OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2009 12:23 am EST
BlackBerry Storm 9530 OS

Next up in the never ending, eagerly anticipated stream of BlackBerry Storm OS unofficial update leaks we have OS4.7.0.86 for the Storm 9530. BIG thanks again go to BB397 who sent us the link. Storm 9530 owners who weren't happy with version can take their shot with Vegas and CES haven't given me much of a chance to note any changes yet, so definitely look to the forums and comments to this post to see what's new and improved.

Keep in mind this is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so. If you've never installed an OS beta before be sure to dive into the CrackBerry forums and read all of our tutorials. Keep in mind that these leaked OS's sometimes take a step backwards in one area while making a leap forward in another. If you're on the fence, you're best off waiting until the 9530 Discussion & Findings thread fills up with some data.

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OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


I agree with Jdane07. I'm getting more and more skeptical and this is really getting old. Look, I know that no product is perfect right out of the gate, but this product truly was not ready for sale and the now constant attempts to band-aid it into acceptance is just not making it. RIM seriously needs to halt the production of these and re-engineer it till it's right. The "Storm II" should be their aim at this point.

Dark Cobra, what are you talking aboout?? What constant attempts? I think you need to remember that there has only been ONE Official update. The rest are betas, and are not supposed to leak.
So chill out and let the professionals do their job. No company produces gold code in one or two builds.

NO company should release products in this bad a shape either . . . and a whole lot of us users have been saying so right along with just about EVERY review of this product. I know you want to defend this thing to the max but get a clue!

RIM SHOULD have waited with the Storm... they SHOULD'VE pulled what they did with the AT&T BOLD...

That is what RIM is capable of, I mean look at how absolutely glorious the BOLD is... they just showed us that they were trying too hard to push some sort of product out before Christmas so they could boost their profits...

They need to go back to the drawing board with the touchscreen in my opinion... good idea, but just not made for a person who uses their phone a lot.

Please RIM... could you do something about this??

Sweet, lets all be d-bags and argue about THE SAME SHIT that users on every other storm related page do. Should/shouldnt have been released... who cares? It's been released and no amount of complaining will change that. Get over it and stop congesting the site with useless comments.

Just about every other storm related page "IS" debating if it should have been released in this state (and that was my point). But indeed it has been released and we've got what we got alright. No argument about THAT!

Lets just work together to help out others with problems and enjoy the damn device, regardless of the beta updates. Thats what this site is for isn't it?

i just downloaded it......it's ok haven't really checked it out fully cause my phone was about to die but it seems a little quicker but could be slower in some areas.

The leak is here and if fixes the two freezing bugs
Then I will be happy you guys need to be quiet in
fact I don't you morons don't even own storms because
Every storm user is rejoicing right now. So piss off.

WoW - 14 posts and STILL nothing about the actual software!!

C'mon people - stay on topic!

Has ANYBODY tried it yet??

Much more stable than the .85 thats for certain, all the media card inserted bullshit freezing is gone the verizon logo doesnt come on either , definitely worth downloading and running on ur storm if you have the .85 update on it.

First off many thanks to BB397! So far over all system responce seems quicker, typing, navigating, etc With the notable exeptions being the 3rd Party app, Viigo (I'm sure that's on their part), and while mail is actually being pushed, BUT that is to be expect with any BB. I have not seem the Media Card error yet and have done several pulls JUST to test this. :)

EDIT: Make that 15 posts. ;) And someone DID just comment ;) (joking ;) )

Ok, maybe I'm just dumb, but I clicked on the link from the main page to download it. It took me to megauploader, and I can't figure out how to install the thing. The only thing I found was a box with 3 letters next to it; I typed in those letters, clicked "download" and it took me to a page with a link with the file name and something like "click to download" next to it. I clicked it, and it took me back to the page with the box with the 3 letters....WTF?!

I cant go into detail cause I gotta get back to work. But so far it is Legit. I definitely recommend downloading it.

So after a couple of hours, I thought this update was the end all be all of updates. Everything so far had worked great! I wanted to make it run even better so I decided to delete some apps that I never use, games mostly. One of which required a reset which I did, then bam, it now gets stuck on the Verizon screen. I'm rebooting again right now. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyone try bluetooth with videos with the .86?

*Update* Looks as though the VZ screen freeze is back to normal.

BTW...I did have the same Verizon screen lock up problem and tried the stereo bluetooth with video. The bluetooth video isn't fixed in .86. Camera and video were faster/fixed.

I do want to thank BB397 too for the OS leak.

I went back to .75 as I would miss watching Orb/video through my headset while at the gym.

Hopefully Blackberry will add it back in an upcoming release.

I use the Motorola Bluetooth/FM transmitter. I like putting on a movie that I ripped and watching/listening to it through my car speakers. It doesn't work with this o/s. But the positives of the update like speed and everything else outweigh that one thing. If I were you I'd use the 3.5mm headphones till they fix that issue. But to each is own.

I know Verizon hasn't released this version ( yet? ), but a friend of mine that works at Verizon said something about this is the OS that is mentioned on the Blackberry Storms infomanager page.... Just wondering if this is the OS that was supposed to release with the Storm back in November?

Just downloaded. Transitions from screen to screen are quicker. (FYI- Im on my curve now) Phone app seems to be a little slower though switching from initial phone screen (key pad) to say like the contacts page or call log. Having to press twice. But I do like the transition change. Snappier. Still fingering it to see if there are any other improvements.

glad to hear that the software seems to be getting more stable. are we to expect this as the next ota release? additionally, is that still slated for 16/17ish?

anyone know if this update works on all storms. I am on telus and only seem to be seeing comments about Verizon?

