OS for the Storm 9530 Now Available from Bell Site

Download from Bell
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2009 09:34 am EDT

Last week Canadian carrier Bell released OS for the BlackBerry Storm to their customers, but it was only really available for download via Desktop Manager upgrade. It's now up on Bell's website, so anybody with a BlackBerry Storm 9530 can now easily download it and give it a go.

Keep in mind that while this is an official release, it's only official from Bell, so treat it with the same sort of respect as you do beta releases if you're on Verizon or Telus (if your carrier isn't supporting the release don't call them expecting support on it and keep in mind certain carrier-specific functions you're used to may not work).  That said, I know some many of you are going to give this a go regardless. Be sure to report your findings or jump into the Storm to see what others have said and are saying about

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OS for the Storm 9530 Now Available from Bell Site


F*ck you Verizon! I wouldn't be so mad if they were still developing a stable release, but .122 seems stable and has become official for a number of carriers. Why can't Verizon step up since this seems to be stable enough to be an official release?

My sentiments exactly. It is very disappointing. I would not have used the language you used but, man when i saw that F Bomb, I could not stop laughing!!!

Not everyone that tried 122 had success. My battery was dropping 14% per hour in idle mode and about 5% in 113. 122 has some device dependent issues much like 99 did. 113 makes more sense as a stable release even if it does have memory leakage that 122 doesn't. I just couldn't deal with the battery drain and the radio bouncing back and forth between 1X and 1XEV.

Good news... If you are a recent blackberry storm buyer, verizon made it easy to load I recently sent my Old P.O.S. BB Storm in and recieved a new one, I was looking to install and it was already on it. There is no vendor file that needs to be deleted simply run the Loader.exe file under AppLoader and the BB will take care of the rest. This is no joke, so if you recently got one take a look you may be in for a little treat. makes having a storm a little more enjoyable

I agree, verizon needs to man up and release something already. .122 would woo everyone still on .75!

oh well, I'm satisfied with me .113/5.0 hybrid right now, so even if they do make it official I'm sticking with .113

Dude calm down. If you have .122 on your storm already why do you care if Verizon releases it...especially considering it will be the same version. Don't get me wrong, I want it released officially too, but seriously, the F bomb? It's not that serious.

Verizon released the device a bit too early anyway. Don't you think they want to make sure the next official OS is in tip top shape so they don't get scrutinized again?

Again, Verizon is way to slow on the uptake and I feel doing more harm to their customers by not releasing an update or even releasing information related to their progress with the update. I for one am turning over a new leaf and returning my STORM. This is poor business on their part.

Seriously ...

So far: Bell 2 — Verizon 0

Is a Bell 9530 SO FREAKIN different from a Verizon 9530 that the OS will vary that much? Why does it seem Verizon is constantly dragging their feet?

I really hope there is some reasonable explanation.


It's got nothing to do with the device and probably a lot to do with Verizon's tons of OS customizations (restrictions, etc).

If everybody on here complained to verizon instead of complaining on every post about someone else getting an update then maybe they would do something faster. But instead this site is full of people complaining ABOUT verizon instead of TO verizon. I would rather wait for them to have everything sorted out and relaese great software instead of having it now and listening to people complain about it not being great and why did verizon release crappy software again. anybody else agree?

Its official somewhere, so my as well load it up. People are going to bitch and moan either way. If Verizon released an official every week, people would bitch about them not being stable enough. If Verizon waited for a very stable OS (like they do), people bitch.

Lose, lose situation for VZW.

It's about darn (wanted to use a stronger word, but this IS the front of the site ;) ) time they released the exe, but I've been on 122 for a while now, thanks to the clever folks here at CB. ;)

I feel like Telus won't let themselves get too far behind Bell. I have no sources or anything, just a hunch that it won't be too much longer. Unlike Verizon, they have to compete for Storms in Canada. I'm pretty happy with .113 so I think I'm going to wait for Telus to go official instead of playing around.

Wow! I have Verizon and could care less if they release it or not.. it's much more exciting this way.

I'm on Verizon and have been running OS .113 for almost 2 weeks and it is literally night and day from the OS .75 that was on the Storm when I purchased it. .113 is a really good OS and yes, it has full QWERTY in Portrait mode.

This online shopping cannot be trust and the service is the most horrible. If you do not feel bad like me, do deal with this www.

1) Completely off topic. We're discussing an OS upgrade.
2) Wrong. I've shopped Crackberry and have had no problems with them at all.
3) If you feel that bad about these things, don't post at all and waste space and time. You're not even showing as a registered user.

For some reason this wont load on my phone! The Vendor File has been deleted and everytime I install the update exe and then open the desktop manager it doesnt begin to load the new OS. Ive never had this problem before! Does anyone know what is going on?

It's been my experience when downloading and attempting to install a new OS from another vendor that I've had to make sure I was NOT connected to the internet. You might want to disable your internet connection and try it again.

