BlackBerry OS leaks out for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2014 01:00 am EDT

Still wondering if those OS images were legit? Well, wonder no more. The OS itself has now leaked in autoloader form for the BlackBerry Z10 (no STL100-1's) though, give it some time and other autoloaders will likely be made as well. As we noted about the images, the OS itself is in early days and may not be suitable to run on a 'daily driver' device but if you're not overly concerned about that then you can go grab your USB cable and device to get things started.

Like every leak, the typical disclaimer does indeed apply here. Be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. This one comes as a batch file but it's essentially the same as an autoloader anyway. If you're all fine and dandy with that then by all means, go ahead and grab the download from the link below.

Need to know more or just looking to discuss the OS? Hit the CrackBerry Forums.

Download the leaked OS

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BlackBerry OS leaks out for the BlackBerry Z10



When is the official version coming out. My guess is 2nd quarter since every 3, 4 months there is new update in Canada. USA maybe Christmas since they just got it lol.

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Holy Fuck I can't wait....these OS leaks and legit updates for that matter have been coming fast.

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Is there a chance that the new update will also be available for the stl100-1 models? And if its possible, then when will it be released?

Well i just downloaded the leaked OS looks really good. But i found a few problems with the sideloaded Android apps. Getting a "Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped" i get this error on all android apps downloaded. Has anyone else came across this issue if so please share. is there any way around this issue. has anyone fixed this issue?

For those posting about AT&T and the 10.2.1 release. I understand your trepidation about loading a different carrier's load, but I can tell you that you shouldn't be intimidated. The instructions and updating are quite easy. I was able to do it, at work, and had my Z10 running without an issue. Granted, you will have to put in your passwords for your email accounts, but that's it. So do a full back up, download the instructions, and upgrade, there is no reason to wait for AT&T any longer. The upgrade is well worth the time and you will learn so much about your Blackberry in the process, plus get all the benefits of the most recent OS (well except for 10.3 of course).

I agree. I just got my Z10 last Friday and I used the autoloader to install 10.2.1 from my PC and it worked just fine. I used the link software to do a backup FIRST, and then used it to do a restore of my apps, etc. after the update. All is well. Don't wait on AT&T.

For those that have it up and running please post screen shots! I wanna see the icons, general UI etc...


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When can we expect the first carrier release of this? Next month or in the summer?
Is it getting near release or just in initial development stages?

Nice, I will have to make time for this one. I'm on now, have not had time for the later leaks. I love how my Z10 is working on this os, and I will never wait for ATT again. For all you on ATT, just get a good leak, you will be glad you did!

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Interesting that leaked pics don't show watermark like the real installation does. Anyway - just finished installing on Z30-3 (AT&T). Amazing how fast it is. VERY fast. Even the Android apps I reinstalled are much faster. The one big thing for me is car connectivity (both music and reading messages on my display screen in the vehicle). Both still work beautifully. I don't know if I'm all that big a fan of the new Red/White/Black "theme" inside the OS but I doubt I'll notice after a short time. All dark background apps work except Text Messages (for me) - and I just got that working with that that 10.2 leak (oh well).

I would like a native twitter and Internet that doesn't keep closing as soon as I open it! Ggrrr

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Really wish the red in this version gets changed. To heavy to look at. Who the h.e.l.l thought that was a nice colour?

Z10 In action here!

To be completely honest, it's grown on me already, but personally, I'm a fan of Black+Red+White style so.. biased I suppose

Just uploaded the leak this aft. My apk apps won't work? Keep on getting, unfortunately the process android.process.acore Keeps popping up. Help?

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Any known fixes yet? Ditto issue. Tried resideloading the android runtime .bar's I extracted from the .signed files using Sachesi. Still no fix. Best idea to do this process from one of the old leaks and use that runtime?

Since I had 8 GB of apps i decided to just sideload the android environment .bar's since there were no notable changes in the .0140 runtime

I'm not liking the red buttons. Maybe there should be an option to change it to different colors? Also keep the AM and PM in the time uppercase. Lowercase looks weird.

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going nuts......!

1. watermarks..
2. camera not responding , because its showing that its using lot of ram "free up some memory by closing the apps"
only 500 Mb remains when nothing is going on .
3. bugs in the pictures app, (it lags when u scroll down )
4. one thing that is hovering on my every thing on z10 is that the process,(device monitor) even on the lock screen.

Overall its really an freshed look , but looks like a copy of iOS7
the Red color looks really awesome
the warm and cooll tone for the screen display is also very great thing,
the panorama shot works just perfect.
the 720p on 60 fps is also great ...
and not to forget the 1080 p too in video ...
music player is just sexy
no borders on the icons is awesome too..

the red and black combination is awesome but there should be option to make the combination of any colors , that will just completely transform the os..

one thing i cant figured out that
Does it have the feature of Wireless Charging?

my cell just keeps on charging when its not even connected to the charger.

