Get It: OS for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Nov 2008 01:04 am EST
OS Now Available for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530

Click the image above for all the details...

Note: Install at own risk and install only if you're comfortable in doing so. Read through the forum thread before installing (view feedback on this update here). Instructions on upgrading your BlackBerry's operating system are HERE and if you somehow manage to monkey things up, you can always fix it by following THESE instructions and/or by getting help in the forums.

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Get It: OS for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530!!


Is this just a more stable build? What, specifically, does it fix? How'd you get it? When'd you get it? I need details man!!!


This is one of many great upgrades...the accelerometor moves much quicker...taking almost less than a second to respond. Getting into and out of applications is also much faster and the camera is faster too. This upgrade has improved some of the speed bugs and i hope there are more upgrades to expand on. Great job Verizon/RIM and thank you Don

i dont know if anybody knows, but i just loaded the software and the accelorometer does work much much better but in the video it shows his finger dragging over the icons, but on my phone i still have to touch each icon for it to light up. anybody know why this is so..

hey, to do that option, you have to be on a page that doesnt scroll. basically if you are on the expanded home page, hide all the icons except 16 of them and it will let you scroll over them. if you dont feel like doing that, just go to the instant message folder and try it out there since there are only a few applications in there.

This is awesome news!! and according to CX(if I remember correctly) this isn't even the latest OS!!

So excited for this phone to hit the canadian market!

I thought he said it was the latest version he was willing to mention but there were others being worked on.

If I'm not mistaken CX did mention that this was the latest OS that was available to the public. The storm he has could be running on a higher OS... it's in a thread omewhere he started

wooooow. all i can say is wow. this update makes my storm so much faster and more responsive in every way. the accelerometer is lightning quick. apps opening and closing are almost instant. the camera is very quick. even the typing is quicker and more accurate. amazing amazing update.

I just downloaded everythign but i cant seem to get the desktop manager to come up to complete the download onto my phone....can someone help???

I have the same issue, the software downloads but once the apps are loaded the BB Desktop manager is nowhere to be found. What gives?

Guess you gotta wait for the vodafone update, I think this update is verizon 9530 only and not meant for the 9500

I just wanted to say thanks to the poster who shared this pre-released update. It has made my Storm noticeably smoother. But, I also wanted to send an even BIGGER THANKS to Kevin & his crew at CB for their in-depth "How to update a newer OS system" In their CrackBerry 101 tutorial section. It has come in really, really handy for this berry newbie. Your lesson helped me figure out what I was doing wrong in the download after like 2 attempts. It also kept me from freaking out that I did something wrong to my phone. thx a million for this site.

No problem here with getting everything installed! Although I wasn't having any "problems" to speak of, I did notice performance impovement, mostly when opening and closing applications. I also moved my icons around a little so I can access things faster. Upgrade + custom settings = better/faster! :)

You are a F&#kin moron. Surepress makes this phone so much better than the Iphone. Surepress is what they are banking this phone on. what a frigin idiot.

yo cocksucker,
there are some users who would like to have that option. if you dont like it, THEN DONT CHANGE THE OPTION. it would be smart if RIM gave the option to let users have the surepress on or off. especially for those coming from the iphone who may not like it. its common sense dumbass.

Again, who ever you are, RIM,VZW, Vodafone, they all are banking on this new technology. Here they come with a totally new touchscreen technology, but oh yea here is a way to totally disregard it. They allow that and Surepress fails then the Storm fails. Iphone users are prolly not coming to the Storm, because as much as I love mine it is not right yet. They have work to do and taking the advise of (what did I call you... ohh ya) a F*#kin moron like you would be such an absolute waste of time. Get this dipshit Surepress=Storm. One fails they both fail. Let people turn it off and they will and then who will remember Surepress. Another thing moron, Surepress is a totally new concept and we havent seen the half of what Rim is cooking up for it. So keep your ignorant mouth shut, or put a name to the garbage you are spewing out that piehole of a mouth.

