the both the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and 9500 and the initial impressions from this unofficial release are that it is yet one more step in the right direction... as in probably worth installing. You'll want to check the CrackBerry forums threads on it for all the details. It sounds like it's mainly all good, minus some minor camera bugs, but every tid bit of what's good and bad is sure to pop up in the hours/days ahead so keep your eyes on the forums.

Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the 9530 Discussion & Findings thread and 9500 Discussion & Findings thread fills up with some data. You can also visit these threads for links to more download sites in case you find the links below slow. Enjoy!!

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Best Yet: OS Leaked for the Storm 9530 & 9500!


Has / could someone check to see if .90 includes stereo bluetooth in media playdr - VIDEO player?

That service been missing since .75


I couldn't wait -

Loaded up .90 - it's good; love the added keyboard. But, the Stereo Bluetooth channel from Media Player / Videos is not there. Play a video and the audio comes from the phone speaker!

I sure hope this is just an oversight as Stereo Bluetooth works great in .75.

has anyone had problems with saving pictures with this build? When I take a picture it flashes and snaps the picture, not giving you the option to save it. When I click to view pictures the pictures are saved.

has anyone had problems with saving pictures with this build? When I take a picture it flashes and snaps the picture, not giving you the option to save it. When I click to view pictures the pictures are saved.

Much better.

The scrolling has been improved significantly. When you put the phone in landscape mode it switches nearly instantly when you're viewing all your icons, and when you scroll the icons it's at least 4x better.

Web pages render quicker, rotate quicker and refocus after a zoom MUCH faster.

The portrait QWERTY is great as well, I won't use it over SureType but it's good to have the option.

Is awesome and all... but this doesn't help a person using a Mac all that much, I mean sweet, there's a new OS, hopefully it betters the phone...

But when is Verizon going to get the lead out and release another Official Update?!

I mean that first one was pretty quick... now why wait so long for this next one?

Are they waiting till 4.7.1 or something?!

Certainly worth the download. I'm having a hard time seeing real problems with this version. I can see this being Verizon's successor to .75

All I know is that I am waiting for a freaking update on the OTA! OTA! OTA! What the F*** does anyone know when this is going down? UGH! Frustration consumes me at this very moment...I LOVE BB and VZW...but think of Mac USERS!!! C'mon NOW!

Try get a real machine and then you wouldn't have those MAC problems. Don't believe the hype, a MAC is still a PC, just not one that works with everything like the commercial claims.

Really? Actually I can do anything on a mac that you can (except get viruses). The only difference is that I have a stable operating system that doesn't require half my system resources at idle. Unix ftw. Oh, btw, I have a storm, and I have full BB functionality on my mac. It's called crossovers. If you really want to get down to it, mac actually is the fastest windows computer also. Just google it.

I really dislike comments like this that espouse ignorance. If you had spent equal time actually using both systems you'd know Macs are great computers. Not ideal for everyone or everything, but wonderful in many ways. I have a PC for work and Macs at home. You know which is the most trouble free and has NEVER been infected? Hmmm. I can count on one hand the problems I've had on our TWO macs at home. I do IT consulting in server class environments so I know PC's, servers, and networking very well. My iMac runs windows fast! The frustration people are expressing is that the overall solution for Macs is not as robust or fully featured and doesn't seem to be much of a priority lately for Storm functionality.

I'm not addicted to my blackberry, I'm addicted to Check website three four times a day. Am i alone in this?

Am on crackberry half the time am online everyday. I begin with elsewhere but just before I log to check into crackberry again.

from what i see is that the buttons have gotten bigger both in portrit view and landscape. also while it was installing i saw a zen theme going in. running faster on app and broweser unlock button is fast also. this might be the one i wish they could put all your sms in order instead of having them all around. long live 9.0 wowowo

Anybody has the same problem? After I installed. The OS just came fine. Now it keeps rebooting after I tried to dial *288

when its update it will reboot about 4 times then it will be normal cuz its update something pretty long, tho. i love it so much! its way better than fading cuz it causes sometimes slow, but now this update OS is much best!

