OS 10.2 bringing lock screen previews and priority contacts to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 09:57 am EDT

One thing that I've always hated disliked on BlackBerry is that there are no native lock screen notifications. Meaning that when an email, SMS, BBM or any other notification comes in, you get an audible alert or vibrate but no popup message on the screen. There have been plenty of third-party apps that added the functionality but never anything in the actual OS. Plus if your device was locked with a password, even these apps didn't work.

Other platforms have had lock screen notifications forever, so not having them on BlackBerry is a downer to say the least. 

According to some new info from forums member Flip4Bytes, this may all change in OS 10.2.

From the looks of some screenshots there appears to be a Lock Screen Previews option available for text messages, emails and other apps within the OS. There is also a just priority option which means we will most likely see the ability to set contacts as priority and then specify alerts based on those settings. 

We don't know much more about the new features (though we're bound to find out soon) but they do sound very promising. Lock screen notifications have been on my want list for quite a while so I'm more than excited to see them finally come to BlackBerry 10.

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OS 10.2 bringing lock screen previews and priority contacts to BlackBerry 10


End of summer lol

I do wonder though, a huge thing with BBM is the whole D/R thing, so it won't mark it as Read if the message comes up on the lock screen which could be bad possibly.. im sure Gary wasn't overly happy with decision. After talking to him at BBL, he LIVES for the D/R, you take then away and BBM is nothing to him essentially.

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3 months to 10.2 then.

We were always able to read the last line without having bbm to mark it R - now it's just a few more lines probably it wont change much.

But according to Astrologist Jim Baisille, 60 days is equivalent to 9 months, that being said, we can all expect OS10.2 to arrive on the early days of year 2018

AT&T was waiting for the Q10 launch. Not sure what Verizon and T-Mobile's issue was. AT&T is like that with their updates at times, especially if the OS is coming with a new product, they will wait for that device to launch before releasing the update to others. Not always, but sometimes.

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I am guessing that the US carriers wanted to ensure that the 10.1 release completely fixed the random rebooting issue, so they probably had a lot more rigorous testing done this time around.

Well with AT&T releasing it yesterday and T-Mobile releasing it on June 10th, only Verizon is left. Hopefully they will get it out soon.

Finallyyyyyyy and we still need some other locking features tired of this long password stuff

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I'm not sure what you mean by "long password stuff" My screen lock password is only 4 characters long...which is the same for my ipad and my friends iphone. What long password are you referring?

Mean as in terms iPhone has the big number pad android has that code screen thing BlackBerry 10 needs something

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What is a simplified lock screen password? What is the difference between that and a short password? This one has me a bit confused and the other article posted today said it's coming im 10.1 MR but didn't explain what is the difference between a simple password and a simplified password.

Probably not... BlackBerry said that was a security issue for touch screens as somebody could figure out your password looking at the smudge marks on your screen

So stupid though.. giving us the option is what makes sense.. I have so many friends that use no password because the current setup totally sucks. So what's safer BlackBerry, no password, or that..? Honestly, it's these little things that they need to add to get the non business people to convert, many don't care about security, and I personally don't have anything to hide. So I'd rather use that than my password which is a pain to put in.

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Here is the argument that theoretic ends all of them. In Canada and a fee other countries such as Australia England the police have the right to look into your phone without the requirement of a warrant during any routine stop. However should your phone have an active lock and they cannot see what's in your phone they cannot ask you to unlock without a warrant. In order to get a warrant they must have a justifiable and valid proof that you have done or are in the process of doing something nefarious. Just remember that for future reference. It's not about being all law abiding and whatnot. It's the fact that you just have authorities the legal justification to snoop through your phone because you failed to have an active lock. I always have screen lock enabled with a 5 minutes setting to lock. I have nothing to hide but I refuse to be snooped without proper legal justification.

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I'm 99% certain that in Canada police can't randomly go through a civilian's mobile device without a warrant (just cause) . They can ask but you can refuse.