STFU then if you have the iphone. u obviously dont know the shit u are talking about because u dont have the storm. and you must have a lot of time on your hands if your gonna keep arguing with people what they think. so fuck off and let people speak say what they have to say. jackass. prob some 17 year old nerd who has nothing to do but to say facts about to legitimize stupid ass crap.


Where in the bloody blue hell did you ever figure I had an Iphone? Have used it, don't own it, don't like it, think its an overpriced, overhyped, stuck with a worthless carrier piece of crap. And yes moron, I have a Storm, picked it up at 5 after 10 at a Bestbuy on the launch day. Love it. So piss off ya bunghole.

I love the Storm, but ya know what it ain't perfect. I was one of the loudest f*ckin cheerleaders on here about it, go back thru some of my older posts ya frigin b*tch. But these bugs are even starting to wear on me. Sure its faster but now my camera and media player are acting up. Up until today I didn't believe people when they talked about it locking up. Lo and behold mine locked up for the first time today, and ya know what I wouldn't trade it for anything. I discovered the GPS in google maps today and about flipped out. never read one way or the other about wether or not it was disabled so that is another reason to love it. So why don't you read the entire f*ckin post ya bunghole. What I said was that people wouldn't leave their Iphones yet because as much as I love it( It being the STORM here genius) it has to many frigin bugs. Do I think that it will start swaying Iphone users yes I do after they iron out the kinks.

There will be third party apps that will give you the option to have an iPhone like feature, plus pinching, zooming, fast scrolling, and morphing graphics. The advantage to the storm is the click could add another dimension to manipulating graphics in comparison to the iPhone.

No changes????? Christ are you blind. Its quicker than it was, less buggy software. Is it perfect? No. But its way better than the original. Stupid F--K.

I dont know if anyone else has the same problem but after the update the icons at the bottom of the screen(play, stop, etc.) are flashing and in some cases not showing up at all. Just want'd to know if anyone else had this problem.

I have a Mac and have missing sync but this leak only seems to be for Windows users. Anyone seen one that Mac users can use? Dying to do the update. Thanks! :)


Should i not install this update since i will be returning my current Storm as i have a replacement ordered?

I too am receiving a replacement phone. But it could be another week before it arrives. I say why not upgrade and take advantage of it while you can...IMO.

I have had great success with this update and my storm is becoming more useable by the day. The accelerometer was never an issue for me and opening apps was never an issue it was the constant dropped calls. Which seem to improving a bit this morning but we will see. Still no fix for not being able to activate icons on the side of the screen and the battery issue is still a problem cant get anywhere near 5 hours of usage out of the phone. To rate it the first version was 2 out of 10 stars this is about a 6 so I'm very happy. I'm still having scrolling issues so hopefully a few more firmware updates and presto changeo.

I use a Macbook with my Storm but keep a Windows computer around for updates and things that I just can't do on my Mac and everything was a complete success! My Storm seems to work WAAAYYYY better and I suggest this update to all worried Storm owners. No problems at all... Download it.


I am not sure if it is a placebo effect or a real improvement. The Accelerometer does appear to be faster and the browser is more responsive.

I love this phone nonetheless and appreciate RIM getting this out - even if it was leaked! :)

Wow!!!! After installing OS my storm is far more stable(not in love just yet though). I feel encouraged Blackberry will make this device the iPhone Killer it is supposed to be. As a former iPhone user, I see a huge potential here. I will await any upcoming enhancements with bells on. Thank you Crackberry - You Rock

I agree about SurePress. I think it sucks and I'm not alone. David Pogue, a fairly reputable figure in Tech also thinks it's horrible. Hard to type in names, slang, etc... MUCH rather have a small keyboard.