whoa, i didnt realize that there new little big keyboard on landscape. before it was small and now its big but its kinda of better than before

Wow, is this the same phone? So far I haven't found anything wrong other than the missing bluetooth support for video playback. I wonder why RIM deleted that to begin with? Otherwise, it's working great...faster camera, super fast opening and closing of apps, progress bar orks in the music player, no crazy LED's yet, and two boots without the VZW screen of death or the media card screen of death. On top of all that, I am VERY happy to have the full qwerty keyboard in portrait mode. WOW!!! Amazing! Thank you RIM! this update, hoping it cures my problem.....before when I turned off the phone, and started it in the morn it would lock up!! Soooo freakin frustrating...even after doing a battery pull (several times I might add) it would finally start working!! if anyone had this problem let me know.....My phone would be down for a half a day.....getting concerned with this Storm model...any input would be helpful.....Chris

HELP I downloaded it, says I now have 90, yet no changes happened!! still have same keyboard...terminal lock up when shutting down VZW...... I'm tired of fighting this phone...Kevin, or anyone's input would be greatful...Chris

You have to do a clean install. Don't try to save any of your messages or anything. That will also save your settings, and your settings are what's holding you back. I'm guessing, but that's probably what is holding this release back from production; the lack of settings migration to the new OS.

good info.....yet I'm a newbe.....I need more data at this point. I tried to re-re-install with no luck??!! Help, For a silly lil phone Im havin way to many problems...and now no way to return.....anyone with detailed info...kinda like "BB phones for Dummies" style......thanx

Just upgraded from .75, and I am thoroughly impressed. The speed of scrolling down the icons or switching from portrait to landscape is dramatically improved. Thank you Mr. Beta OS leaker!

This is the best software to date. Significant update

Browser is faster
Keyboard is faster and larger
Screen orientation much faster
Scrolling is much improved
Webpage scrolling resembles ipod touch

The best yet!

the portrait mode doesn't allow switching to different language, for instant chinese, as you select full keyboard option for portrait. If you switch language from landscape mode and rotate to portrait, the keyboard becomes 1/2 !!!

I am trying to install the new version .90 but i cant seem to get it to work with blackberry desktop manager. I have the newest version but after I install the .90 version and open bb desktop manager it does not find the new installation. What can i do to fix this? I have installed all the other beta versions with no problem at all.

Thank you very much.

All you have to do is start the desktop manager and then plug in your phone. then it will do the software update and then the new software will pop up. BAM!! then you press upgrade.

VZW will not be coming out with an Official release until mid-late Feb. Got the email on it last week. Also in that email it said "Any build not released by VZW is not and will not be supported - ever" and "once installed, the 'rogue' builds CANNOT BE UPGRADED by our Maintenance Release builds. The device will have to be rolled back to an approved version prior to any MR build"

I use the leak versions on my Storm fractly because they work better than .75 but do remember from this email you must put .75 back on your storm and to do the MR2 that is expected mid/late feb.

This probably only refers to OTA updating. Updating thru DM will probably work. Also the "offical" update will most likely leak LONG before VZW "certifies" it and certainly the leak will be installable from DM. :)


I am quite happy with this update! Lots of little (and not so little) tweaks in it. Keyboard & dialogs are much improved they have changed the spacing on the keys & dialog answer buttons so they are easier to press. They have also made a great tweak to the lock, they moved Emergency Call button to the bottom of the dialog and made it more difficult for us to press it accidently! Over all system responce time is improved, programs start faster, and run better (IMHO) and this includes the web browser. This IS the update (or damn close) that the phone should have been released with!

Yes there ARE still camera issues, BUT the app itself does seem a bit faster.

Well some improvements, but still that damn media card installed message on a battery pull, that hangs there. Hit any other key, and it goes to the verizon wireless logo screen where it stays, until yet another battery pull. So annoying. This really needs to be addressed.

From a legal standpoint, it is your BlackBerry and you can do whatever you want with it. That includes installing any leaked updates you deem to be important. However, from a support standpoint as Kevin is always quick to point out, you install at your own risk. VZW or any other carrier would not support most, if not all problems you have with the device if you have a leaked os installed or they find out you've had one installed in the past.

