OS Gets Official on the Etisalat Storm 9500

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2009 12:05 pm EDT

Storm 9500 OS Gets Official Via Etisalat

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion and carrier Etisalat announced yesterday the introduction of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 to the to United Arab Emirates.

Today, if you make your way to blackberry.com/support and click into Etisalat's carrier device software downloads section, you'll find that OS version is available for download. So if you're looking for something a little newer/different to try on your 9500 Storm that's an official release, you may want to check this out.

[ Image: IntoMobile, Source: BlackBerryBase.de ]

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OS Gets Official on the Etisalat Storm 9500


And where is Verizon with the software update for 9530, 80 million customers and yet the little guys are further ahead?

honestly... I think it may be a few more weeks. I think VZW is going to be pretty picky on what they officially approve next. I wouldn't doubt if Telus/Bell release something sooner that's newer (they're less picky) but could be a month or more before Big Red is happy and makes something new official.

I guess we'll see....fingers are crossed for sooner than later though.

OK, since the 9530 went to .75, the 9500 has had AT LEAST 2 official OS updates. WTF is the hold-up with the 9530. it's just ridiculous.

we got three official OS after (9500 are sold with .75)

.78 (from VODAFONE Germany)
.113 (from SIMOBILE slovenia and another one from A1 Austria)

and this Dubai' version
.108 (Etisalat, Dubai - as we're running since march .113 so we are not interested in) :-)

our next 9500 Os come in May

that's why we have more competion and more operetors (12) in europe and middle east, in USA you only have Verizon and Telus

for one telus is not in the united states.
And for 2 the US may only have 4 carriers but, we have the most competitive wireless market in the world.

I find this more funny...the press release says the Storm can be bought for as low as 72 AED.

72.00 AED = 19.6010 USD.

Actually, it states as low as 72 AED per month - so more like $470 (US) if that's the price for a 2 year contract?

Dont know if they figured out that that number including voice & data or not, you can click-through to the provider's website & get both BES and BIS pricing...

Don't fault Verizon, ye 9530 faithful. Fault RIM. We've seen the betas. Yes, they improve some functionality. But what, 1/3 of users end up with some critically crippled functionality?

RIM apparently is unable to engineer software that adequately delivers on the promise of this device's hardware.

The allegations that the Storm is "undercooked" are spot on. Not because it is not a revolutionary device for RIM, but because RIM delivered it before it was mature enough that RIM could manage it. Their software-side support is MIA, and it now seems that they are unwilling to address the difficulties that Verizon is sticking on. Mark my words: there will be one official OS update for the Storm before Verizon scuttles it altogether and we see the "Storm 2" come down the pike.

sssssh... your 'dumb' is showing.

Seriously, if you had any clue at all what it takes to make a piece of software, you wouldn't have said any of that. Nevermind an operating system for a phone... and one that works on different networks around the world.

Software development isn't easy. You can't just snap your fingers and make everything work within a week. yes, it does take months to get minor kinks out sometimes. Why? Because the testing has to be done on such a broad scale that you don't find bugs for that long

I need a new OS so bad I'm getting sick of my phone thinking so much that it freezes everytime I get a phone call. I cant answer like 85% of my incoming calls because it goes straight to missed call or I get the first ring and it freezes. I like my storm but its far from perfect.

mine doesnt have any problems with incoming calls or freezing. Maybe you should reinstall the OS you have, or call verizon and get some technical support.
Don't settle for crappy service when nearly every other storm user out there is getting phone calls without a problem.

I am sitting here a crackberry addict, mac user, on the verizon Network.

Thats the short way of saying I am a BB Storm User still on .75 waiting for an official release... I'm getting really Pissed how long do i have to have a shitty phone for Verizon? RIM? Kevin? Can anyone give me an answer??????

The Storm would not be so bad here in the US if Verizon would just release a damn update! With all this waiting it better not be .113 either and it better "walk hard" - Duey cox

I waited until this month to get the storm hoping the new OS would be released.. Sad to say I am still waiting and I now have the storm. So far, I really like the phone and its capabilities. But I can imagine those who have had it for a while now are very upset because other companies keep producing updates.. Well we will see what happens in the next few weeks if Verizon releases something..

The UAE gets an official update and we have to suffer with a flawed 9530? I am ready to pay the penalty and switch phones or carriers or both. I am tired of seeing a clock dial when I try to do something simple and then have to do yet another battery pull. I should not have this many problems with a phone that costs this much money.

The UAE gets an official update and we have to suffer with a flawed 9530? I am ready to pay the penalty and switch phones or carriers or both. I am tired of seeing a clock dial when I try to do something simple and then have to do yet another battery pull. I should not have this many problems with a phone that costs this much money.

ok, so verizon doesnt really care about what their customer think anyway... if they did, they were the first one with new OS. Then what the *** r they waiting for???

How does that make sense? If VZW rushed an OS release that was buggy and had major issues (as every leak has) than all of you would go ballistic on how much you hate vzw for releasing it that way... If you doubt me on this, take a look at the beta os forums where people are going off about problems a BETA LEAK os has and yelling at how much RIM sucks for releasing it..even though it wasn't released.

Verizon Wireless cares about its customers by waiting until they make sure it's at least mostly right before releasing it. Don't get me wrong, I'm impatiently waiting for it too and checking everyday hoping it's finally released. But I don't understand the logic in saying that a company doesn't care about its customers because it has a decent Quality Assurance department making sure things are right before they go public.

I live in Dubai, but I require to know
1. Does this include Arabic language ?
2. Does this OS include BB maps for the region

Can someone confirm this.