I am Canadian and there was a recent ruling. Police can go through an uocked phone. Do a Google search. Check the Toronto Star. :). The police have rights to search your phone if it is unlocked.

Posted via CB10

And perhaps I should have clarified my initial statement. Not randomly but assume you get stopped by RIDE or other reasons. But it does give police the power to search the phone sadly. Lock On

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You are incorrect. If a device is unlocked the police can look. If a device is locked they need a warrant as a device is considered 'another place'. In fact, if the police have a warrant for your home, office or car and discover your computer or device and it is password protected... they HAVE to get a warrant to look. Or whatever they find is not admissible in court.

I am 100% certain about this. Easily Google able.

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You know I'm such an idiot. Lol. I get frustrated when others don't read and quite clearly I am guilty of the same offense :( I am sorry

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So here's the deal on the cell phone thing. It's Ontario only.

In part by CBC:

"The Court of Appeal for Ontario says it's all right for police to have a cursory look through the phone upon arrest if it's not password protected, but if it is, investigators should get a search warrant."


Basically there has to be an Arrest. They can't just (for instance) pull you over for a simple traffic violation and go through your phone.

I'm still trying to find something else in the CCC that states otherwise.

Actually because it involves the criminal act. That places it in federal jurisdiction thus the court ruling in province affects all of Canada. Not just locally. In Canada all criminal matters are federal and highway traffic a matters are provincial. Doesn't matter which court set precedent. :)

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I'll respectfully disagree. This is why there are Provincial and Federal statutes. You can be sentenced to "two years, less a day" for a criminal act (Provincial) vs two years or more for a Federal offense.

This I know for a fact. I see these things every day. Just because everything falls under the CCC doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be a Federal charge. Ie robbery is a federal offense but is prosecuted under Provincial statutes.

I'll add that until a Supreme Court ruling is decided on, it's still Ontario only.

That's pretty scary, and totally in character. What do they think? Real criminals are not going to be displaying their plans......"so, when he comes out the door, you say 'hey man', making him look your way while I plug him in the back fo the head w my silenced .22. Oh yeah, I forgot, then we run." All displayed on a bbm screen.


Privacy nightmare coming...

And passwords are great for locking - idiot proof and secure.

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I should have taken a picture of the drop down when I posted it, you can turn it on, 'priority', and off.

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Depends on how it works.

1) Hopefully the screen doesn't(optional) light up when there is a preview and you still have to swipe the screen to reveal.

2) Hopefully they've changed their stance on "cinnamon toast"(I think) and the message will only be revealed when lifting and tilting the device towards you.

I agree. I came from iOS and I much prefer just the led notification and not having the screen light up for each notification (saves battery too). I also didn't like having the preview on my lock screen. As long as it's all optional I'm fine with it.

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Good to have the option but a feature I would never activate. I want to be able to look at the message when I want, not when someone is standing at my desk when a confidential message comes in and they can read it.

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Me too. The lock screen notifications is one of many reasons I dislike iOS and have never wanted an iPhone. I would hate to have it forced on us.

I'm with you guys on this one. I know some want previews on the lockscreen for whatever reason. I don't, because then anyone who picks up my phone can see what it is or who it's from. It's a LOCKSCREEN for a reason, so people can't read your ish!

Very true. I'm a teen and live with my parents. And my friends aren't the most....polite lol. I wouldn't like for them to be able to read my messages. Or even the beginning of them. Lol.

Posted via CB10 on my naked Z10 ;)


Options are a good thing! Lots of folks here want the preview, but many also don't want it. With it being optional, both get what they want.

I am not a fan of this screen notifications. I like the BlackBerry because it's private. And the password protection is also good.
You can take a password which you want. 4 digits or letters or or or.

I have the notification led and that is enough for me, also I have the icon on the lockscreen, so I know what is in, SMS, email, bbm or whatsapp.

