OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!

OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Dec 2008 11:56 am EST

Christmas is over but the presents keep coming! It seems CrackBerry Santa has leaked the latest OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 into the wild! Big thanks to BB397 for tipping us off on the link.

Storm owners wanting to have the latest OS for their device can now download OS for the 9530 Storm. This is NOT an official release, so install at your own risk and only if you're comfortable with doing so.

The word from those in the know is that this version just may have what it takes to become the next official release from Verizon, though that's not certain at this point. I haven't played with the OS too much just yet, but it definitely feels much improved, even over which leaked on the 19th. Some bugs have been fixed, the accelerometer action is definitely quicker and typing feels a bit more responsive. There's always room for improvement but this is getting there! You'll want to jump into our Storm OS forum for all of the details and findings surrounding this release. My opinion? This is what the Storm should have launched with. Definitely worth an install if you're a 9530 Storm owner.

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OS Leaked for the BlackBerry Storm 9530!


Finnaly. At 18%. This will b the first beta os ive installed on my blackberry, so any tips so i dont F#ck my $hit up.

I thought 4.7 (The one that I have) was the most recent desktop manager, but you say 4.5 is. Was that a typo on your part, or am I wrong?

I'm always downloading these updates whether it be official or not. CB is like my 2nd home. Being a site owner myself I know how hard it is to run and update it and you have a much larger member base then me. Props for everything you do here for us.

CDMA and GSM OS versions are different. Your 9500 will not recognize a version built for the CDMA model.

i am just wondering(didn't know where else to post this to).. don't we have price protection program for 30 days? I bought this at $200 and I was wondering if we can get $50 credit???

Was in the Verizon store on Wednesday and the technical rep. told me a new version was coming; obviously she was referring to an official one.

Thanks for the notice about the new leaked version, but lines like "this version just may have what it takes to become the next official release from Verizon" imply that verizon actually bases its releases on quality standards. That's the same tripe we've heard from Verizon about why they have been slow to release updates in the past.

Poppycock, I say. The fact that the Storm was released with a buggy and slow OS shows that Verizon is all abotu market timing. They released a not-ready-for-prime time model because they wanted to get it out for the Christmas shopping season.

That's fine...everybody does it. But don't keep promoting this idea that Verizon somehow has higher quality standards. Their slow release schedules are about nothing other than their bottom line: releases cost money, so might as well wait until they have one that they hope will tide them over for a good long time.

In all actuality it was ready to be released with a smooth running software on day one, however, Verizon's technical staff noticed a fairly big security hole in the OS that was going to be released with the phone the very next day. So what were they to do? Pull the majority of the phones to be updated by a future release (hence the sell out first day) and the ones that were sold were rolled back to a previous, not so perfect OS.

Now, why would they do that? I don't know; if you have paid attention to forums and people looking forward to this phone's release you would know there would be some type of uprising if it wasn't released.

I can guarantee you that Verizon's testing and implementation standards far surpass those of other carriers, trust me, I have been on both sides of the gun.

Yes, marketing does come into play but if you want to play that card then why not ask why all units were not pushed out on day 1? Verizon could have easily passed the million mark in the first week but didn't for good reasons and all those that stuck with the device are seeing updates come out steadily because, unlike another fruity company, listens to the feedback given and puts them in motion.

Let's also not forget that all phones are truly tested when in the hands of the consumer, it's the action taken when the feedback is given that you should pay attention to and I think Verizon and Blackberry have a great relationship and you should see continuous updates addressing everyone's concerns.

That may have been the official reason at the time (PR, of course they don't want to admit to the phone having a major issue) but then explain to me how a week before the release the testers at the development conference had phones that were loaded with .82 software? (not the box, the OS itself). Weather it was a security hole as BGR contends or another major flaw, the OS WAS rolled back at the last minute. RIM had 400,000 of these things made, if it were not for this issue a lot more would have been in stores than were, but the ones that were shipped were the ones they managed to re flash in time.