My personal experience has lead me to believe that as long as you are able to re-install a supported os version before reporting a problem and requesting support, VZW is none the wiser.

Are most of you just installing this overtop of your current OS? or are you removing your current and then installing the new?

I always heard how some ppl do a 'clean' install instead of an upgrade, but i never knew the difference.

Can someone inform me?

I just put it right over .75 and I had no problems. I did a battery pull right after install was complete just for fun and to finalize things and all works amazingly good. I am not picky when it comes to the storm because I love it so much but now I do have to say this, if I was stuck with anything lower than .90 again I wouldn't like the phone at all, .90 is that good.

I just installed over and this is much better!! Not that I had any problems before but this phone is becoming seriously awesome. It is way fast and seems very snappy. I like the new keyboard as well...everything seems to pop off the screen!!!

I dont know if I'll like this-

I don't think the Blueish/Purple Highlights will cut it on this small keyboard.

Maybe if it enlarges the keys as you press them like the iPhones...

This must be the vzw update because if not i CANNOT wait till that comes. This version is sooooo fast. Turning into the best blackberry on the market.(if you like the touch aspect) DOWNLOAD IT NOW! couldnt ask for better.

This must be the vzw update because if not i CANNOT wait till that comes. This version is sooooo fast. Turning into the best blackberry on the market.(if you like the touch aspect) DOWNLOAD IT NOW! couldnt ask for better.

whoever u like it or not. i think this storm should update something with keyboard like, when ur trying to get letters and it will pop up and show that ur touch letters, it will b less from mistype. i know some of us have fraturated with keyboard bc ur thumb cover with letters.

Hey, I had one issue with .86 that I am wondering if it was fixed in .90 (or know how to fix?)

I have the phone being able to connect to both my laptop and car speaker. When I connect it to the car, the phone does work via the car adapter, however when I try to use the physical phone to check an address or something, the screen is all white and says "connecting to desktop", and there is nothing I can do to get it out of that except for shutting off the car wireless receiver.

Was that fixed in .90?


I installed over .86 without a wipe...

So far, so good. It's snappy, and more stable than .86. Sometimes .86 would lag badly then show the little timer icon while I was doing things, which was more than a little annoying. I haven't had that issue on .90 at all, and i've definately been working the C__P out of it today...

Happy to see the App Store icon BACK... I hated the "windowy" one.. :o)

Good Job Rim!

The typing has gone from alright to absolute crap. It takes about 10 second to switch to landscape mode if I'm drafting up something (email, sms, etc).
The switching from SureType to full QWERTY takes about 30 seconds.
SureType predictive text sometimes works; it's really hit or miss.

The browser has issues, beyond the normal which makes it the worst on the market:
If I tap the screen the bottom toolbar stays on the screen.
The loading bar stays on the screen even though it's done loading.

I so hope VZW doesn't make this an official version. It is by far the worst update RIM has put on for the Storm.

I can't tell if your serious or being sarcastic. That's how different my opinion of the update is. I've installed it on three Storms, for me and my friends and everyone loves it. Not to mention all the other commenters. Sure there are still issues with this update, thats why its unofficial beta. I still wouldnt call it the worst update RIM has ever put out for the Storm, quite the contrary, its probably the best one.

Patience. . .

Wow relax buddy! Itz not an official realease and you flipping out on it. Second typing is great on it. Try reloading .90 on you phone you may have had a bad build.

there are two download options. one is free and one is a premium that you have to pay for. do you all pay for this or do you do the free one?

It's much faster than, but man, it crashes every 30 mins now. Not sure what I think of that...very inconvenient to have to do a battery pull twenty times a day. I think I'll wait for the next official release...

anyone install this OS with Windows 7? I had read a post related to an eralier OS version...installing the OS with Windows 7 bricked the phone!

Anyone try it yet????

This happened to my phone trying to install on windows 7! i had .86 that i installed on xp and tried to upgrade this and now my phone is completely bricked..cannot nuke it or reinstall os. Have to get a whole new one tomorrow.