I just installed on the telus storm and its working perfectly. Because this update is for the 9530 this will work with all cdma storms


I like version .86 (plus I liked .85) HOWEVER updating to a leaked or beta OS is not something that should be done by a novice. Things can go wrong, and it might end up not being any better and can sometimes be worse than the version you are updating from. YES the Storm has issues, but RIM is working on it, and some of us choose to install these works in progress. VZW (or your provider) tests each update extensively before they offically release them, and so far they have choosen not to release many of them. If you are not a "techie" kinda guy or gal, and you BB expierence is limited you may be better off waiting for the official release. :)

/off soapbox/

EDIT: In responce to the does this update work on all Storms question, the answer is NO, BUT it will work on any 9530 Storm, VZW, Telus, Bell, or unlocked. It will NOT work on the Storm 9500 sold in Europe, but hopefully their update will come soon. :)

If you dont like the OS they released it with, Piss OFF. People need to understand they are following googles model of a beta release, just not telling us. All there stuff is still beta, go get that one, gmail, docs, everything...

The product has been out for nearly two months now. So far there's been one (1) official Verizon software update. I'm sure Verizon has been trying to fix this thing. They may be having a hard time doing so. We've been told to be patient. That's all I can pass on to you.

i agree it does seem quicker. the transitioning from main menu to application seems a little slower. but overall more stable... i also love the transparent camera buttons. other than that.. not to much more improvement... im waiting for the next bigger update... these small updates are just making me more impatient... but at the end of the day i love my storm more than all the other smart phones..yes the iphone is not a phone its an itouch with the ability to make a low budget phone call, which still has no mms.

Took about 30 minutes and the improvements so far are excellent!Almost zero lag, more like micro seconds. Faster application switching. No hanging of video media (Watched Kung Fu Panda, Men in Black 2, Hellboy 2 with no problem.)
Typing is MUCH easier and when playing Bejeweled I actually move the pieces that I am WANTING to move and not the ones that my Storm wanted to move. Plus the move in the right direction instead of opposite or reverse. Took as long to make dinner as it was to upgrade my Storm. Highly recommend doing the upgrade. You will definitely see a vast improvement in performance and battery life.

I'm using .85 right now...and it's working ok, however there are still issues. I was unable to power off my phone unless I performed a soft reset (batt. pull). Also, some screens are still laggy....have to hit buttons twice. Overall, I"m still happy with .85. I hope .86 is better. I'm downloading now...at 46%. This sure does take a while.

I downloaded and installed .86 just fine but when I go to the phone and make a call I cannot hear anything and no one can hear me. It isn't on mute and it also doesn't give me the option to go to speaker phone or anything. It is like the option doesn't show up on the phone at all. I do see a little picture icon in the top left corner while on a phone call with a little phone and a headset next to it. I have no bluetooth connected nor do I have headphones connected. It did this to me when I tried to run .83 and .85 and I couldn't figure out how to fix it at all so I am forced to run .75

N e 1 have this, would love to try it out on my BBStorm Current OS .75 other OS's were to buggy.. so downgraded.. urcomputerguy @ YA dot com for n e info on how to obtain other then mega download site

....update. Downloaded quickly and installed with no problems whatsoever. This was my first upgrade from .75 and it was a breeze. Seems quite a bit faster and haven't experienced any problems yet. Have only been using it for about 2 hours though since the update but so far so good!!! Looking forward to the next one cause this phone just keeps getting better and better!

Just upgraded to .86 from .75 (no wipe) without incident. Storm seems zippier. No flashing led or screen lock problems. The transparent camera options are nice. Can't wait for the next upgrade...maybe with a flash player??

I would definitely recommend this Upgrade. My Storm is moving faster and better. I've noticed improvements in browser, camera, typing, and messaging. We are almost there Storm owners! I know you are liking this device more and more each day! I think in another 30-60 days it will truly be where it should be.

this storm is such a let down .. i was soo excited for it. i cancelled my previous plan and switched over on the release. every since then its been problem, after problem, after problem.. even after these updates. this thing still isnt even up to par! apps dont respond half the time. constant freezing. pictures are great but they take way too long to take a shot. the worst thing of all .. accelerometer .. im so PISSED at how horrible this function is. PLEASE RIM. fix this disaster you call a storm.

My personal feeling of the .86 update....! last night after installing this unofficial update things seemed great from the official .75 update. Threw the course of today my phone froze up 3 times were I had to remove the battery and what not. Was like come on not again lol wtf. IMHO your better off waiting for an official update from your carrier. I have been using .75 and it might lag a little bit but at least its not pulling this crap.

will this update affect the functions of my storm from a v.75? to a v.86, since i didnt go through each update i went straight to 8.6?

I am new to this site, so please excuse me if this has already been mentioned, but has anyone noticed that when they set their Storm to Vibrate Only, it rings anyway? Also, creating and applying a custom profile has no effect at all. I was on the phone with Verizon for over an hour last night about this and they finally got in touch with RIM who informed them that this is a known problem with v.75. The Verizon tech then told me that RIM said a new version will be out "in a couple of weeks" which will correct the problem. Comments anyone?

Tried Downloading and the Link says File has been removed for Violating Terms

anyone willing to host this file?

i tried to download and it said there no link for it bc there is a volience right to copy. is anybody can give me info to download, please

got my storm on jan 1st was going to take it back but decided to try the update first .86 is great running almost flawlessly. not perfect but much improved response time!

OMG, this thing is FAST!!!! hope I don't end up trying to pull my hair out instead of the battery, FWIW, this device is pretty solid. Now, if I could only get streaming media on this dang thing.

Ok, after a battery pull, all is well. And I used free Zune Video Encoder to create perfectly encoded videos for my BB Storm, so I know what I'm doing.

mostly solid but has a few bugs like my keyboard keeps on going to multitap in portrait mode when i have suretype saved