Hope it works! Let me know.

hey to all verizon users, keep e mailing them and they will cave in and gives you a new version like bell have already ! best way is tell them you have a problem with your storm with this. but for telus users , they are working on it and will release newer version soon !!

Damn i really am a loser. i gotta find something better to do with my time. Its getting old checking the site everyday to see if VZW woke up

I love how you guys are bitching about Verizon and Bell.... What about us Telus guys who haven't had an official release yet either. I'm running .109 and am happy with that so.....? TELUS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's put our foot in Verizon's ass! flood them with calls, emails, and letters. Richardmartin19 is right, while they may see some comments on here, flooding their corporate emails with pissed off emails by the masses has got to do something! They are so behind with everything. Coinsidence that they released the Curve MONTHS after every other carrier had it? Hmmm.

I have VZW Storm. I just tried running it and opened Desktop Manager and it didnt run new OS. Don't think it works. If someone has done it let me know why it's not working for me.

See my reply to someone else above about disabling your internet before starting up your DM. It's worked for me in the past.

Hope it helps!!!

i have verizon and have had no problems with getting the new os to work. just follow the steps to the t and it should not be a problem.

i have verizon and have had no problems with getting the new os to work. just follow the steps to the t and it should not be a problem.

I have .113 on two Storms on Verizon and it has worked flawlessly...tremendous improvement over the .75 that came on the devices.

Help, I have downloaded and installed the OS onto my computer but when I try to use my DM to install it onto my phone, it doesn't recognize that it is there. Help!!!

Has anyone tried putting .113 on a phone that is on a BES? Do I have to work through my IT guys to make it work? Or can I just do it myself without screwing things up.

Yes, I have upgraded to .113 on my VZN 9530 and am connected to my company's BES. The only thing needed from BES, is the activation password, so you can Enterprise Activate after upgrading.

Helps that I'm my company's BES admin, so you might want to offer some sort of bribe to yours (presuming he/she isn't you).

I tend to like coffee flavored products though pizza is a universal bribe.

They limit some of the things that we can do on our phones. You don't find this might be a problem do you? You are the experienced one. They are all jealous of our phones, so I'm not sure how helpful they may be.

I am the BES Admin in my District as well. Gimme Diet Mt. Dew and I''l let you slap my ass and you can call me Shirley.

Instead of writing all this on here, go to verizon's website and email them. I just did, if we all do this. We will see real results and at least some of us will get real responses from the source. Do this and let them know we are here and want an explanation.

I have been on here a while and nothing shows more intelegents than some studmuffin who uses the F bomb! Grow up! If you dont like the Storm trade it in for a phone you like, one your non business butt is use to! STOP being a dang disillusioned crybaby

somebody on this forum with "intelegents" please add a spell check so (some of) our "business-users" can look "intelegents".

2nd- WE DO LOVE our Storms, why the hell do you think we would like to have an equally slick OS to match our great looking/sometimes working phone.

Verizon very well deserves more than an "F" bomb, because for being in the communications industry, they sure don't know how to communicate!

Is there anywhere I see what bugs this OS fixes? I found a huge list for .113 and I would like to see what .122 fixes. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Wow, How long is this supposed to take again? Mine has been on the "Loading Applications" section for what seems like an hour.

If it does not finish up by 5pm what can I do since I have to take my phone with me.


how many applications you had installed in the first place. I didn't use this .exe file. I used one for .122 that was put together and available on CB before Bell posted their link. I have about 10 or so apps installed on top of the ones that came stock on the phone, and it took me about 25 - 30 minutes for the whole upgrade process to complete, from kicking off the install .exe file to disconnecting the phone from the computer. Don't take off your phone mid-upgrade if you can avoid it. Could brick it, and then you'll have to go through the forums to find out how to fix that. :)

It finally finished. It looks to have not taken though so I am downgrading and starting over. I may have about 3 apps on the phone.


upgrading the os isn't going to clash with verizon. we've all been upgrading software from this site since we had curves. your advice is uninformed.

I'm running the 114 hybrid version 1 with lots of luck. I recently downloaded and installed the 122 for Bell. I deleted the vendor file, but my computer doesn't recognize the update through the app loader or the desktop manager. Any ideas? I have automatic updates turned off as well and have desktop software 4.7 installed.

Guys, i believe that instead of people being venting and complaining here as it was suggested by someone else in this forum............write to verizon, email verizon......it is our rigth as customers........we PAY x a sevice and we deserve to be treated equally as other carriers do for their customers..........so.......guys.....write to verizon.......flood'em with emails, calls, letters, telegraph, drums, smoke signals............but let them know what you think, because if we dont complain to THEM this "crack-venting" is no better than an imaginary retalliation. I did my part, i wrote to them.......please do your part and do the same.

You do know that you are talking way too logically for the f-bombers to possibly understand. The cry babies would rather throw a hissy fit as if their lives depended on Verizon releasing the new OS.