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I agree. When I had the iphone4, and it was face up on any surface, anybody with me at the time could see a portion of the text/email. I never liked that. As long as BlackBerry follows through with having it as an on/off option I'm fine with it.

I would like some interesting lock screen options however.. perhaps different layouts

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Sounds cool. Personally I would never use it simply because I wouldn't want certain texts to be flashed on the lock screen lol

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Nice, but I'd rather see:
- Pattern unlock (like Android, but I don't know if Google has a patent for that...).
- Custom toggles: for example, the possibiliy to add a toggle for turning on/off NFC, flight mode, etc.

I like being discreet. It's my personal information. I wouldn't want just your normal Joe looking over my shoulder or picking up my phone to view messages that come in. Does anyone think that it's any different if it were your business phone versus your any day personal use phone? Or does it really matter?

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Not everyone even locks their phone, so it doesn't totally matter really. I mean I only lock it for development mode so I can dev on my app, but the password system is soooo annoying.

Think of it of how it's on iPhone right now, you get literally less than a sentence to show up on the lock screen, nothing overly devastating.

Those who don't want anyone to risk others seeing can just turn the feature off, so it doesn't even matter, but I personally don't care. I'd like to think that my friends/strangers have better things to so than snoop over at my lock screen.

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I love this. If you don't want to use it, you don't have to. Just because you might not like it doesn't mean that it's not a good option.

I can see some cases where it wouldn't be good, but for users like me who aren't worried about always being super secure and just love the BlackBerry platform for recreational play, I love features like this.

All I need now is a pin to unlock, and a "return" key in texts and bbms

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I personally like it the way it is now. Having that option for some people who like that stuff is good.

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No lockscreen indiscretions for me, please. But to be able to differentiate priority contacts is nice!

Posted via CB10 - Z10 STL100-2 Vodafone NL

I am glad to see new features coming in future 10.2. At the top of my priority/wish list is the return of "Delete On Device". I do not want my phone to control my email accounts by deleting my messages on the servers. It is a big limitation for me.

I'm not sure if the delete on device is something that will work. With the legacy devices it would because the emails would that were sent to say your Gmail or Hotmail would then also be pulled in thru BIS and then your phone would be viewing the emails thru BID. So it was able to delete on device (BIS). However what i noted here on the OS10 is that it's no longer thru BIS it's directly linked to your own email. I had a corporate email that was enabled on both my legacy and this unit. When I changed the amount, that account was deleted. All emails on my Z10 autistic ally git deleted that were related to that account however my 9900 still had complete access to them even though at the corporate level we deleted that account. It's the BIS that gave the ability to hang onto those emails on the legacy and lack of BIS connection on the OS10 that made sure I didn't have that on my Z10. Hopefully that made sense. And if anyone can offer up a better explanation than mine (3 hrs sleep). I'd love to know more myself :).

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Pattern Lock would be a great add-on. I understand BlackBerry thinks smudge marks are a vulnerability. Give the users the choice at least.

I'd like to be able to pull right on the notification icon on the lock screen and preview that message!

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This is pretty much what I was thinking. It would be nice to see a list of the senders' names as new messages come in and then be able to swipe across the name to read the message on the lock screen as a pop up. Also, you should be able to modify a contact entry to specify whether or not their messages show up on the lock screen. This would be a great Getting Shit Done feature for BlackBerry that would be unique AND useful plus fits with the gesture motif

good to hear that! and even BETTER to have this feature to be able to be switched OFF. hopefully it won't take too much battery power to display the preview unlike the iphone (every pop up will trigger the lock screen to wake up... )

I'm just glad they are giving the option. Not everyone wants there messages visible on their LOCKED device, haha

You guys will be on 10.4 by they time it is official released here in the US. Sure am glad devices are not locked down so we can't install leaks...

Message preview as an option is fine. Many would not use because of security issues. Security with BlackBerry is a significant selling feature with corporate users.