The VZW CDMA Curve was released nearly a year after the GSM counterparts due primarily to VZW's stringent standards. It was supposed to be a holiday release but didn't make it to the stores till May of the next year, because VZW sent it back for further testing twice.

Umm, yeah, so all the day 1 reviews from various sites that noted the sluggish overall performance, the poor accelerometer responsiveness, and other bugs somehow found issues that Verizon's crack QA folks missed?

Look, I'm not saying that market demand shouldn't be figured into release dates. Just don't release a model to meet a specific target window and still claim that quality is the be-all and end-all. The Storm was clearly released about a month before the OS was reasonably fully cooked. I'm sure somebody at VZW did the cost/benefit analysis of making the Christmas season versus the possibility of a quality black eye and extra support costs of the necessary updates. Top that off with the need to coordinate availability with companies in the UK and Canada, and Verizon may not have had all the leverage it normally would, and the analysis obviously said "ship it!"

And that was almost certainly the right business decision. It just belies their claim of extra stringent standards, because the results speak for themselves.

that RIM and VZW should have had at LEAST .85 out when it launched.

There's still, IMO, enhancements that need to be done to the OS (not bugs) and about 10-15 more bugs that need to be sorted out...like better memory management, even faster browser rendering, fixing the random bugs that only "batter pulls fix"

I say this will all be done by Feb and then they can focus on ENHANCEMENTS

Is there anything I have to do to this file or program to keep this from messing up my verizon account, or is it good to go as it is?

the app loader wont recognize the file to install it to my phone.. do anyone know why?


The update seems to work pretty well however I am still stalling at the Verizon screen when I power of and power back up.....any suggestions?

I had the same problem. It was pretty ugly. The best I could do was reconnect it to the Download Manager and it recognized that I needed to reinstall the core applications. I lost all of my contact and calendar information because it hung before it restored my data. Luckily, it's all on my BlackBerry Server.

So just installed .85 (from .83) and don't yet have any complaints. The accelerometer is definitely faster! I have been having the "stuck on Verizon logo" problem sporadically with .83. Hopefully, I won't have any more problems. I think OS updates do get better in time, so we'll see how much of an improvement there actually is.

how do i get it from my desktop, to my phone?? its on my bberry desktop app, but wont transfer over to my storm !! ughhhhh

So I've had my Storm for just over 3 weeks now and I must say that aesthetically, it's a very nice phone. It's got everything that you've heard positive about it and, really, more. The Storm truly does have the best screen quality I've ever seen on a cell phone - and I've worked with both the IPhone 3G and the G-1. It's just too bad that a great screen can't hide the Storm's flaws. Maybe it's just me but it's got these bugs which I just can't seem to get away from. I sometimes feel like I'm working with a Windows Mobile OS instead of the very latest Blackberry. WTF?

Last week I loaded .85 on to my Storm with GREAT anticipation that it would fix these really frustrating issues that so bother me. These would be the stalling issue, the freezing issue, the profile keyboard on my main screen that won't go away without rebooting issue AND the random reboot issue that has plagued this phone since I got it. I was really hoping that this would be the one as .83 didn't seem to do much. Well, it's been 5 days now and the concensus is.... nope. No such luck.

I did notice that the accelerometer was considerably faster directly after the .85 install but several days later I notice less of that speed. It seems that I have to make a very definite turn to the phone's position to get it to respond sometimes. My Storm IS faster in a general way as programs do seem to respond better overall; however, recently I had Google Talk and Facebook log out and refuse to log me back in until I did a hard reboot (separate occasions). I'm not really sure if this was the phone or the applications. It also has a slightly faster reboot time - which is great as I seem to be doing that a lot lately.

In the end, I've decided to return my Storm to Verizon before my 30 days are up. I called them today and told them of my intentions. Good thing I was able to get the Storm billed to my account in the first place. Right after the phone call I activated my previous Blackberry - the 8330 Curve. Immediately after activation I felt this sense of relief and excitement, knowing that I once again had a great, reliable and powerful phone in my hands to do my bidding. Indeed, a phone that has never failed to keep up with me.

