BlackBerry OS leaks out for the BlackBerry Z10

By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2014 01:00 am EDT

Still wondering if those OS images were legit? Well, wonder no more. The OS itself has now leaked in autoloader form for the BlackBerry Z10 (no STL100-1's) though, give it some time and other autoloaders will likely be made as well. As we noted about the images, the OS itself is in early days and may not be suitable to run on a 'daily driver' device but if you're not overly concerned about that then you can go grab your USB cable and device to get things started.

Like every leak, the typical disclaimer does indeed apply here. Be sure to use caution when installing leaked software on your device. Check out our full tutorial for installing leaks here and perform a full backup first and if anything goes bad don't blame us. This one comes as a batch file but it's essentially the same as an autoloader anyway. If you're all fine and dandy with that then by all means, go ahead and grab the download from the link below.

Need to know more or just looking to discuss the OS? Hit the CrackBerry Forums.

Download the leaked OS

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BlackBerry OS leaks out for the BlackBerry Z10



Really hope they polish up the home screen with new features, menus and of course the UI!

The current UI is pretty boring and needs some excitement to get it looking more appealing!!

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

HELP this is the error I get when using Winrar on Google Chrome or Explorer
'CFP' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file
Press any key to continue...

Posted via CB10

Still don't work. Also tried 7zip it extracts the file pulls the black box and zooms through the files and closes before it actually starts

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Awesome advice, thanks. Loading it now on a Z10 (Verizon) I picked up from eBay just for this purpose. Z30 is my daily driver, but I may swap the SIM if I like what I see with the newest 10.3 leak. I played with the first 10.3 leak yesterday and quite liked it :)

Pls d new os 10.3 no leak for z10 st-100 have downloaded d two leaks it's not working on my phone pls send me d link o can't wait to have it on my phone

Just went to bed and saw this.... heading to my Laptop to download and install...


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Z10 is for blackberry but put this model STL100-1 think of all the models. Always leave the last model

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I have had several problems when I have installed the Beta's (like loss of BBM and restore backups) . There are times that the process has been worthwhile when there is a specific function that I need. Otherwise, I prefer to wait for official OS's.

He's gonna unleash them, there's enough happy beta testers here on CB, that helps them iron out bugs even quicker!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Definitely good for the loyal users, and free beta testing for BlackBerry. I'm personally gonna wait for a four digit build though, 10.2.1 works well for me. And in the meantime stop making bold predictions about leaks, heh. The new text selection looks pretty sweet, not sure about the red though...

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Leaks are not gonna stop, but they will be better timed, LOL

The timing of this one is ridiculously well placed, just before the earnings call, and right after T-Mo and Verizon released 10.2.1

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Search. All over crackberry and the net. Too long to spell it all out.

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You're welcome.

To leak, or not to leak. Not on my Q, Link "synchronised " everything for me, meaning it took almost everything off the phone last night, gotta fix that up first.

I just demo'ed 10.2.1 for a lady with a new Z10 (10.0), and now this.... culture shock... she had no wifi....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just update to the official TMO 10.2.1 and now 10.3 start up. Damn it here we go. Again...

Posted via CB on my Z10 Orero for now.

Wow. I guess the Z3 will be the first to use the OS version. This is awesome. Let's hope it beats out iOS8. One feature I want them to add before Apple decides to is an augmented keyboard option. That would be cool to have.

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No chance of that, you can tell from such a low version number and even something as simple as an icon being broken that this is nowhere near coming out, it is far more likely that they are just about finished with the z3 on 10.2.1 and are pushing ahead with 10.3 for release on new hardware in more like 6 months time.

I have a Z10 and go through Verizon. About a week ago I got an update (I was already running the last 10.2.1.xxxxxxxx update: both leaked and official) from BlackBerry Link. A few days ago I got another OTA update. Now, there is a 10.3.X leak. Sweet. I'll do it tomorrow.

Does anybody installed it already? Please give us a feedback.

Posted via skinned Z10 STL100-2/ my DadaBerry

Wowwww... that was fast.. nice, keep us posted on the OS performance guys, thank you!!