I think the charging icon inside the battery is a glitch. I noticed also that when I charged it, then unplugged the charger, the icon still said it was charging (until a reboot).

After 16 hours or so, I reverted back to 10.3 was nice enough and fast (as I posted earlier). But it was a bit unstable at times, causing me to close apps and restart them, or simply restart the phone or pull the battery. The things that worked fine, worked fast. It's interesting to me that certain setting, like dark background on SMS/Text, did not hold. This was a problem in earlier 10.2 and 10.1 leaks but was corrected finally around (for me on my AT&T Z10 anyway). There really wasn't any added functionality that made it worth dealing with the minor glitches at this point. I'll wait until a leaked later version rather than the beta. This was my first experience with a Beta as opposed to a leaked update. Overall it wasn't bad and like most have said - if I had an extra device, I would probably keep 10.3 on it.

You can now rearrange the System Settings, just swipe down from the top and you'll see the option.

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1st attempt after installed 140 & restore backup, android apps failed... I installed again this 140 and I didn't restore my backup, all android apps working normal ... I don't know why like this

Can I download this update for Q5 blackberry.?
Or is there any new update for Q5 blackberry, India

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This build seems fine. All you guys are super picky. I find this build is perfectly fine for a daily driver. I found a couple bugs, but I fixed them myself (QNX programmer).
As for the red, I love it. To be honest, black + Red, looks a whole lot better than black + blue.
For everyone with a bug of camera bugs and random things that makes you nuts...reload the software, and do NOT do a restore. All will be fine. My first attempt at restore failed at 99% and the whole OS was buggy as can be.
I just reloaded, and added all my accounts, and customized in less than an hour.

I can't say anything about the battery life, because I think my STL100-3 is weird. I've bought 2 OEM batteries, and I have to plug my phone in at least 3 times a day, irregardless of the OS loaded, with full battery saving functions taking place.

All in all, I can't wait for the next build to come out!!!!

I have been running since it was leaked. Really like all the new features it is very quick, speeds up everything for my Z10. The only issue is the blue tooth, it does not engage when my PlayBook or with other devices . Hope the next leak us out soon.

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I like this 140... faster, battery a little bit better performance, smooth & nice, got panorama camera... what the most I like, now I can share pictures directly to instagram & path just like android ... before in 1925 & 20something couldn't do that ... but my experience don't restore your backup through blackberry link, the android aps won't work ...

Installed today and after install my backup wouldn't install it got to 97% then just restarted all my apps were there but the phone wouldn't work so whence I restarted the handset everything was deleted. Any ideas?

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Hey there,
Actually, I had the same issue. Bb Link said it failed to fully restore? But upon reboot, it looked as if everything was put back on right?
I never tried a restart after the initial reboot.
I fixed this issue, by reloading the leak, and just starting from scratch, {readding all email account/ whatnot} + downloading apps (just went through the list of stuff in My World and pressed download, had a huge list)}
The entire 'redoing' took about an hour... 50% less time than the restore took. Now everything is working perfectly!
Hope this helps!

Cheers, how about your contacts? Is there a way if just backing up your contacts and then re installing them only?

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Hi guys ! Can someone please tell me where the download link for the BlackBerry Z30 is ? Apparently some people have it installed on their zed30.... ;-). thanx

Sent from my BlackBerry® Z30 Titanium Device.

Guyssssss the link was deleted :'( is there any other link i can download it from... plz help :(

Posted via my Z10 performing with original OS 10.2.1

although it has lots of new perfect features but i'm not satisfied because it is so memory consuming
and also it has watermark on it

I want a slow mo video option. Was playing around with my ladies 5s making funny ass videos. It's a must have

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0mg !!when they going to release the good leaked for 10.3
I did download it and install it in my Z10 its awesome i love it but the thing that i hate on it is MY BBPIN IN THE 4 CORNERS OF MY PHONE ,No way to remove it, Go to any videos for 10.3 leaks for z10 and Focus on the Corners u will see what I'm talking about.

This is annoying. All os 10.2.1 needed was the dots at the bottom of the screen replaced with customizable icons and hub shortcuts. Bah!

Hi where other leak, or already stop no idea where BB will go. Like my other comment, do not miss your momentum, for selling new product, new OS version and keep us have hope that BB still growth.
This situation like BB going to die, no activity or sleep.
Others always give us new vision make us always want something from them. Or BB will back again to their root - corporate segment ?
Can you see BYOD will kill you. Corporate prefer to use BYOD for efficiency (financial) and use people to use their own device because their device always high end and can show who you are not what your corporate.

Just input (Dumb input but reality bro)

i need to know why i am not being notified when get a text message or a WhatsApp message ... :/