Good try, RIM. Better luck next time (and I truly mean that).


You should've never done the update to the new software in the first place since it's not an official update approved by VZW. You probably just had a defective phone or you were probably acting like you were so smart, that you install all these software and apps on your storm not knowing that it's affecting your phone's performance. I've had the storm for 3 weeks now and the only problem that I've had is that it lags for about 3 secs when switching portrait to landscape, but, it's done that only for a couple of times since I had the phone. Otherwise, the phone is great and SW updates will be release and eventually will improve the phone's performance and usability.
I think that your one of those people who think that they are smart, know-all-things, but are actually stupid.

Wow, you must lurk to be a tool. The poster said that unlike your supposed 3 weeks of bliss he had issues with random reboots and other bugs since getting the phone. I'd say that trying the update was pretty darned smart, as there isn't much of an option if you have a semi-functioning device.

But then I'm not an apologist for VZW, just somebody who would really like the Storm to be the device we'd all hoped. And it clearly needs some updates to achieve that status.

I agree with you zero1259. My phone has had all the issues you describe including a physical defect with the screen. Half the screen has great click response while the other half is very week and hard to use when making push button presses. I ordered a replacement and got it 3 weeks later (this after paying for Saturday delivery on the first one). The replacement was garbage. The whole screen on the replacement was defective and was much worse than the first one. So I sent the replacement back and am still stuck with the original. Just to put things in perspective, I ordered 10 Storms for my work place (before I knew the issues I would soon face with my personal Storm) and 2 were defective and 1 was scratched. On an additional one (this will be hard to explain), it had some of the plastic that's put on the outside of the phone for protection during shipment stuck inside the phone, like they assembled the phone together leaving some of the protective plastic inside the phone. This was ok because I was able to pull it out without any of the plastic remaining in the phone. So from the 10 ordered 6 were shipped in perfect condition and the 7th one was ok. 1 was scratched on the side with some paint missing but it will do for work purposes. That leaves 2 with screens that have little to no click response and will go back. Its sad because 7 of the Storms represent what the phone should be (minus the bugs that will eventually be worked out). Quality control has been less than satisfactory. I am so tired and exhausted with my Storm that I am just going to give it to my wife and take her blackberry 8830. She wants it bad so I'll let her go to a store and exchange my Storm for a working one she can touch and feel before leaving the store. I only wish the Bold was available for Verizon users:(

Hope this was only my bad luck and you guys are doing better.

When I do upgrading from .83 to , 85 the phone is crashed and stops working. The screen shows "App Error 200 --- reset'. What dose it mean? ho can help me to fix it? Thx.


How do i transfer music from my computer, with out iTunes, to my blackberry storm 9530?


install the blackberry desktop manager that comes with the storm, when prompted also install Vcast Music w/ Rhapsody. this is IMO the best way to do it and the most like iTunes. you do not have to have a rhapsody account or even log in to transfer music.

Just drag the files into the program, and then shift+down to highlight it all and drag it to the BlackBerry 9530 Media Card which is listed on the left side of the program.

its really just like iTunes. You can even right click on the songs in rhapsody and click "Edit Track Info" and, just like in itunes, edit the artist, song, album, add album art etc. click next to do the next song all thru the album. then sync it over to the media card and it will have album art and all that.

change your media card settings in the phone under options to "auto enable mass storage mode when connected"

then you can just drag your mp3's right onto the card and your blackberry with automatically see them

I don't really know if I can say it's faster or not, but now I can play video when I never could before.
Thanks for this update!!! I was ready to trade this piece of crap in, but now I'm loving it!

Glad to hear that this update is fixing a lot, but I'm waiting it out until Verizon makes it official, besides I only use Mac's so have to wait for OTA download anyway I think. I hope they are working on some Browser improvements.

Late night OS updates are just a killer. I will wait till the morning lol. Glad to see a lot of people are experiencing positive results.

