OS 10.1 now available for the BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T [Updated]

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 07:32 am EDT

*UPDATE* - So the OS was pushed out to some users this morning in error, this is what BlackBerry had to say:

“Earlier today BlackBerry OS 10.1 for the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on AT&T was posted in error. We are working closely with AT&T to provide the official BlackBerry OS 10.1 update soon. If you are an AT&T customer with a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and you received a software update notification please disregard.” 

Timing things nicely with the launch of the BlackBerry Q10, AT&T is now rolling out the BlackBerry OS 10.1 upgrade to Z10 users. We saw OS 10.1 officially hit devices on other carriers across the globe recently, however US carriers were a bit late to the game. While many Z10 users are already running a leaked OS, those that waited it out can now grab the official version.

This one comes in the form of OS from AT&T.

OS 10.1 brings new features including HDR camera, battery life improvements, Skype, PIN messaging, updated apps and much more.

If you're using a Z10 on AT&T you can check for updates by heading to Settings > Software Updates. You should see the new OS available now (if not just check back later). 

Drop a comment and let us know how it works out for you, then hit up the forums for more discussion!

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OS 10.1 now available for the BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T [Updated]



Anyone know if I update, do I loose all my manually ported apps???? Will I have to reinstall them?

Posted via CB10

I downloaded the update but after all, NOTHING HAPPENED!! I'm still showing!! Rebooted and nothing!? WTH????

Posted via CB10

Damn, Sprint passes on the Z10 and it's probably going to be the last carrier to get the Q10. I was expecting them to have it weeks before an other carrier, what a damn a shame. Looks like they haven't met their iphone quotas yet.

The fact that Sprint said "late summer" for the Q10 in its press release during BlackBerry Live is why I have a Q10 on T-Mobile after 10+ years on Sprint.

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I switched from the Bold 9900 to the Z and love it, however VERY curious to test the Q out to see if I would fall back in love with that Qwerty... stopping by an AT&T store this weekend.

Why do people even go with Verizon ? Are they really That cheap to compensate the poor service they offer ?

Posted via CB10

Because the service and speed is far superior. Plus why wait for some random "official" update when you can just update on your own. I don't like their attitude sometimes when ordering. Plus I don't know but a hand full of people now that are not in Verizon so I barely use any minutes calling people.

Posted via CB10

When I priced it out I would be paying a lot more for less data on Verizon, so I stayed with AT&T. Here in upstate NY I have not had any signal problems but I have been with friends on Verizon many times when they had no signal. I'm glad I didn't switch.

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I finally received the update notification from at&t.

This time is for real and it's about #u*$in% time!!

After install I'll share some feedback here.

Best news of the week!!! #BB10Believe

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Wow! You guys must be happier then a pig in shit right about now! Lol.

Ok Canadian carriers you can roll out 10.2 now, we don't need to hold off because we feel bad for the Americans any more! ;)

I kid I kid!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

..my advice, slit in O2 micro simply from a friend cos I have been enjoying 10.1 since May 15th..

Posted via CB10

...shit,sorry typo.
I meant slot in an O2 micro SIM from a friend.
I think that should update your OS.

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking that waited till they released the Q10 to release the software. Just my guess.

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I just got my Z10 2 days ago. What an awesome surprise to wake up to today! I'm downloading it now. What other improvements are in this build?

Of course! At this rate when Sprint gets the Q10, VZW Z10 uses will still be on

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

This drives me nuts. If I want to download 500 MB over cell network I should be able to.

I don't have wifi at home or work... at home because there's no DSL or cable available (rural). My phone is my Internet.

Ridiculous that I have to go to Starbucks to update my phone!


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Congrats to all with AT&T, now let's see how long Verizon takes to release this update, SMH!

Loving my awesome Z10 baby!

Nice job on 2006, AT&T. I've been running 2342 for about three weeks now, so thanks for nothing.

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Almost lost my patience this morning and was about to install a leaked version but I checked in with CB and saw AT&T finally got their act together and released an official version (only...2009? I'll take it) . My condolences to my Verizon brothers...STAY STRONG!!

They wrong for that. Waiting til the other one comes out they prolly running the same version too

Posted via CB10

And Verizon won!!!! They are the last again!!!

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Holy @#$%^ Batman, can't believe the big A released the update. Guess they were just waiting on the Q 10 release. Now if only my office wifi wasn't so slow.

I am so happy for you guys, coming from my unlocked Z10 I have always had access to updates immediately they where available. But I always felt something was missing because my US berry loyalist were being left behind, now I can sleep better with my conscience feeling lighter.

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Whoo Hoo!!! I'm going to love my Z10 even more after this official upgrade. Every one at AT&T gets a big hug today.

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Thanks Crackberry for keeping us in the loop! Just saw the post via Twitter from @Bla1ze BTW the CB10 app is awesome can't wait to try the new version!

Via Z10 and

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I am on Verizon also. RELAX people. yes the update should be out already but relax. VZW still has the better coverage and there are worse problems in the world. the update will come soon.