This is pretty bad that I support Crackberry and buy from the store, But when I follow the link to download the BB9500 OS I have to join something else and spend money? That Really Sucks?

HELP PLEASE i downloaded the update on my computer but how do i install it on my storm? help please ASAP! i want this new feature and what ever else make my storm better

Haven't used .90 even 5 mins yet and I'm already impressed.....much faster going in and out of applications, portrait is correct when you need to either input numbers or letters, Not concerned about the stereo bluetooth yet, also didn't even the media card inserted error either. Very Happy!

Getting there...

OS .90 with Slingmedia

Acid test was watching slingbox on the storm. Happy to report

-- No exceptions while the storm is stationary (physically). Ran for many hours. No messages/phone calls/ alarms.. etc. (miimize events which cause processor interrupts)

-- However, movement (acceloremeter), receiving messages, etc which generate processor interrupts will cause the JVM/OS to reset.

Could be as simple as increasing the heap and/or stack space on the JVM.

I must admit to not being a huge fan of the BB Storm when I first got it but with the OS loaded the phone is really working fact it kicks arse. The QWERTY keyboard is slightly bigger and everything loads up snappily.
There are one or two small bugs still but the phone in my view is the best out there.....I think the next official up-date will nail it. I love my BB now....

loaded up .90 and after a while started freezing up again like the other unofficial updates. Yet again thanks but no thanks went back to .75

loaded up .90 and after a while started freezing up again like the other unofficial updates. Yet again thanks but no thanks went back to .75

I'm getting random reboots. So far it has happened after taking my first picture with It happened three times while playing tiltris. Other than the reboots, this build is great....but not sure how many more reboots I can take until I revert back to .86. The response time has been great going between apps and menus. Memory has been holding steady at about 35MB. Lets hope I can get over the reboots because the performance is great otherwise.

hey um ive tried to upload but im have difficulty...ive tried megauploader but its not working is there another way to do it if not can you do it on the free version of megauploader thanks

They still haven't fixed the annoying "Media Card Inserted" hanging on reboot. Of course, everyone is claiming the usual 'flips between portrait and landscape much faster', but has anyone seen any real improvements? Seems to me that it's almost as if someone just renames the same OS and re-leaks it.

Have SUCCESSFULLY installed the new Beta version onto my 2 day old Blackberry Storm 9500 (Australian Vodafone network).

I am using Windows Vista on my PC, and did NOT do a clean wipe beforehand, I just installed straight over the top of version The whole process only took about 30 mins! ALL my data was saved, including photos, phonebook entries, user profiles etc etc.

We have 2 Storms, and have compared V 75 to V90 side by side! V90 definitely scrolls much smoother in both menu and photo viewer. Also, the full QWERTY keyboard shows in portrait mode. Screen light does not come on when pressed while screen is locked (saves draining the battery from accidental presses). There is also a new "phone" icon in the menu which is a shortcut to in/out calls etc.

Music and video player seem to work fine, and havent had the device lock up on me at all. Once I did the install, I just removed the battery for about 30 sec, and put it back in and away I went! The phone automatically registered with the Vodafone AU network. GPS also works flawlessly and connects to satellites within 5 to 10 seconds! Its also extremely accurate! In Satellite view it showed me parked in the exact car park space I was in!!!

I'm BLOODY GLAD I did this upgrade! Everything is as before (on version but BETTER! I'm sure I'll find some more "extras" as I explore more!

Any Aussies out there with the Vodafone Storm 9500, I'd say GO FOR IT! (At your own risk of course!). I'm going to update my wifes phone to v90 tomorrow!


Geoff Gray
Tweed Heads, NSW, 2486, AUSTRALIA

OK, I have been update since day one of the Storm 9500 UK Launch... Love the device, but can't help to think it is introduced as a second rated handset. Here is my rant on the lastest update and my now 2 months old storm. 10good and 10bad!