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Some folks don't want their messages read by others :) Corporate customers will likely disable this from the BES but I can see the average consumer liking this feature. I'd turn if off myself, but it is nice to have it for those who want it.

The ability to create distribution lists or groups so you can send text messages to groups of people in one go!!

This is on os7 why isn't this essential communications option available on a supposed better OS?

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iPhone lock screen preview is extremely granular. You can set it for individual email addresses, messages, phone calls, voice mails, etc. So for service guys who get paged via a specific email address, it's nice to be able to see what it is without unlocking. To take action with something, the phone has to be unlocked. It is up to the USER to decide what needs to be secure. If you don't want to use it you don't have to. It's something I would really like to see.

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Ive always actually loved my Blackberrys for the fact that the icon/LED are the only way to know that you have a new msg/email. I don't want te message to pop-up like iPhones and such, I love it the way it is so I most certainly won't use the feature but for those who have been craving for it, Im glad it's available to you.

I dont understand why anyone wouldnt like this! They give us the option unlike iPhone...there is an option to use it, and if you want security, then dont enable the feature...if you dont care about security or people coming from iphone or android would love this feature, then enable it...its great to have options and blackberry is trying to give us all the options!

Thor!!! Assemble the team! Kevin, Bla1ze, Adam...Anyone! spread the word to BlackBerry to get these lock screen features worked on immediately!

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Bring back cinnamon toast.Just casue it was in initial bbuild.I wont be using any of these non teh less im very bruce wayne about things.

Hopefully they use that feature as was talked about in the past, where the preview info is minimal and you angle the phone to reveal more or less of the message contents. That would be sweet!

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So who did blackberry copy this from? Apparently, whenever a platform add a feature that USERS REQUEST they are looked at as copiers instead of appeasing their customers, no?

Some users a the biggest hypocrites. They get ideas of what they want included on their device from seeing what other devices and platforms do. And when a company finally adds these things users mock it as "them finally catching up". I will never understand that train of thought when we are the users that want everything.

You mean like how Apple fanboys rip on a particular feature (ie NFC) that their device doesn't have......and once their device actually gets it, it is ___________ (magical, innovative, better, etc.). Just sayin'

Never even thought about this. For some weird reason, nothing bothers me about the Q10. Wait, that's not weird at all. Great phone.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden.

Previews are unsafe and stupid! I like just a ding. I know what that ding means. I dont want a shitty iPhone spamming my emails and txts across my damn lock screen when my phone is supposed to be secured and locked!

So sick and tired of this shitty BlackBerry10! Every morning I just want to snap my LE in half and hope that a damn Bold 9900 falls out. I have stuck by BlackBerry for YEARS because they were different, they were secure, and their phones were not made for stupid hipsters.

BlackBerry10 is a toy not a tool. Thor you really failed me on this one. Actually you failed on all fronts. Promised apps, lack of features, (contacts groups? fucking screen rotation?) lack of updates! Backwards updates, Why when I hook up my LE to BB Link it tries to downgrade from to Don't forget about Bridge too, or should I say lack of, BlackBerry you couldn't hint any harder that the Playbook is dead to you, could you?

Great job Thor on making a bigger and uglier iPhone.

If anyone has a brand new unlocked Bold 9900 I will trade my Red LE ZGarbage for it! Since I have switched from my Torch 9810 I have lost hundreds of dollars, I get 0 work done, phone is not intuitive, try to flick a word when typing and closes out the hub? Swiping is horrible! Give me a track pad and I will zoom past your little gimmicky flicking and swiping any day. And don't get me started on the cheap look and feel BlackBerry10 has, can we say the worst mix of Android and iPhone GUI?

BlackBerry has built an OS for the next 10 years, who they built it for has yet to be determined, sure the hell wasn't BlackBerry faithful. I hope your attempt at market share by alienating your loyal and faithful customers was worth it.

I love BlackBerry, I am a developer for BlackBerry, and BlackBerry10 brings me shame. Would it really have been so hard to keep all the features in OS7, the rock solid features that set BlackBerry apart from the rest of the garbage out there, and add said garbage on top of it?