Happy for US customers that they finally receiving 10.1 upgrade. But for rest of us around the globe any idea when we will start getting OS 10.2

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It's not much lower than the leaked versions. And, since we rarely see change logs there could be very little difference between a 10.1.2006 and a 10.1.2342.

I just need to decide whether to regress to the slightly lower version. I will wait to see what people report.

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It is taking a long time to download and install. I am glad we finally are getting an update but I am sad that it is only '2006' and not bringing us up to the higher numbered leak releases. I have not had chance to check it out yet since it is still in the process of downloading and installing. If it took this long to get this update then by the time we get '2342' the rest of the world will be on 10.2

Still not showing up for me on att and blackberry link is wanting me to download a os update I already have.

Glad to hear that for those not running a leak the wait is finally over. I'm on 10.2 though. Too impatient :)

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Don't get too excited. Download and installed OS. Took forever to install. Installed Skype, launched it and device crashed. Hope you don't have the same experience.

Check through Link for an update. My Z10 wasn't showing it OTA either, but when I plugged it into my computer via the USB cable it showed up within a minute or so as an update in the Link console.

I lost the ability to text on my Z10 and I have more than one Facebook on my hub. How might I fix this? Please help.

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On AT&T no update for me yet. DC metro area (Virginia side). Sigh, maybe it will be tthere by the end of the day.

Just got off the phone with AT&T and BlackBerry rep so that everyone knows this. BlackBerry rep stated "All updates have been released to all Carriers and that although AT&T released 10.1 update earlier today since then AT&T has recalled it" this was all said while I had AT&T supervisor on the line on conference call. So for those that were unable to get update like me now you know why. Again sit back and wait for AT&T. This really sucks.

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Gotta love AT&T - by the time they release something the OS Version is already weeks/months behind (except VZW of course)

Downloading the current 10.2 hybrid as I post this - but currently on the 2354 leak on my AT&T 100-3 which has been great. Thanks to xsacha and his sachup/sachibar

Posted a few minutes ago by Matt Kruschack‏ @bbmattk on Twitter
Relax. AT&T has not officially released 10.1 OS for the Z10 yet.

Not sure what it means, because I got it as did others.

My leak is higher than the one they leaked. Why should I get this one? Might as well wait for the 10.2 leak.

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Still waiting in Pa for the AT&T update, man I hope it's because there is a long line in front of me

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

Am on at and t here in San Jose, ca. No update for me yet. Maybe before the end of the day I'll get it.

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oh NO! It was there this morning when I woke up, but I chose not to do it then since I needed my phone right then and there... Just now I went to do the upgrade and it wasn't available! :(

You need to make some contests only for Latin American people. We are a big number of BlackBerry users. I'm from Perú and we don't have the upgrade to OS 10.1. My carrier is Claro Peru.

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In Dallas of all places and no 10.1 as of yet. Y'all have a good day enjoy 10.1. Those of you who are getting it that is.

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Downloaded and installed. I live in the State of Maine. My son's phone also showed the update available and he successfully installed the update as well.

I am liking the new color to the suggested words on the keyboard!

I read this article and literally did a dance of joy at 9am ish. Whipped out my Z10 did a search for updates and saw it in queue. But I was blocked because I wasn't connected to a wifi network. I immediately signed into the wifi network and repeated the process only to find that it says my is the latest software =(...not sure what happened in the 5 minutes it took me to sign into wifi...but since that point everytime I refresh and look to see, its gone....as if i lost my opportunity to FINALLY upgrade to 10.1...anyone else experiencing this?

Man. I guess I was lucky enough to get the update.... so far no issues. The only thing that worried me a bit was that after the update the phone was really hot and it was not cooling down... shut it off and it's back to normal.

Posted via CB10

I got the notice and downloaded and applied the update ... but it's still on, and now says that it's up-to-date. Guess I caught it just as they were pulling the update.

I downloaded it this morning @ 8am central time zone. I'm in south Louisiana. Works great. I'm loving it. Very smooth. My side loaded instagram is working great, updated to the new Facebook(need the albums feature the most) and loaded Skype. I'm ready to try it tonight.

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Can't wait to discover how AT&T wrecked the OS Blackberry gave them. Looking forward to more random reboots. Fixed on OS 10.1 --- likely not on the AT&T version, took them this long to figure out how to F 10.1 up.

Nothing here either, currently running leak1880. Did they push it thru for some and now pull it? Can't believe I pay 90 bucks a month and have to deal with this ineptitude.

AT&T pulled it because crapple asked them to. What should we expect from Apple Telephone & Telegraph

Rocking my Z10

It's not showing up for me as an available update. Looks like there's some issue with that, but it might also be caused by the fact I have a leaked version What are we to do if we have a leaked version?

Nothing available here as of 11:44. :( I was so excited! Come on AT&T!! I want my 10.1

Posted via CB10

I feel sorry for those that received the 10.1 update. Take heart Verizon users! The others have been duped into a massive beta test that will lead to the release of a far superior version for us!!! Ingenious!!!

Wtf AT&T...12 noon, upstate NY...still no update...Zeis, where did you get ur info from?