I think this is a solid update. I just installed had a few issues at first with .85 update. Some of the functions got worse. I then pulled the battery to do a reset after the update. I have been playing with the phone and using all its funtions for a solid two hours now and is working much better than before. I didnt install the .83 update but I did this one. I am pleased. Still some minor issues. But it did make the phone faster but still not what it needs to be. Still waiting on the o.s. that is pumped up on steroids. To where after you download you go wow. But I will settle for these small vitaman shots for now.

Updated a friends last night and i must say a soild update but still no where near what it should be i took my storm back after 2 weeks and iam not regreting it at all i dont want a beta phone that i haveto get all excited to see these firmware updates i think its kinda sad but on the other hand atleast it shows there aware of the problems and there working on it

since uploading .85 i am having trouble uploading videos and mp3s. i used to just use the click and drag to transfer and it worked fine now even using roxio i am still having problems of the files not showing up on media player but shows up in the memory. any suggestions?

Installed .85 and don't really notice much of a difference. The big thing that I noticed is that it took away my "Messages" folder which showed all calls, im's, texts, and everything like that. I also noticed that without a battery pull reset that is showed my application memory at 13.8mb. After the reset is shows at 44.5mb. Really wish it would not have taken off my messages screen though. Think there is a way to get it back.

I also noticed that there really isn't as much hype on the forum on this update as compaired to .83.

I am one of the blackberry fans who just keeps holding onto his Storm hoping that things will get better.

Cheers Everyone,

Im trying to wait for the official os update but how much longer... In the mean time all of these other leaks keep coming through. Are the test updates from RIMS that are on trial and error for the company. Anyhow Ill wait.

Based on my experience, and other messages on this forum, I think the problems encountered with .85 don't outweigh the stability of .83. I would recommend sticking with .83 until something more stable comes along. Just my opinion...

Just return the Storm. My dad bought one - way too glitchy. Dont understand the point of a touch berry - I have both an iphone and pearl and would never get a touch berry. Like asking for an ashtray on a motorcycle. I was tempted to switch to a Bold but I need to wait for the POS T-Mo to get the Javelin which is prob best berry anyway. Small screen makes browsing on a 3G berry useless.

LOL! Great analogy. Couldn't agree more. After returning my storm and going back to my curve, I know exactly what you mean. I love a good qwerty keyboard.

Yeah, the Javelin looks pretty damn cool. Too bad it's only on the Rogers network. Hopefully Verizon picks it up.

I saw a design of a landscape slider berry on this site the other day. How about a berry slider with a touch screen too? Been done before I know but with RIM making it, it could be one of their best ever. One of the THE best ever. I'd try it.

Let me first say that my arguemenet is in no way biased.

I had the BB Curve before getting the Storm, I was very excited to get the Storm. All of the website had great things to say about it. I was only ready to be dissapointed about WiFi (which wasn't really a deal breaker for me anyhow because I have the E-mail plan of course). However, I am very dissapointed with this phone. I refuse to compare it to other touchscreen because I like to form my own opinions. However, I what I have came to a consensus to is that the BB Storm is a NOT THE PHONE FOR ME!

-I am a big texter and emailer. And I have fully aware that I wouldn't have a physical keyboard but I the "click of the screen makes it impossible to do letters/characters immediately after one another. Anyone who has encountered the problem knows what I am talking about.

-The acceloromater has a mind of its own. I gave up on typing in the view I wanted to, I am began to just type which every way the keyboard show us, however, either I am going senial or this phone is really messing with me because it switched from portait to landscape with some of the slightest moves. Also, it is very delayed and I get very frustrated when I can't get to what I want to immediately.

-The phone freezes ALL the time and I am really just over the phone.

I will be returning the phone as soon as I get back home (to my maufactorer's box) and getting my curve back. The only thing I really liked was the screen being big and being able to create and view word, excel, and powerpoint documents. But this phone is done. I will be practically throwing this phone back to Verizon and I think I'm going to keep this damn 8GB memory card. I feel like that is good enough compensation for me having to deal with this unfinished prototype for almost a month.