Posted via CB10

god damnit my z10 is in the other room and my whole family is sleeping.. downloading now, installing tomorrow i guess :(

It does for BB keyboard, if you have selected German as the input language, but I guess you mean for Bluetooth external keyboards.....

That's OK. You guys load it and show me pics and tell me all about it. I'll wait for the 5th or 6th version to load. Or just the official release. Exciting tho, I didn't think it would be this fast.

Maybe it comes with dark theme for hub, phone app, and file manager for the z10? Maybe BlackBerry finally fixes the compass problem on the Verizon z10 stl-100-4?

Posted via CB10

Meh, I think I will just wait until the actual version comes out.

I am with Rogers so I know I will be among the first to get the actual 10.3 update.

Posted via CB10 using Blackberry Q10

Downloading now, will let let you guys know in a few hours. That's the sign that BlackBerry and team are working overtime. Keep it coming!

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

And that's what they want and NEED the world to know. They're not gonna die without a fight, and we can support them by leak testing.

« Blackberries NOT dead! »

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Same issue wont autoload. Pulls black screen to start and crashes. Tried to change the name from cfp.exe to CFP.exe and still nothing

There are watermarks on all edges of the screen. And it is a bit laggy, im going back to the old o.s. thank you though lol.


Next phone will be BlackberryZ3
I want Turkish F keybord.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Still waiting on 10.2 AT&T has not released or rolled it out in the USA. I'm convinced that they want BlackBerry to fail. At end of contract I'm bouncing with new carrier and new contract.

Posted via CB10

I find it interesting that this leaks out on earnings week. It is almost as if to indirectly say they are definitely not abandoning the handset business.

Posted via CB10

Hey, what if this coming update(10.3..) make Miracast & Wi-fi Direct available in BlackBerry z10.. if it is possible then we're glad to know that. :)

Posted via CB10

Wish this was on Mega or mediafire....bitcasa sucks...i can't use it on Jdownloader and my internet is unstable....

Installed, finished setting up my account's and apps. So far so good, like what's been done/ worked on so far.

Posted via CB10

Yup, same here. Im loving the subtle 'fade out' transition in between pages too. Makes the flow looks pleasing

Nice to know, I was afraid BlackBerry was going to mimic that jerky transitional motion which makes Android feel so cheap.

Posted via CB10

That's so very nice to hear... Now share, maybe a short vid or somekind of coverage plz wanna see >_< ? Tnx in advance :D

I just loaded this up on my Z10. So far, I love the new icons but the "flatness" of the interface and the keyboard I don't like. The keyboard is my least liked change. The camera shows much improvement in low light picture quality and panorama mode is easy to use. The red in the Hub is also something I don't really care for. I think I will use it for a couple days and see how it runs.

Why STL 100-1 always late, , we trusted z10 for the first time and we always get the latest update

Posted via CB10

There are simply far more variants using the qualcomm chipset so it is inevitable that those will leak far more often, in any case this is a very early release that nobody in their right mind should be using on their daily device so who cares if it isn't for all devices.

Removing box behind the icon is awesome.. no need to use black color wall paper.. timer is much productive to camera... life Is easier. and blackberry os development is outstanding... BlackBerry

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There better be much more in this update. Too many people getting excited by mediocre news. We need real progress with the top 25 improvements identified by Crackberry.

Also, there needs to be clarity on the next gen device development, in particular the new Octacore device. A stand out world beating phone is required (take the example of Nokia) .

I am waiting till October but then will probably jump ship to IPhone if there is no new device. That should be a shame as I am fond of some aspects of my Z10, in particular the hub. However, as a consumer I cannot overlook the deficiencies of the BlackBerry 10 offering, in particular the lack of apps.

Posted via CB10

Here's what I understand from your comment. The good - BlackBerry Hub, The bad - Lack of apps. I'm curious to know, roughly how many apps are you missing out on, and would either a google service enabled Android Runtime solve it, or are you already able to run them but would just like to have them built natively?

Posted via CB10

I'm going to say he doesn't know how to sideload. Haven't heard anyone complain about an appgap since 10.2.1 that has snap.