Badness first!
1. Irratic behaviour with OS despite updates
2. Battery Life is still poor
3. Why do I have to keep updating with incomplete updates every other week and still not happy overall.
4. The latest .90 update on the 9500 sometimes renders the camera useless as it does not automatically save the photo. (surely get the basics right already!)
5. My screen is clicking less and less. Vodafone is only offering me a "repair" service, rather than a replacement service (their customer services are poor, I was with O2 and Orange - somewhat better) - I will go into the store and kick up a fuss soon.
6. New portrait QWERTY is a nice touch, but useless with anything bigger than a kiddie thumb (forget about using it single handed, as all your words will be misspelt)
7. Still Cannot "edit before call" without having to copy and paste (a problem when you are abroad, so to type in the international code)
8. media sync is still a joke,so chance of me stop using my ipod touch.
9. Thou device is very solid, my silver edge is somewhat slacking up a little already
10. PLEASE make the scroll bar in browser touch sensitive like in Opera!!! what use is it there otherwise???

1. BB emails is fantastic
2. Document to go is useful for work
3. Expandable memory
4. At least we can use a spare battery
5. Web browsing is getting a par with the Apple devices, scrolling and rendering in general are decent now.
6. Vodafone GPS software is very good for Car use and save me having to buy a SATNAV.
7. All the updates keep my hopes up than it will eventually be good after all
8. Camera when it does work, its actually very good.
9. Copy and Paste very useful if little fiddly
10. Keyboard on landscape is definitely getting more accurate. Suretype gets better the more you use it.

I'm sure most of these points have been raised before, but ah...its off my chest now!

You just described a few issues that had nothing to do with the actual OS update. second you described things that every was having issues with the old OS. thirdly this is not a official verison of the latest OS and has not been finalized by your mobile carrier since at the end of it all they add things to it to personalize it to them.

I have just updated to .90 OS version and now I can't use my BB Storm. I have tried to pull the battery and now I only have a red light in the led, then illuminated screen, after that a small clock in the center, and then the process starts again with the red light.

Can anybody tell me how to proceed in order to make it work again?


Take your bat out then remove your memory card and leave it out while it boots then after it starts up insert your card back in try that!?

You should be able to try and boot up ur bb storm with out the media card inserted once it is booted up insert the media card if it still doesn't work then you have bricked ur berry and need to call vzw and act dumb... lol

I went from .75 to .90 and I deff see a BIG diff in speed for overall functions......However!

-When I listen to my music, I get about 3 song into it and it will suddenly shut down and restart the phone for no reason. This happens every time!

-The camera is much faster in taking pics and the bar on the screen is transparent.

- you get a full keyboard in portrait view
- Call log icon added
- Scrolling is WAY more responsive, accurate and FASTER!
- When phone is locked and you press the screen, the screen does not come on. Only until you press the unlock button or keys will it then come on.

This is a better OS but keep the update coming RIM.

when i download this and if i had a problem with my phone and went to verizon does this void my warranty?

Please stop the CHARADE with this OS's. Blackberry messenger doesn't even work correctly. It tells me all my contacts are unreachable and it takes forever for messages to be sent.

The charade? What? Oh, you mean constantly upgrading and improving the OS? If your BB messenger doesn't work, go back to .86, genius.

From what I've experienced, my Storm runs real smooth. Just quit putting crapware on it. I have StormLock, Google Maps, and Youtube. That's it. I deleted BB maps, Facebook, all the foreign languages, and Word Mole. TalkLock is crap. Quick Pull = Quick Brick.

Also, make sure your screen settings are set right. Type speed, yada, yada......

Make sure your network isn't on Global. Set it to 1XEV or whatever.

And lastly, delete your event log. Switch to landscape. BB button. Show Keyboard. Type "/"/

Event log appears. Hit th BB button. Clear event log. The Storm remembers EVERYTHING!!!! It stores it in the event log. Even orientation switches (rotations) are stored. Keeping this cleaned out will help with the snappiness of the phone.

Minus crapware, with .86 or higher OS, and correct options selected, if your Storm is still slow....... ?

Get a new one?

Give up?

Get a different phone?

Maybe an ENV is for you? Hahahahaha.

PS, the Asurion insurance for VZW is awesome. I punched my Storm screen the other day, and it went out. Went up to VZW store and activated my Curve/made insurance claim. 5 minute phone call to Asurion, $50, and 24 hours later, I recieved an unopened BB Storm. New everything. Sweet. I told them I lost it 4 wheeling, so I have an extra everything.

