OS Leaked for GSM BlackBerry 8xxx Smartphones!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Dec 2008 01:08 am EST

When it rains it pours! We pointed you to the latest OS for the 9530 Storm and BlackBerry Bold this weekend, so not wanting too many people to feel left out (sorry 9500 Storm and CDMA Berry owners) we've got the latest OS 4.5 device software for ya. You can follow the links below to download OS for GSM BlackBerry smartphones:

Wow. That is a LOT of OS 4.5 goodness right there. Keep in mind these are not official releases, so install at your own risk and only if you are comfortable in doing so. You can find instructions on upgrading your OS here (and if you frak things up how to fix it here) and can learn more about these builds on our official OS findings thread in the OS Beta Forums. Enjoy!!

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OS Leaked for GSM BlackBerry 8xxx Smartphones!


You don't. That's a CDMA device. This post is for GSM BlackBerrys. Don't try installing any of these. There isn't one on the list for the Curve 8330.

haha. Just be happy you even have a Curve 8900 at this point! Still hasn't made the USA. Give it some time...I'm sure an OS for the 8900 will pop up in the wild soon enough. Though I have been pretty happy with the OS on my 8900 so far as is.

sgorman this is for gsm phones ONLY this will only work on the models that you see above. check the 83xx forum for the 4.5 for the 8330

Not only does this not work, I click on the link, it takes me to RapidShare web site and tries to sell me the download. Thanks Crackberry but i will wait for the free version! Sad

what are you talking about... Someone needs to get some sleep and try the link again in the morning

I first learned of these releases via a BlackBerry Connections newsletter (http://skypejournal.com/2008/12/rim-demonstrates-ongoing-support-for.html). In following their links you end up at a page that asks for your PIN. From their it takes you to downloads specific to your carrier.

Since it's on the BlackBerry website and provides carrier specific upgrades I would call these "official" releases.

As mentioned in my post I have successfully upgraded a Pearl 8100, 8100 and an 8820 via this route. Version numbers vary by model.

I have an 8320 and am currently running on it... i have video recording, im running a 16GB microSD with no issues, and i have docs to go... im just wondering what differences this version has and if its even worth updating... thanks!

Downloading it now. Hope it's multilanguage!
Rapidshare would like to sell you stuff but you can click on the download and download for free after a few seconds.

I have upgraded my 8120 before with no issues. However, this time it nuked my berry and I'm in the process of restoring it. I've been trying many different ways to restore over the past hour and I am finding it hard to bring the ol' girl back to life...

Nothing changed so far, I even checked the status, about option and guess what the OS id still the same v4.5.0.37(platform I reinstalled and got the typical repair/delete option box. I was very interested in a new OS release because I have two major flaws:
The free memory of my device drains from 12M free (after removing the battery) to none in about 3 days, so I´m forced to take out the battery 3 times a week. The other is flaw happens rarely, the device turns off by itself and the only way to awake it is removing/reinstalling the battery. Of course I have to do this after someones calls me to my extension, blaming me for having my phone offline. what the... I'm not caring to take the phone to tech support cause here in Chile they know nothing about the device, they just sell it.

It took about 20 minutes with mine. It seems a little bit slower than it was originally, but I really like the ability to make movies and take voice notes. The voice notes were what I was really looking for. The features works great.

I downloaded the upgrade on my BB8800 and noticed among many changes that my voice recorder is not limited and recordings can be saved. It records in 10 minutes intervals continuosly so that you don't have to press record again.
I'll keep you updated on other detailed changes.

Upgraded an end users 8800 from OS 4.2.108 to this new version and it is working great. It fixed a lot of issues I had with enterprise activation over the air. It wasn't working before and it would just stay stuck for at 71% for days on end. Since I personally don't have a blackberry I won't be able to update any one as to the stability and functionality of it. It took about 45 minutes to do the upgrade.

I have been running 124 for a few days but memory drops from 12mb to 6mb free within a couple of hours so reverting back to 110.

I was having an substansial memory leak with .110 for whatever reason. I deleted alot of stuff, and within 2 hrs from a battery pull I was down below 5mb of file free.

I still don't have a huge amount of file free, but I applied the 124 last night and did a battery pull around 9pm and I still have 12 MB of file free, which it was never near that with 124.

So I give this OS two thumbs up!


I'm trying to click the link for the Curve 8320, but it takes me to a dead page, has the link been updated?