Did you not notice it was an "option"? Nothing forced on you, still secure for those who want security. Now for the rest of your rant, that's a personal issue lol

They need to add the feature which Samsung has.. instead of typing a password which is locked and you can't see on the z10 if you set a lock password. Let you swipe or press a code of circles to unlock it.. this would be a huge improvement. Anyone who has seen this on a Samsung knows what I mean. It would be a step up from the current type a number letter code awkwardly on the z10 touchscreen to unlock... anyone agree?

It's an improvement none the less, and would make more people use the password lock feature. I don't use it now because it's too annoying.

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Able to toggle off? Don't want an iOS product have a BlackBerry for a reason. Just saying it is a cool feature. Just too much like iOS. =)

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I could care less for it. I don't need randoms looking at my screen and being to see who and what is being sent to me. This is one of the many things I love about BlackBerry!

It's a good thing it looks like it can be turned off.

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I received another update from Telus. That's 2 this week. First was 2mB, second was 64mB. Current ver. Is

Anyone else? I heard that some wait a long time on their carriers, but I seem to get them quite frequently. Since owning the Z10 from beginning on Feb. I think I have had 6 now; all varying sizes.

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I think this will be a nice touch to the 10.2 update whenever it does come out along with a possible optional dark theme for the z10 lol

Posted via CB10

Choose!! High security of high availability. I, for one, appreciate friends, family, or would be stangers of my lost mobile NOT getting a preview of my content. In fact, I appreciate not having that content immediately available, as it would distract me from actually working -- I can check the content when I have a spare moment. And if I didn't have a lock code, I can see what type of message it is, and a preview of it in Hub with a Peek. Stop using your BlackBerry like an iPhone :p

I use a 4 digit number password.

Not sure why others can't as all z10's can.

As for pop messages I turn it off on my iphone why cause I don't like it as ppl can grab your phone and read it before you do.

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Well hey, how can you assume "Priority Contacts" may be a thing? what if it's higher priority emails...in that case I wont need to upgrade lol..

Meh, I'm fine with the way it currently is, only thing I'd like to see addded to the lock screen is what song is currently playing from the music app.

A real improvement to the lock screen would be breaking out email notifications into individual accounts. On a Saturday I don't care if my work account has new mail, but no way to know which account the alert is for. I'd like a yahoo icon, a Gmail icon, and a Lotus Notes Traveler icon with separate splats

This would be happy news if it weren't so sad. As an AT&T subscriber, I still don't have an official 10.1 release, and here we are talking about 10.2. At this rate, AT&T customers won't see 10.2 until the end of the decade. Oh - breaking news: Q10 available on AT&T as of today...

I would love to have notifications of what came thru with out having to unlock my phone. As for the other phone type password options, my daughter has a galaxy and yes all u have to do is look for the smudge marks on the screen to know password, now she uses face recognition and on her ipad its too simple as well....so i am fine with the "long password thingy" as someone else put it.

Posted via CB10

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But no preview is what I like, I just want to know that I got a message and not let people see what kind of conversations I'm having

Posted via CB10

Blackberry, While you are at this, please also add option to Simple(Numeric) and Complicated(Alpha-Numeric, Present password lock) lock screen password, similar to iOS, android and probably every other smart phone on planet Earth.

Blackberry why do you leave such simple, features which people expect and take granted for, out of your Operating system? It's mind boggling.

It almost makes me want to keep my Bold 9930. It has all the stuff they left out of BB10 and I hope Advance OS & Led will come out with their app for BB10. All the cool notifies and colors are not an option in BB10.

Hmmmmmm. What were they thinking?

I'd love to see priority contacts in effect and lock screen as an option. I wouldn't use it that often but it'd be handy for those times I know I'll be around people who like to snoop around other people's phone.

Text message/email/app notifications should include iOS-style message previews on lock screen. Hoping for it!