I just updated .90 and it works great. But I went to add/remove programs on my control panel and it shows two different blackberry desktop managers. My question if I remove my old desktop manager
Would it improve the performance on my phone??? Thanks in advanced.

I removed the old DM on my PC. It won't affect the performance of your phone at all. On my PC, everytime I download a new OS, I go to it in the "downloads" folder and open it. That automatically triggers a install wizard for DM. Afterwards, I make sure everything is closed, and I open DM from the Start menu. I only had a duplicate DM the first time I downloaded a leaked OS.

Try deleting your event log, setting your wireless network to 1XEV, and setting your touch sensitivity and type speeds. That will benefit you the most. Also, if you don't use Yahoo Messenger and the other crapware on your phone, delete it. Vcast Music and VZ navigator are also delete worthy IMO.

And I'm glad I chose this one. It does take a few open and closing of applications before the memory hits it right. So its slow at first, then after that it is super snappy. I took out the battery once to give it a good restart once it was all done and has been working great.

-smoother touch scrolling
-faster accelerometer
-typing seems more accurate
-my battery life seems to be the same as it was
-browser renders quicker
-overall just a much faster build

I loved my storm before but with updates like this, just makes me more and more excited to be an owner of one.

First off I want to say awesome job on gne leak. Of this. This is a great improvement over the .75 and I hope it will be finished for release soon. One glitch I have noticed is if you view a bbm msg and leave it open and then place it in the holster it freezes on that msg. Also trying to play music and tiltris at the same time or any other game ur slows the system down. The full keyboard in portrait mode is kool but isn't as persice as you would think. Women with small fingers would love it. So far that's all ice gotten in one day. Overall tbe switch between portrait and landscape is much quicker and there is still some fading between apps. Also before my phone would feeze when I typed to quick in portrait mode with the SureType and it no longer does this so far. I hope rim releases this in the US soon as my clients are getting antsey about a new update.

Hey...I'm assuming that you can not use desktop manager to install the (leak) update.. Is there another way to do this? Can I find how to in the book?
Thanks.. ;)

Been running .90 for about 4 hours now and nothing but complete satisfaction. This is my first OS upgrade from .75 and its way faster, typing is much easier, and the full size portrait keyboard is a great feature. No wipe before install. Just a simple battery pull after completion and its been nothing but smooth sailing. Can't wait to see what RIM comes out with next.

It's nice that you know these, although, I sure wish Verizon / RIM was faster at releasing them. You're now two upgrades ahead, and most of us are still waiting because we aren't will to try it. Dang it. I do love the idea of a full qwery in portrait though... How about VCast...

First off I would like to say, why bloody release a phone that freezes every day..... I called TELUS rep where I bought my phone, and complained about pulling the battery 3 times a day, his comment they all do that.. his comment was to come here and download .86, but instead tried this version.

Let me say, it was awesome the first night.. next night.. not so good.. started to freeze.. i put it down freeze.. i use it for awhile and put it in the case.. freeze.. I even downloaded the quickpull or something to eliminate the pulling of the battery.. doesn't work.. applications do work a lot faster, internet is faster. etc.. but a headache none the less..

what should I do? helpppppppp... thanks..

So this updated has been very tricky for some it works just fine but for others it doesn't.

1) Scrolling on the menu is WAY FASTER THAN BEFORE THATS FOR SURE

2) The Phone it self is much more faster as well the 3rd party apps

3) Documents To Go perfect for Work.

4) Web Browser Faster and very complete

Basically The Phone is Faster


2) The Camera has a bug that sometimes i doesn't save the photos.

3) You can't listen to a full song since the Phone reboots at least for me.

4) Battery Life poor, my old curve lasted 3 days on a roll my Storm BARELY makes one day.

5) Sometimes while turning on the phone the Verizon Screen won't disappear again removing the battery.

6) Media Card Inserted.... Yes we know but sometimes it doesn't load up everything on it

7) New portrait QWERTY is a nice feature but still hard to type on it prefer landscape

Those are the pros and issues that i have experienced so far with my Storm when it wants to work it works grate no doubt about it but when i doesn't it a pain in the a..