Posted via CB10

Hmmm...so no official announcement from AT&T...maybe they weren't ready for a rollout after all but through some error, some employee accidentally opened a floodgate for a moment. Fnck carriers, man.

Posted via CB10

Hey, guess I hit the nail on the head for once.

F*cking stupid a$$ g*dd*mmed carriers. JESUS they're gonna get theirs

Posted via CB10

Mine took 3 hours to download and stopped at 80% it exited out and never updated..when I hit check for updates I'm still at the same version and says I am up to date

Posted via CB10

Yep, not seeing anything here either (wifi or throught BB link). This blows. Kevin is super on point with his article about OS release fragmentation. This sh** is stupid

It was showing for me this morning but the wifi at work wasn't that good I finally got good wifi now and now it's not there. Sigh......back to the waiting game I see.

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OMG AT&T you $%^& pathetic sons of $%^&*es! Every other carrier in the world can roll out an OS update but you! Hang you heads in shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been unable to get new update on AT&T says I have latest software although it still this sucks all this wait for what?

Posted via CB10

I say for all those that have. En unable to get new update start calling AT&T now and hassles the crap out of them I know I am right now.

Posted via CB10

Can anyone please tell me what HDR for camera is? I'd like to know for when I am able to get new 10.1

Posted via CB10

Stands for high dynamic range. Basically takes three pictures. Normal, over and under exposed and threads them together so you can get detail in bright areas like the sky and dark areas like shadows along with all the normal details you are used to.

Posted via CB10


I am so sick of AT&T they are freaking crap.

Testing can be very time consuming. :) Better to get a quality product in the hands of consumers right?

BULLLLLLLLLL When every other carrier in the world can roll it out ATT has NO excuse. Do you hear about huge problems in Canada? UK? or anywhere else that 10.1 is out????? Is ATT not selling Q10s with 10.1??????????? ATT eat $%^&* and die!

Questionn. i bought a Blackberry z10 stl-1003 or whatever from AT&T factory unlocked and now i am using a Telcel (Mexican Carrier) SIM card on it. So i check update to see if i am ready to update to 10.1 and it tells me that i have the latest softawe My question is: Do i have to wait for the Telcel update or i will get the AT&T update?

Thank you!

Just did the install and I do see a few things that are nice. still messing around with it to see all the new features

I'm in Houston using an AT&T Blackberry Z10 and it says I have the latest software. I tried restarting it too. There is still no update...

Posted via CB10

AT&T Z10 customer out of Maryland here. I'm still on and even after restarting, I get the same message that the phone has the latest software! What gives?!

Just spoke to someone at att she was quite helpful she even call blackberry and spoke to them. What she found out and told me was that yes the update did get release this morning but they pulled it back to do further testing. She said that they told her that there was no time frame for when it will be release but she said the if they released and pulled it back to do further testing then the release for the update should be soon. I have a ticket number so I can called them back to see what how far off will it be released. Hope this helps!!!!

Posted via CB10

You should post that ticket number so a bunch of us here can call in and refer to it. maybe expedite things? I know I seem impatient but i've been waiting for months...

I call att got put att tech support the she called blackberry tech that's how she found out the info.

Posted via CB10

@TYkidd your welcome. Anytime glad I was able to help. @bbicons I believe that that ticket number is linked to my pin cause they did ask for that. I know. I have been waiting forever for this but at least it shows that they working on something. It might be really slow but they are working.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I did the the same Web before reading your post and this is what they said. (Just got off the phone with AT&T and BlackBerry rep so that everyone knows this. BlackBerry rep stated "All updates have been released to all Carriers and that although AT&T released 10.1 update earlier today since then AT&T has recalled it" this was all said while I had AT&T supervisor on the line on conference call. So for those that were unable to get update like me now you know why. Again sit back and wait for AT&T. This really sucks.)

Posted via CB10

This is now officially a 10.1 roll out fiasco. Hopefully this will stiffen the backbone of BB in dealing with carriers this truly sucks. Make ATT look like fools and BB too.

This is absolutely insane. BlackBerry needs to learn that updates are an important part of the mobile OS experience. Carriers will add to BlackBerry's downfall if they can't clean this up. Learn from Apple's success.

Posted via CB10

So now, I've got users with the Q10 running 10.1, Z10 running 10.0 and Z10 running 10.1. There's a word for a mess like this...

Just got off the phone with AT&T and BlackBerry rep so that everyone knows this. BlackBerry rep stated "All updates have been released to all Carriers and that although AT&T released 10.1 update earlier today since then AT&T has recalled it" this was all said while I had AT&T supervisor on the line on conference call. So for those that were unable to get update like me now you know why. Again sit back and wait for AT&T. This really sucks.

Posted via CB10

I've always assumed that the delays were a problem on BlackBerry's end (just as much as AT&T and Verizon), so I'm really unsurprised to see this. But, it doesn't make the wait any less galling, or the end-user experience any less shi**y.

Sorry AT&T folks :(

Just had notification today my update is BlackBerry 10 OS update
Version - Size 92MB

So do I update or not, I do like my Z10 the way is now.

Posted via CB10

I haven't gotten this update yet, can someone tell me why? I even rebooted my phone and still no update, HELP