I took mine back 2 weeks ago and i couldnt be happier the phone is very buggy and your so right that phone has a mind of its own

I just downloaded and installed the new OS and I can right away tell it is much faster. Programs load faster the accel. is faster! Thanks for the DL!

I just downloaded and installed the new OS and I can right away tell it is much faster. Programs load faster the accel. is faster! Thanks for the DL!

Just to let you guys know i was having all kinds of problems with my 9530... I email Don N. and asked for some advice. I was having all sorts of problems with it after I downloaded .75 (not the official version).

After the reciept of my new 9530, and the first update per the DM, it runs great! Verizon, of course, stated that you should never download anything from anywhere BUT their site. Not sure if it was that download or a defective phone, but it works great now....

If you are having ANY issues....send it back the new ones are MUCH better than the old..... Thanks Don Ny....

ill get another when they get unlocked gsm versions i had a verizon storm and it was crap compared to my bold so ill stick with that

.85 is a huge improvement over .83

I was pretty happy with .75 and when I 'upgraded' to .83, I was happy with some things and unhappy with others.
Now, with .85, I can see what this phone is going to become. Its a great piece of hardware and keeps getting better.

Quick and responsive... I'm very happy now.

.85 is a huge improvement over .83

I was pretty happy with .75 and when I 'upgraded' to .83, I was happy with some things and unhappy with others.
Now, with .85, I can see what this phone is going to become. Its a great piece of hardware and keeps getting better.

Quick and responsive... I'm very happy now.

why are people not backing up their files before upgrading? i keep reading that people are upset about losing their messages.. backup!!

I love my Storm and so does my husband. I did the update on both of ours with no issues and it was done in 30 minutes each phone. We have seen some improve and are glad we did it.

I think sometimes you just get a bad phone and it needs to be switched for a new one but that doesn't mean the Storm is a bad phone.

I was a pearl user. I have already had to get a new STORM phone, because FACEBOOK caused my storm to lock up. Even with all that, I still Love the Storm. It has a few bugs, yes, but it will take time to get really use to it. It is a good phone. Here is a lesson. Wait on the official release. I am tempted to load the LEAKED update, but because this phone is already bug ridden, I wouldn't take the chance. I feel like they will keep giving us new Updates until it gets to where they need it to be. It is such a beautiful phone. TOuch screen is just so different from trackballing. YOU NEED to practice and play with your phone more. That is how you know you way around all the stuff

You have excellent points, Calostar. The Storm is indeed a nice phone. I love it's screen and I love the design - both the default OS theme and the physical look. I also like it's sturdy feel and the nice back plate. 3.2 megapixel is nice too.

BUT as long as it has an unstable OS, I'm not down with it. To me, stability is the most important feature of a cell phone. It must be able to do everything it can do WITHOUT problems. A glitch on occasion is reasonable but these consistent hiccups are simply not acceptable. This phone should not have been released to the public. Not yet, anyway. But that's just my opinion.

You are totally correct zero1259. But think of all the times softwares were released by microsoft with bugs. Sometimes, I don't think they even know what their products are capable of. Being in the "software" administration business, sometimes we have to release stuff to get things going and troubleshoot with good users like ourselves. Some bugs are so small, you have to just go to press with it. My users always discover bugs and short cuts, I would have never discovered. But I hate it when they think we the public are just dumb and will take any old piece of trash and expect us to accept it.

Personally, I get excited when new releases are shoved! What have they fixed, what have they added? It is just all very exciting to me. I guess I am just a bit too optimistic at times...

ca i cant disagree more iam a former software company owne ive since sold it for profit and iam here to say no companies i ever delt with would put any product out software based with this many problems and using the general public to test a debug softeware huge no they pay people to do certin things such as sit around and debug all this comes down to is money thats it they didnt wanna wait i had this phone and rim should be ashamed of themselves for thrown this thing to the public like they did and ive got 100 dollars that says if you waited in a verizon store for one buisness day someone would be returning there storm and iam extremely confident in that statement

I find it hard to believe you were a software company owner. The grammar of you post says it all.