Has anyone seen a mirror site for downloading this other than from BlackBerry? Their download is REALLY slow right now! Only downloading at about 30-40 KB/s. Ridiculous.

from .109 and i must say the speed is back up around where .90 was at. other than that the accelarometor still lags. and from some reason my keyboard stopped coming up. doint a quickpull to see if that fixes it. and also time and time again my boot time has never improved always around 5 minutes but im sure i have more apps than anyone else on here. and i start at 33.5 Mb after boot.

from .109 and i must say the speed is back up around where .90 was at. other than that the accelarometor still lags. and from some reason my keyboard stopped coming up. doint a quickpull to see if that fixes it. and also time and time again my boot time has never improved always around 5 minutes but im sure i have more apps than anyone else on here. and i start at 33.5 Mb after boot.

UPDATE: after quickpull keyboard works just fine.

So as others have said i agree we should contact Verizon. I honestly would be happy if i just had an inkling of what was going on. How about an official update on the status? Would that be too hard to ask for? SO my question is...what are the e mail contacts for verizon? Where do i go to find those?

Go to VZW website scroll on the "support" tab and click "contact us". At the top there should be a send us an e-mail section and just fill out the e-mail. Tell them you are pissed at them for the lack of support just like all the other Storm users.

the problem people are having is that verizon has yet to admit that there is a problem with the storm.
If you even listen to the earnings calls analyst from UBS and goldman sachs will ask the CEO what have you done to fix the issues with the storm and he will say it is one of our best selling devices and had a succesful launch. At least Apple admitted they had issues with the iphone and gave customers a timeline for the upgrade. They need to have a better PR department that will come clean about the issues they haven't even responded to complaints on the forums on the verizon website.



verizon has a serious problem with the storm and wont admit it. im mad cuz we all pretty much jus got played and they got rich. and jus like the iphone, there gonna come out with the storm 2 which will work and were either gonna hafta stay with the broke ass storm or pay 200 more for a storm 2 with a new contract. i luv the storm ina way, but hate it in another cuz it has way way 2 many problems that they wont fix. there not thinkin bout customer satisfaction. were jus there little test rats 4 the storm 2. pretty shity. and ya ima copy and paste this and email it 2 verizon also.

ne wayz, 2 get bak on the subject @ hand, hows .122. ne body had time 2 use it. is it recommended or not?

I downloaded new os yesterday.. loaded it this morning. Works great for Verizon.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. running so much smoother now and quicker. Full qwerty on portrait, and so far hasn't frozen on me. I had a problem Installing at first , but rebooted, reinstalled new version , with removal of vendor file. Had the desktop manager look up new versions then my new version appeared. Good Luck.

I have been updating my Verizon Storm since .109 and for awhile .113 was the best. I changed last night to the Bell software and some improvements from the .113 were. 1. Wasnt a delay when I answered a phone call to hear/speak to someone. On .113 when I would type it would randomly change letters to Uppercase and put periods in (this is not the case in the Bell software). Overall responce time is a little better. This Bell software is what I plan to use until Verizon releases theirs.

I installed on Verizon with No problems. You just have to delete the vendor file. Camera so much faster! Typing seems more smooth! The full keyboard in portrait is nice, however, my fat fingers don't agree with it.

I talked to my friend that works for verizon and she told me that they had a confrence yesterday and they said that they are going to release 2 officials in may im not sure what the difference will be.

I have verizon at currently version .114....

I deleted vendor file, and the new OS is recognized by device manager but when I hit next I contiunually get the message "and OS upgrade is not necessary at this time....

anyone know why that happens or what to do?

thnks to all.

Ted. I had the same problem. At that point you have to disconnect from the internet, then click next. It works.

I am a Verizon customer upgrading from .075....

Well I just upgraded and on app that seems to not work is Where. I may just try to reinstall it, but it seems to lockup every time.

Other than that I cannot complain. I seems to be running fine. Better and faster than before......

Went from .75 to .90 to .103 and just did .122 on Verizon. All I had to do is delete vendor.xml - installed in 20 minutes - everything works just fine except Where. Added 10mb more to memory than before. overall phone simply works better. Much cleaner and snappier. Very happy with this. I am good to go from this point on unless something dramatic is enhanced or improved in future versions.

I was very skeptical at first in upgrading to an unofficial release, but i am glad i did this morning. OS .122 is working great on my VZW 9530. Just follow CX's instructions, don't touch your phone until it is done and everything should work out just fine. No problems what so ever, so far.
Enjoy crack heads!!!

I am a Verizon user and was hell bent on waiting for Verizon to release their version of the OS, but I gave up and gave this version a try. It was easy and the differences, compared to .75, are obvious. Don't hesitate on upgrading. It was easy and took 10 minutes.

i left verizon over 10 yrs over some bs charges and never look back. ive cancel my house hold phone line with them and convince all my family and friends not to sign with their service. they over charge and act if theyre the only cell company that cares about customers. i love the fact that i have blackberry verizon storm with tmobile blackberry service for only 19.99 per month so stick that up your ass verizon