But do tell, what are these all important missing apps of which you speak?

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Lol!! Why wait till October to jump ship? If you are so unhappy with the progress made with this BB10 OS, maybe you should save yourself all the aggravation and move on.

If you don't like something, change it.
Become a developer and create things, but then again, you like iPhones... may be you should go there then. Some individual's mind can expand only so far, so iOS eco system would probably be best for those type of people.
Best of luck on your journey! :)

The rate at which these OS updates are popping out, leaked or not leaked, gets me wondering. #Scary however #TeamBlackberry

Posted via CB10

It's not funny. I'm with Sprint an with an awesome Q10 with and ugly OS 10.1. Sprint don't cares, BlackBerry don't cares. Maybe I will need to accept the reality of living in and imperfect world and buy and ugly iphone.

God Bless You.

Posted via CB10

I work for Sprint.. trust me! They don't give a flying f... about BlackBerry.. now all they talk about and do trainings and crap is about the upcoming galaxy S5... man! sprint gives so much promotion to the iPhone and the galaxy brand that is as if they owned the Damm thing!! When a couple years ago they were able to stay in business thanks to ALLLLLLL OF THEIR BlackBerry FAITHFUL CUSTOMERS... I hate spring for that.

Z10 my baby...

Wow that was fast, I'm glad I have a spare Z10. It's funny cause I was just reading a thread yesterday about there being no more leaks

Posted via CB10

NEW camera functions!! 60 fps recording at 720p! panorama...

now, just get the Lithuanian language support!!! :D

Woke up to good news. Have to wait till after work to install the leak. Please share how it works and anything new that wasn't in the CB article. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Have always had problems like that working as a machinist. Tons of metal particulate everywhere. Kills phones within a couple of months. Grinding metal is the worst. Doesn't matter what brand of phone.

Haha, its funny how people are still whining here...
"Please BlackBerry remove the red and add dark theme to hub" or "still no Google play" or "still no xxxx language support" or "I hate the flat UI" or "the clock sucks"
You people have to learn to at least be thankful for leaks, which other mobile company has so many leaks or software updates...this just tells us that BlackBerry is listening to us, slowly, but they are listening.
So if you can't appreciate, stop whining about it.

Posted via CB10

I don't think all of it is whining.. as you said BlackBerry has shown that they are listening... to what? to our comments, which is exactly what people are offering here. If nobody "whined" as you say BlackBerry could assume everybody was fine with the OS changes and not give it as much thought. Seems by reading these initial comments that people are loving the camera improvements and overall disliking the red theme changes... that's good feedback for BlackBerry

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Hmm I'll wait, although it gives me a good reason backup my phone
I'll wait to see what ppl are saying in the forums

Posted via CB10

Although i'm really happy with my Z10. But sometime it sucks big time to be using STL100-1, like, right now..!

I just hope that the official 10.3 will not cause lag or batt drain.
The 10.2.1 did increase the loading times for z10

Posted via CB10

I have installed many leaks....cant get the auto loader. exe get work on this one.....every leak previous went smoothly....anyone else have problems?

****HEADS UP***

Someone said that you take the exe file, and change the name to all caps. It was an easy-to-miss comment.

Example: change leak.exe to LEAK.exe

Sorry, I don't know the name of the actual file as I just started reading this thread from my BlackBerry.

I hope this helps


Tried won't allow on winrar or 7zip. Guess I'll wait for my Zed30 to get the update/leak also.

Posted via CB10

I dont understand how some people can waiting for official os from their operators. I always do it by myself.

Posted via CB10

Realistically, Blackberry need to further improve the android player and get Google Play services and then launch a massive ad campaign. That's the only way I see this getting better quickly.

Because we like bb10

And why settle for 1 OS when you can have 2, while minimizing the worst of one

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Very well said. I don't get people that don't understand this. Besides bb10 is so much better.

Posted via CB10

Just like going to McDonalds and ask the employee for whopper and tell him why settle for BigMac if I can get a whopper too.

BB10 is now having an identity crisis in terms of where are we going. Going to be android because a lot almost talking about the Android app or complaining because its a ported app.