I must said kind of disappointed on RIM since it's a bad updated for Storm users

I just wish that soon a new version will come out to be more stable, the .90 not that bad but still have several issues that i thought RIM had taken care of already to make the user experience more comfortable

Ive uploaded and the dialpad does not work. If someone calls me "an automated voicemail" and I need to press digits, the dial pad comes up with funky characters and the only two numbers that you can press are 1 & 5.

So here is the story. Got my 1st Storm on Xmas eve. Was ready for a new one 2 days later. Calls would not answer and for some reason the camera was taking upwards of 1 minute to take a picture. VZW said Sorry and sent me out a brand new one. Storm # 2 shows up and it seems that both problems have been corrected. 17 days later, all the problems come back with a vengance. I call VZW and they send me a brand new one the next day. I finally get smart and before I activate- i download .90 and install. I love my Storm again. It is amazingly fast and stable. The only problems that I have come across is the keypad function when I am on a call and need to press # prompts. Thank you RIM. VZW, i hope you read this and get off your A** and make this official.

I was having problems with phone locking up and running slow. Went to VZ store, the tech showed me the proper way to close programs. Havent had a problem since. Its been 1 month. I was told that you must close each program after use, by using the close function on the menu or the back button. If you just push the red end key it will seem to close the program but it will still be running in the background. To view what programs are running hold down the menu button and you will see them. Should be only 5 or 6 that need to be running. The rest are slowing down your system. Im currently running the .85 update version. No problems noted so far. Think Im gonna wait a few more weeks before going to the .90 version.

Just downloaded .90 love it, only problem is wont let me save pictures, am i doing something wrong or is that the way .90 is, let me know please.

Okay first os leak ive ever done...but savvy on the tech stuff so the deal on the camera issue for taking pictures and saving pictures because when i first downloaded it wouldnt even let me take a picture is because you have to take off the image stabilization. TURN IT OFF...then it works perfect and faster than ever..

The ONLY thing that bugs me about this great os is the fact that the stupid clock comes up all the time...thinks way too much although fast through all applications ;-)

someone please help! ever since I installed this update this phone has been freezing at least 3 times per day. Also, after a while you are unable to close applications. If you hold down the blackberry button the way you usually do in order to close the open apps, the menu with all the apps currently open does not appear. The phone's screen also does not turn off automatically at times. Overall this has been a bad experience for me with this update. Is it possible to install .75 or .86 again? If anyone knows please assist.

I'm still running .75 and I'm happy with it overall. I have had my Storm since Nov. 24th and I haven't had any real major problems with it. There is no reason for me to download a bs leaked operating system that my do damage to my phone. Go .75!!!

Just installed this on my 9530, the difference in resposivness and general operation is night and day. This has restored my faith in the Storm once more. Keep up the good work RIM!

Not many complaints as this OS is much faster... although, I do have to do a battery pull about twice a day. First battery pull is because it locks up... 2nd one is for good measure because it just can't get passed the "memory card inserted message"... weird.. hopefully the next OS will not have this issue

How come when I get to the megaupload page it tells me the link is unavailable? Where can I find this new update to download?

can anybody provide me with the download link of for STORM9500 GSM. The link in this thread does not work (At megaupload the following message -- "Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available").

Thanks !!

I just baught my Storm yesterday. Loved it! I was on the fence about it ever since it launched with Verizon but I'm so glad I waited. I am previously a Pearl Owner and I am very familiar with LOVE IT! I decided to take a chance and update my OS with this new update. I must say it is AMAZING! The typing is way more improved. I definitely getting accurate results. LOVE THE PORTRAIT FULL KEYBOARD. The Lock mode is fixed to where the screen does not light up anymore every time you touch it. (LOVE THAT) Scrolling is better and so far I havent seen any lags. Thanks for the Update!

I downloaded the file from MEGAUPLOAD and followed the Instructions on how to upgrade your operating system, but have not suceeded in making the upgrade. What do I need to do once I open my BlackBerry in the Desktop Manager?