For a software engineer, you don't use punctuation too often, in fact, hardly at all.

I would have to say that it is difficult to buy a phone, and have to deal with this - but I will hold out a little longer.

I just want a phone that works :(

Also, CB; your Captcha letters are horrible.

LOL...great writing. Moreover, have you not seen what Microsoft does with its software in the Marketplace? More and more companies are letting the market do the final testing of the products... I would say that the version of software that RIM ships with the phone is an embarassment for them.

Downloaded the software and everything went very well in that department. After my storm had rebooted and was using it for a while certain things started to happen that hadn't in the past.

1. If you go into video mode and try to record a vid it freezes up. Had to take out the battery, turn back on again same thing but I actually waited took some time then started recording.

2. Noticed that the browser is slower then before was scratching my head wondering why so went into options to delete cookies ect press on the escape/back button the phone froze up again.

3. If you are using a third app like facebook or youtube and get a call the screen gets snowy for mine anyways.

Besides the headaches the accelerometer seems faster when it wants to lol defiantly has some bugs wouldn't recomend installing this bootleg version better off waiting

I have had the Storm since day one. So I have been through all of the updates as soon as they were leaked (thanks Kevin).
Has anyone had any issues running 3rd party apps with the software. VZNAV was a must to delete and I have been hesitant to get either that or Telenav because of this. I downloaded GoogleMaps and it slowed it down as well.
Any Suggestions?

when is the VRZN update coming up... i am not going to download these buggy pointless update which would rather screw up my phone than to fix it. thanks for the effort kev but any idea when the OFFICIAL release is coming out? Everyone would like to know. Thanks.

UPDATE: just went back to .75 those issues that I stated before gone thank god was getting nervous. Taken pics are still a hassle but at least its not freezing up on me lol Thanks for the update but no thanks. Oh anyone that downloaded the buggy new OS .85 and want to get rid of it just downgrade using blackberry desktop manager

I downloaded the new OS and am loving it! Everything so far seems smoother and more fluid. The camera especially is 3 times faster which makes taking pictures easier, and this alone was worth it to me. Great Job!!!!!!

i have tried to update this the way i see people telling me and im still having problems getting the .85 on can someone help me.

Hey I just downloaded the updated and ran the executable. Went though the setup and then ran the desktop software it is only showing me .75 as an option.... I must be doing something wrong. Having the device update to .75 from VZ was no biggie. Wazzup?

This is my first BB and I have to say I like it alot. I also like Crackberry and it's taught me so much, but I have long way to go.
I really have only one complaint and that is I have debris or dirt particles under the screen and cannot remove them. It's OK unless the screen goes white and you can really see it then. It seems like it's getting worse. I read not to shoot forced air between the screen because it may cause the dirt to stick to your screen.
Does anyone have any suggestions for this problem? I would really appreciate it if someone else had this problem and fixed it. Thanks.

Did my download, followed all instructions...took my time. I have a clean and runnng .85 on my Verizon Storm.
Thank you for posting and all for writing your comments for me to study prior to my installation.(I still miss the keyboard on my 8830!)

Et pour nous nous c'est quand qu'elle sortira cette 0.85
ca comence à faire long.
Merci et au fait

Works great. No problem with download and seems to have helped a lot. Also did a friends at work and he is loving it too. Camera is a lot faster and video works fine. Thanks

Does anyone know how to do this? I am a new bb owner and want to download the new 85 for my storm. When i click download, it takes me to a page where it says free user or premium user. What is the difference and which one should i choose? Do I have to pay for it? Any help would be great!! Thanks

does anyone know of another place to Download this latest update, the link on this page doesnt seem to lead to it...it comes up with an error.


how can I get the original software back as I did not save the Chinese language at set-up. And I can not down load or use the desktop manager to download here in China.

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