It's almost one year now since I got my Z10. The OS's getting better and I'll just wait for it to mature.

Very well said sir, you deserve a medal!

BB developers should be repentant by now, people tend to forget that we talking about different OS not just different devices. Plus if they do that mistake of getting Google play on board we can say bye to native apps for BB10. People please stop the android apps madness and force the companies to bring their apps to BB10 as native.

Get the sachesi loader then find the most appropriate version for your phone. Lots of advice on which one to use if your phone isn't listed. I had an os for an sta-5 on my vzw sta-3 and it worked perfect. Mine was a z30.

Posted via CB10

I am waiting for BlackBerry to fix the phone mic problem caused by the . 2102 OS update. I have one of the first Z10s sold by Rogers in Canada and it was out of warranty by 2 months.

Posted via CB10

Honestly we blackberry addict and Arsenal fans have something in common.Clear blind loyality. Am getting frustrated by the lack of full functionality of some OS 10.2 application .

So I spent an hour trying to get Link to connect to my device so I could backup. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, resetting my device, etc. eventually gave up because Link is frustrating to say the least. Just ran the .bat file to install 10.3 and it connected to my device no issues, love how this leaked tool is better than the official desktop software.

Go to Storage and Access and switch USB Connection from auto to Conncet to Windows or MAC depending on what your on

The only way AT&T can redeem itself now is to be the first to release 10.3 and claim that they were beta testing it all the time.

Posted via CB10

^ha. Never!!

Any more screen shots? Is it worth putting it on your daily driver?

Stop, drop, and roll.

Dam....... BlackBerry is definitely moving... you go team blackberry! Don't play no games wit them keep it coming.

Posted via CB10

Might have missed it in the comments, but can anyone tell me about the quality of the wifi connection and that of the phone (talk and hearing) please?

Must.... wait!
But but
It looks do shiny ...

Install leak vs keep CoC progress. Tough one

Posted via CB10

Before you put a leak on I'd get sachesi loaded and put an official carrier release for 10.2.1 on. If you are with AT&T you will need to go with a different carrier. Don't quote me but I think folks have been using the t mobile version on AT&T.

Posted via CB10

You know what I'd do if I worked for at&t? Release 10.2 on April 1st.

Thou art posted from z10

I guess ATT is not upgrading to 10.2

Is it a big deal to switch my phone to Verizon? I want to get to 10.2, then 10.3

ATT seems to have abandoned me. I have been a customer for more than 15 years.

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze, can you or SOMEONE at help shed some light on WHEN or even IF AT&T will release 10.2.1 to their customers? We are STILL WAITING, and now a new "leak" is being announced??? I have tried REPEATEDLY to get information out of AT&T and all I get is the runaround. All we want to know is WHEN and IF. I have not used Sachesi because I don't feel comfortable using it. I want the official carrier-issued release. If they do not plan to release any updates, then at least I will know whether to end my 18+ years of cell business and lifetime of landline business with them. Thank you.

I would seriously consider I have it on a Z10 and Q10 on Verizon and it is very solid. I used bitcasa to do it and I am not nearly as technical as a lot of the guys on this site. Verizon is almost as bad as your carrier when it comes to OS updates. They make a lot of money on us and the phones and often don't support the BB brand very well. I say screw them.

Look into the leaks. I use my phone(s) for business and the MUST work for me. I swap the SIM card back and forth, so practically speaking, I only have one phone. The leaks are not that risky when you are not on the latest leak. I always wait to give the more technical among us a chance to use it for a while and typically I am a version or two behind.

You should give the leaks a try unless you are totally non-technical. You need to know how to 1) backup your phone, 2) follow instructions, 3) visit a website, 4) download a file, 5) unzip it, 6) connect your phone via USB, 7) open the file and let it run, and 8) restore your phone.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

I really like the new features, but its still too buggy for me (gonna downgrade)
Hopefully the official update will come soon :)

listen forget about your carrier specific OS. Just download what is out there for your phone 99% of the time a leak or any other carriers OS would be better then tmobile, verizon, at&t, sprint, Ect... so live a little have fun and relax man screw Carrier specific OS