I noticed this post a couple of hours ago while on my storm at the mall, but figured this response would be to long so I waited to compose my thoughts. The night Mr. Pogue put out that PILE OF SHIT review I e-mailed him informing him that I believed his article to be biased, misleading, and unfair. Having read some of his background I found out that he had writted books about Macs and was an Iphone fan which immediatly told me that this was going to be a load of stinking cow shit. Low and behold it was. First off his opening, "a blackberry without a keyboard what are they thinking". WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT. Basically he is saying don't ever change anything ever. He slams them for stepping outside the box. I guess with that logic Apple should have never ventured into world of cell phones. The other part of his article that I particularly hated was everything after the beginning. He hated the Storm because it wasn't an Iphone. Point black and period. It doesn't do this like the Iphone or that like the Iphone. How can a reviewer be fair and objective with that kind of prejudice going in. I have less respect for the New York Times knowing that they let a man like Pogue write their reviews. Whats the point. He used two lines toward the end of the review to say that a couple things about it were "ok". After so heavily bashing the Storm many other news agencies began using his piece of shit article, to write their own I would like to see Pogue flogged.
So after reading his article I decided to e-mail him and let him know my feelings and the feelings of many of us crackberry addicts. I told him again that I felt his article was biased and unfair. To my suprise he wrote me back soon after correcting my use of the english language. What a pompous ass. He also informed me that I was in the minority. That all of his readers were writing him to tell him that the Storm sucked. His proof? A word document showing 9 e-mails that he recieved from people who didn't like the Storm. Yep a whole whopping 9 e-mails. Over 100,000 sold yet his proof is 9 whole e-mails.

So to make a long story short, I think that you are an asshole who prolly hasn't used the Storm much if at all. The fact that you bring up the article that that hack wrote shows that you are an asshole and I really wish you wouldn't post on here.

Sure looks like everything seen here is for the 9530 and not the 9500. Sorry everyone the 9530 is the Vodaphone model and the 9500 is the Verizon model.

I didn't see anyone upgrading a 9500 in the states or did I miss that thread????

The accelerometer is much more responsive, the overall stability of the phone has been improved. Great upgrade given the phone was released last Monday. I am sure RIM's developers have been working overtime on this one.

Maybe I did something wrong, but I downloaded the link and ran update on my device. after it was completed, It still showed that I was running version with platform
Did I miss something?

I first of want to say thatnks for the OS update. my storm is running much smoother now. As for the idiots that keeps asking about .76, if you read BRG's site its stated that .76 is not out yet for the public. Then again if your asking those dumb questions then you obviously did not read other posts nor the site. Do you know whats going on in the news now days or was it too much to read?

tried to download the software and after i reconnect my bb to the desktop manager, it doesnt show that i can install .75...does anyone have a quick fix or know what i maybe doing wrong??? thanks

Finally!!! got the .75 to work, makes the phone run a little faster...still waiting on the offical release...Thanks Anyway

How do i send a bigger file size video to another persons phone. I want to be able to record a video and send it fully to the next persons phone or email. What do i do?

ok, stupid question..don't reem me out. I FINALLY received my Storm in the mail & I was just wondering if there is supposed to be a space between the screen & the actual phone. It's not even 4 paper widths thick, I just want to make sure my phone isn't defective because I would hate to send it back =( I guess it makes sense that there would need to be space for the screen to move, I'm just making sure! Just did the update after stressing I would mess it up & it is wonderful! Thank you sooo much :D

There should definately be an option to turn off surepress. I do not enjoy the feeling I get when I press the screen and it feels like the phone is broken. I sold all my shares in RIMM after experiencing a device that feels like it's been caught in a Storm to get to me and realizing hey... Storm is 2 weeks late and Bold about a month.

Flame me all you want, this is the internet. I don't get why people get so defensive.

I just got the "upgrade" notification from verizon on my Storm. I haven't installed it yet, it's a 14mb download, and my battery was only half charged and evidently that's not enough to download the whole thing, as I got an error message to finish recharging my battery and resume the download.


(I live in the Riverside County area of Southern California)